Exalted Emperor Chapter 1585

Great Overarching Heaven Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate invites Dao Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, and open altar to teach the Fa. The news of this event shakes the world. I don’t know how many people secretly speculate, that person Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate Is this move to unify the Immortal and Demon realms, bringing all the Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch in the world to Great Overarching Heaven, and then catch them all?

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate has many friends, Dao Ancestor Hong, Dao Ancestor Jun and Demon Emperor Ji Du are all his children, Other Shore, Empyrean Origin, Profound Metropolis, Purple Blossoming Lotus, Meng Xun, Myriad Curses is his old friend, and Demon Emperor Rahu has an unexplainable relationship with him. What's more critical is that there are ten Six Paths monarchs in Heavenly Gate, among which Gate Master is his daughter! More than forty Dao Monarchs, His faction system accounted for twenty-six! If he wants to capture all the other Dao Monarchs and unify the two worlds, which one can block it?"

"I heard that Sacred Demon, Ghost Martial and Black Flower The three Dao Monarchs were once captured by Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. Heavenly Venerate did not embarrass them. I am afraid that these three Dao Monarchs have also become his subordinates. Moreover, I heard that Cult Master Asceticism has had several connections with Heavenly Venerate... …"

"And the Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor! When I heard that Heavenly Venerate achieved Heavenly Monarch, only the Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor never shot him!"

"putting it that way also There are Supreme Oneness and Jade Capital! I heard that Supreme Oneness Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Emperor and Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor have visited Great Overarching Heaven several times to listen to, Heavenly Venerate is a courtesy to two people!"

"Heard of Spirit Empero r of Primal Chaos and Heavenly Venerate have an affair, Demon Emperor Rahu is suspected to be the son of two! "

"If the Spirit Emperor of Primal Chaos is from Heavenly Venerate, then the Primal Chaos Cult Master did not run away! "

"Speaking of which Ding Ling and Fu Ta, the two young Dao Monarchs have gone to Great Overarching Heaven many times to send books, are they also tricky? "


Many rumors have arisen, but everyone counts in the end. It seems that Dao Monarch of All Heavens is related to Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. The friendship can be deep or shallow, only Heavenly Desolate, Evilless, Bullseye Stare, Dao Scripture and Zhong Tian Dao Monarch are left.

is it possible that Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate invites Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch from the world, just to surrender They?

If it is to surrender other Heavenly Monarch who is not Great Overarching Heaven Lineage, there is no need for such a big fanfare to alarm so many Dao Monarch.

Many remotely located Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch has started to set off and rushed to Immortal Realm Great Overarching Heaven. The first group of people who went to Great Overarching Heaven with great fanfare were Demon Emperor Rahu and Demon Emperor Ji Du. They were the farthest away from Great Overarching Heaven and brought Demon Realm Universe. The many Heavenly Monarchs of Heavenly Monarch have moved their teachers.

Other Heavenly Monarchs have also set off and come from far away. Until the last year, Dao Monarchs have set off and rushed to Great Overarching Heaven.


Spirit Maiden, Dayan, and Zhong Tian went to ask Dao Void for instructions. The two Daoist Dao Voids looked at each other and said with a smile: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate If you want to squeeze the capital between me and Emperor, Exalted, you go first , I will also go to Great Overarching Heaven to meet him. "

The three Primal Chaos Dao Monarch's hearts were shaken, and Ancient Divinity Dayan hurriedly said: "Leader has not yet proven the Dao Monarch, I'm afraid..."

white clothed Dao Void said with a smile: "It's okay, my Past Life Fleshly Body is still there. And when I go here, I may not do anything with him. I just talk about the truth and let the world know that the Heavenly Venerate in this world is not the only one who is Primordial Beginning. "

In the deepest part of Demon Realm, among the hidden Void layers, there are ninty-nine layers in each Void. Dao Scripture Dao Monarch cautiously enters the last Void and bows: "Great Emperor, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate invited me to the Great Overarching Heaven to listen to the lecture, and also invited Senior Brother Maha, I don’t know..."

Annihilation Tribulation surged, amazingly, the voice of Daoist Annihilation came from inside, calmly said : "You just go. Maha, you also go to Great Overarching Heaven. "

Maha heart startled, a little hesitant, Daoist Annihilation's voice has no emotion at all: "I will go there too, and argue with him. ”

Immortal Realm Center, two Dao Fruits cover the huge Space of Immortal and Demon Two Realms. Two young Dao Monarchs, Ding Ling and Fu Ta, stand in front of the World Tree and stand in front of the World Tree. Before Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, I seemed to be listening.

"Yes, Master. "The two got up suddenly, left separately, and headed to Great Overarching Heaven.

"Even you were invited to the Great Overarching Heaven event? "

Dao Monarch Palace, the partitioned soul of Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, looked at Everlasting Book Child and said in surprise: "Preaching with Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch? Emperor Jiang intends to release my Dao and Myriad Daos acknowledge allegiance? Hehe, since he wants to invite Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch, then my Dao Monarch Palace is no exception. You go to Jiang Zhong and Dao Monarch and the others to invite. "

Everlasting Book Child was shocked and ran out quickly.

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate revealed a trace of smiling expression, whispered: "Mother Yuan deliberately changed Overflowing Harmony and other People were sealed in the Heavenspan Pavilion, and I wanted to trap them for hundreds of millions of years. Fortunately, I found out and released Overflowing Harmony and others. Unfortunately, there are still a few Fellow Daoist cultivation base very powerful who went too deep in a short time. Don't think of it anymore. But thanks to Overflowing Harmony and others and me, this time Great Overarching Heaven is lively. "

"Emperor Jiang, since you are teaching the Fa, then I will argue with you, let Dao Monarch submit to me in the world, and strengthen the strength of my Dao Monarch Palace! "

On this day, Great Overarching Heaven has a natural phenomenon, a Heavenly Monarch is coming, what Nine Dragons decked ship, what Colored Phoenix is ​​going to heaven, what Jinbothousands of miles, what Blood Sea Demon Abyss, The imposing manner is extraordinary and extremely luxurious. When you arrive at Great Overarching Heaven, you have to show your extraordinaryness.

These Heavenly Monarchs are often the young masters, and they bring out their most luxurious Magical. Treasure, decked ship Immortal City, splendorous and majestic, have to show their faces on Great Overarching Heaven.

Only compared to them, the older generation of Heavenly Monarch is not so big, but extremely It is simple and does not show the natural phenomenon, one by one converges, reverent and respectful.

And those Dao Monarchs came to suppress their own natural phenomenon as much as possible, and did not bloom their own imposing manner, let them go. The younger generation of Heavenly Monarch is dazzling.

Only the five Dao Monarchs, the Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor, Supreme Oneness Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Emperor, Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor, and Demon Emperor Rahu and Demon Emperor Ji Du, will arrive. , With attendants crowding round, this shows a lot of ostentation, but it is also quite low-key.

They are all Immortal Emperor Demon Emperor, with many followers of Heavenly Monarch, it is impossible to be too low-key.

As for Jiang Xueqing with many leaders from Heavenly Gate, it’s even more Low-key, some of these Dao Monarchs in Heavenly Gate are like farmers, some are like hunters, some are private school Mister, some are like old man playing chess, and some are like Madam weaving, a ground beetle image. , Fascinating.

Great Overarching Heaven is now shrouded in Zenith, the sea of ​​clouds formed by Primordial Beginning Energy, magnificent palaces stand among the sea of ​​clouds, the sun and the moon are high, the stars shine, and the sea of ​​clouds is shining endlessly. .

There are 4800 praying mats on the sea of ​​clouds, and many Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarchs are seated.

Jiang Nan and Ti Xuanwei also took their seats, Heavenly Monarch Maha and Dao Scripture Dao Monarch also arrived, feeling anxious.

Jiang Nan looked around for a week and said with a smile: "Everyone Fellow Daoist, please show Dao Fruit."

Many Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch hearing this in the Great Overarching Heaven faction series , Have taken out Dao Fruit, cultivation to Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch and other boundary, few people will trust own Dao Fruit in Innate Immortal Domain, because even Immortal Domain is not as safe as their Fleshly Body, so it is big Part of Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch entrusts own Dao Fruit in Fleshly Body.

Profound Metropolis, Empyrean Origin, Meng Xun, Xi Yingqing, Dao King, East Pole and the others will worship Dao Fruit, and suddenly there will be endless natural phenomena such as Good Fortune natural phenomenon and Profound Fetus natural phenomenon. Divine Dao immortal light, imposing Immortals, Nine-Tailed Immortal Fox, Emperor natural phenomenon, Divine Tree natural phenomenon, Bliss natural phenomenon, Dao Ancestor natural phenomenon, various radiances, illuminate the Great Overarching Heaven like a golden peak!

I saw Great Overarching Heaven also burst into endless rays of light, shining the Immortal Realm zenith brightly, and even the Primal Chaos of Foreign Domain was illuminated by the light!

There is another kind of Three Thousand Great Daos that penetrates the Void, like waves, it is very gorgeous!

In the Great Overarching Heaven, the floating Primordial Beginning Energy gradually merged into each Dao Fruit, and the magnificent Dao Sound sounded, inspiring the Great Dao among the Dao Fruits and enhancing the Dao Fruit cultivation base .

Many other Heavenly Monarch and Dao Monarch hesitate, after all, it is extremely dangerous to sacrifice Dao Fruit. If Jiang Nan smashes their Dao Fruit, there will be no life.

After a while, I saw that the faction powerhouse of Great Overarching Heaven has gained a lot of benefits. From the Primordial Beginning Energy, comprehend reveals a lot of truths that are usually difficult to comprehend, and they all smile. .

Several Heavenly Monarch worshipped Dao Fruit immediately, and many Primordial Beginning Energy were incorporated into their Dao Fruit.

Jiang Nan treats them equally, as long as they sacrifice Dao Fruit, they will have their own benefits.

However, there are still some Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch who obviously did not trust him and did not sacrifice Dao Fruit.

Jiang Nan didn’t care, thoughts move, Great Overarching Heaven, Dao Sound suddenly sounded everywhere, Empyrean Origin complexion slightly changed, and whispered: "Karma Profound Fetus Great Dao? And unexpectedly it’s better than my comprehend Also the profound Innate of Karma Profound Fetus!"

The Profound Metropolis on the side is also complexion slightly changed, and whispered: "Innate of Good Fortune?"

Others, such as Daoist Hong, Dao Sound heard is the supreme profound truth of Innate of Primordial Chaos, Daoist Jun heard the supreme profound truth of Innate of Inaction, Ji Du heard Dao Truth of Innate of Supreme Demon Domain, Rahu What I heard is the wonderful truth of sinking Innate!

Apart from this, Xi Yingqing, Jiang Xue, Dao King, Luo Huayin, Deficient Emptiness, starlight and the others heard different things unexpectedly. The Dao Sound they heard was aimed at them. From the Great Dao cultivation, they are more profound than their comprehend. When they listen to it, they will sink into it and find it hard to extricate themselves!

Cult Master Asceticism, Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor, Supreme Oneness Heaven Emperor and the others were amazed. The Dao Sound they heard was just a messy sound, and there was nothing comprehend.

Cult Master Asceticism looked around and saw the Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch, who had previously revealed Dao Fruit. Regardless of the existence of the Great Overarching Heaven faction, at this moment unexpectedly all fell into the comprehension Dao and could not help but a thought flashed Through the mind, also sacrifice own Dao Fruit.

He didn't take out own Dao Fruit before, but wait and see, because his friendship with Jiang Nan is not deep, they only have a few transactions with each other, and he can't talk about trusting Jiang Nan.

This time the Dao Fruit Festival, Cult Master Asceticism complexion slightly changed, both hands joined together: "Good good, Heavenly Venerate unexpectedly comprehend Innate of Flawless, I won Dao Mystery of Innate of Flawless, Old Monk admired "

Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor hearing this, raised his eyes to look at Jiang Nan, and saw Jiang Nan sitting there with a broad body imposing, his eyes slightly opened and closed, and the Great Dao shook his whole body, making Great Overarching Heaven sends out various mysterious Dao Sounds.

Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor sacrificed Dao Fruit, said with a smile: "Empyrean Origin heard Innate of Karma, Profound Metropolis heard Innate of Good Fortune, even Cult Master Asceticism also heard Innate of Flawless, I don’t believe it, Heavenly Venerate can say Innate of Supreme Ultimate!”

As soon as his Dao Fruit was sacrificed, he immediately heard the grand Dao Sound shock. The fuzzy Dao Sound just became very clear. , It is indeed the Innate of Supreme Ultimate he is proficient in!

Supreme Oneness Heaven sees this, slightly frowned, and sacrifices himself two great avatar Dao Fruit, his two great avatars are the Comprehend Innate of Primordial Chaos, and the Comprehend is the Innate of Primordial Spirit.

Unexpectedly, Dao Fruit just started offering, and I heard the Great Dao Sound of Innate of Primordial Spirit and Innate of Primordial Chaos separately!

"This lecture of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is really new. I want to argue with you and see your ability!"

Supreme Oneness Heaven Emperor laughed heartily, Sacrifice to his main body Dao Fruit, said with a smile: "Heavenly Venerate, my Innate of Three Primordials, how can you tell me something?"

next moment, his face changed drastically, and he heard To Dao Sound of Innate of Three Primordials!

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