Exalted Emperor Chapter 1590

"Then I will devour Daoist Annihilation again, destroy Immortal Realm, and push Annihilation Great Dao to Extremeity of Great Dao!"

Heavenly Monarch Maha thought of the beauty, Unconsciously revealed a trace of smiling expression.

Jiang Nan, Dao Void, Annihilation, Emperor, Exalted and Everlasting These six Heavenly Venerates have been discussed for 800 years. Everyone has gained a lot. From the previous era, where to look for the six The existence of Heavenly Venerate Level also opens altar, discussing the Dao and Law?

From the Primordial Dao to the present, the most glorious era is the Primordial Dao Era. At that time, there were only two Heavenly Venerate Levels. Even the Dao Monarch Palace, there were only three Heavenly Venerate Levels. And one of them became Daoist Annihilation.

And now, Six Great Heavenly Venerates talks, confirms each other, Great Dao Concept collides, inspires wisdom rays of light, everyone is doing their best to overwhelm the other five people, almost It can be said that they bloom their wisdom without reservation!

Six Great Heavenly Venerates has talked about it for eight hundred years, but it has pushed Immortal Dao Era's Great Dao development speed forward several hundred million years, making Immortal Dao faster Development, hundreds of schools of thought contend!

A few more years later, on this day Jiang Nan suddenly accepted Primordial Beginning Great Dao, said with a smile: "This controversy ends here. Everyone Fellow Daoist, you and I are just talking about Dao, The ability on the lips, the real ability level, will be left to the future. I also benefited a lot this time, and I will fight again in the future."

In Great Overarching Heaven, there are 4800 Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarchs. If drunk and stupefied, hearing this can't help but wake up one by one, all at a loss.

"Six Great Heavenly Venerates said, who is the winner and who loses?"

"Have you noticed whether you win or lose?"

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate speaks first. He should have lost the theory, right? But he is the youngest person in the Six Great Heavenly Venerates middle-aged period. He can talk to other old monsters for eight hundred years, which is already a remarkable achievement. Now, the other Dao Monarchs are beyond the reach!"


Everlasting Heavenly Venerate got up, took the Everlasting Book Child and Overflowing Harmony, Nine Absolutes and the others away, said with a smile: "Myriad Kinds of Great Daos, all belong to karma. Dao has highs and lows, and people have highs and lows. After I leave the customs, I will consult with everyone Fellow Daoist."

Daoist Annihilation's body suddenly disappeared. Open, stretched out the hand to grab Heavenly Monarch Maha, which turns into one after another Annihilation Divine Light and dissipates: "Alright, I am also waiting for the day when Immortal Dao Era enters Annihilation! At that time, I reached the peak state, everyone Fellow Daoist is also the peak state. Destroying you will definitely be more interesting than it is now."

Emperor and Exalted glanced at each other, and the body collapsed. Disappeared, the Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted voice came: "300 million years later. , And then discuss with Heavenly Venerate, argue over who is the first Great Heavenly Venerate to enter the Extremity of Great Dao."

Immortal Emperor Ye Lin's voice continued: " Eight hundred years of talking about Taoism, I have also gained a lot, many thanks every one Fellow Daoist! ”

Jiang Nan looked towards Daoist Dao Void, Daoist Dao Void slightly smiled, saying: "I want to go back too, this time said, I also benefited a lot, Primordial Beginning Great Dao is really strange, I also need to comprehend some Profound Mystery in your Great Dao. "

Jiang Nan got up and saw him off, saying: "I'm serious. The so-called Fellow Daoist is naturally to support each other, encourage each other, stand still, and only stagnate. This Jiang is fortunate to be able to live in the same era as several Heavenly Venerates. "

Daoist Dao Void walked out of the Great Overarching Heaven, summoned Spirit Maiden, Dayan, Rahu, Zhong Tian and the others, waved away, and said: "I'm afraid that in Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace, I will There are a few more stone tablets. Heavenly Venerate, these eight hundred years of peace, just talk about the Tao, I am afraid it will not be so peaceful in the future. As long as the dispute is together, I am afraid that neither of you nor I will be able to keep your hands. I will not be able to tell you that I am no longer a Fellow Daoist! "

Jiang Nan complexion was a little dignified, and suddenly said with a smile: "Even if it is an adversary, it is also a Fellow Daoist." "

"The opponent is also Fellow Daoist? That’s true..." Dao Void laughed and went away.

In Great Overarching Heaven, Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch also stepped forward and asked Jiang Nan to resign, one by one, they went to Great Overarching. Heaven.

Jiang Nan asked Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Xi Yingqing and other powerhouses of his faction system to stay, saying: "You will cultivation in my Great Overarching Heaven for a period of time, consolidate your gains, and then Lesser Realm. "

Everyone said yes.

Jiang Xueqing and Yun Lian stepped forward and said with a smile: "Divine Father, this time, who will win?" We just heard from myriad Dao Sound all kinds of Dao Sounds fighting and killing, vaguely heard that Dao Sound has the upper hand, but we don't know what kind of Dao Sound of Great Dao. "

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "Does it matter? "

"Naturally, it matters! "

Yun Lian hehe said with a smile: "Six Great Heavenly Venerates, no one agrees, everyone thinks that the oneself principle is correct, everyone thinks that the own path can set foot in the Extremeity of Great Dao, naturally. There are winners and losers, otherwise they would leave Great Overarching Heaven so easily? "

"Now it's just a discussion, no fight. Haven't you heard Everlasting Heavenly Venerate say that Tao has superiors and humans have superiors, no matter who wins or loses in Tao, they will be superior to others in the future. "

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "On the way to win or lose, it is harmless, and people's winning or losing is the most important thing. You should go to cultivation with peace of mind, I am afraid that there will be an unimaginable battle in the future. "

Jiang Xueqing stuck out his tongue, said with a smile: "Heavenly Venerate will never shoot at us Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch, right? "

"It's hard to tell. Before the great tribulation, no one knows what happened to Dao Meeting. ”

Jiang Nan waved his hand to let them seclusion in the Great Overarching Heaven.

The Great Overarching Heaven was flooded with Primordial Beginning Energy, which Jiang Nan himself made from the Void. Extremely purest, not inferior to the Primordial Beginning Energy that was born on the way to open the sky, where cultivation, surpassed their Sacred Domain and All Heavens many times.

Great Overarching Heaven calmed down, Sacred Pavo, Innate Scaled Dragon Horse Waiting for the creature, these guys also got so many benefits, and each of them also meditated on comprehend cultivation.

Jiang Nan and Ti Xuanwei husband and wife two people enjoyed the scenery in the Great Overarching Heaven, Ti Xuanwei suddenly said: "Master , In the end who loses and who wins? "

Jiang Nan lost said with a smile: "Madam also moved his curiosity? "

"This one doesn't care about your own cultivation base progress, but you can't help but care about the Master's ability. After all, you are the family head. "Ti Xuanwei said with a smile.

Jiang Nan shook his head without answering, and said: "Dao compares the road, victory is not important, people are compared to others, victory or defeat is the most important thing. I have a hunch that before Immortal Dao Era and Annihilation Tribulation, there must be a huge Human Tribulation, Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch, with countless casualties..."

In Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace, Daoist Dao Void from Null- Withdrawing his Essence, Qi and Spirit from the Void Fleshly Body, returning to the main body, Spirit Maiden stepped forward and said: "Divine Father, which one will win or lose this time? "

"This win or lose is not a big problem. Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate has been on par with us for the first eight hundred years, winning and losing each other, until the last year, he has the upper hand. "

white clothed Dao Void said frankly: "His Primordial Beginning Great Dao is indeed marvelous. I have argued with us over the previous 800 years that all five of us have reached the limit of the own path. He wants to win It’s not easy to pass us, and we have to compete with us with our own Primordial Beginning Great Dao. In the last year, his Primordial Beginning Great Dao drew a lot of the truth from the five of us, so it gained the upper hand. This is why Everlasting Heavenly Venerate will say that Tao has highs and lows, and people have highs and lows, which means that this time it's just a discussion of Tao, and next time you will do it with a real sword. "

Spirit Maiden, Dayan and the others dumbstruck, Rahu, Zhong Tian are even more admired.

Daoist Dao Void said with a smile: "This does not mean our The road is not as good as the road of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. This time we have also gained a lot. From his Primordial Beginning Great Dao, I don’t know how many mysterious ones are comprehend. In the future, when people compare with others, it will be truly exciting! "

"People are better than people? "

Ancient Divinity Dayan's heart trembled, hoarsely said: "Six Great Heavenly Venerates will do it yourself, sign up and down? "

Six Great Heavenly Venerates are competing with each other. What a spectacular and exciting scene?

Even Primal Chaos Dao Monarch like Ancient Divinity Dayan can’t help but feel excited. Going.

Daoist Dao Void nodded, said with a smile: "This time, speaking of which Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, speaking of which Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate will win the first line, he may not be able to win in the future. First line. Because Immortal Dao is still developing, as long as Immortal Dao develops, Emperor, Exalted's Great Dao Concept and I will continue to develop. After 300 million years, it will be the most prosperous period for our Great Dao, and our Great Dao will be perfect! "

The more Dao Monarchs of Immortal Realm, the stronger their Great Dao. At present, Immortal Realm only has more than 200 people with Dao Monarch potential, and Proving Dao Dao Monarch only has 40. Many people.

In 300 million years, there will be two or three hundred Dao Monarchs. These Dao Truths of Dao Monarch are intertwined to form the Dao Fruit of Emperor and Exalted, and the Perfection Fleshly of Daoist Dao Void is constructed. Body!

They gather the wisdom of all powerhouses to achieve themselves!

Therefore, Daoist Dao Void can have such a formidable faith!

Spirit Maiden and the others left, Daoist Dao Void thought carefully, sighed, and whispered: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, really a terrifying figure..."

This time, they witnessed In addition to several other Great Dao Concepts of Heavenly Venerate, Six Great Heavenly Venerates are also very rewarding.

The biggest gain this time is not the 4800 Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch in Great Overarching Heaven. It’s their six Heavenly Venerates!

The six Heavenly Venerates talked, and the truth that others can understand and get is only part of the insignificant part of the six of them, and the same is the existence of Heavenly Venerate Level On the Tao, let them inspire their own wisdom and potential, constantly improve themselves, absorb the strengths of others, and fill and perfect their own Great Dao Concept!

This is the biggest gain, which other people cannot match. !

Only this time, Jiang Nan grasped some of the essence of the other five Great Dao Concepts of Heavenly Venerate in the last few years. Unexpectedly, they went hand in hand to surpass them. Don't let the five Heavenly Venerate be vigilant, and let them see the horror side of Jiang Nan's Primordial Beginning Great Dao, which is more perfect than their truth, and point to the Extremeity of Great Dao!

Demon Realm, in a piece of fallen land, Daoist Annihilation trains within the Annihilation Void, Daoist Annihilation waved to let Heavenly Monarch Maha go down, comprehend Null-Void Great Dao, thought: "In 300 million years, How much progress can Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate make? It is not easy to beat him. But..."

His eyes are hollow, through the Void, the invisible eyes fall on Heavenly Monarch Maha On his body, he whispered: "If this brat's Annihilation Great Dao refining successfully, they will become one, plus Immortal Dao Era has entered a period of decline, it can suppress the Primordial Beginning Great Dao..."

In Dao Monarch Palace, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate squinted his eyes and whispered: "300 million years, I should be able to refining successfully this Magical Treasure..."

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