Exalted Emperor Chapter 1591

lasting for ages 400,000 years In the past, Heavenly Monarch Maha finally Proving Dao Primal Chaos Dao Monarch, cultivated Null-Void Great Dao to Dao Monarch level, and left Annihilation Sacred Domain of Daoist Annihilation.

Dao Monarch Maha hid his whereabouts around, and used Divine Prediction to cut off all people's calculations. After a long time, he reached out and beckoned, and only saw an Innate Magical Treasure appear.

This Magical Treasure is actually a gate. Dao Monarch Maha pushed the gate away and walked into it, only to see huge pillars towering up, similar to those of Dao Monarch Palace, but in a marvelous place But it's more than two inferior.

On top of the pillars, there are different kinds of Annihilation Great Dao floating, turning into a silhouette, which is amazingly cultivated by him after the Great Dao Annihilation of each era!

There are nineteen pillars here, among which there are silhouettes of Annihilation Divine Light on the seventeen pillars, representing seventeen Primeval Era!

Silhouettes stand on the pillars, unexpectedly Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light, and Annihilation Divine Light, but they are weaker than Daoist Annihilation's Annihilation Divine Light.

Daoist Annihilation's Annihilation Divine Light can be transformed into Innate Supreme Treasure, and the divine light on the cylinder can at most be transformed into Innate Magical Treasure, which is even weaker than the real Innate Magical Treasure.

But the seventeen silhouettes added together are not trivial.

"My Annihilation Heavenly Gate can only be summoned by me. Back then, the Primal Chaos Plague Emperor borrowed this treasure from Dao Monarch Palace. Thanks to him for borrowing the Annihilation Heavenly Gate from my Past Life Fleshly Body. , Otherwise, how can I easily leave Dao Monarch Palace and come to this world of sensual pleasures?"

He is the nameless Dao Monarch who studied Annihilation Great Dao in Dao Monarch Palace, self-Dao Transformation , Turned into Innate Magical Treasure!

Then borrowed the hands of the Primal Chaos Plague Emperor to bring his Innate Magical Treasure to Primal Chaos Era, and then took the opportunity to disappear, and the body possessed the real Ancient Divinity Maha!

What he is plotting is Primal Chaos Dao Monarch, and now, finally cultivate successfully!

Dao Monarch Maha thoughts move, and immediately the Null-Void Great Dao in his body begins Annihilation.

"Not good! Fleshly Body of Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity is very powerful, Null-Void Great Dao is compatible with Fleshly Body, it is difficult to separate, I am afraid I will be Annihilation out of my whole person!"


Dao Monarch Maha was shocked and hurriedly shattered Dao Fruit. The Primordial Spirit flew out of the Fleshly Body. His Fleshly Body was annihilated and turned into Annihilation Great Dao!

"Good risk, good risk! If I hadn't taken the initiative to abandon this life, I'm afraid I would be transformed into Annihilation Great Dao and cease to exist!"

Maha Primordial Spirit flies He started and flew to Immortal Realm through Annihilation Heavenly Gate, thought: "Now, it’s time to reincarnation cultivation Immortal Dao. Unfortunately, Null-Void Great Dao Annihilation cost me my life... But it’s good, I abandon Fleshly Body, in this life Fleshly Body prepared for me by Dao Scripture Dao Monarch, cultivation Immortal Dao is easier to perfect! In other words, what happened to Immortal Realm for 100,000 years of my seclusion?"

It didn’t take long for Maha Primordial Spirit to disappear into an Immortal Domain. That Immortal Domain was the domain of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch. The inner domain gave birth to an Innate Creature, which was opened by Dao Scripture Dao Monarch from Immortal Realm. It keeps warming up and becomes more and more formidable!

This Innate Creature should have been born long ago, but Maha has long erased the creature spiritual wisdom in it, in order to cultivate a body of reincarnation for himself!

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch stood by and saw the earth shattering. Maha finally reincarnation. When he was born, countless Great Dao descended from the sky and poured into his body continuously, Great Dao rushed.

Suddenly floating in the sky auspicious cloud, a Three Thousand Great Daos screamed into Maha's body.

"aptitude of Dao Monarch! aptitude of Dao Monarch!"

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch exclaimed, hoarsely said: "The Three Thousand Great Daos in Exalted-Emperor Dao Field already has With their respective Masters, only the last three thousand have never chosen the master! Many Dao Monarchs have speculated that this Three Thousand Great Daos is the strongest one among the Great Dao made by Exalted-Emperor, which is three thousand Kings. of Great Dao! Didn’t expect Daoist Brother Maha reincarnation, it was able to attract the choice of King of Great Dao! Daoist Brother Maha this life must be shocking the world!"

Today's Maha has been transformed into A little child, hearing this laughed heartily, said: "King of Great Dao's choice of me as master is destined, and I am destined to be the most formidable existence, asking for the Extremity of Great Dao's existence! Fellow Daoist Dao Scripture, you choose me Lord, it can be seen that you are also a mental perception person. By the way, who has proven the Dao Monarch during the 400,000 years of my seclusion, Immortal Realm?"

Dao Scripture quickly said: "Now Proving Dao There are ten people from Dao Monarch, most of them are those who got opening heaven merit and destiny. The other Dao Monarchs are also Innate Creature after Immortal Realm was opened. No one in the older generation is Proving Dao."

"The older generations who are qualified to Proving Dao have already proven the Dao Monarch, and the remaining people attempt nothing and accomplish nothing, which is not a concern."

Little Child Maha said with a smile: "How is the situation in Immortal Realm today? "

Dao Scripture hesitated and said: "Immortal Realm today is much messier than it was 400,000 years ago. "

He explained in detail that in the past 400,000 years, Great Overarching Heaven has spread the Great Dao Concept of Six Great Heavenly Venerates after Great Overarching Heaven preached, and those Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch who have entered Great Overarching Heaven have received disciples. Or while preaching, you can teach Immortal Dao Era the principles that you comprehend out, so that Immortal Dao Era can develop more quickly and become more mature.

Not only that, but another great influence is the older generation’s. Dao Monarch, some people began to avoid the world, not because they were hit in the Great Overarching Heaven and Dao Heart was devastated, but to absorb the Dao Truth gained from this Great Overarching Heaven preaching, so a very long separation cultivation was needed. .

The first thing that caused a greatly shakes at Immortal Realm was the Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor. The Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor disappeared, leaving Ding Guang, Ling Zhuzi and the others behind.

Primordial Raising The Immortal Emperor is recognized as the Immortal Emperor, and the other Immortal Emperors are auxiliary. The shock caused by his disappearance can be imagined. Immortal Realm has no owner, and the heroes compete!

Then, Supreme Oneness Heavenmortly Sovereign Immortal Emperor Also disappeared without a trace, Supreme Oneness Domain Three Primordials Heaven was sealed by a huge Magic Power and disappeared from Immortal Realm, leaving only Adopted Daughter Female Monarch Tian Ling!

Almost at the same time, Jade Capital Unemotional Immortal Emperor announced his abdication and will Jade Capital Sacred Cu The position of lt's Cult Master was given to Long An, known as Cult Master Long An, and the former Cult Master Jade Capital Dao Monarch disappeared without a trace.

Cult Master Asceticism also announced abdication, abdicated, and handed over to its discíple Three Virtues to take care of it. Absolute Profound Dao Monarch is the Supreme Cult Master of Monk Great Cult and assists Cult Master Three Virtues. Just behind it, many people still call it Cult Master Three Deficiencies.

Empyrean Origin Dao Monarch returns to Karmic and Profound Raising Heaven with the Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother and cannot escape the world. Dao Lord Meng Xun seals Dazzling and Bright Spiritual Divinities Heaven and drives his son Mengtian out of Dazzling and Bright Spiritual Divinities Heaven, Meng Tian became the creature leader of Divine Dao Era reincarnation and established the divine gate, which was called Cult Master of Divine Gate.

Immortal and Demon Two Realms Five Great Dao Ancestors, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Demon Emperor Ji Du, Demon Emperor Rahu and Empress Other Shore, each retreat, Ji Du abandons the title of Emperor and passes on Discíple Rakshasa female Yue Bei, Yue Bei is called Demon Monarch Rakshasa, got the true biography of Ji Du, is a Heavenly Monarch, and is also a named figure in Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace.

The Demon Emperor Rahu passed the title of Emperor to Mo Tian, ​​and Demon Monarch Mo Tian was the Innate sacred who got the opening heaven merit and destiny, and it was called Demonic Moon Second Emperor together with Yue Bei.

Profound Metropolis also disappeared, living in a remote place in Immortal Realm, passing the Cult Master of Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Great Cult to Xi Yingqing, and Old Ancestor Heavenly Vessel as Vice-Cult Master.

Apart from this, there is also a Dao Monarch, such as Sacred Demon, Spirit Maiden, Dayan and other older generations who have never lived in seclusion, but appear less and less frequently in front of the world, and no longer Intervene in the operation of Immortal Dao Era, put the power down and hand it over to the younger generation.

The newly promoted Dao Monarch, such as Zhong Tian, ​​Ding Ling and Fu Ta three Dao Monarch, have gradually become more active, and their influence in Immortal Dao Era is getting bigger and bigger.

Three young Dao Monarchs established influence in Immortal Realm, and became the world leader.

When Little Child Maha heard this, he could not help frowning and said: "These Old Guys handed over their power, and the power is vacuumed. I am afraid that Immortal Realm Demon Realm will be in chaos."

" So."

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch hurriedly said: "Ding Guang led the essence of Myriad Manifestations Sacred Cult into the Demon Realm, and became the emperor by himself, fighting endless battles with Yue Bei and Mo Tian. Tian Ling planted the Innate Spirit Root in an Immortal Prefecture and inherited the position of Supreme Oneness Divine Cult Cult Master. With great momentum, Ling Zhuzi lives in the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven, obediently and honestly, avoiding the world. No. But they are not the most terrifying ones, but Jiang Yun Lian, Adopted Daughter of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate."

Little Child Maha's expression moved slightly, and he asked quickly.

Yun Lian left Great Overarching Heaven and traveled around the Immortal Realm. He found many powerhouses in Mystic Prefecture, such as Dao King, Deficient Emptiness, Hao Shaojun, Hades, Starlight and the others, in Mystic Prefecture. The support of a powerhouse is called the emperor, and the person is called Female Monarch Yun Lian.

Female Monarch Yun Lian subordinate is the powerhouse of Mystic Prefecture, as well as the younger generation taught by the powerhouse of Mystic Prefecture, with great influence, and Daoist Sacred Pavo, Daoist Flying Bear, Daoist Nine Dragons, Daoist Nine Phoenixes Four Great Daoists Lesser Realm, entering the Immortal Courtyard as a general, it can be said that the Immortal Dynasty was at its peak.

This woman has many hearts and eyes. Jiang Nan has no intention of power. Jiang Xueqing already has Heavenly Gate and does not take power seriously. She integrated the former subordinates of Mystic Prefecture and recruited the world's heroes. Entering her Immortal Courtyard, there is a lot of momentum, and there are many capable people!

The Female Emperor today has a great deal of pressure on the world’s cult, and wants to become the female Emperor who rules the Immortal Realm. Even Long An, the largest Jade Capital Sacred Cult, vie with her and was also caught by her. Suppress the wind!

"A babygirl wants to be the Female Emperor who rules Immortal Realm. It really makes people laugh."

Maha didn't care, said with a smile: "Except for this Little girl, and those heroes?"

"Long An, Ding Guang, Spirit Bead, Tian Ling, Mo Tian and other younger generations have become the most formidable influence of Immortal and Demon, except for them , Immortal Realm Demon Realm also has influence, or cult, or self-reliance, and dominates Immortal Domains, each with the support of the older generation Dao Monarch."

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch said: "When Dao Monarch stayed away from the world, Immortal and Demon Two Realms proclaimed the emperor's junior. There were more than a thousand of them. They fought and killed for years, and now there are fewer than ten who dare to be emperor. The most formidable Immortal Realm is Yun Lian. The Immortal Dynasty established by Long An, Jade Capital Sacred Cult of Long An, and Supreme Oneness Divine Cult Cult Master Female Dao Monarch Tian Ling. The dao sect built by Female Monarch Ding Ling and Dao Monarch Fu Ta is also a huge influence, and These three great influences are juxtaposed."

billowing waves washing the sand, millions of years have had countless rises and falls, Long An, Ding Guang, Ling Zhuzi, Tian Ling, Yun Lian, Mo Tian, ​​Yue Bei, and some The younger generation destiny has a strong aptitude, and the superior generation has proven the Dao Monarch successively, and gradually annexed other influences, making the fight more and more intense.

"Demon Realm has great influences such as Ding Guang, Yue Bei, Mo Tian and Zhong Tian. Zhong Tian is the strongest, Ding Guang is the most sinister, Yue Bei is the most beautiful, and Mo Tian is the most fierce. Ding Guang has been at odds, but in recent days Ding Guang has been able to persuade Yue Bei, Mo Tian and Zhong Tian to combine the power of Four Great Demon Dynasties to attack the Immortal Realm. Now they are now fighting with Yun Lian’s Immortal Dynasty and Fu Ta. The Great Cult and Female Monarch Tian Ling’s Supreme Oneness Divine Cult played fiercely. It is said that Sacred Cult Master Dao Monarch Long An of Jade Capital Sacred Cult will also participate in the battle."

Maha laughed heartily: "The chaos is born." Hero, chaos is when I rise. I rebirth through reincarnation. No one knows my roots and feet. I happen to be a Heaven and Earth Lord in this chaotic world, the Supreme of Immortal Realm! Today, I will go there. In the place of war, take refuge in Yun Lian's little babygirl, then rise up, plot her against, and seize her Immortal Dynasty!"

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch bowed and said yes.

Maha adjusted his clothes and immediately rushed to the battlefield of Immortal and Demon Two Realms. He had planned for this life Fleshly Body for a long time, and he was born with Immortal Monarch-like cultivation base strength. Although young, But Divine Ability is not trivial. Without the guidance of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch, he rushed there without the guidance of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch. Thought: "I am so young and the cultivation base is so high. Yun Lian, the little baby who sees me, will definitely think that I am Outstanding talents will inevitably give me a heavy responsibility. When I try my skills at a young age, I will surely rise in the Immortal Dynasty and reach the highest official positions. When she dies suddenly, I can take her place..."

He just thought of this. Suddenly the sky darkened suddenly. Maha hurriedly looked up and saw a huge shadow flying by in midair. On the other end, Peacock, wingspan several millions miles, swooped down from the sky and took a breath. , Just a few millions miles, people and animals all flew up to Peacock's mouth!

Maha was also rolled up, dumbstruck in his heart, suddenly I saw Nine Headed Sacred Dragon’s head sticking out of the Void, shouting loudly: "Great General Sacred Pavo, the frontline is fighting horribly, you still eat people everywhere, Bad Your Majesty reputation, beware that Your Majesty takes your skin off!" The Peacock hurriedly spit out the millions miles and turned them into a handsome young general with golden armor, following the Nine. Headed Sacred Dragon went away and said angrily: "Since I was surrendered by Lady of the Floating Dawn, I haven't eaten raw food for a long time..."

"Demon Realm has so many powerhouses, you can eat as much as you want. How much you can eat!"

Two Great Monsters go away, Maha relaxed, secretly thought a fluke, thought: "I flood of good fortune fills the heavens, I have God’s help, and I can eat the Innate Peacock as well as trifling. Me?"

He rushed to the battlefield, getting closer and closer to Immortal and Demon Battlefield, only to hear the sound of fighting one after another, suddenly a huge shadow fell, and only a black bear with wings was seen from in The midair fell, pressing Maha under his body, vomiting blood.

The black bear didn’t know that he was overwhelmed by others, and then flew up, shouting loudly: "Alright, you wait, I am not your opponent, but my family lady, you are not your opponent. !"

A Demon Realm General came out of the Void and killed the Flying Bear. Suddenly a phoenix cry came, and a Nine Headed Phoenix was killed, and the Flying Bear joined forces to fight the Demon Realm General.

The three Heavenly Monarch Levels were in a big battle. Maha ran away and finally got his life. He saw the overflowing heaven and the demons dancing in the water, making him almost killed in the chaos.

Maha escaped from the battlefield after several hardships. Suddenly an extremely powerful aura came, and only one voice loudly said: "Demon Emperor Ding Guang, Immortal Emperor Yun Lian, Big Sister is here, you still Do you want to fight?"

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