Exalted Emperor Chapter 1592

Maha hearing this, looked up, and saw in midair infinite immortal light brewing, splendidly flying, showing a young and steady Dao Monarch, suppressing Immortal and Demon Battlefield.

The place where Immortal and Demon Two Great Universes converge, the battlefield continues with dozens of galaxies, and one Immortal and Demon General leads millions of Immortal Demon Immortal to form the Great Legion, which controls the great decked battleship, Immortal Mountain, Flag, Immortal Mansion, Immortal City, Changhe, Immortal Sea, Immortal Domain, Star River, formatíon diagram, etc. weird Magical Treasure.

A statue of Immortal King and Immortal Monarch cast Heaven's Law and Earth's Manifestation, the body imposing stands between the Star River, and the whole body is entwined one after another great star, and Heavenly Monarch forms a strange Space-Time, distorting the Space. With Cosmic Light, even the imposing Immortal King Immortal Monarch and Universe Void appear extremely subtle in front of them.

Apart from this, the most majestic are Immortal Courtyard and Demon Courtyard. Female Monarch Yun Lian’s Immortal Courtyard confronts the four major Demon Courtyards of Ding Guang, Zhong Tian, ​​Yue Bei and Mo Tian, ​​far away Facing each other, there are star river galaxy in the middle, which is Immortal and Demon Battlefield.

also to have one Innate Spirit Root standing beside the Cloud Lotus Immortal Courtyard, with vast branches and leaves. Below the Innate Spirit Root, there are many powerhouses of Supreme Oneness Divine Cult, and the former subordinates of Supreme Oneness Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Emperor are now in the hands of Female Monarch Tian Ling.

On the right side of the Cloud Lotus Immortal Courtyard, there is a majestic treasure tower towering, with a total of Thirty Three Layers Heavens, shaped like the Primordial Tower, but not the Primordial Tower, but Fu Ta according to the Primordial Tower The shape is based on the Dao Monarch Treasure made by its own merit and destiny, named Thirty Three Layers Heavens Profound-Yellow Tower.

Below the tower is Veda Great Cult founded by Cult Master Fu Ta. Because he is an Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted discíple, I don’t know how many heroes come to take refuge, but the influence is extremely amazing.

Nowadays, Dao Monarch has never taken action on both sides of the war. Instead, Heavenly Monarch and Immortal Monarch led Legion to fight.

And the immortal light just now manifested, this young Dao Monarch who suppressed Immortal and Demon Battlefield is vaguely Ling Zhuzi's appearance.

Dao Monarch Ling Zhu inherited the existence of Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor Legacy and lived in Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven for a long time. He didn’t care about world affairs. He went out with Demon Emperor Ding Guang. The relationship is excellent. It's just that the Demon Emperor Ding Guang wild ambition, and the demonic nature is deep, knowing that the own path is within the Demon World, so I took the Myriad Manifestations Sacred Cult of the Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor into the Demon Realm.

Primordial Raising Immortal Emperor ignores world affairs. Myriad Manifestations Sacred Cult was created by Ling Zhuzi and Ding Guang. It was carried forward and turned into a Great Cult. Both of them put in a lot of hard work.

Myriad Manifestations Sacred Cult was brought to Demon Realm by Ding Guang, and nothing was left to Ling Zhuzi. With this foundation, Ding Guang finally proved the Dao Monarch and became the Demon Emperor.

Ling Zhuzi is honest, although Ding Guang has taken away the powerhouse of Myriad Manifestations Sacred Cult, although a little bit unhappy, he didn't say much.

This time Ding Guang gathered the strengths of the other three Great Demon Emperors of Demon Realm, attacked Immortal Realm, attacked Yun Lian, Tian Ling and the others, and wanted to unify Immortal Realm, Ling Zhuzi, Yun Lian and Tian Ling. The friendship is good, and I went out with Ding Guang. I grew up together. Naturally, I don't want the two sides to be stunned. This time I invite the "Big Sister" and must be in order to two families to mediate.

"Big Sister is coming soon?"

In the Cloud Lotus Immortal Courtyard, a heavenly Monarch Level fairy generals walked out of the Immortal Courtyard one after another, transmitted the order to retreat, imperial canopy surged, The cloud fan was shaking, Female Monarch Yun Lian led the civil and military officials to walk out, wonderful and mighty panorama.

On the other side, Female Monarch Tian Ling also led the crowd to walk out, and did not dare to neglect, Fu Ta also led the middle powerhouse to greet her.

On the other side, Female Monarch Yue Bei, Demon Emperor Mo Tian and Demon Emperor Zhong Tian walked out one after another, saying with a smile: "Big Sister? Fellow Daoist Ding Guang, when did you recognize Big Sister?"


Demon Emperor Ding Guang walked out, a little embarrassed, loudly said: "Ling Zhuzi, the so-called Big Sister, is just ignorance in his early years. How can he take it seriously? You and I are brother. The same Master, since childhood, will you help me or help them?"

Dao Monarch Ling Zhu is quite embarrassed and hesitates. At this time, he only listens to ding dong, but I see you. The great treasure carriage slowly drove into the center of the battlefield. Sacred Pavo shook his body hurriedly, came to the great treasure carriage, bowed and lifted the driving curtain.

At the opening of the car curtain, a female Dao Monarch of peerless grace and elegance walked out slowly. Immortal Emperor Yun Lian, Female Monarch Tian Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta stepped forward to pay respect and said: "See you Passed Heavenly Gate Gate Master."

The magnificent Female Dao Monarch paid the courtesy. Dao Monarch Ling Zhu also landed and said to the Female Dao Monarch: "Big Sister, now I can’t convince my Younger Brother, please also Big Sister to be the master."

This Female Dao Monarch is Jiang Xueqing. She stretched out her hand and saw an Innate Lupeng appear. Above Lupeng, the propitious cloud hangs high, looking towards the opposite bank. Demon Emperor Ding Guang said: "Ding Guang, the five of you and I were worshipped in the Great Overarching Heaven, you are in charge of Demon Realm, Spirit Bead is in charge of the sky, Yun Lian is the Immortal Emperor, and Tian Ling is the rule of the land. If our brothers and sisters are united Immortal and Demon Two Realms are what our brothers and sisters are in. Today you colluded with outsiders and dealt with your own Younger Sister. What is the reason? If you retreat, you are still one family."

Demon Emperor Ding Guang coldly snorted, said: "Immortal and Demon's enmity has long since been forged. Since our fathers, blood flowing into a river has been blood flowing into a river. I can’t blame me. The two armies will die. You can't resolve it. Many of my cronies have already died in battle, and this grudge cannot be resolved, and now as the Demon Emperor, how can I retreat because of you? Where is my prestige?"

Jiang Xueq ing said with a smile: "You retreat and join forces with Spirit Bead, Tian Ling, and Yun Lian. I will also help you. Brothers and sisters of you and my brothers and sisters will level the Demon Realm, surrender Yue Bei, Mo Tian and Zhong Tian, ​​and then sweep away Immortal. Realm, subdue Fu Ta, suppress Long An, tie Cult Master Ding Ling to be your apprentice-in-law, our brothers and sisters rule Immortal and Demon Two Realms, no one refuses, who would dare to say that you have no prestige ? "

Beside her, Cult Master Fu Ta couldn't help but make a surprise, and the faces of Dao Monarch, Zhong Tian, ​​Yue Bei and Mo Tian, ​​were also extremely ugly.

Demon Emperor Ding Guang Shaking his head: "I can't go back. Yun Lian, Tian Ling, silk ruthless face, my discíple, my sons and daughters died and wounded countless in the battlefield, today I will win by one point! "

Jiang Xueqing shook his head and said, "We were worshipping in Great Overarching Heaven. I said that I don’t want one of the Immortal and Demon Two Realms territory, but I want you all to listen to me. If you don’t, I I will hit you. Do you still remember? If you retreat now, I will naturally not embarrass you. If you do not retreat, I will have to fulfill my promise back then. "

Demon Emperor Ding Guang laughed heartily, standing tall, came to the sky, and said: "Jiang Xueqing, I only worshiped you as Big Sister when I was young and ignorant. You thought you really became me The Big Sister? Come, let me see how you beat me! "

Jiang Xueqing got up from Lupeng, walked away, and quietly said: "Today I will kick you out of Heavenly Gate. After I beat you, don't regret it. "

" Am I afraid of you! "

On the edge of the battlefield, Maha stared wide-eyed and saw that two young Dao Monarchs had beaten Star Continent up and down. After a few rounds, Demon Emperor Ding Guang had already lost. Thought: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate's daughter is really amazing, she is an extraordinary figure, and she already has the atmosphere of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate in her early years. But Ding Guang, Yue Bei, Zhong Tian and the others all have great characters behind them, how can they retreat? I still go to Yun Lian first...no good! That old woman is there too! "

Maha saw a person next to Yun Lian, he couldn't help but shuddered, turned around and dared not stay for a moment.

Beside Female Monarch Yun Lian, Heavenly Ghost Grandma suddenly felt When someone peeped and followed their eyes, they saw nothing, thought: "It seems to be the old acquaintance Maha of the old body. This guy why not dare to show up......"

Maha walked away quickly, his heart bang bang, thought: "Cloud Lotus Immortal Courtyard is impossible to go, otherwise the old woman must be able to see my origins . That being the case, not equal to me simply build a dao sect by yourself and play a game of contending for the hegemony in the world! Dao Scripture also has a lot of influence. I borrowed the Fleshly Body of Divine Mother Dao Monarch from Daoist Annihilation. Good Fortune has produced many herders and Annihilation Beasts. It is not difficult to unify Immortal and Demon Two Realms! ”

Not long after, a cult named Doomsday Cult appeared in Demon Realm. Its Cult Master was called Doomsday Boy, and its influence expanded rapidly.

It was 6 million in a flash of time.

Years passed, after the battle of Immortal and Demon, Heavenly Gate Gate Master joined the battle, Demon Emperor Ding Guang lost, Yue Bei, Zhong Tian, ​​and Mo Tian also lost their troops and retreated to Demon Realm.

Immortal and Demon Two Realms often fights and wars rise, and Demon Realm’s Doomsday Cult has grown stronger. Doomsday Boy grown up, known as Cult Master Doomsday, has become a big influence of Demon Realm.

And Cult The Master Doomsday Maha subordinate powerhouse came out in large numbers, and the influence of Doomsday Cult was getting bigger and bigger.

It’s just that he repeatedly wanted to prove the Dao Monarch, but never succeeded. To repair the become Immortal Dao Monarch, one must refining successfully Three Thousand Great Daos, this level trapped him and he was still unable to prove the Dao Monarch, even more difficult than the achievement of Primal Chaos Dao Monarch.

He entered the path with Annihilation, cultivation Annihilation Immortal Dao, and Annihilation Great Dao There is only one kind of Great Dao. The strongest Three Thousand Great Daos that fell into his body when he was born is Annihilation Immortal Dao. It has a strong swallowing power. No matter what Annihilation Immortal Dao he comprehend, he will be affected by this Great Dao. Devour!

Therefore, if you want to open up three thousand Annihilation Immortal Dao, it is almost a piece impossible to accomplish!

"damn, I was pitted by the Emperor and Exalted!" Maha suddenly realized, feeling resentful in his heart.

This Annihilation Immortal Dao simply is a pit that cannot be filled. It is revered as the strongest Immortal Dao, and it is also the biggest pit. If you pit him on the Heavenly Monarch Boundary, you will never be able to jump out!

After another 10 million years, Xi Yingqing proved the Dao Monarch, known as the last Dao Monarch among the older generation, and many younger generations proved the Dao Monarch.

In the long years to come, Heavenly Monarch will gradually increase, but the existence of prove the Dao Monarch will become less and less.

Unconsciously, 300 million years have passed since Great Overarching Heaven, Maha is still Heavenly Monarch, still unable to Proving Dao Dao Monarch, and achieving Dao Monarch is nowhere in sight.

"I was smashed by Emperor and Exalted who went all the way..." Maha muttered.

On this day, Immortal and Demon Two Realms vibrated. Suddenly an endless natural phenomenon gushed out of the Void. I saw a Divine Palace in the Void, which is the Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace!

Trillion Great Dao spews, rushing towards Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace!

In the Immortal Realm, a number of Dao Monarchs awakened one after another. They all looked at the great palace. Someone whispered: "Daoist Dao Void Proving Dao Dao Monarch!"

"Daoist Dao Void Proving Dao is my Immortal Dao Era's Heavenly Venerate!"

"It is Ancient Divinity's Heavenly Venerate!"

It is also this day, Immortal Realm Demon Realm's two Great Universes are also in the middle of the great vibration. Great Dao rushes like lava like water, Emperor Prestige is so powerful, and the two Dao Fruits covering the vast territory are finally finalized!

Among Dao Fruit, Immortal Emperor Ye Lin and Immortal Exalted Azure Lotus stepped out one after another, only to see the huge and unmatched Dao Fruit behind them began to shrink, like the same Spirit Pill with a trillion natural phenomenon, Swallowed by two Heavenly Venerates.

On this day, Three Great Heavenly Venerates Proving Dao at the same time!

The world Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch, bustling with hustle and bustle, rushed to pay respects to Three Great Heavenly Venerates, even those Ancient Dao Monarch who had been cultivation several hundred million years, also appeared one after another and went to pay respects.

At this time, the Spirit Emperor of Primal Chaos Spirit Maiden, Primal Chaos Cult Master Dayan, Primal Chaos Saint Emperor Zhong Tian suddenly had a feeling in the heart and felt the Primal Chaos Great Dao stepping into Peak, Then began to decline.

Ancient Divinity Era has existed for 2.8 billion years, and it has officially turned from prosperity to decline. Primal Chaos Dao Monarch is the most formidable existence, so it was the first to perceive this horrible thing!

As time goes by, the formidable power of Primal Chaos Great Dao will become smaller and smaller, Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity without life essence restrictions will also age and die, and the aura of Heaven and Human Five Wanings will Get stronger and stronger, and finally completely destroy all Ancient Divinity!

At the same time, Daoist Annihilation showed a smile. He felt that he was coming out of Weak-Stage. With the decline of Ancient Divinity Era, the Annihilation Tribulation aura between Heaven and Earth will become more and more. Nong, Heaven and Human Five Wanings covers all Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity, and he will become stronger and stronger!

"In 1.4 billion years, Immortal Dao Era will turn from prosperity to decline, Annihilation Tribulation will destroy Ancient Divinity Era, and Immortal Dao Era! My Extreme of Great Dao will be It's here!"

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