Exalted Emperor Chapter 1596

Emperor Lin's expression moved slightly, urging him forward, and said: "Dare to ask Heavenly Venerate, why is it inevitable?"

Jiang Nan hesitate for a moment and return from the future Now, it has always been his own secret, that is, the mention of looked towards outsider is only a slight mention, but even the slightest, no one will believe it.

For example, before the war, Jiang Nan told the ancient and intelligent existence of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted that he had not been next life comprehend for 4.7 billion years and vaguely mentioned that he proved the Primordial Beginning Back to now.

But Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted still mocked him, saying that it is impossible. In the end, Jiang Nan can only say that people who walk different paths cannot make plans together.

Emperor Lin's question this time, if Jiang Nan told him that he had been to the future and saw the boundless desolate sorrow, everyone died thoroughly and only himself was left. I guess Emperor Lin would not believe it either.

"Your Majesty, I used to dream, dream about the future, not equal to me show this Dream Realm to Your Majesty, take a look at the future in my dream."

Jiang Nan suddenly said with a smile: "If Your Majesty can trust me, I will send Your Majesty into my Dream Realm."

Their existence, if they build a Dream Realm with Great Dao, they will equivalently fall into the other party's Innate Dao Domain, and it is easy to be taken advantage of by the other party.

If the other party has evil thoughts in his heart and hurts the killer, I am afraid that bode ill rather than well.

Emperor Lin calmly closed his eyes and said: "Please also Heavenly Venerate to send me into a dream."

He fell asleep in front of Jiang Nan, Primordial Spirit, Dao Fruit fell into a deep sleep, soundly but sullenly, without any precautions.

Jiang Nan stretched out his hand and clicked on the center of his eyebrows. Emperor Lin opened his eyes and looked around. His body was shocked, and he saw that he was already not in Great Overarching Heaven, instead of a piece of Desolate Primal Chaos, without any life aura.

This is a unique scene left by Annihilation Tribulation, the sadness in Primal Chaos is desperate, heartache, boundless sadness enveloped his heart for an instant, and the deadly Primal Chaos seems to be faintly transmitted Countless creatures roar and cry in the face of despair.

Emperor Lin saw the broken Great Overarching Heaven, saw "self" staggering and running, shouting in the boundless silence and sadness, hoping to find his surviving relatives.

"He" saw the withered World Tree, the Azure Lotus after Annihilation, the Dao Void with only the body left, the broken Lupeng, and the text on Lupeng.

In the end, Lupeng turned into flying ash, and the boundless desolation enveloped him. He wanted to go back to the past and rescue his relatives. He injured him again and again, and injured himself again and again, but it was also useful No supplement.

"Primordial Beginning has no calamity, but love hurts itself."

He saw a dreamlike Emperor walking towards "self", that is the Emperor Jiang that Dream Realm traveled to here. Finally, Emperor Jiang woke up from Dream Realm with his own Divine Ability, and he gave up and returned to the present.

Emperor Lin woke up from his dream, with two lines of tears streaming down his face, Jiang Nan sat opposite, watching him quietly.

After a long time, Emperor Lin finally got rid of the dead and sad mental state, and looked up: "Heavenly Venerate, was that a dream or a real thing just now?"

Jiang Nan said with a smile: "Your Majesty can treat it as a Dream Realm, or as a real one."

Emperor Lin pondered for a moment and asked: "If the Dream Realm of Heavenly Venerate is real, do you see The reason for the arrival of Annihilation Tribulation in Dream Realm? If you don’t see it, it’s a Dream Realm that's all."

Jiang Nan's expression moved slightly, said with a smile: "I did not see Annihilation. The reason for the Tribulation should be that I am destined to return to the present and make the future unknown. Only after Annihilation Tribulation is known."

Emperor Lin relaxed, said with a smile: "Perhaps Heavenly Venerate’s energy is just a very real Dream Realm. I always think that the ever-changing Immortal Dao impossible is in decline, allowing Annihilation Tribulation to come. Because Immortal Dao is always in development, it is always impossible to stop the pace of progress, Annihilation Tribulation will be forever It won’t come. Heavenly Venerate, whether I have an Annihilation Tribulation in Immortal Dao, 1.4 billion years later, will naturally see the difference. But in these 1.4 billion years, Azure Lotus, Dao Void, I’m afraid we will prove the Primordial Beginning one after another. I don’t care about the location of this Great Overarching Heaven, but they may not. I’m afraid Heavenly Venerate will move."

Jiang Nan blinked and said with a smile: "I am also making progress. In, the two of them want to make me Move, I'm afraid it is not easy. "

Emperor Lin shook his head and said: "You are a step slower than Immortal Exalted and Dao Void. Both of them are already standing on the road leading to Extremeity of Great Dao. After verification, it works. Especially Immortal Exalted, his accumulation is extremely powerful, as early as in the previous life, he was only one step away from Primordial Beginning, and now, he only lacks a thread, can prove the Primordial Beginning! "

Jiang Nan nodded, said with a smile: "I know what line Your Majesty thinks he lacks. I will destroy this line at that time, so that he will be late for a period of time, and I will break my relationship with him. A grievance. Maybe, he will Proving Dao with Your Majesty, even later than Your Majesty Proving Dao. However, the Primordial Beginning he proved is not true Primordial Beginning, but only moon reflected in the water. Even if he proves the Primordial Beginning, he cannot pass the final Annihilation Tribulation. "

Emperor Lin got up, prepared to leave, said: "During 1.4 billion years, three Primordial Beginnings appeared. Can't stop Annihilation Tribulation?" Heavenly Venerate would take our three Primordial Beginnings as a joke. "

Jiang Nan got up to see each other, the two walked out of the Great Overarching Heaven, and their words were getting more and more giving tit for tat. Jiang Nan said: "If my Dream Realm is real, then the Primordial of the three Your Majesty Beginning is really a joke. "

Emperor Lin interrogated: "But Heavenly Venerate did not see the reason for Annihilation Tribulation in Dream Realm, so it was just a Dream Realm! If you insist on saying that Annihilation Tribulation will inevitably come, then where does the calamity come from? "

Jiang Nan frowned, Emperor Lin haha ​​smiled, and drifted away, saying: "You can't see where the robbery comes from. You can't confirm the future Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, so please forgive me for the impossible to believe Heavenly Venerate. Heavenly Venerate stay, no need to send more. "

Jiang Nan stopped and thought: "Where did the robbery come from?" "

And Emperor Lin stayed away from the Great Overarching Heaven, and went to his temporary imperial residence. When he came to the temporary imperial residence, this Great Emperor slowly settled down, and the World Tree emerged, and the infinite Immortal Dao divine Light has evolved into a Universe shape, all in the shape of Immortal Dao Era. The life trajectory of each creature is different and there are countless possibilities.

He uses the boundless Magic Power Divine Ability to create Countless Universe forms have begun to calculate the future.

However, although his deduction ability is extremely terrifying, any Universe form will abruptly stop after 1.4 billion years of deduction, and he can no longer calculate it!

Emperor Lin tried a few more times, muttered: "Strange, if there is an Annihilation Tribulation, where does the robbery come from? What could cause Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation? Maybe it’s just that I’m worrying too much, maybe the experience of Heavenly Venerate is really a Dream Realm that’s all, but the bell that flew out of Dao Monarch Palace......"

He couldn’t help but beat A shuddered.

At the time Jiang Nan proved the Dao Monarch, he and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted’s Dao Fruit were still in the process of being formed. His Primordial Spirit saw a big bell flying from Dao Monarch Palace. Come out and fly to Great Overarching Heaven!

In the Dream Realm that Jiang Nan showed him, he saw that bell was brought to Dao Monarch Palace by Emperor Jiang!

Although he verbally said that he did not believe in Jiang Nan's experience, he already believed it a little bit in his heart!

Because that bell really flew out of Dao Monarch Palace!

"Where did the robbery come from? "

Emperor Lin spirit shakes up, muttered: "No matter where the robbery comes from, as long as I prove the Primordial Beginning, I will prove the Primordial Beginning, and I will not be afraid of the so-called Annihilation Tribulation! Even if several major Primordial Beginnings have joined forces, can they not fight the so-called Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation? "

At this moment, in the temporary imperial residence of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Immortal Exalted looked at a bright mirror in front of him, and saw the Demon Realm Universe appear in the mirror, reflecting exactly The situation of Demon Realm Universe Doomsday Cult.

Doomsday Cult is extremely prosperous. This Demon Cult has countless cult members. It has annexed land and starry sky in all directions, and cultivated Anniehilation Beast, while Cult Master Doomsday Maha is now seclusion bitter cultivation.

"Emperor of damn, Exalted, you yin me! ”

Cult Master Doomsday Maha was unaware of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted’s prying eyes, suddenly flustered and exasperated, rushed out from the place of separation, rolled his sleeves, and saw one after another star burst. Together with the Doomsday Cult and Annihilation Beast all around, there are countless deaths and injuries, all turned into Annihilation Demonic Qi!

"Damn, this Annihilation Immortal Dao simply is a bottomless pit, so I can’t fill it up anyway. How to comprehend the Annihilation Three Thousand to obtain the Dao Monarch of Immortal Dao? "

Maha roars, there is nowhere to vent his energy and desire for destruction.


Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted with a playful smile and low voice Said: "Today's Immortal Dao, Primeval has Great Dao of all ages, Karma Immortal Dao also has Karma Immortal Dao, what is lacking is Annihilation Immortal Dao, only this Great Dao can be perfection. I, Proving Dao Extremity of Great Dao, will fall on him. "

Almost at the same time, Daoist Annihilation was also paying close attention to the movement of Cult Master Maha, and estimated when Maha would prove the Dao Monarch.

"Annihilation Immortal Dao is not Bottomless Abyss can be filled up sooner or later, but you just don't know when Maha will wake up. "

Daoist Annihilation has hollow eyes and whispered: "Immortal Exalted is also waiting for you to prove the Dao Monarch and perfect his Great Dao?" Hehe, you can’t get the true meaning of Annihilation, but I need your insights to perfect the final Innate of Annihilation......"

"Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted with Treasure Proving Dao’s critical point is in his Body. "

In the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan is also watching Cult Master Doomsday Maha, holding a divine light in his hand, and tossing it around, muttered: "In Maha's upcoming Proving Dao Annihilation Dao Monarch In an instant, I threw this group of divine light down and killed him. I wonder if anyone would cry and grab the ground, wishing to fight me hard? "

"It's boring to kill him now. Only when Maha is infinitely close to Dao Monarch and gives people the strongest hope, will he be effective. "

Jiang Nan thought for a moment, the divine light in his hand gradually changed, turning into a round silken ball, magnificent, with infinite truth, thought: "But the guy who came to me to work hard must be strong If you get terrifying, there are others who will come to fish in troubled waters. I have to upgrade Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng to Innate Supreme Treasure level, otherwise I may not be able to get them. And this silken ball needs to be refined. Immortal Exalted and Annihilation will probably stop me. I have to make sure that one ball will kill him..."

He quietly sacrificial refining silken ball It takes ten thousand years to sit down. During this period, Jiang Xueqing and Female Monarch Yun Lian came up several times. Seeing this silken ball, both Female Dao Monarch were a little bit shy. Yun Lian whispered: "Elder Sister, Master sacrificial Refining this silken ball, is it to choose a husband-in-law with you, this silken ball is thrown from Great Overarching Heaven, and whoever catches it is the son-in-law of Great Overarching Heaven? "

Jiang Xueqing said ashamed: "What if you are caught by a few Old Guys?" "

"I guess there are not many people who can take over the silken ball, right? "

Yun Lian showed a look of longing, said with a smile: "Why don't you wait for the Master to do it another day, let me throw it away first, and see how I feel?" Maybe you can hit an ideal husband! "

"Will you kill people?" "Jiang Xueqing worriedly said.

Yun Lian said with a smile: "Where is the reason for the silken ball to kill people?" "

Not long after, silken ball refining successfully, Jiang Nan called Jiang Xueqing and asked her to hand over Lupeng, her own separation cultivation, two Female Dao Monarchs stole the silken ball.


Female Monarch Yun Lian closed her eyes tightly, held the silken ball and murmured something, and then threw the silken ball down the Great Overarching Heaven.

The second day, there was bad news from Immortal Realm, Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch, pawn.

I heard that Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch was seclusion at the time. Sudden misfortune fell from the sky and was killed by a big fireball. The big fireball killed Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch and rose again. disappeared.

This Ancient Dao Monarch is Primeval Dao Monarch reincarnation, and he did not deal with Great Overarching Heaven’s Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. He killed hundreds of thousands of Immortal in Mystic Prefecture, and Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate achieved Heavenly Monarch. After that, this Ancient Dao Monarch hid in Tibet and did not dare to show up.

At this moment, Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch was shot to death at home by a secret arrow. Some people suspected that it was the work of the Great Overarching Heaven, but it didn’t. Evidence.

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