Exalted Emperor Chapter 1597

"Throwing the silken ball, and killing people..."

Female Monarch Yun Lian took back the silken ball and stood there blankly, still there was no came back to In his senses, she originally planned to throw the silken ball in a joking manner. Maybe she could choose an ideal husband for herself, but the silken ball was thrown down and failed to choose the ideal husband. Instead, she smashed a Dao Monarch to death.

Rao She is also a Dao Monarch, and even the Female Emperor who rules the Immortal Realm endless territory, she can't help but feel a little flustered at this moment.

"This silken ball will turn on its own, and it will be smashed to death, and it will catch fire. It is not a normal fire, it seems to be an inextinguishable fire lit by an Inextinguishable Divine Light. What is the reason for this... …"

Yun Lian muttered, suddenly shuddered: "Elder Sister, this is the silken ball that the Master gives you to refining. You can play with it by yourself. I have to leave beforehand!"


She hurriedly stuffed the silken ball into Jiang Xueqing’s arms and drove away in an immortal light, running as fast as she could, even forgetting that she was sitting in her imperial carriage when she came. Come.

I saw her running disappear without a trace, pulling the imperial carriage of Innate Dragon and Phoenix hurriedly to long roar, flying out of the Great Overarching Heaven, dragging the imperial carriage to chase away, in the starry sky Draw a colorful rays of light.

Jiang Xueqing was holding the silken ball and didn’t came back to his senses. He suddenly hit a shuttledered, woke up, stomped and said: "little lass slipped so fast. I guess he will lose the black pot again. Give it to me! This will be difficult. If Divine Father wakes up and knows that the silken ball has killed someone, and is a Dao Monarch, I am afraid that his face will be dark... Well, do nothing but do nothing, simply Take the silken ball away, as if nothing happened! When the Divine Father asked, I said that I saw Divine Father refining the silken ball for me and chose my husband and son, so I took the silken ball away and killed him. I don’t admit that the silken ball killed people..."

She caught a glimpse of no one, and walked away holding the silken ball, thought: "Divine Father gave me the refining silken ball to let me choose my husband-in-law. Yes, it turns out that people are now ominous. How to deal with this silken ball? Well, give it to Mother and let her take care of it, so she told Divine Father, I'm shy, or let my mother help me keep it for a while..."

Jiang Xueqing went straight to the East Pole Sacred Domain where Jiang Xue was located, and gave the silken ball to Jiang Xue, which was relaxed.

Jiang Xue asked about the origin of silken ball. Jiang Xueqing thought about it: "This is the treasure of the husband-in-law of Divine Father refine for me. Mother will collect it first, and then throw it away when the child finds the ideal husband. Go out and hit him, so as not to hit the wrong person indiscriminately."

Jiang Xue smiled and tossed the silken ball, said with a smile: "Since it is a silken ball, how can I hit it again? The truth? Of course it is to close your eyes and throw it away. It’s your ideal husband if you smash it."

"It’s going to kill people...Aiya, mother, I still won’t tell you more. If Divine Father came to ask you why the silken ball is here, you would say that I am shy and want to honor my parents for a few more years before choosing my husband and son."

After all, Jiang Xueqing disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Xue shook the head, and solemnly put the silken ball into his Purple Mansion.

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan opened his eyes and thought aloud: "Sure enough, Dao Monarch can be smashed to death. It's not in vain that I spend thousands of years to sacrificial refining...Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch, If you’re unlucky, who made you once against me and killed hundreds of thousands of people in Mystic Prefecture..."

When Yun Lian threw the silken ball, the silken ball turned, and there are naturally some people in there. Otherwise, it would not be so coincidental to hit Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch.

Jiang Nan also wants to test the power of silken ball, and it will add to the flames a little bit in it.

"Now, before Maha cultivates successfully Dao Monarch, I first cultivation to Dao Monarch Peak Boundary, while cultivating, at the same time I promote Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng to Innate Supreme Treasure level! After all, killing Maha is a very offensive thing, I'm afraid they will come to me desperately."

Jiang Nan's Great Overarching Heaven and Lupeng, although both formidable power and defensive power are extremely amazing , Even surpassing the Innate Spirit Treasure of the overwhelming majority, but at present these two treasures have not even reached the Innate Magical Treasure level.

If this were not the case, when Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted sacrificed its Innate Supreme Treasure Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, it would not be so easy to shake the big bell formed by Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven into the cracks, second strike can smash it!

If it is truly refining successfully Innate Magical Treasure, even if it is lost, it will not be broken in two hits.

And if Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven can refining successfully the real Innate Spirit Treasure, Jiang Nan is confident that his Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven is by no means inferior to the Innate Supreme Treasure of Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus!

Innate Magical Treasure is the sacrifice of Dao Monarch. The Magical Treasure contains Dao Monarch's Essence, Qi and Spirit. It has a unique charm hidden in it, gathering for treasure, scattered for divine light , The strong Inextinguishable Dao Heart guards others through Annihilation Tribulation.

However, Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Lupeng are just empty and have no rhyme. They lack this kind of charm. Without this kind of charm, they cannot be called Innate Magical Treasure.

As for Innate Spirit Treasure, it is even better in terms of power. Dao Heart in Spirit Treasure also has a deeper level of improvement, but compared with Innate Magical Treasure, it is not a qualitative leap.

So Innate Spirit Treasure can resist more Annihilation Tribulation, but it is destined to be destroyed in Annihilation Tribulation.

Innate Supreme Treasure can only be achieved with an eternal inextinguishable Dao Heart. Dao Heart of that level has reached the levels of Emperor, Exalted, Everlasting, and Dao Void, and has a belief in boundlessness. , Has the belief that you can survive the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, and the ambition of Proving Dao Extremity of Great Dao!

In addition to the strength of the Heavenly Venerate Level's cultivation base, the Inextinguishable Divine Light trained by the incomparable High Level Innate Dao Domain, refining successfully Supreme Treasure!

However, it can be seen from this that, regardless of Innate Magical Treasure, Spirit Treasure or Supreme Treasure, they all belong to the same grade and are not a qualitative leap.

Therefore, refining successfully Innate Magical Treasure is a huge obstacle. As long as refining successfully Innate Magical Treasure, Innate Spirit Treasure and Innate Supreme Treasure, it is not very difficult for Jiang Nan, as long as the cultivation base When the boundary is reached, you can succeed in one fell swoop.

Because his Dao Heart has already been tempering oneself to even surpass the Supreme Treasure level, he not only Dao Heart Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable, but even himself has experienced Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable, and has already passed the final Annihilation Tribulation has been verified!

But the premise is that he must first refining the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng refining successfully the real Innate Magical Treasure.

"Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted said with Treasure Proving Dao, let Magical Treasure prove the Primordial Beginning Treasure, it should be a real qualitative leap beyond Innate Supreme Treasure level! His Primordial Spirit, Magical Treasure and Fleshly Body have been refined into one. One prove means three proves. If the cultivation reaches that point, the strength is indeed not trivial."

Jiang Nan sits stumblingly, and one after another Innate Dao Domain emerges all over his body. , Innate Dao Domain is transformed into one form after another. There are sun and moon, Yin-Yang, sea, floating clouds, gate trained by Good Fortune, Primordial Chaos to form Dark-Bright, Primal Chaos dense, and Profound-Yellow is Heaven and Earth, with stars shining, a snare made by karma, and Demon Drum made by Annihilation.

In his whole body, Innate Dao Domains emerge in endlessly. It seems that there are as many kinds of Innate Great Dao, there are as many kinds of Innate Dao Domain, and there are as many kinds of Magical Treasure correspondingly.

These Innate Dao Domains jointly constructed the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, one Dao Domain after another disappeared in the Great Overarching Heaven, turning into various forms of Innate Magical Treasure.

But these Magical Treasure forms can’t really be called Innate Magical Treasure. It also requires him to spend his endless efforts and tempering with Innate Dao Domain again and again to make every Magical Treasure form. Stereotyped.

With these Innate Dao Domains, his deep and unmeasurable Dao Heart, faith, has been continuously integrated into Innate Dao Domains and transformed into various Magical Treasure forms!

Now he naturally does not need to sacrifice his life to refining successfully Innate Magical Treasure, but it is still extremely difficult and troublesome to refining successfully the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven refining successfully the real Innate Magical Treasure.

It is precisely for this reason. Although both Innate Magical Treasure and Dao Monarch Treasure are practiced by Dao Monarch, they can have a qualitative leap and participate in splitting heaven and earth apart!

It's just that the structure of Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven is really complicated, including the infinite Innate Dao Domain, and the effort to show Jiang Nan's Innate of Primordial Beginning Perfection is also terrifying.

As for Innate Lupeng, it is much weaker than Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven in formidable power, but it is more marvelous than it is.

Jiang Nan sacrificial refining Lupeng is different from Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven. Innate Lupeng pursues protection while power is an accessory item. Jiang Nan is not the Dao Domain contained in Primordial Beginning Great Dao. The next one is integrated into Lupeng, but his own Primordial Beginning Great Dao is refined into the clay pot. Only a few Innate Dao Domains have been refined into Divinity, Lupeng, Demon Drum, big bell, increase burner, praying mat, etc. The Magical Treasure form of successfully.

For Innate Lupeng, his most important thing is to refining the ordinary-looking clay pot.

Time is fast, Jiang Nan upgraded Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng to Innate Magical Treasure level, more than 500 million years have passed!

Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng cost him countless energy. Dao Heart baptism countless times, countless smelting into the two Magical Treasures, and the painstaking effort, this is the refining successfully!

Now these two Magical Treasures have already shedding body and exchanging bones. Regardless of power, defense, or marvelous, they are many times better than before!

And Jiang Nan's cultivation base has also been continuously improved during this period, gradually approaching Dao Monarch's Peak Boundary.

"Spirit Treasure is easier to refine than Innate Magical Treasure. It is estimated that it will take less than 100 million years to refining. It’s just that Innate Supreme Treasure may take some time, and it also requires me to upgrade my cultivation base to Dao. Monarch Peak..."

Jiang Nan thought of this, suddenly had a feeling in the heart, looked up to the Primal Chaos and Primordial Chaos Space outside Immortal Realm, and saw that among the Primal Chaos, Primal Chaos Ancient The scale of Divinity is now no small thing, it has reached billions of people, and it also has its own foothold in Immortal Realm. Entering Immortal Realm will not cause Immortal Punishment.

What caught Jiang Nan's attention was that an old Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity was dead.

His cultivation base is not profound, at most it is equivalent to a cultivation new Immortal Dao Immortal, who has just become Immortal, whose death should not have attracted the attention of the existence of Heavenly Venerate such as Jiang Nan. However, Jiang Nan felt that at this moment not only he noticed the death of this Ancient Divinity, but also other Heavenly Venerates, including Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Emperor Lin, Dao Void, Annihilation and Everlasting. At this moment, his eyes are all here. Respect the death of Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity.

That old Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity is dead.

"Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity originally had the same life span as Primal Chaos, without life essence limitation, but now the Annihilation aura of Ancient Divinity Era turned into Heaven and Human Five Wanings, which invisibly eroded their Great Dao. They With life essence, life will go to extremity, and you will die of old age."

Jiang Nan looked towards Dao Monarch Fruition Great Palace, and saw the white clothed Dao Void walk out of the great palace, leave there, and head to Dao Monarch Palace. .

"Dao Void still can't sit and watch his clansman dying day by day, and go to Everlasting Heavenly Venerate for help, wanting Dao Monarch Palace to take in Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity Race."

Jiang Nan sighed, Thought: "The two of them are finally going to join forces."

At this moment, Cult Master Heavenly Monarch Maha of Demon Realm Doomsday Cult suddenly moved slightly, revealing joy: "This annihilation Aura...hahaha, my Annihilation Great Dao, finally has a breakthrough trend! With the help of Annihilation of Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity, I don’t believe it, and I can’t fill this Annihilation Immortal Dao!"

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