Exalted Emperor Chapter 1601

Jiang Nan haha ​​smiled and raised Lupeng: "Two Fellow Daoists, even if you do your best, what can you do with me? Fellow Daoist Annihilation, you have not reached the peak in Annihilation Tribulation. State, Immortal Exalted, your Primordial Beginning Treasure has not been refining successfully. Even if you two besiege, you can only hurt me, but you can’t kill me!"

"Can you kill me?"

" , I have to try it before I know!"

Daoist Annihilation thoughts move, Annihilation Heavenly Wheel appeared, and at the same time the grindstone big drum also appeared. His two Magical Treasures are made with Annihilation Divine Light. Just, the formidable power of Annihilation Heavenly Wheel is slightly weaker, and the big drum is the strongest formidable power of Annihilation Magical Treasure.

At this time, the Annihilation Tribulation of Ancient Divinity Era has already shown signs, and the fated tribulation of Supreme Oneness is also revealed. The strength of Daoist Annihilation is more than formidable than the last time against Jiang Nan!

The power of the two Magical Treasures is more formidable than before. When the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel is shaken, you can hear the ringtones. I saw the billowing Annihilation Tribulation flooding in, flooding Jiang Nan, as if Primeval seventeen The Annihilation Tribulation of the era reappears!

The little bells of the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel contain the aftermath of the Primeval Annihilation Tribulation of the seventeen eras, and the Demon Drum is the Magical Treasure made by the Annihilation Great Dao produced by Daoist Annihilation with his own comprehend , Strength is more purest!

When the sound of a drum shook, we saw the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form emerge, strangling Jiang Nan, and the big drum one revolution, we saw countless eyes opening from the other side of the drum, Tribulation Light like rain, cut to Jiang Nan!

At the same time, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted celebrated Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, and the power of this Magical Treasure has also improved a lot. It should be Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted for 900 million years to use Maha to condense Annihilation. Immortal Dao, he also took the opportunity to perfect his Innate of Primordial Chaos, making Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus closer and closer to Primordial Beginning Treasure!

To refining successfully Primordial Beginning Treasure, Great Dao must be able to cover all the Great Dao in the Universe. What he lacks is Annihilation Immortal Dao, Maha cultivation Annihilation Immortal Dao, which can make up for this, but unfortunately Refining to Heavenly Monarch Level is still a short distance from Annihilation Immortal Dao of Dao Monarch Level.

Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus was originally the Innate Supreme Treasure. At this time, the power is close to the Primordial Beginning Treasure, and the formidable power is even on top of the two Magical Treasures of Daoist Annihilation, giving Jiang Nan even greater Threat!

However, the strength of Daoist Annihilation will become stronger and stronger as the Annihilation Tribulation of Ancient Divinity Era approaches. Only in the Annihilation Tribulation, he is the most formidable period, regardless of the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel. Demon Drum is still stronger than Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus!

Two Great Heavenly Venerates flicked between the left and right, Jiang Nan carried the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword, the sword flew out, and there were countless Heaven and Earth emerging from Nothingness, breaking Annihilation, and Annihilation Heavenly of Daoist Annihilation The wheel collided, the sword light vibrated, and the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel bounced high and could not fall.

The sound of a drum dong dong vibrates, the Judgement Tribulation Sound sounds, and the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation rolls like a great grindstone. Jiang Nan pulls away and backs away. The Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus behind him has been brushed up!

hong long!

His palm patted backwards and shook with Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus. His right hand Great Overarching Treasured Sword cut Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation with the sword while contending with Two Great Heavenly Venerates. .

Then his palm broke, and the sword light only resisted Demon Drum for a moment before being suppressed by Daoist Annihilation.

Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus and Demon Drum one after the other collided, Innate Lupeng immediately released the radiance, blocking Azure Lotus and Demon Drum, but was also shocked to make Lupeng fly around and the big bell Shattered!

In the road tent, the praying mat was damaged, the incense burner was extinguished, and the Giant before Lupeng was also shattered. Only the shelf is left in this Lupeng, and the defensive power is greatly damaged!

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, you think the trifling Spirit Treasure can stop us and break your place today!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted a palm seal in Lupeng On, Lupeng immediately all split up and in pieces, Jiang Nan's defense hole opened, Daoist Annihilation immediately bullied him, grabbed the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel and smashed Jiang Nan on top of his head!

But at this moment, I saw a clay pot of rays of light in Lupeng, a brand-new Lupeng in the clay pot rose up, blocking the blow of Daoist Annihilation.

Jiang Nan took the opportunity to cut off the sword, Daoist Annihilation retracted the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel and stood in front of him, only listening to a sneer, the sword light penetrated the heavenly wheel, Daoist Annihilation broke a wound in his chest, Annihilation Divine Light broke through the wound In the fly overflow.

Daoist Annihilation groaned, stepped back, and at this time Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus fiercely brushed on top of Lupeng, Annihilation Demon Drum also hit on top of Lupeng, the two Great Supreme Treasures put this brand new on the spot Lupeng hit all split up and in pieces!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted is overjoyed, ten fingers leaping like a lotus flower blooming for the first time, fingertips with extremely dangerous aura, swiftly hit Jiang Nan's binocular throat, heart, etc.!

In the broken Lupeng, another clay pot appeared. The Primordial Beginning Energy in the clay pot surged. With a slight shake, another Lupeng appeared, blocking the blow of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted.

Sword light swept over, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted's hands were chopped off one by one, and he hurriedly stopped and backed away.

"This Lupeng..."

Daoist Annihilation and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted suffered a small loss one after another. They both suck in a breath of cold air and looked a little surprised. This Lupeng.

Innate Lupeng of Jiang Nan was crushed twice by them, but after this Lupeng is broken, a new one will be regenerated. The defensive power is not reduced, but they both expected Not enough, greedy for meritorious deeds and suffered a small loss!

"Two Heavenly Venerates, is this Lupeng of mine still used?" Jiang Nan Lupeng held his place and strode towards Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted with a sword, said with a smile.

"Small ears!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted sneered, three flowers on top appeared on the top of the head, three Daoist Azure Lotus appeared, and they fully urged Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus and Jiang Nan The Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword hard shake.

He has been cultivation to Dao Monarch Perfection over the past 900 million years. The cultivation base has become deeper and unmeasurable, and with the top three flowers, the cultivation base is even more terrifying!

"Only the shameless person can make such a shameless Magical Treasure! Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, you see how I can crack your treasure!"

Daoist Annihilation from After the rear, the two besieged Jiang Nan again, and soon pressed Jiang Nan on the defensive. It didn't take long for Two Great Heavenly Venerates to smash Lupeng again!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted's eyes were sharp, and he caught a glimpse of the clay pot, and immediately swiped the lotus flower in his hand to smash the clay pot. Said with a smile: "Without this pot, I see How do you resist!"

He didn’t finish his words, but saw the clay pot broken, and a Lupeng appeared. In the Lupeng there was a bell, a tripod, a praying mat, an incense burner, a rope, and a clay pot. .

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Daoist Annihilation are both startled. They originally thought that as long as the clay pot was broken, Jiang Nan’s strange Magical Treasure would be completely destroyed. They didn’t expect it in the clay pot. There is also a Lupeng, and the clay pot pops out with a broken Lupeng.

More annoyingly, there is also a clay pot in this Lupeng!

"Only a rascal can develop such a rascal Magical Treasure!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted became angry, and suddenly knew that the clay pot was not at all to crack Innate Lupeng’s critical point, critical point. Still Jiang Nan, no matter how many times he smashes Lupeng, how many times he smashes the clay pot, as long as Jiang Nan is not killed, Lupeng and clay pot will still appear!

Innate Lupeng is the guardian of Jiang Nan. It is not easy to completely crack this place!

This becomes an endless loop. To crack Lupeng, you need to kill Jiang Nan first. If you want to kill Jiang Nan, you need to crack Lupeng first!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted calls the rogue Magical Treasure of rogue refining. It is not an exaggeration. Jiang Nan refining such unimaginable treasures is indeed extremely rogue. It makes people hate their teeth, but there is no alternative.

In fact, what makes Innate Lupeng so strange is that the most critical point is Primordial Beginning Great Dao. If it weren’t for the Good Fortune of Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Dao, Innate Lupeng would have been recognized by these two. Heavenly Venerate shattered!

It is also the specificity of Primordial Beginning Great Dao. It is almost impossible for others to refining successfully Innate Lupeng such a rogue Magical Treasure!

Daoist Annihilation and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted generally fought around Jiang Nan, repeatedly smashing Innate Lupeng, and even invaded Jiang Nan's defense circle, smashing Jiang Nan!

The two of them waited until they were about to kill Jiang Nan's main body, and then saw the damn Innate Lupeng appear again and squeezed them out!

Furthermore, if the two of them are slightly unprepared, Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword is cut off, and they will be difficult to resist and will inevitably be injured!

You must know that Jiang Nan is not a trivial thing now, it is also the existence of Dao Monarch Peak, plus the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword that no stronghold one cannot overcome, no one is confident that he can take it.

The larger the two Heavenly Venerates, the more flaming their stomachs are. Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted suddenly sacrificed Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus and brushed it on Daoist Annihilation with a scream, and at this time, Daoist Annihilation’s Demon Drum When they bumped into Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, the two were injured at the same time. They turned their heads and walked away, daring not to stay for a moment.

The two of them were still working together against Jiang Nan just now. They turned back in the blink of an eye and hit the other side as a killer, but they both knew that Jiang Nan could not do anything for the time being. It's better to take advantage of the other side's unpreparedness. Injure the other party severely.

After all, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted suppressed Daoist Annihilation for more than a billion years, and the two of them also had deep hatred.

It's just that they both had the same idea, but they shot at the same time, and both were injured. Now that Jiang Nan is on the sidelines, the two of them naturally have to retreat.

"Two old fox..."

Jiang Nan's injuries are not minor either. As soon as Azure Lotus and Annihilation withdrew, he immediately squatted and sat down to recuperate and heal his injuries. Thought: "Azure The blood divine light avatar of Lotus Immortal Exalted is absolutely impossible to compete with Daoist Annihilation. Maha's Annihilation Immortal Dao will inevitably fall into the hands of Daoist Annihilation. With Maha's Annihilation Immortal Dao, given time, Daoist Annihilation will definitely be able to go further. Become more powerful. And the embryonic form of Annihilation Immortal Dao is refined by Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Maha's Annihilation fairy Dao Seed has an insight, and he is also very familiar with it. It is not that difficult to push the Annihilation Immortal Dao of Dao Monarch Level. "

"The strength of these two people will become stronger and stronger, especially Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted. If Annihilation Immortal Dao comprehend Perfection is added, you can refining successfully Primordial Beginning Treasure, one prove, three proves, Primordial Spirit , Fleshly Body and Magical Treasure will reach a terrifying situation!"

Jiang Nan feels a deep sense of crisis: "If I can’t improve both Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Lupeng before him Up to the Innate Supreme Treasure level, I’m afraid that I don’t even have the power to protect myself!"

In his mind, he doesn’t think Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted with Treasure Proving Dao with Body Proving Dao and with Spirit Proving Dao is an authentic Primordial Beginning Boundary, but if Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted is really cultivation to that point, the strength will inevitably be extremely terrifying!

At that time, the strength of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted will be several times that of the current tyrannical, and the Spirit Treasure Level's Innate Lupeng can't defend it at all!

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