Exalted Emperor Chapter 1602

"Who is Great Heavenly Venerate, as long as I succeed with Treasure Proving Dao, there will be a result!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted back to the temporary imperial residence, Faintly muttered to oneself for a moment, summoned Supreme Oneness, and said: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate destroyed my chance of Proving Dao, murdered Maha, and made my Annihilation Immortal Dao unable to compete. I need to separate for a while, and I will be Annihilation Immortal Dao. Deduced to Dao Monarch Boundary. However, the Master has promised you to block your Annihilation Tribulation for you. Naturally, you have to count it."

Supreme Oneness could not help but be overjoyed and hurriedly thank you.

He has been tortured by annihilation aura over the years, and he has become very old and has become a white-haired old man. The strength in his body has been wiped out by annihilation aura!

If this continues, he will not have had his own Annihilation Tribulation count!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted slightly smiled, saying: "The Annihilation Tribulation in your body has completely erupted, and there is still 500 million years. These 500 million years will be declining day by day. Old man Pass away until the fated tribulation erupts, it will fall, and Annihilation will turn into fly ash. Today I will innate the Innate of Primordial Chaos into your body, suppress your annihilation aura, so that you will no longer weaken. Innate of Primordial Chaos will become mine. Dao Body, chant the sutras day and night, help you comprehend the integration of Three Primordials Innate Dao Domain, turning Three Primordials into Innate of Supreme Oneness Dao Domain."

A Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus appeared on top of his head and slowly fell. Entering Supreme Oneness's body, Supreme Oneness looked into his body, and saw a Daoist Azure Lotus sitting in the Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, with Inextinguishable Divine Light surging all over his body, combined with his Three Primordials Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light, it really suppressed him. The annihilation aura prevents the Innate of Three Primordials Great Dao from continuing to decay.

Moreover, that Daoist Azure Lotus chant the sutras article, mysterious and unpredictable, really made him gain a lot and benefited a lot.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted said: "Innate of Supreme Oneness is not inferior to Innate of Supreme Ultimate. You will cultivate the Innate of Supreme Oneness to the Supreme boundary, and add my Inextinguishable Divine Light to guard the Annihilation in your body. Tribulation can't hurt you a bit. But this is just to protect you from being hurt by Annihilation Tribulation. When your Annihilation Tribulation breaks out, there will be a Killing Tribulation. This Killing Tribulation starts from Daoist Annihilation. When the fated tribulation breaks out, Daoist Annihilation Will follow the Annihilation Tribulation and appear in your body to take you Dao Fruit and destroy your Divine Soul."

Supreme Oneness greatly shakes in my heart, hoarsely said: "Daoist Annihilation appeared in my body? "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted nodded, said: "Daoist Annihilation is compatible with Annihilation Great Dao. As long as the fatal tribulation in your body erupts, he will appear in your body, and your Annihilation is the most difficult to prevent. But Don't worry, this Daoist Annihilation is just a Dao Body. The Dao Body that I stay in your body will help you kill Daoist Annihilation's Dao Body and allow you to Transcending Tribulation."

Supreme Oneness is completely admired.

If he was Transcending Tribulation himself, he must have passed the first day of the first year and not passed the fifteenth. Either he died in Annihilation Tribulation or was turned into ashes by Daoist Annihilation, and now Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted helps, this fated tribulation Only then can the danger be turned into a breeze.

"Master, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate broke your Proving Dao Primordial Beginning opportunity, can Master repair it?"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted hehe said with a smile: "He Bad my chance of Proving Dao, it’s just blocking me for a while that’s all, and still can’t completely block me. In 500 million years I will prove the Primordial Beginning with Treasure Proving Dao success! Until then, no one will be my opponent. Not to mention him, even Daoist Annihilation will be turned into fly ash by me! Innate Inextinguishable, in front of Primordial Beginning Treasure, all are as if dreams and visions in a bubble!"

Supreme Oneness Back down.

"The Dao Monarch in the world, including Heavenly Venerate, has reached as many as 255, reaching the limit that Immortal Dao Era can bear. Dao Monarch must fall before Heavenly Monarch can prove the Dao Monarch. "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted pondered for a moment, three flowers appeared on the head, three Daoist Azure Lotus walked down, opened an All Heavens outside the temporary imperial residence, open altar lectured.

"In the future, if Immortal Dao shows signs of Annihilation Tribulation, there must be a catastrophe. Therefore, the Heavenly Monarch, who can gather Proving Dao, will have the advantage in that catastrophe!"

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan has an open altar preaching every 5 million years, which has attracted the hustle and bustle of Immortal Monarch, Heavenly Monarch and Dao Monarch to listen to the lectures.

Daoist Dao Void and Emperor Lin also preach the Law from time to time.

It’s just a disturbing phenomenon, that is, although the Four Great Heavenly Venerates is the most intelligent in the world, even Primeval rarely appears such a powerhouse, but the preaching for so long, the world The number of Dao Monarchs is still that many. From 900 million years ago to now, only Xi Yingqing is Proving Dao Dao Monarch, and there is no one Proving Dao.

The number of Dao Monarch remains at 255.

There were originally two hundred and fifty-six people, but Bullseye Stare Dao Monarch was killed by a Dao Fire light and turned into two hundred and fifty-five people. Later, Maha was about to Proving Dao, and was killed by a Dao Fire light, and failed to surpass 255 people.

Dao Void subordinate 48 Dao Monarch, Jiang Nan subordinate Dao Monarch, except Jiang Xueqing, Yun Lian, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Ji Du, Other Shore, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, Myriad Curses, Black Flower In addition to the twelve Dao Monarchs, Sacred Demon, Ghost Martial, and Xi Yingqing, there are also some Dao Monarchs of New Generation. There are also twelve people, either Hong, Jun, Ji Du’s discíple, or the Great Overarching Heaven listened to Heavenly Monarch Proving Dao, a total of 24 people.

However, this is the superficial influence. Among the Heavenly Gate held by Jiang Xueqing, there are sixteen Dao Monarchs, apart from this, and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor subordinate except Ding Guang and Ling Zhu. In addition, there are five Dao Monarch from Demon Realm and two Dao Monarch from Immortal Realm.

Therefore, the Dao Monarch of Jiang Nan's faction series has more than Dao Void subordinate, totaling fifty pieces.

Apart from Azure Lotus, Emperor Lin, Dao Void and Jiang Nan, Four Great Heavenly Venerates, there are 153 Dao Monarchs remaining, except for Cult Master Asceticism and Absolute Profound. Most of them are Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted under care, and even Heavenly Desolate and Evilless have taken refuge in Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted.

There are as many as 120 Dao Monarchs under the name Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted. Subordinates include Supreme Oneness, Jade Capital, Empyrean Origin and other factions. There are many powerhouses gathered, and Heavenly Monarch is even more numerous.

The Emperor Lin subordinate only has Spontaneity, Grand Truth and Profound Metropolis, and some New Generation Dao Monarch, the number is 31.

Many Dao Monarchs each have their own All Heavens, and some call themselves Immortal Emperors and Demon Emperors. There are no major battles, small battles continue, and there are enmities between each other. For example, Yun Lian and Ding Guang belong to the same faction, but the Immortal Dynasty often conquers and fights against each other. Tian Ling and Yun Lian, one is the faction of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and the other is the faction of Great Overarching Heaven, but they have very good friendship with each other and call each other sisters.

The development of Immortal and Demon Two Great Universes is still extremely astonishing. The two realms are constantly expanding, and many Heavenly Monarchs have emerged. The number of the two Great Universe Heavenly Monarchs is nearly 10,000, but no one can prove the Dao Monarch.

Immortal Realm is now the most prosperous era. Some Dao Monarch refined Innate Magical Treasure with their lives. Some succeeded in refining successfully, and some failed and took their lives in. Of course, it is refining. Successfully made Innate Magical Treasure, but died Yellow Springs because of it.

After the death of a Dao Monarch, there was another Heavenly Monarch Proving Dao Dao Monarch, keeping the number of Dao Monarch at 255.

Therefore, some people speculate that 255 people are the limit of the number of Dao Monarch Immortal Dao Era can bear. If you want to Proving Dao Dao Monarch, you must have one of these 255 Dao Monarchs. Fall, otherwise you cannot Proving Dao.

Probably because there are too many Dao Monarchs in Immortal Dao and Great Universe, they suppress Heaven and Earth Great Dao, let Heaven and Earth Great Dao acknowledge allegiance to them, and other Heavenly Monarchs, even if the background is there, they want Heaven to let Heaven and Earth Great Dao acknowledge allegiance. and Earth Great Dao acknowledge allegiance, it is far more difficult than before!

This is just a guess, and no one has verified its authenticity. After all, Dao Monarch is too tyrannical, even if hundreds of Heavenly Monarch join hands, it may not be able to kill one Dao Monarch.

However, there are also Heavenly Monarchs who try to kill a Dao Monarch, but they often fail. Body dies and Dao disappears. Therefore, those Heavenly Monarchs can only expect Dao Monarch to take his own life when refining Innate Magical Treasure. Go in.

What makes Heavenly Monarchs happy is that for hundreds of millions of years, more than a dozen Dao Monarchs have taken their lives on the way to refining Innate Magical Treasure, so Immortal Dao Era has more than a dozen Heavenly Monarch prove the Dao Monarch.

"If only a few more Dao Monarchs can die!" It is said that Heavenly Monarch has set up its own altar and burns incense for prayers day and night.

On this day, Immortal Realm shook. In Emperor Lin’s temporary imperial residence, World Tree was gradually raised. Even Dao Fruit with Emperor Lin was released from rays of light, and World Tree took root in propitious. In the cloud, there is a magnificent aura that suppresses Immortal and Demon Two Realms Heavens and Earths. It is vast, boundless, Everlasting!

Myriad Daos rumbled, even Dao Monarch owned by Immortal and Demon Two Realms feels Dao Monarch Level Great Dao rumble in the body, and worships acknowledge allegiance in the direction of Emperor Lin temporary imperial residence!

Emperor Lin in Exalted-Emperor, one step ahead of everyone, cultivation to Dao Monarch Great Perfection, with Primordial Spirit Proving Dao, together with Dao Fruit Proving Dao, achieved Dao He Universe Heaven and Earth, Fuse together with Immortal Dao Era, his Innate of Primordial Spirit, one prove as well as three proves, step into a brand new boundary!

And on the same day, Great Overarching Heaven wonderful and mighty panorama, Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven vibration, Innate Lupeng vibration, radiation trillion burst, auspicious color bars hanging, the weather is amazing, faintly and Emperor Lin Proving Dao fights against the court.

No one knows what kind of boundary the ancient existence of Great Overarching Heaven has reached now, but looking at the imposing manner of Great Overarching Heaven, it seems that it is not much weaker than Emperor Lin Proving Dao.

After several million years, in the temporary imperial residence of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Innate of Primordial Chaos vibrated. A Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus evolved into the natural phenomenon of Universe myriad. One prove as well As three proves, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted with Body Proving Dao, with Spirit Proving Dao, with Treasure Proving Dao succeeded!

1.4 billion years is approaching, Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity is already weakened, because Ancient Divinity’s ability to reproduce is extremely weak, and can only rely on Primal Chaos to be born on its own, and 1.4 billion years, there hasn’t been any new one. Ancient Divinity was born.

Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity race has already exterminate an entire race. Hundreds of millions of Ancient Divinity have died thoroughly. Only the Ancient Divinity of Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch Level can support and sustain their lives.

Annihilation Tribulation, which belongs to Ancient Divinity Era, has come completely, and there are 1.4 billion years left.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted did not take the shot immediately after three certifications with Innate of Primordial Chaos, but waited quietly for the arrival of the Middle-Stage of Immortal Dao Era.

In just 2 million years, Immortal Dao Era will celebrate the 2.8 billionth birthday. According to the laws of the past, the 2.8 billionth year is the peak period for Immortal Dao Era. Immortal Dao Era should turn from prosperity to decline.

At this time, both Daoist Annihilation or Everlasting Heavenly Venerate are also waiting for this day, waiting for the sign that Immortal Dao Era will be transferred to Annihilation.

Emperor Lin also quietly waited for this day to verify his guess with Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted.

Time flies, 2 million years for this kind of existence has passed in the blink of an eye. When Immortal Dao Era’s 2.8 billionth birthday arrives, Immortal and Demon Two Realms will be calm. , There is no sign of turning from prosperity to decline.

A Heavenly Venerate is finely sensed, and it cannot sense any annihilation aura.

The Dao Monarch in the world has also sensed, and there is nothing wrong with it.

After millions of years, Immortal Dao Era's annihilation aura still did not appear, and all the existence of ancient was relieved.

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