Exalted Emperor Chapter 1608

Daoist Annihilation is not an exaggeration. His knowledge of Annihilation is extremely profound, even better than Jiang Nan, and his sensitivity to Annihilation Tribulation is extremely keen.

Jiang Nan, Azure Lotus and Emperor Lin have not yet sensed the Annihilation Tribulation in the past era, he has sensed the fated tribulation that came in the ancient time, and clearly sensed it There are 22 Annihilation Tribulation!

He is the creature of Primordial Extinguished Era. Among the 22 Annihilation Tribulations of Primeval, there are 19 Annihilation Tribulations that he has experienced. There are also Primordial Heaven, Primordial Extinguished and Primordial Dao Era he has never experienced, and Primordial Extinguished Era and Profound Dao Era. Although he has experienced Annihilation Tribulation, he has not studied Annihilation Great Dao deeply and has not yet become Daoist Annihilation.

He is really True Master slaughtering Annihilation Tribulation, a total of 17 games.

And now, he has sensed the flood of 22 Annihilation Tribulation to Immortal Dao Era, especially Profound Dao, Primordial Extinguished, Primordial Heaven, Primordial Rising and Primordial Dao Era’s Annihilation Tribulation, which can make up for it. His shortcomings!

The most critical point is Primordial Dao Era’s Annihilation Tribulation, which is a catastrophe of overflowing heaven. The great tribulation that even the more than 200 Dao Monarchs of Primordial Dao Era can’t resist has affected him. It is even more important, allowing him to understand the origin of all times of Primordial Dao Era, the essence of Annihilation Great Dao in Annihilation!

These 22 Annihilation Tribulations have not yet come to Immortal Realm, and his strength has begun to soar. It is conceivable that when all the 22 fated tribulations come, his strength What a horror it will be, absolutely far beyond Primeval in any period!

"This great tribulation is really a timely rain for me. Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation will no longer be an embryonic form, but a real Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation!"

Daoist Annihilation opened his arms and muttered: "Immortal Dao Era, all ages will be Annihilation because of this... Since times immemorial, those creatures that died in my hands, I need you to resurrect and help me complete this great cause, Annihilation Immortal Dao!"

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch knelt on the ground, raised his head and peeped, I saw a huge silhouette behind Daoist Annihilation, eight-legged human body, tail stinger bright, tentacles flying around, countless black paint The tentacle of lacquer connects to Void Layers, steals the energy of Immortal Realm, and absorbs the energy of Primeval Annihilation Tribulation. It is the Fleshly Body of Divine Mother Dao Monarch!

Divine Mother Fleshly Body is the Good Fortune Divine Artifact from Divine Dao Era refining, used to survive Annihilation Tribulation, Good Fortune Divine Dao all living things.

After the Divine Mother Dao Monarch was killed, she was taken away by Daoist Annihilation. Now she has undergone the sacrificial refining of Daoist Annihilation. The power has increased by an unknown number of times. Now the diffuse aura is almost as good as Innate Supreme Treasure!

Daoist Annihilation is not proficient in Good Fortune, only Annihilation, so this Good Fortune Divine Artifact is very important to him!

As soon as the Divine Mother Fleshly Body came out, another Supreme Treasure Annihilation Demon Drum also appeared. One side of this Demon Drum is in the form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, like a big grindstone, and on the other side are countless Demon Eyes. , And in the drum body, countless twisted creatures are treated as murals!

These creatures all died in the hands of Daoist Annihilation, and were cultivated into Demon Drum by him.

I saw the Demon Drum getting bigger and bigger, more and more creature densely packed appearing on the drum body, many of them are Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch and so on. The number is so large that it makes the scalp numb. .

One Divine Soul flew from the Demon Drum, and fell into the body of the Divine Mother!

Daoist Annihilation loudly shouted, I saw a surging of energy, and the shocking energy from Immortal Dao Era and Primeval Annihilation Tribulation poured into Divine Mother's body, causing Divine Mother's belly to bulge and bulge.

Bobo Bobo——

The tentacles are constantly squirming, giving birth to huge balls of meat.

The tentacles are flying all over the sky, constantly moving, I saw more and more meat balls, and the produced meat balls are densely packed and arranged in rows. Among them, the overwhelming majority meat balls are filled with the aura of Heavenly Monarch, and A few meatballs faintly reveal the terrifying aura of Dao Monarch!


More tentacles flew out of Divine Mother's body, one by one shot through the ninty-nine layers created by Daoist Annihilation, everywhere in the Space. Lay eggs and give birth to a meat egg with Immortal Monarch Level Immortal King Level powerhouse aura!

What's more terrifying is that some very thick hands are producing the fleshy eggs of Dao Monarch aura, among them there are even close to the existence of Heavenly Venerate, which is the Primordial Dao Era, Uninhabited Forbidden Zone Creator's aura!

Supreme Overarching Dao Monarch, Divine Mystery Dao Monarch, etc. Primordial Dao Era, the powerhouse that created the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, unexpectedly will also be created and reproduced by the Good Fortune Divine Artifact of Divine Mother!

Apart from this, as well as the powerhouse aura of Primordial Rising Era, Primordial Heaven Era and Primordial Extinguished Era, they are only slightly weaker than Supreme Overarching!

In the Annihilation Tribulation of Beast Dao Era, Daoist Annihilation broke into the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone and fought against the creators of these forbidden zone, so that Supreme Overarching, Divine Mystery and other forbidden zone creators completely fell, and now they pass Divine Mother Fleshly Body, Daoist Annihilation unexpectedly prepares to revive these forbidden zone Creators!

It’s just that, Supreme Overarching, Divine Mystery and the others very powerful, even Daoist Annihilation refining Divine Mother, raising Divine Mother to a level close to Innate Supreme Treasure level, wanting to recast powerhouses like Supreme Overarching It also takes time to come out.

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch saw that his scalp was numb, and he fell deeply, afraid to look up again.

The energy that Daoist Annihilation can mobilize is too terrifying. Although Divine Mother Dao Monarch can also create Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch, it takes a very long time and it can’t be compared with the sight at hand!

In the hands of Daoist Annihilation, Divine Mother has become a production machine, continuously manufacturing the powerhouse that was destroyed in his hands in each era!

These Primeval existences created by Daoist Annihilation are not real Primeval existences. They really reproduce their Great Dao, but are based on Annihilation Great Dao, eerie, terrifying, and exude desperate annihilation aura!

"Whoever caused this great tribulation, I have to thank him."

The meat eggs of Immortal King and Immortal Monarch Level exploded, and then the meat eggs of Heavenly Monarch also One after another, Heavenly Monarch, Immortal Monarch, and Immortal King, who were stained with deep demonic nature within both eyes and the desire to destroy everything, stood up from the broken flesh ball, silent, and said nothing. Only Daoist Annihilation's voice surging back and forth: "Without him to lift this catastrophe, I think it is almost impossible to destroy Immortal Dao. In this case, I will make this catastrophe come more violently, more violently! Children, it should be. Go out and show my Annihilation's strength!"

bang! bang! bang!

The meatballs exploded one by one, and more Heavenly Monarch came out and became an army of Annihilation Heavenly Monarch!

In the Annihilation Ninety Nine Layered Heaven Secret Realm, the Void vibrated, and I saw countless heads Annihilation Beast shaking its head and wagging its tail. Drilled out of the Void, the number of them made the scalp numb.

Daoist Annihilation looked towards Dao Scripture Dao Monarch, the sound vibrated: "Dao Scripture, take them to destroy Immortal Dao Era, your reinforcements will come continuously, and even Dao Monarch will continuously emerge to support You!"

"Law Decree!"

Dao Scripture Dao Monarch got up, a statue of Heavenly Monarch turned over and jumped onto the back of Annihilation Beast, and those Immortal King Level Immortal Monarch The existence of Level also silently jumped on the back of Annihilation Beast, leading tens of thousands of Annihilation Beast, and flew out of Annihilation Ninety Nine Layered Heaven!

Demon Realm Universe has not been calm these years. The powerhouse of Demon Realm is sturdy in nature, and fights out at any disagreement. The great influences conquer, the competition is cruel, and there is a situation where Immortal and Demon Two Realms go to war. , The battle keeps on.

But even so, there was no such thing as Four Great Demon Dynasties attacking Immortal Realm more than a billion years ago. They were all small-scale battles led by Heavenly Monarch.

On this day, the Void suddenly burst, and hundreds of millions of Annihilation Beasts were crushed in black. Under the leadership of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch, they attacked the Demon Race Sacred Land one by one and ransacked them on a large scale.

Countless stars were swallowed, continent was gnawed away, Heavenly Monarch of Demon Realm Universe encountered this influence and didn't even have the strength to struggle, and was swallowed directly!

For a time, the Demon Realm Universe was in chaos. In the Sacred Domain, Empire was on the table, Great Cult Cult Masters knocked, and Heavenly Lord of All Heavens prayed for incense, please move The Demon Realm Ancient Dao Monarch that can't escape the world in Demon Realm!

An ancient Dao Monarch was born, fighting and killing this Annihilation army. The two sides established a great formation outside the Sacred Domain Sacred Land of Demon Realm, and they fought repeatedly, but Surprisingly, the Annihilation army led by Dao Scripture has not been weakened, but has become stronger and stronger, and gradually more Dao Monarch contaminated with annihilation aura appeared, and several Demon Realm Dao Monarchs were cut. Let Dao Monarch fall, Heavenly Monarch also died I don't know how many!

Demon Realm is in danger. Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted subordinate and Demon Realm Dao Monarch of Emperor Lin subordinate are united to strangle Dao Scripture and the others. Dao Scripture is Heavenly Dao Era’s Divine Prediction powerhouse , Appear and disappear unpredictably, let them take the air again and again, but one by one Great Cult, Empire and All Heavens were pulled up by the roots, Star Domain turned into ashes, bones everywhere, countless creatures died.

The Dao Monarch of the Great Overarching Heaven faction also has a huge influence within the Demon World, such as the Order Light Demon Dynasty established by Ding Guang of the Myriad Curses subordinate, and the Demon Dynasty of Ji Du discíple Demon Monarch Yue Bei. Wandering Soul Mountain Range created by Myriad Curses Dao Monarch, Demon Gate Great Cult of Sacred Demon Dao Monarch, Ghost Martial Dao Monarch and Black Flower Sacred Mother and the others have their own great influences within the Demon World, and each established a glorious moment. Sacred Land Sacred Domain and All Heavens.

These influences were also naturally impacted, and I don't know how many creatures died tragically.

Whether it is Ji Du, Sacred Demon, Myriad Curses, they also set off to rush back to Demon Realm Universe from Great Overarching Heaven to fight against the Annihilation army led by Dao Scripture.

And other Dao Monarch on Great Overarching Heaven, such as Hong, Jun, Other Shore, Xi Yingqing, Myriad Manifestations, Ling Zhu, Yun Lian and the others have also prepared for Lesser Realm, this Immesurable Killing Tribulation , Finally revealed the clues!

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Daoist Annihilation set off this catastrophe, Immortal Exalted and I intend to kill him, lest Immortal Dao all living things will cause trouble. You and I Three Sects join forces, and we Dao Monarch of Three Sects Against Annihilation’s minions, and the three of us killed Daoist Annihilation."

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Emperor Lin told Jiang Nan: "Although Immortal Exalted and I have the strength to deal with him, can we He was completely punishable, but he was not completely sure, so he wanted to ask Fellow Daoist to help. If Heavenly Venerate helped, it would not be difficult to punish Daoist Annihilation."

Jiang Nan said: "Daoist Annihilation Immortal Dao creature, Great Overarching Heaven is naturally unable to stay out of the matter. I subordinate many Dao Monarchs to Lesser Realm, ready to destroy the Annihilation Lineage. However, whether it is Daoist Annihilation that inspired Primeval’s Annihilation Tribulation to come and destroy Immortal Dao Era, I’m afraid there is something in it It's tricky. My knowledge of Annihilation Great Dao can be said to be second only to Daoist Annihilation. Although Daoist Annihilation is proficient in Annihilation Great Dao, there is no such huge Magic Power that can attract Primeval's Annihilation Tribulation to formidable himself. Besides, he has never experienced it. After the ages of Primordial Dao, Primordial Rising, Primordial Heaven, etc., how did these Primeval Era's Annihilation Tribulation also be induced?"

"Delay The longer the time, the stronger Daoist Annihilation's strength and the harder it is to deal with. If Primeval's 22nd Annihilation Tribulation arrives, it would be impossible to get rid of him! "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted categorically said: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, we are here only to ask if you want to make a move, not to ask you to join hands with us." Daoist Annihilation must be removed, as long as you don't mess around. "

Jiang Nan slightly frowned, said with displeasure: "It is a righteous act to get rid of Daoist Annihilation. It is profitable and harmless. How could I stop the two? It’s just that Daoist Annihilation impossible has attracted 22 Primeval Annihilation Tribulation, and there must be someone else..."

"Daoist Annihilation will be profitable without any harm. As long as you don’t add chaos, Daoist Annihilation will undoubtedly die. ! "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted got up and said, "It's not too late, Emperor Lin, you and I will kill Daoist Annihilation and make him fly ashes." As long as you get rid of him, Primeval's 22 tribulation waves will naturally go back, and there will be no harm to Immortal Realm! "

Emperor Lin hesitated and stood up and said: "If Heavenly Venerate is unwilling to take action, then help us resist Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate, lest they both take the opportunity to sneak attack. "

Jiang Nan stood up and said: "I also plan to go to Dao Monarch Palace, stand in Time and Space extremity, and see what is going on with this catastrophe. If Everlasting and Dao Void attack you, I will naturally stop them. "

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