Exalted Emperor Chapter 1609

Tens of thousands of galaxy and Star Domain in Demon Realm Universe were swallowed by an army created by Daoist Annihilation. Sacred Land and All Heavens fell one after another, becoming full of Heaven and Human Five. Danger Domain in Wanings is uninhabited, except for Annihilation Beast, other creatures cannot survive there at all.

The turmoil right now is not big. For Demon Realm Universe, it is only iceberg horn, but the army created by Daoist Annihilation is often the existence of Immortal King Level and Immortal Monarch Level, as are Heavenly Monarch and Dao Monarch The number is huge, and more and more, with the passage of time, I am afraid that the turmoil will become more and more serious!

And Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta assembled an army to meet them, and on the other side sent a powerhouse to invite many Dao Monarchs out of the mountain.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Dao Monarch of the Emperor Lin subordinate add up to a hundred and 51, but there are already several Dao Monarchs in the Demon Dao Universe that have fallen and died under the leadership of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch. Under the siege of the powerhouse, there were only more than one hundred and forty statues left.

These Dao Monarchs live in their respective All Heavens or Sacred Domains. Some are far away from the place of war. It takes a while to get here. The farthest one, even if it is flying at full force , It also takes a hundred years. Coupled with the orders to inform these Dao Monarchs to come, it will take hundreds of years to go back and forth.

Therefore, the two Cult Masters Ding Ling and Fu Ta ordered to invite the nearest Dao Monarch, but even so, this influence is not trivial. There are more than fifty Dao Monarchs, two There are more than a thousand Heavenly Monarch, Immortal Monarch Immortal King is countless.

Ji Du, Yue Bei, Ding Guang, Sacred Demon, Myriad Curses, Black Flower, Ghost Martial and other Dao Monarchs have begun to gather and mobilize the army to move toward the direction of the army led by Dao Scripture.

In the middle of the journey, Ji Du and the others converged with the army led by Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta, only to see the opposite Dao Monarch stand in great numbers, each led a large army, one statue Dao Monarch wonderful and mighty panorama, subordinate various powerhouses gathered, Heavenly Monarch countless.

Ji Du can't help but sigh with emotion: "The influence of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted is really terrifying. In just a few months, you can mobilize such a huge army, much better than us."

On their side are the influence of Demon Realm Universe. There are only a dozen Dao Monarchs, Heavenly Monarch has only a hundred, and the military strength is not as strong as Ding Ling, Fu Ta and the others.

"Since our three-way coalition forces must have a leader, otherwise they will be rushed and smashed and will only be destroyed by Dao Scripture one by one."

Cult Master Fu Ta proposed. :"Dao Mother Ding Ling is a sacred born of Primordial Cauldron destiny and merit. He is proficient in Divine Prediction. Let me and other leaders fight against Dao Scripture!"

Ji Du and the others nodded , Said: "Dao Scripture is the Divine Prediction powerhouse, connecting the heavens Dao Mystery, no one can beat Divine Prediction to defeat Divine Prediction in order to win."

Dao Mother Ding Ling did her part and gathered three armies to encircle Dao Scripture. However, Dao Scripture Dao Monarch is also no small thing. A cultivation base connecting the Heavens and penetrating the Earth, Divine Prediction is even more amazing. It is already known that all armies are going to attack him, and it is instantaneous. In total, the Annihilation Beast and the existence of many Immortal King, Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch Level are handed over to Dao Monarch created by Daoist Annihilation, and divided into an army.

All Annihilation armies evaded the main force of the three major coalition forces, attacked all around, swept away a piece of Star Domain, and left immediately, leaving behind the ruins full of annihilation aura, among the Sacred Land All Heavens. , No creature can survive.

Ding Ling, Fu Ta and Ji Du and the others four pounce attacks and annihilated several Annihilation armies, but for some calculations, on the contrary, the Sacred Lands of influence on their own side were destroyed, one after another. Heavens was destroyed and suffered a great loss.

Dao Mother Ding Ling only stared at Dao Scripture and chased and fought, and the two Divine Prediction powerhouses fought each other. Dao Mother Ding Ling never took any advantage. Dao Scripture Dao Monarch escaped time and time again, and subordinate The three-way coalition forces are all flesh pain.

After all, the destroyed Sacred Land and All Heavens were their subordinates, and the dead were their subordinate powerhouses.

Sacred Demon Dao Monarch said: "Demon Ancestor Ji Du, Ding Ling’s Divine Prediction is not as good as Dao Scripture. She is only looking after Dao Scripture. If this continues, I’m afraid that we will be strong in Demon Realm. All will be pulled up by the roots, and the foundation is gone."

Demon Ancestor Ji Du nodded, said: "Who will go to Immortal Realm with me, and invite Heavenly Ghost Grandma?"

"discíple go!" Female Monarch Yue Bei hurriedly said with a smile.

She is also Dao Monarch, but Ji Du single-handedly cultivated her, so when talking to Ji Du, she still called herself discíple.

"You go and invite Heavenly Ghost Grandma. Dao Scripture’s plot against Dao Scripture Divine Prediction is amazing. Even Dao Mother Ding Ling has no choice but to kill you halfway. ."

Demon Ancestor Ji Du pondered, took out the Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram and gave it to her, saying: "Annihilation Great Dao is the nemesis of all Great Dao, fighting against the people of the cultivation Annihilation Great Dao. Even if the cultivation base is similar, you will eventually lose in the hands of the opponent. Your strength is not weak, but it is not enough to escape Dao Scripture's chase. This picture has passed me more than a billion years sacrificial refining, and I won my Divine Father not long ago. I finally practiced the become Spirit treasure. With this picture, Dao Scripture can't kill you."

Female Monarch Yue Bei complexion dignified, received the Slaughtering Dao Diagram, and immediately rushed to Immortal Realm Universe, dozens of Days later, the rotten aura in the Void came out. Five Annihilation Dao Monarch walked out of the Void. It was the Primeval Dao Monarch that Daoist Annihilation reshaped with the energy of Annihilation Tribulation to kill her.

Female Monarch Yue Bei relied on the Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram and broke through desperately. Unexpectedly, she fell into another encirclement network and was besieged by several Annihilation Dao Monarch led by tens of millions of Annihilation Beast and powerhouse.

Yue Bei tried his best to urge the Slaughtering Dao Diagram, and almost died, and was lucky enough to break through. As a result, he was stopped by an army all the way. Yue Bei fought desperately and was hit hard and almost died in the army. Fortunately, Demon Ancestor Ji Du urged the Slaughtering Dao Diagram to help her break through the Killing Formation.

Three consecutive interceptions, Female Monarch Yue Bei was exhausted and suffered heavy losses. She was about to come to Immortal Realm. Suddenly, she saw the flag flying in front of her and another army appeared.

Female Monarch Yue Bei couldn’t help despairing: "I’m going to die!"

"Empress Rakshasa, I am waiting here on the order of Ghost Grandma."

A Dao Monarch reveals Law Manifestation from the army, said with a smile: "I never thought Fellow Daoist really came from here!"

Female Monarch Yue Bei is about to sacrifice Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram, seeing that person is kind, I couldn’t help being overjoyed: “It turns out to be Fellow Daoist! Ghost Grandma asked you to wait for me here?”

that Dao Monarch Dao Gan is the creature Proving of New Generation Dao, and Yue Bei are in the same generation, and the two have met in Great Overarching Heaven.

Dao Monarch Dao Gan hurriedly welcomed her into the army, saying: "Ghost Grandma divine strategy and wonderful planning, it has been calculated that you are coming, and we order us to come to meet you."

He has many subordinate Immortal Monarch Heavenly Monarch, many soldiers, many soldiers, seeing the appearance of this Female Monarch Yue Bei, one by one, staring at her straightforwardly, unable to look away.

Female Monarch Yue Bei is Demon Realm number one beauty, and Dao Monarch is naturally magnificent.

Dao Monarch Dao Gan retracted his troops and returned to the imperial court. When he came to the Imperial Court of Female Monarch Yun Lian, I saw Immortals gathered and all the officials were there. Dao Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, Immortal Monarch each Seated.

When everyone saw the true appearance of Female Monarch Yue Bei, they couldn't help but lost their senses, secretly praised.

Female Monarch Yue Bei has seen Female Monarch Yun Lian, and the two female Emperor Metropolis are Dao Monarch, each has something touching. Female Monarch Yue Bei thanked Heavenly Ghost Grandma again, saying: "Master Demon Ancestor Ji Du, please Grandma for help."

Heavenly Ghost Grandma hehe said with a smile: "old body alone to deal with Dao Scripture , It can only be so-so. If you want to be sure, you have to invite Dark-Bright brat."

Female Monarch Yue Bei heart startled, hurriedly said: "It was the Trusted Advisor of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate subordinate back then. Hidden Dragon?"

Heavenly Ghost Grandma nodded, said: "This old brat is tired of showing affection with Empress Other Shore every day. I can't bear it. I have to ask Female Monarch to invite him with me."

"It is not too late, please Grandma leave as soon as possible!"

Not long after, Female Monarch Yue Bei brought Heavenly Ghost Grandma to Sacred Domain, Empress Other Shore residence, Empress Other Shore personally received him, said with a smile: "Why does Grandma come from?"

"Come to borrow a man from Empress." Heavenly Ghost Grandma said with a smile.

The Female Monarch Yue Bei complexion is weird, but Empress Other Shore knows that she has always been unobstructed, said with a smile: "so that's how it is. My family Master is listening to the preaching of the dog, I told him to come out That's it."

Female Monarch Yue Bei was puzzled: "Master listens to her son, what is the truth?"

Heavenly Ghost Grandma whispered: "Old Ancestor Dark -Bright is still Immortal Monarch, and his son is Dao Monarch Habuchi. One finger can poke Empyrean Origin thousands of times. Laozi's ability is messed up. Naturally, he has to listen to his son's preaching."

Speaking, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright came, Heavenly Ghost Grandma said with a smile: "Great Master Primordial Beginning ordered you and I to Demon Realm to help Demon Ancestor Ji Du."

Female Monarch Yue Bei I was surprised, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright said with a smile: "It turned out to be Master Heavenly Venerate's order, how dare I not follow it? Hurry up and get on the road."

Female Monarch Yue Bei is even more surprised in her heart. Demon Realm Universe finally couldn't bear to ask, Heavenly Ghost Grandma sound transmission said: "This old brat is too lazy. If you say that Ji Du Na brat asks him, he will definitely not come out. You have to take the Great Master Primordial Beginning to suppress it. Live him."

After more than ten days, Demon Ancestor Ji Du and the others saw Female Monarch Yue Bei rushing back with Heavenly Ghost Grandma and Old Ancestor Dark-Bright. Give it all to O ld Ancestor Dark-Bright said: "With two of them here, I can finally save some effort. You and I will meet Fu Ta and Dao Mother Ding Ling! "

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling saw Heavenly Ghost Grandma, heart startled, took a deep look at Heavenly Ghost Grandma, and said: "What methods does Grandma have that can deal with Dao Scripture?" "

She and Heavenly Ghost Grandma are of the same origin. What she got is Primordial Cauldron's opening heaven merit and destiny and Primordial Cauldron fragment, through which Proving Dao, while Heavenly Ghost Grandma got Primordial Cauldron's feet, and this little old woman is still transformed by the blood of Spirit Treasure Dao Lord, and Primordial Cauldron is made by Spirit Treasure's Fleshly Body.

Heavenly Ghost Grandma hehe said with a smile: "Dao Scripture’s brat’s Divine Prediction is inferior to the old body. His Divine Prediction can calculate 7-layer from countless possibilities, and deploy 7-layer absolute kill. If Maha is undying, he can almost calculate 8-layer with him. The old body can calculate the 9-layer, this time with the help of Trusted Advisor, it will be called Dao Scripture to escape from the tribulation. "

"This 7-layer 8-layer 9-layer Divine Prediction, what do you care about? "Cult Master Fu Ta asked quickly.

"7-layer, 8-layer Divine Prediction, basically everything can be calculated. If you fall into the plot against, you will escape from the tribulation. "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma said with a smile: "But there is a glimmer of survival to escape. 9-layer Divine Prediction is a Dragon Snake with murderous intention and murderous intention. There is no way out. Even if Dao Monarch falls into the plot against, body dies and Dao disappears! The old body does not kill, but only fights with Dao Scripture. Whether or not he can be captured depends on your ability. "

Dao Mother Ding Ling was silent for a moment, and said: "Everything is subject to Grandma's instructions." "

At this moment, on the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan got up and stepped into Space-Time. The Great Overarching Heaven moved with him, and suddenly the whole Great Overarching Heaven turned into a treasured The sword is worn on his waist.

Jiang Nan walked into the depths of Space-Time, walked along the time, and soon came to Time and Space extremity, outside the Dao Monarch Palace.

In front of Dao Monarch Palace, a woman of peerless grace and elegance stood there, her eyes fell on her body, instantly filled with tenderness that has entangled countless years.

"Your Majesty, you come back Up? "

Dao Venerate Concubine Tian smiled for the first time in the past hundred billion years. The dusk of Time and Space, the place where it ends, seems to suddenly become brighter.

The mist in her eyes was hazy, and she vaguely watched Jiang Nan walking towards her dreamily, as if she had seen the back of the dreamlike Emperor who had gone back then. She felt that waiting for more than 100 billion years had finally paid off.

"Your Majesty, you are back. "She muttered softly.

Jiang Nan walked to her, revealing a trace of smiling expression on his face, and whispered: "Well, I'm back, Concubine Tian. "

Dao Venerate Concubine Tian lovable body trembled, her body felt weak, she sat down slowly, with her hands on her knees, tears could not stop falling.

She waited for this sentence It’s been too long.

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