Exalted Emperor Chapter 1612

"Mother Yuan, what do you mean? Anyway, you and I are Palace Lords of Dao Monarch Palace, you should not help outsiders!"

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate furiously shouted, the collapsed Fleshly Body turned into a divine light compatible, he is Quaternity’s powerhouse, in this brief moment Dao Fruit’s Dao Law force and Fleshly Body unexpectedly tend to be separated by strikes, you can imagine Dao Monarch How formidable would Palace's strike be!

Furthermore, this is the case when he has won more than 30% of the control of Dao Monarch Palace. If there is no more than 30% of the control, the power of Dao Monarch Palace can erupt, and the consequences will be disastrous!

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate immediately stopped, separated from Jiang Nan and Everlasting, and looked at the huge monster at Dao Monarch Palace vigilantly.

Although Dao Monarch Palace is formidable, power cannot be sent and received in the heart. It takes a period of incubation to motivate Dao Monarch Palace’s power. For his existence, it is not very difficult to avoid attacks.

"Palace Lord Everlasting, the purpose of my Dao Monarch Palace is not to interfere with any era. You have violated the purpose of Dao Monarch Palace!"

Mother Yuan stepped out of the palace, His gaze swept across Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate, and fell on Jiang Nan's body again, showing a little annoyance.

Jiang Nan taught her the feelings of the two first-generation Palace Lords about the Extremity of Great Dao, so that she was obsessed with the feelings of the two first-generation Palace Lords and couldn’t help herself. It is more than a billion years, so she is also a little annoyed with Jiang Nan.

"Palace Lord Everlasting, you interfered with Immortal Dao Era, and even triggered 22 tribulation waves of Annihilation Tribulation to destroy Immortal Dao Era. It is no longer worthy of being the Palace Lord of my Dao Monarch Palace!"

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate has restored Fleshly Body, hearing this said with a smile: "Mother Yuan, your set of goals is outdated, more than 100 billion years, twenty-two eras, my Dao Monarch No one has ever entered the Extremity of Great Dao in the Palace. The purpose of this Dao Monarch Palace is simply a mistake! But my purpose can enter the Extremity of Great Dao in one fell swoop! Which one is higher and lower is clear at a glance! As you say will I drove out of Dao Monarch Palace, hehe, now Dao Monarch Palace is my people, and you are just a lonely family, how to drive me out? On the contrary, if I drive you out, I’m afraid that no one will speak for you!"

Palace Lord Mother Yuan's face is dark, said with a smile: "I brought you to Dao Monarch Palace back then, it seems to be a mistake. Everlasting, the first-generation Palace Lord of Dao Monarch Palace also Now, you can’t drive me away, and I don’t care too much about you today. As long as you disperse the tribulation waves, I will not care about you. If you don’t disperse the tribulation waves, today I have to sweep you out. "

The two people are still clashing secretly between their words, both trying to seize control of Dao Monarch Palace.

The two of them had their Magic Power clash inside the Dao Monarch Palace. The battle was fierce, and Jiang Nan's Magic Power was also interspersed in it, trying to drive Everlasting Heavenly Venerate's Magic Power out.

At this time, another strength poured into Dao Monarch Palace, and it was the strength of Dao Void Heavenly Venerate that invaded to aid Everlasting Heavenly Venerate.

Four Great Heavenly Venerates stood in front of the temple, verbally clashing, but the four strands of strength fought vigorously in the Dao Monarch Palace, and murderous intention lurked.

The power of this Dao Monarch Palace is very powerful, and it must be controlled, otherwise it will be controlled by anyone else, and they will not worry about it.

At this time, Overflowing Harmony Dao Venerate, Samsara Dao Venerate and the others poured their Magic Power into the Dao Monarch Palace. Fourteen Dao Venerates plus 47 Dao Monarchs are also one Strength not to be underestimated!

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate got their help and gradually gained the upper hand, but Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan fell into a defensive state. They wanted to expel Mother Yuan and Jiang Nan’s Magic Power, but it was not easy .

Everyone is in a stalemate and continues to confront each other. This is also a helpless move, because Dao Monarch Palace cannot carry any mark and can only use Magic Power to occupy Dao Monarch Palace. No one can claim Dao Monarch Palace as Already.

This Dao Monarch Palace was created by two first-generation Palace Lords who combined more than 300 Dao Monarchs of Primordial Dao Era. Dao Monarch Palace is a palace that spans time and carries With the hope of marching into the Extremity of Great Dao, no one can refining Dao Monarch Palace and put their mark on Dao Monarch Palace!

If you have the ability to refining Dao Monarch Palace, it is basically the true Extremeity of Great Dao, because its strength will inevitably exceed the two first-generation Palace Lords and more than 300 Dao Monarchs. !

The four Heavenly Venerates stood still, standing still, they stopped talking to each other, only Magic Power clashed in secret.

Jiang Nan turned his head and looked into Immortal Dao Era, and saw that among Ninety Nine Layered Annihilation All Heavens, the battle between Daoist Annihilation and Emperor and Exalted had reached an extremely fierce level.

Emperor and Exalted each anchored the Ninety Nine Layered Annihilation All Heavens with their own Primordial Spirit and Magical Treasure, and blocked the aftermath of the battle between the three in All Heavens, lest they destroy the outside world.

Emperor and Exalted One is Primordial Spirit Proving Dao and the other is with Treasure Proving Dao. How formidable is their Primordial Spirit Magical Treasure. After blocking Annihilation All Heavens, even Daoist Annihilation was trapped. Among All Heavens.

Daoist Annihilation is also an extraordinary generation. Before All Heavens was sealed, the Divine Mother Fleshly Body was sent out of All Heavens. This Divine Mother Fleshly Body flew to Dao Scripture Dao Monarch and fell into Dao Scripture. Hands.

The three fought in this Ninety Nine Layered All Heavens. World Tree and Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus turned All Heavens into their home ground, which was extremely detrimental to Daoist Annihilation.

Obviously, Emperor and Exalted have already had experience in dealing with Daoist Annihilation. The two continue to divide Heaven and Earth with Primordial Chaos Splitting Heaven and Primordial Spirit to resolve Annihilation Great Dao, and Daoist Annihilation urges Demon Drum and The Annihilation Heavenly Wheel was of no avail, and even continued to urge the embryonic form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation to destroy all Great Dao, but Emperor and Exalted had steadily surpassed him above Magic Power, so he was completely suppressed by the two.

Daoist Annihilation's Demon Drum and Annihilation Heavenly Wheel were beaten full of cracks, and they may break at any time and endangered.

"It seems that Daoist Annihilation will die. If Daoist Annihilation dies, will the final Annihilation Tribulation never come?"

Jiang Nan looking thoughtful, suddenly heart shivered with cold : "The 22 ancient tribulation waves are speeding up Immortal Realm! What's the matter?"

He was shocked and saw the tribulation waves surge from Primordial Dao Era After a wave, we are accelerating towards Immortal Dao Era, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, Dao Void Dao Venerate and the others are vying with Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan for the control of Dao Monarch Palace. There is no time to urge Everlasting Dao Cutter to lead these two. The twelve ways of tribulation waves, then who will trigger the tribulation waves?

"Impossible is Daoist Annihilation, Daoist Annihilation is now powerless to defend himself, then who will accelerate the existence of tribulation waves?"

Jiang Nan's mind is like a flash After a single thought flashed through, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate also showed a look of uncertainty on his face, and obviously noticed the abnormality of the tribulation waves.

In the Ninety Nine Layered Annihilation All Heavens, the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel hangs seventeen little bells. The constant vibrations help increase the power of the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation that emerges from the Annihilation Demon Drum.

As the tribulation waves are getting closer and closer, the power of these two Magical Treasures has also been continuously enhanced. Although Emperor and Exalted are still unable to contend, the two Annihilation Magical Treasures have been improved only from the formidable power. So many!


Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted palm was shot, and a little bell on the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel burst open. What this little bell contains is the Annihilation of Curse Dao Era A part of Tribulation was collected by Daoist Annihilation and refined into a little bell.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted smashed this little bell, and suddenly the Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation in the little bell emerged.

"Small ears, you want to hurt me too?"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted hehe smiled, raised his foot, and saw lotus flowers popping up all over the Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation. This piece of Annihilation Tribulation was suppressed, and let Heaven and Human Five Wanings Great Dao's death permeate, and it would not hurt Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Emperor Lin.

At this time, Jiang Nan suddenly noticed that the tribulation waves of Curse Dao Era had accelerated suddenly, and finally entered the current Immortal Dao Universe from Space-Time in the past!

In the Demon Realm Universe, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright dominates the heroes and fought against Dao Scripture Dao Monarch. The two sides marched to set up the formation, each engaged in a battle, and there were Heavenly Ghost Grandma and Dao. The two Divine Prediction powerhouses of Scripture blinded Heaven's Mystery and confused Heaven's Mystery. Under the chaos of Heaven's Mystery, the Divine Prediction powerhouse could not be considered first, and the wisdom of Old Ancestor Dark-Bright was finally revealed, repeatedly with Dao Scripture Dao The army led by Monarch fought and killed Demon Realm heaven falls and earth rends and gained a lot of combat exploits.

The Divine Mother Dao Monarch Fleshly Body flew over and fell into the hands of Dao Scripture Dao Monarch, which allowed him to stabilize the battle and prevent a complete defeat.

On this day, Myriad Curses Dao Monarch was discussing with many Dao Monarchs in the account. Suddenly, he was frightened and yelled, and stood up and said: "The Annihilation Tribulation of Curse Dao Era is here, and my All of Wandering Soul Mountain Range Heavens is just going to be dangerous!"

Many Dao Monarch heart startleds have said with a smile: "Daoist Brother Myriad Curses is confused. Now it is Immortal Dao Era. The Annihilation Tribulation of Curse Dao Era has long been It's over."

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch said nothing, rushed out of the big account, and went straight to Demon Realm Wandering Soul Mountain Range. Demon Ancestor Ji Du a thought flashed through the mind and stood up and said: "Fellow Daoist Myriad Curses is not safe to go out alone. It is inevitable that Dao Scripture will be robbed and killed. Who will protect him with me?"

"I will go!" Sacred Demon and Ghost Martial two Dao Monarchs got up said with a smile.

Demon Ancestor Ji Du is overjoyed, said with a smile: "The three of us have almost the capital of Dao Venerate. Even if we encounter an ambush, we can deal with it without losing our lives."

Ji Du successfully refining Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram into Spirit Treasure, which can already be called Dao Venerate. Although Sacred Demon and Ghost Martial have never refining successfully Spirit Treasure, they are not far away.

The three left immediately, chasing Myriad Curses Dao Monarch and heading to Wandering Soul Mountain Range.

Wandering Soul Mountain Range is the nest established by Myriad Curses Dao Monarch in the Demon Realm Universe. He built Eighteen All Heavens and melted the Curse Dao Heavenly Altar into it. He also studied Divine Soul and worked with Jiang Nan and Ghost Martial Dao Monarch and the others exchanged the Great Dao restored by Divine Soul, and asked Profound Metropolis for Good Fortune Great Dao, which has been resurrected for more than a billion years. I don't know how many Yin Soul in the Curse Dao Heavenly Altar has been resurrected.

After the resurrection of these Yin Souls, I don’t remember all kinds of past life, probably because the Three Immortal Souls and Seven Mortal Souls have been shattered, and Myriad Curses Dao Monarch complementing Divine Soul for them is just equivalent to creating another life. Not the old friend of the past.

However, Myriad Curses Dao Monarch regards these people as the most important existence in their lives, creating Wandering Soul Mountain Range Eighteen All Heavens, protecting them, and allowing them to inhabit and multiply. Now Wandering Soul Mountain Range Eighteen All Heavens is also extremely prosperous.

Ji Du, Sacred Demon, and Ghost Martial came to Wandering Soul Mountain Range. Suddenly, they felt cold. They saw that Wandering Soul Mountain Range Eighteen All Heavens had completely fallen into Annihilation, and Annihilation Tribulation was surging. Tribulation Light of various colors flies indiscriminately, chopped up everything, Tribulation Rain falls from the sky, corrodes everything, Annihilation Vortex rolls like a big grindstone, swallows everything, and the sound of a drum kills lives in the doomsday!

Eighteen All Heavens has become a piece of Danger Land, All Heavens is tattered, heaven collapsing, earth shattering, one after another star shattered, galaxy broken, galaxy turned into ashes, and there are countless dead creatures!

This Eighteen All Heavens has a creature of quadrillions, which is now 90% extinct!

"How come?" Ji Du hoarsely said.

"Fellow Daoist Myriad Curses is there!"

Sacred Demon suddenly pointed his finger towards Annihilation Tribulation, and saw a mouthful of Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell hanging high, and the bell sound trembling endlessly. To swing away one after another Tribulation Light and Tribulation Rain, offset the Judgement Tribulation Sound. But Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell can only protect one person from being destroyed by Annihilation Tribulation, and there are millions of creatures under the bell at the moment. Annihilation Tribulation stirs, causing this Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell to burst into cracks in an instant, on the verge of collapse, at any time May be broken!

"Get up!"

Demon Ancestor Ji Du furiously shouted, Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram is getting wider and bigger, suddenly flattening down, suppressing Annihilation Tribulation , Suppressed the surging Annihilation Tribulation. Ji Du snorted, and the Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram was turbulent, it was difficult to suppress Annihilation Tribulation.

He does not belong to Curse Dao Era, and is not in the fated tribulation, but the countershock force of Annihilation Tribulation makes him almost unbearable!

Sacred Demon and Ghost Martial, Dao Monarch, immediately assisted, finally suppressing Annihilation Tribulation, urging Slaughtering Dao Diagram to go straight to where Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell stood, and with a scream, Myriad Curses Dao Monarch and the million creatures are all hidden in the map.

"Dead, dead..."

Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell shattered suddenly, Myriad Curses Dao Monarch Fleshly Body drenched with blood, sitting on the ground, like a wood-carved clay sculpture, suddenly Howling, crying, heartbreaking: "My son is dead, although he does not recognize me as father, but he is my son, he is dead..."

Demon Ancestor Ji Du is silent , He knew that when Myriad Curses Dao Monarch recreated the creature of Curse Dao Era, he also recreated his favorite young son, but Divine Soul was different. This created creature did not recognize Myriad Curses Dao Monarch as the father, but Myriad Curses still treated him as a parent-child.

Now, his more than a billion years of hard work and dedication have completely turned into as if dreams and visions in a bubble.

"How could this be?"

Sacred Demon Dao Monarch muttered: "I feel that my fated tribulation is also near, how come it suddenly broke out..."


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