Exalted Emperor Chapter 1613

Ji Du, Ghost Martial, and Sacred Demon complexion dignified, looking towards Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram. At this moment, only million or so people remain in Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram, and Myriad Curses Dao Monarch was hit hard by unprecedented, Dao Heart was defeated and collapsed, and now only their three people are coping with this catastrophe.

No matter where Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram flies, where does this Annihilation Tribulation go, as the shadow follows the body, soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, always set Chaos Origin The Slaughtering Dao Diagram was shrouded and couldn't get rid of it.

"Things are getting bigger."

Demon Ancestor Ji Du sighed and said in a low voice: "Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell was fatated because of the protection of millions of people Transcending Tribulation. The tribulation is crushed. Now you and I don’t have such a formidable Magic Power, which can suppress the Annihilation Tribulation of the Curse Dao Era. After all, this is the Annihilation Tribulation of the Universe of the Curse Dao Era. It is inextinguishable. Myriad Curses and these million creatures swear. If we invite other Dao Monarchs to come and help us, we will be weaker in the face of Dao Scripture, I am afraid that Dao Scripture will be eliminated in one fell swoop..."

"It is because of me. Is this fated tribulation? It’s because I destroyed my Wandering Soul Mountain Range Eighteen All Heavens..."

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch suddenly laughed heartily and jumped towards the Slaughtering Dao Diagram. Cried: "I'm dead, there is no fatal tribulation! You return my son!"

Ji Du and the others hugged him quickly and dragged him back.

The three of them discussed it and found it very tricky. Ji Du sighed: "Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor is also the creature of Curse Dao Era. With his method, he should be able to cope with his own Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation, right? "

On Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor slightly frowned, I saw the Annihilation Tribulation in Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven suddenly appeared, surrounded him, and it was Annihilation of Curse Dao Era. Tribulation is back!

"trifling fated tribulation, can it hurt me too?"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor reached out his hand, Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven oscillated endlessly, and the entire Supreme Ultimate became Supreme Ultimate, suppressed the Annihilation Tribulation, the fated tribulation cannot be added.

"Strange, according to my expectation, it should take a few more years for the tribulation waves of the Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation to arrive at Immortal Dao Era. How can it be advanced?"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor groaned, but I was surprised that the tribulation waves of Curse Dao Era came here earlier than he expected.

Suddenly, the tribulation waves suppressed by him shook, and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor also shook the qi and blood, making him frown. His current strength has reached the peak of Dao Venerate. Even Dao Venerate with his strength in the Dao Monarch Palace is extremely rare, but this tribulation waves unexpectedly shocked him to qi and blood. You can see the tribulation waves. It's better than he expected.

"This fated tribulation seems to have infected Immortal Dao Era's Great Dao and swallowed a part of Immortal Dao Era's strength. Something is not quite right!"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor carefully explored the tribulation waves that came to destroy him, and moved slightly in his heart, only to feel that the formidable power of the tribulation waves has changed a bit. It is no longer the pure tribulation waves of Curse Dao Era, but includes Immortal Dao Era. Curse Dao Great Dao in!

"Why! These tribulation waves are compatible with the Curse Dao Great Dao in Immortal Dao!"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor sweats on his forehead, and suddenly thinks of something terrifying The thing, that is Maha, when Maha was Proving Dao Dao Monarch, the cultivation was Annihilation Immortal Dao.

This is that's all, but Maha has studied the Great Dao of Primeval one by one, turning the Great Dao Annihilation of Primeval's Curse Dao, Demon Dao, Divine Dao, Monster Dao, etc. into Annihilation Great Dao, also melted into Annihilation Immortal Dao!

Fortunately, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate placed a killing move in advance to kill him, but did not let him succeed in Proving Dao.

But things still have unexpected changes. Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Daoist Annihilation have successively completed Annihilation Immortal Dao and become the Great Dao of Dao Monarch Level!

At this time, the tribulation waves of Curse Dao Era come, and they are compatible with Annihilation Curse Dao in Annihilation Immortal Dao, and the formidable power becomes stronger!

“It’s just the arrival of the tribulation waves of Curse Dao Era, but that’s all. If I come together nine times of reincarnation and the tribulation waves of nine eras, I will integrate the Annihilation Immortal Dao’s strength of Immortal Dao Era. Can it be suppressed?"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor has cold sweat on his forehead, and things are getting worse. He thinks that this life can be eternal inextinguishable, but now he has to face this situation. Very difficult murderous intention!

Moreover, he doesn't even know where this Killing Tribulation comes from!


In the Ninety Nine Layered Annihilation All Heavens, a violent vibration came. Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted raised his hand and cut down the second little bell. This little bell burst open, but it was made by Monk Era’s Annihilation Tribulation. The refined little bell was also suppressed by Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted by raising his hand, said with a smile: "Emperor Lin, I will break this Annihilation Heavenly Wheel first, cut off the strength source of Daoist Annihilation, you first resist for a while, then you and me both Completely obliterate him."

Emperor Lin said yes, saying: "Daoist Brother as soon as possible, I vaguely feel a little uneasy, and have an ominous premonition."

The little bell is broken, the inner meaning is. The Monk Annihilation Tribulation broke out, and Jiang Nan immediately before Dao Monarch Palace saw in the Space-Time in the past, Monk Era’s Annihilation Tribulation Waves immediately surged, tumbling from high to high, and the speed suddenly increased, crossing Titan in one fell swoop. The tribulation waves of Soul Dao, Divine Dao, Human Dao, etc., went straight to Immortal Dao Era!

Immortal Realm Universe, Monk Great Cult was a glorious moment. It had a boundless vast Star Domain in the West, established Bliss Sacred Domain, and has countless All Heavens. Cult Master Asceticism has resigned from the position of Cult Master and will The position of Cult Master gave way to Three Virtues Ancient Buddha.

Although the Three Virtues Ancient Buddha is the Heavenly Monarch of the Great Perfection, it did not prove the Dao Monarch. Fortunately, the Monk Great Cult has several Dao Monarchs, and Cult Master Asceticism is more a Dao Venerate, the cultivation base is incomparable deep.

Therefore, Monk Great Cult can also hold one side. In this world where Emperor, Exalted, Dao Void and Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate coexist, Monk Great Cult is also very eye-catching.

Monk Great Cult is neutral influence and impartial. In this fierce battle in the Demon Realm Universe, Monk Great Cult did not participate in the battle.

On this day, Bliss All Heavens Buddhas in the cult taught the Fa. Suddenly Cult Master Asceticism went out. Three Virtues Ancient Buddha hurriedly led Buddhas to bow down. Cult Master Asceticism had a sad face and sighed: "I have been fated tribulation. So, I’m afraid to escape in the tribulation. If you can’t Transcending Tribulation, it’s body dies and Dao disappears. Say goodbye to everyone Junior Brother today, and then Old Monk will find a piece of Uninhabited Land, with Body and go away."

Buddhas turn pale with fright, Absolute Profound hurriedly said: "Senior Brother, what is going on?"

Cult Master Asceticism sighed, saying: "Monk Era’s tribulation waves have arrived, extremely dangerous , I have hope for Transcending Tribulation in my previous life, because my Senior Brother Bitter Bamboo turns into Innate Magical Treasure, which allows me to survive, but this life has no hope at all. I am undying, inextinguishable, and I am the only one with Body. Can make Monk Era doomed."

Many Ancient Buddha frowned and asked: "Senior Brother, is there no method of Transcending Tribulation?"

"If it is Emperor and Exalted Still, any one person is enough to suppress my Monk Era's Annihilation Tribulation. It's just that the two of them go to punish Daoist Annihilation. Where can there be time to pay attention to me? Besides, my Monk Great Cult has not turned to them, and they will not help me. "

Cult Master Asceticism sighed, said: "If it is Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is still in Great Overarching Heaven, I can also give up my face and ask him to help resolve it, but he is not even here..."

Three Virtues Ancient Buddha suddenly said: "Master, there is one more person or can Keep you safe. "

Cult Master Asceticism looked towards him, Three Virtues Ancient Buddha said with a smile: "Monk Era is more than Asceticism Bitter Bamboo and two Heavenly Venerates, and one Bitter Boat Heavenly Venerate also survived. Bitter Boat Heavenly Venerate this life is called Primordial Raising, which is Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor. You were both Senior and Junior Brothers back then, why not meet him? "

Cult Master Asceticism's expression moved slightly, saying: "Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor this life is very powerful. It is already the top existence in Dao Venerate. Although I have become Dao Venerate, I am inferior to him. A lot. If you can get his help, you will definitely be able to get through this fated tribulation, but he is now very perverse and is no longer the Bitter Boat Heavenly Venerate of the year..."

Everyone persuaded: "Will it be possible? It's man-made! "

Cult Master Asceticism immediately got up and rushed to Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven. It's because he hurriedly hurried or didn't get to Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven Monk Annihilation Tribulation, and he has flooded into Imortal Dao Era!

The power of this fated tribulation is better than the Curse Dao great tribulation. Cult Master Asceticism was immediately overwhelmed by Annihilation Tribulation. He is Dao Venerate, which is naturally extremely formidable, better than Monk Era's own, and immediately sacrificed to Innate. Bitter Bamboo, stick suppress this Annihilation Tribulation!

Annihilation Tribulation counter-shock, Cult Master Asceticism groaned, feeling that the power of this fated tribulation is much greater than before, I can’t help but frown.

"In this Annihilation Tribulation Waves, there are other things mixed in, which strengthen the power of tribulation waves! "

This tribulation waves are only aimed at him alone, undying endlessly, as long as he undying, the tribulation waves will always exist and continue to obliterate him. Now the tribulation waves can't hurt Asceticism, but as time goes on, he will definitely Will be constantly obliterated by the cultivation base and Great Dao, the tribulation power will grow longer and he will weaken, and sooner or later will die within tribulation.

Cult Master Asceticism walks while fighting, and finally rushes to the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven , I saw Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor sitting in a dangerous body, vast and vast, and was suppressing the Monk Annihilation Tribulation Waves coming towards him in the Supreme Ultimate sky.

"Senior Brother is helping him. "Cult Master Asceticism bows to paid respect in tribulation waves.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor's expression moves slightly, Supreme Ultimate turns around, and suppresses the tribulation waves experienced by Cult Master Asceticism.

Cult Master Asceticism relaxed, stepped forward and thanked, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor shook his head slightly and said: "You don't need to thank me, I save you for my own consideration. Now that Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation has started, I will need Junior Brother to fight alongside me in the future. "

Cult Master Asceticism was startled, and wondered: "Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation has been activated? Why does Senior Brother say that? "

"Because the people of Curse Dao and Monk Great Dao in the cultivation Immortal Dao under the world have already started meet tribulation! "

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor stood on the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven, and suddenly his body bowed and changed tremendously. His eyes were as terrifying as a galaxy, and he looked around at the Immortal Realm Universe.

When Cult Master Asceticism sees this, his body also bows and grows, the changes are as huge as Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, looking towards Immortal Realm Universe.

Both of them are Dao Venerate , The cultivation base is extremely strong, and Dao Monarch can't watch the Immortal Realm, and they can't see too far, and although they can't see the Immortal Realm, they have already surpassed other Dao Monarchs by a lot.

Two Dao Venerate looked around and saw that Immortal Realm was still prosperous, and there was no decline or depression. Cult Master Asceticism was about to inquire, but suddenly saw many cultivators who were cultivating suddenly died tragically, suddenly falling into Heaven and Human Five Wanings. , Body dies and Dao disappears, and eventually even Fleshly Body Divine Soul turned into ashes!

These dead cultivators are mostly the Curse Dao in the cultivation Immortal Dao or the cultivator in Monk Great Dao!

Compared to the infinite and endless creature of Immortal Dao Era today, the dead cultivator is still insignificant, which has not attracted much attention.

Cult Master Asceticism suck in a breath of cold air, these people are cultivation Immortal Dao In Curse Dao or Monk Great Dao, so in the tribulation waves of Curse Dao and Monk Great Dao to When they come, they will be plunged into catastrophe because of this.

Annihilation Tribulation is not simply chasing down the powerhouses where Primeval escaped the fated tribulation, but to destroy the Primeval Great Dao, even including those Great Dao that have turned into Immortal Dao!

"The cultivator is not immortal yet, the cultivation base is the weakest, so the first meet tribulation, besides them, in Immortal, any cultivation of Curse Dao or Monk Great Dao will also fall into Annihilation. But because Compared to the cultivator, they are countless times more formidable. The cultivation base Great Dao suppressed the Annihilation Tribulation in the body and died on the spot. But even for these people, the cultivation base in the body has begun to be gradually transformed by Annihilation, and the strength of the cultivation base will be reduced. Decrease day by day until Heaven and Human Five Wanings, body dies and Dao disappears !"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor said solemnly: "Junior Brother Asceticism, this is just Curse Dao and Monk Great Dao, if Primeval’s tribulation waves come one after another, it will also include Divine Dao, Monster Dao, Demon Dao, Heavenly Dao, Profound Dao, Enlightened Dao, etc. Great Dao in Immortal Dao, almost including all of Immortal Realm’s Great Dao kinds! Immortal Dao Era’s Immortal and Demon cultivator can almost be exhausted! That’s why I said, Immortal Dao’s Annihilation Tribulation is already on."

Cult Master Asceticism Eyes, it took a long time to breathe out slowly, complexion dignified, muttered: "Senior Brother said yes, I really need to stand in line."

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