Exalted Emperor Chapter 1616

"This Great Annihilation is my fault."

In Dao Monarch Palace, the three Palace Lords, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, Mother Yuan and Dao Void, Many Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and Heavenly Monarch gathered together, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate drooped, and blamed himself: "I did something wrong, and naturally I have to take the responsibility with Body. Go through water and tread on fire. I don’t hesitate, if I need to contribute my life. In order to redeem the great tribulation, I will never frown. It’s just that everyone Fellow Daoist is now involved, and everyone Fellow Daoist is also trapped within tribulation. I can only keep a useful body and strive for a glimmer of survival for everyone Fellow Daoist. !"

Many Dao Venerates of Dao Monarch Palace expressed their feelings about myriad. Overflowing Harmony Dao Venerate said: "Heavenly Venerate doesn’t need to blame itself. It’s something no one could have expected, Heavenly Venerate. Even if you commit suicide to thank the world, it will not help. The current strategy is to find a way to survive, let my Dao Monarch Palace continue to inherit, so that Dao Lineage will not be extinct. Who has a plan to find a glimmer of survival for my Dao Monarch Palace "

Everyone Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch and Dao Venerate are silent.

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan moved slightly in her heart and sneered.

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate also thought of a little, but did not say much.

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate was silent for a moment and said: "Now, my Dao Monarch Palace has to join the WTO. Only by joining the WTO can we compete for a glimmer of survival."

In Dao Monarch Palace Many Dao Monarchs and Dao Venerates of Dao Venerate have been awakened, but Heavenly Monarch is still in the dark. I don’t know why, but many Dao Monarch Dao Venerates are awakened, but they are not illuminated. Instead, they wait for Everlasting Heavenly Venerate. The most formidable existence description.

"This fated tribulation is really violent. It can be said to be implicated in Primeval Primordial Dao Era, Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. It means to erase all traces from Primordial Dao Era to Imortal Dao Era. The stronger the era, the greater the tribulation power."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate sighed: "Now Immortal Dao Era is very powerful, there are more than 200 Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and Heavenly Venerate, plus my Dao Monarch Palace, there are Seven Great Heavenly Venerates. Therefore, the power of this dependent tribulation is desperately large. It may be because the times are very powerful, there are too many powerhouses, and the dependent tribulation is also extremely fierce, and does not leave anyone with any vitality. I want it. To reduce the fated tribulation power, you need to..."

He sighed in surprise, and said: "It hurts the heavens, I can't bear it..."

Nine Absolutes Dao Venerate couldn't bear it. Resident said: "Great Heavenly Venerate does not want to say more, it is still too kind, but for the inheritance inextinguishable of my Dao Monarch Palace, I will speak for Great Heavenly Venerate."

He paused and said: "Now The only solution is that my Dao Monarch Palace enters the world and the powerhouse of Immortal Dao Era is eradicated. Only Immortals of Immortal Realm die, Immortal Monarch Heavenly Monarch is extinct, Dao Monarch Dao Venerate is extinct, and Heavenly Venerate is destroyed, and this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is destroyed. Only when the tribulation power is reduced to the lowest level can we hope to survive the fated tribulation!"

Although everyone present had guessed vaguely, after listening to Nine Absolutes Dao Venerate's own words, they couldn't help but shuddered. Their faces were gloomy and uncertain. Some showed unbearable expressions, while others were murderous-looking.

Nine Absolutes Dao Venerate sternly said: "everyone Daoist Brother, this is the only method of Transcending Tribulation! Great Heavenly Venerate has good virtues, but this is the only Transcending Tribulation method. Please also Great Heavenly Venerate Decided, order Dao Monarch Palace to enter the world and be robbed!"

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan chuckle and said: "Good abacus, good abacus! Everlasting, the shit you make yourself, but everyone in the world will clean you up for you The baba on the ass, my Dao Monarch Palace helped you destroy Immortal Dao, you have attained the Extremity of Great Dao, and then Transcending Tribulation alone!"

This woman is the First Palace Lord in the name of Dao Monarch Palace. , Normally, it is also an appearance of an expert from outside the world, maintaining mysterious and dignity, but at this moment, I am out of anger and will reveal the pungent nature of Primordial Dao Era, his words are fierce and pungent.

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate sighed: "If I die, I will leave the world unscathed. I am willing to die. But if I die, my Dao Monarch Palace will survive this tribulation. One point less."

Mother Yuan sneered.

Samsara Dao Venerate couldn’t help saying: "Palace Lord Mother Yuan, Palace Lord Everlasting is wrong, but you blame him for nothing. Now there is only this one mentioned by Fellow Daoist Nine Absolutes. There is a way to go."

Another ancient Dao Venerate female ugly said: "There is indeed only one way left. The more powerhouses die, the smaller the tribulation power, and my Dao Monarch Palace even if it doesn’t. After entering the WTO, Immortal Realm’s Dao Monarch, Dao Venerate and Heavenly Venerate will not let go of my Dao Monarch Palace. They will inevitably take the opportunity to join the my Dao Monarch Palace and kill us all to reduce the tribulation power."

The two of them are one of the most ancient existences in Dao Monarch Palace. Their cultivation base is close to Heavenly Venerate, and they are also the middle set up Sect in Dao Monarch Palace. They are neither biased towards Everlasting nor Mother Yuan, even at this moment. The two of them said the same, and the other Dao Monarch Dao Venerate were nodded.

Dao Void Dao Venerate complexion dignified, said: "all bully the good person, all lay load on the willing horse, I have been with Emperor and Exalted, my fate is the proof. If everyone Fellow Daoist Xincun’s benevolent heart will definitely die without a burial site. Mother Yuan, if you have a kind heart today, I am afraid that it will be the root of your fall in their hands."

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan shook the head, sighed: "Since your plan has been decided, what do you need to ask me? You want to join the world, I can't stop you, but this Dao Monarch Palace is left by two first-generation Palace Lords, you can't bring it to Immortal Dao Era."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate looked at each other, and thoughts were connected. Dao Void Heavenly Venerate coughed and said: "Mother Yuan, now you are alone, if we want to take it away Dao Monarch Palace, you can't stop it."

Mother Yuan said with a smile: "I can't stop you naturally, but you want to move Dao Monarch Palace but it is impossible."

She took back the Magic Power she had hidden in the Dao Monarch Palace, made a palm cabinet, said with a smile: "If you are capable, you will bring Dao Monarch Palace to Immortal Dao Era."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate's Magic Power immediately occupied the entire Dao Monarch Palace, and wanted to move the Divine Palace, but dumbstruck discovered that the Divine Palace still stands here and cannot be moved at all.

Mother Yuan said with a smile: "This Dao Monarch Palace is the two first-generation Palace Lords and Dao Monarch Dao Monarch of Primordial Dao Era sent here, and their Magic Power goes through to the present And in the future, if you can move, it means that your strength has surpassed them. Everlasting, Dao Void, compared to the two first-generation Palace Lords, your boundary is still inferior!"

"Roaring in 2.7 billion years, as soon as the great tribulation arrives, Dao Monarch Palace will appear in Immortal Dao Era. Isn't it about to join the world?"

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate got up and said: "Monarchs, with me Enter the WTO, enter this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, and fight for your future!"

Many Dao Monarch, Dao Venerate and Heavenly Monarch got up and said in unison: "I will not enter Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, who enters the Immeasurable Killing Tribulation? It is to fight for a glimmer of survival for yourself and everyone Fellow Daoist!"

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate got up and said solemnly: "Go together?"

"Go together!"

Everyone filed out and came to the outside of the temple. One by one, formidable figures flew towards Immortal Dao Era!

In the blink of an eye, Dao Monarch Palace was empty, leaving only Mother Yuan alone.

"The catastrophe of Primordial Dao Era came back then, Heavenly Venerate, Dao Venerate, Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch did not trigger the Killing Tribulation, but worked together to build the Dao Monarch Palace."

Mother Yuan remained silent for a long time, revealing a bitter smile: "Nowadays powerhouse is more formidable than Primordial Dao Era, and Heavenly Venerate has as many as eight. However, she doesn't want to create a Magical Treasure that surpasses Dao Monarch Palace, but is self-explanatory. Killing..."

She shook the head and whispered: "Do you all think that even if you create a Magical Treasure that surpasses Dao Monarch Palace, there is no law to have this fatal tribulation?"

She sighed, living alone in the Dao Monarch Palace, looking towards Immortal Dao Era, which is still advancing along the Time River, so many prosperous, spark-like civilizations, endless creatures, I don’t even know herself. Already in the fated tribulation.

"Who decides the rise and fall, is there no basis for the rise and fall? One night the wind and the clouds are scattered, and Space-Time changes...Immeasurable Killing Tribulation Together, who can survive to the end? After the catastrophe, it should be clean. Nothing is left, right?"

Immortal Realm Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan deduced for a moment, relaxed, thought: "Everlasting Heavenly Venerate has taken back the Everlasting Dao Cutter, making great tribulation a few years later. The arrival will not make people unable to breathe. But Primeval’s tribulation waves continue to flock to Immortal Dao Era. Although they have been delayed for a few years, they are still unavoidable. Fortunately, I finally gave me some time to prepare. The subordinate powerhouse's delayed tribulation was suppressed."

He left Dao Monarch Palace in such a hurry, precisely in order to suppress the subordinate powerhouse's delayed tribulation.

Most of the reincarnation Dao Monarchs are gathered in his subordinate, Sacred Demon, Myriad Curses, Ghost Martial, Black Flower and Heavenly Gate have sixteen Dao Venerates, all of which are reincarnation Dao Monarch, totaling twenty Zun, plus Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, there are twenty-one.

If Primeval tribulation waves flood into Immortal Realm, these people including Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor will not be spared, and they will definitely be Annihilation, and Jiang Nan's influence will be cut by nearly half!

Immeasurable Killing Tribulation together, his influence will be killed by strangulation!

"I abandon Primordial Beginning Boundary and go back to the present, but still failed to change history."

"However, I will never allow stories to happen!"

Jiang Nan Divine Consciousness surged and passed away, summon all powerhouses of his own subordinate. In the Demon Realm Universe, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright, Heavenly Ghost Grandma and the others are still leading the army to fight Dao Scripture. Suddenly a voice rang in everyone’s mind, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright immediately beating the gong to recall the troops , The army rests, and returns to the imperial court.

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta turn pale with fright, hurriedly asked in person, saying: "Now that the two are in charge of my Three Sects army, they will be able to win at a glance. Dao Scripture and Annihilation All the remnants are eradicated, why do you need a teacher at this critical point?"

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright did not answer, and the Black Flower Sacred Mother stepped forward and said: "Two Cult Masters, my family Great Master Heavenly Venerate transmit The order, let our class teacher go to Great Overarching Heaven to meet and have to follow."

Cult Master Fu Ta stomped again and again: "Now we are about to win, but you are gone, isn't it let the tiger returns to the mountains?"

"Heavenly Venerate has orders, I dare not follow it."

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright and the others immediately class and lead the army to Immortal Realm Great Overarching Heaven Hurrying away, it didn't take long for Ji Du, Myriad Curses, Sacred Demon and the others to urge Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram to suppress the Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation.

Everyone joins together and enters Immortal Realm. See also Female Monarch Yun Lian leading Immortal Dynasty civil and military officials to Great Overarching Heaven. Empress Other Shore, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun and the others each lead their subordinates. powerhouse rushed to Great Overarching Heaven.

When I arrived at Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Heaven, I saw Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor and Cult Master Asceticism Dao Venerate also went to Great Overarching Heaven, and many old monsters led by Jiang Xueqing of Heavenly Gate also rushed there. Great Overarching Heaven.

"What kind of major event is this so invigorating the teacher?" Everyone speculated differently.

Only Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor knew it well and said with a smile to Cult Master Asceticism: "Immeasurable Killing Tribulation is here, Junior Brother, you also have to kill!"

Cult Master Asceticism hearing this, the complexion is extremely miserable, and he sighed: “Whoever will rise or fall, rise or fall has no basis. Now Immortal Dao has fallen and has become a Great Sea of ​​Bitterness, Bitter Boat Asceticism, ten thousand people fight for ferry, I don’t know Who can kill Other Shore and see the flowers bloom?"

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