Exalted Emperor Chapter 1619

The biggest relationship between Mother Yuan and Jiang Nan is that it has nothing to do with Jiang Nan, and Jiang Nan was able to get close to this woman, calling her his sister-in-law, and pulling the seventh Heavenly Venerate into In your own camp!

This method, everyone Heavenly Venerate cannot help but admire deeply.

"Don’t get me wrong, everyone, I’m not this guy’s sister-in-law."

Mother Yuan Qingqing separately said: "I also want to make gestures with him here to see whose The method is better. Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate told me that his method is better than you guys, but I don’t believe it."

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Emperor Lin, Everlasting, Dao Void, and Annihilation. Five Great Heavenly Venerates looked to Jiang Nan one after another. Jiang Nan waved his hand quickly and smiled and said: "Everyone, don’t mind, I’m just speak frankly, you don’t need to take seriously."

Five Great Heavenly Venerates Qi Qi Make a haha, Dao Void Heavenly Venerate said with a smile: "Whose reason is better, and whose ability is stronger, not just talking about it, but knowing it only after passing it."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate haha ​​smiled and said: "If Mother Yuan said that, we let Heavenly Venerate thank the world so Mother Yuan won't stop it, don't you think Mother Yuan?"

Mother Yuan dumbly, Said: "If you start with Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, I will naturally help him. Didn't you hear that he just called my sister-in-law?"

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate complexion sank, thought: "Just now you clearly Said it was not his sister-in-law."

Mother Yuan gave him a blank glance: "That's my business with him, what is it to you?"

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate was choked by her Nostril smokes, thought: "This woman is really unpredictable and confusing."

However, Jiang Nan is now assisted by Mother Yuan. It is not a soft persimmon, so she can't easily pinch. If the two escaped, the influence of their respective subordinates would not escape the bloodbath of Mother Yuan and Jiang Nan.

This is something that all Heavenly Venerate, except Daoist Annihilation, don't want to see.

Up to now, I can only talk about it and agree on how to spend this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation.

Jiang Nan cleared his voice and said with a smile: "This Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, of course, is not a foolish killing. In my opinion, it is better to come to a crusade, and then crusade Fellow Daoist Annihilation. Okay. The three of us killed it, Fellow Daoist Annihilation resisted, and when the Fellow Daoist Annihilation subordinate was slaughtered, let's discuss the outcome of the three."

Emperor Lin nodded and said: "This idea is not bad."

Other Heavenly Venerates were nodded and praised: "Although it is an Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, there is always a battle between good and evil. Fellow Daoist Annihilation is suitable for this evil faction and is strangled by us."

Daoist Annihilation like a smile yet not a smile said: "Everyone Fellow Daoist is polite, I am going to greet you. First, my subordinate life is cheap, and I die for nothing. I can recreate it with Divine Mother at any time, as long as you Happy, you can kill as many as you want. The second is that your subordinate powerhouse came to attack, and you will have to kill and wound many lives. On the contrary, it has strengthened Annihilation Tribulation, which is a great thing for me."

Several Heavenly Venerate’s eyes jumped wildly, Daoist Annihilation had no fear, and did not fear their siege at all. Divine Mother Dao Monarch’s Fleshly Body has been refining successfully the strongest Good Fortune Divine Artifact in history. Continuously Good Fortune came out of Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch, even Dao Venerate. Anyone can come out with Good Fortune, and let Primeval's powerhouse reappear in his hands!

Death one, make one, and kill it!

And he is not wrong. If he wants to destroy his subordinate influence, he needs to take life to pile up. Even if his subordinate influence is leveled and the Divine Mother is destroyed, it will only help increase the tribulation power. Daoist Annihilation is stronger!

But even so, Jiang Nan's proposal is still a strategy that has to be implemented, because the Daoist Annihilation wings are not cut off and they are allowed to do harm. I am afraid that the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation will come sooner!

"Since everyone has no objection, then this first proposal is so decided."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate said with a smile: "Let me talk about the second proposal. Just now Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate said that after we slaughtered the Fellow Daoist Annihilation subordinate, the three of us will discuss the outcome again. It is a bit tricky. I don’t think this is necessary, everyone, please see."

The Everlasting Dao Cutter behind his head slowly It turns and becomes extremely huge. A karma net gradually emerges in Dao Cutter. Various karma are intertwined and extremely complex. This Dao Cutter unexpectedly includes all the karma of Immortal Dao Era, including Heaven and Earth Karma. Refining Become a treasure!

Countless karma are intertwined, there are grudges between ordinary creatures, karma between cultivators, karma between Immortal and Demon, and grudges between Empire and battles between Heavenly Venerate.

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate stretched out his hand, and suddenly all the karma in Immortal Dao Era was messed up, intertwined like a mess, one after another karma thread became extremely thick and heavy, and then this karma net flew out of Dao Cutter, eh Swell!

Karma net is getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider, and continuously extending, gradually covering zenith, and it is still spreading, until it covers the zenith of Immortal Realm Universe and Demon Realm Universe. This Just stop the expansion!

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate stretched out his hand and saw the huge net slowly descending, disappearing into the Immortal Dao Space-Time.

On the Great Overarching Heaven, everyone Heavenly Venerate feels in detail, and all of a sudden, I feel that Immortal Dao Era has a little bit of murderous spirit. Various karma are intertwined in disorder and evolved into a fierce spirit!

The influence of karma net on these Heavenly Venerates is minimal, and the influence on Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch is also insignificant, but the influence on ordinary people and cultivators is huge, and it can change the life of the creature!

Now that karma is disordered, all kinds of right and wrong will inevitably arise. Tribes are fighting to kill, and Empires are constantly fighting. After the cultivator participates in the war, it connects to Immortal, which controls Dao Lineage. Immortal participates in the war, which will further affect Going to the Immortal King Immortal Monarch in Immortal, step by step expands the influence, making the hostility more and more heavier, and the ferocity is getting heavier and heavier. Eventually, Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch will also be implicated, and it will evolve into an Immeasurable Killing Tribulation!

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate is so high in its method that everyone present can't help but admire it, but it is also heart trembled.

Clear Karma, killing is invisible. People in the world including Immortal Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch are caught in the fight and killing, the wounded of death and injury, Karma is entangled and can’t get out of it, and will only think that it is all kind of grace. What Qiu instructed, he would never have expected that Everlasting Heavenly Venerate was manipulating karma behind this!

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate apparently has already interfered with Immortal Dao karma, causing the world to chaos and fall into the idea of ​​Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, but now it's just pushing the boat, making Immortal Dao's Immesurable Killing Tribulation more violent!

If he used this method of interfering with karma, the Great Heavenly Venerate would inevitably block and suppress the karma of his own subordinate powerhouse, but now, I am afraid that no one will forcibly interfere.

"I don't know how many creatures to die......" Everyone Heavenly Venerate has a secretly sighed in his heart, but there is no point.

Daoist Annihilation glanced at the people and said with a smile: "The hypocrites! Back then I saw everyone at Dao Monarch Palace, and you were the same as you, sitting and watching the world fall into Annihilation without saving, and sit and watch one's own. Fellow Daoist died during meditation, and he was extremely hypocritical, so he came out of Dao Monarch Palace!"

"In today's world, Heavenly Venerate is also all living things. If you escape from tribulation, who is entitled to blame "

Emperor Lin shook his head and said: "Fellow Daoist Annihilation, you are also the person who set off this catastrophe. What is the source of the tribulation to talk about us? There are countless people killed and injured now, but also to leave some in the future Civilized fire seed, lest there be no life after the Great Annihilation, and the Universe will completely die."

Jiang Nan shook his head and said: "Your Majesty, hypocrisy is hypocrisy, no need to explain. We are also all living things, powerless. To defend himself, he can only protect his own subordinate place of refuge. Everyone Fellow Daoist, since it is an agreement on three rules, then I will talk about Chapter 3."

He looked all around, said solemnly: "Heavenly Venerate has the dignity of Heavenly Venerate. The opponent can only be Heavenly Venerate and cannot participate in the battle of the younger generations. All the outcome is up to the world’s Immortal Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, Dao Venerate. Life and death are determined by the world’s Immortal Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, and Dao Venerate. Life, not by Heavenly Venerate!"

"Life and death is by life, not by Heavenly Venerate?"

There are so many Heavenly Venerates present to savor this sentence carefully, Dao Void Heavenly Venerate nodded and said: " good. According to Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate is only aloof and remote, and does not interfere with Immeasurable Killing Tribulation. "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Emperor Lin glance at each other, and they also nodded and said: "Goodness. "

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate slightly smiled, saying: "Since everyone agrees, how can I refuse?" Fellow Daoist Annihilation Any comments? "

"I don't care. "

Daoist Annihilation said with a smile: "But I am very interested in the duel between Heavenly Venerate. If any Fellow Daoist wants to enlighten me, I am willing to contribute a strength to Immortal Dao Era and kill it. Several Heavenly Venerate, reduce the fated tribulation. "

His words made all Heavenly Venerate's heart stunned, and after careful thinking, I found something wrong: "Daoist Annihilation is definitely for fear that the world will not be chaotic. The larger the fated tribulation, the better. Murderous intention on other Heavenly Venerate? The more Heavenly Venerate alive, the stronger the future Annihilation Tribulation, and the happier he should be. "

"putting it that way Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is not aimless. He once said that Daoist Annihilation would inevitably erupt if the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation died, and once said that Daoist Annihilation could not control Annihilation Tribulation. Everlasting Heavenly Venerate also said that Daoist Annihilation is just an Annihilation Great Dao Puppet. It seems that Daoist Annihilation also thinks that the fatal tribulation is too large, and that it will be backlashed by Annihilation Great Dao! "


Everyone has their own thoughts, Jiang Nan raised his hand and slowly said: "Then, everyone Fellow Daoist swears by high-five, today this agreement on three rules must not be violated. "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Emperor Lin, Dao Void, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, Daoist Annihilation and Mother Yuan raised their hands one after another, and the seven palms moved slowly and finally collided!

This collision is not trivial. The bodies of the seven Heavenly Venerates are all greatly shakes. The Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted faces are full of rich Purple Energy. The petals of the Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus Flower under the seat are swaying and shattered, and the World Tree leaves behind Emperor Lin. The crash bang sounds, and the bang bang explodes!

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate has Primal Chaos Ancient Energy appearing on its face, and it is shocked that countless Primal Chaos Runes burst out of its body, as if one after another river surrounds itself hu hu Turn.

The Everlasting Dao Cutter behind Everlasting Heavenly Venerate spins so fast, swallowing the surging strength, Dao Cutter is shaken by the ding ling ling.

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan's face flushed, and the corner of the mouth was bleeding, turning into a divine light.

Jiang Nan also had a big body shake, Lupeng appeared behind him, and his bang bang was broken four times!

Only Daoist Annihilation is safe and sound, laughed heartily, grow up, and go away.

Azure Lotus, Emperor Lin, Dao Void and Everlasting also stand up and leave Great Overarching Heaven, Four Great Heavenly Venerates walked out of Great Overarching Heaven, and each vomited blood. When the blood flew out, it turned into divine light and shattered, and the four of them went away.

Mother Yuan erased the blood from the corner of the mouth, staring at Jiang Nan, said with a smile: "Take it up. "

Jiang Nan slightly smiled, arrogantly saying: "What are you vomiting?" "

Mother Yuan spit a mouthful of blood, turned into a divine light and flew away, said with a smile: "Our Seven Great Heavenly Venerates palm and palm force clash with each other. Everyone has to bear the other People's attacks, I don't believe you will not be hurt! "

Jiang Nan laughed heartily and said: "I stand in the innate invincible position, is it a false reputation?" I don't vomit..."

Mother Yuan stared at his nose and saw two divine light overflowing from his nostrils. Said with a smile: "Your blood is spurting out of your nose. "

"That's so beautiful sister-in-law. "Jiang Nan face doesn't change, said.

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