Exalted Emperor Chapter 1621

Great Overarching Heaven faction Heavenly Monarch Level has more than two thousand powerhouses, Dao Monarch has 51, but the number of Immortal Monarch is 40,000-50,000!

At this moment, so many Immortal Monarchs are also pouring into Great Overarching Heaven, looking for Magical Treasure that can Transcending Tribulation. No wonder Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor will say that Great Overarching Heaven will be evacuated.

When I arrived at Great Overarching Heaven, as the Female Monarch Yun Lian said, Jiang Nan was in the seclusion, Ti Xuanwei was a guest at Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan, and there was no one guarding the Great Overarching Heaven, even the nest. Azure Bird was moved to in the Immortal Dynasty.

Jiang Xueqing led many Dao Venerates of Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Harmonious Saint, Old Man Extreme Revolution, Peaceful Manifestation and Departed Mother, Clear Void and the others. Looking around, I saw Great Overarching. Heaven is full of palaces, pavilions and kiosks, Star Sifting Cover, Heaven sun, moon, stars, the mountains on the ground are as numerous as the Star Mansion, and there are great rivers and great rivers rushing into the sea, heaven birds, beasts on the ground, and fish in the sea. Dragon, I can't see what Magical Treasure is.

And Sacred Demon, Myriad Curses, Black Flower, Ghost Martial and Ice Lotus Sacred Mother also arrived at the Great Overarching Heaven. Everyone was watching. Myriad Curses Dao Monarch saw a big mouth hanging under the eaves of a great palace. Bell, hurriedly rushed over and said: "My Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell has been shattered within tribulation, and the bell is the most convenient weapon for me, I want this bell, you don't want to grab it with me!"

Heavenly Harmonious, Extreme Revolution, and Sacred Demon and the others shook their heads and said: "If you choose, you are also related to you. We use the clock to wait for Magical Treasure to be uncomfortable."

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch was about to take off this big bell, and suddenly looked into the hall along the window lattice, and saw unexpectedly there is a row of *** in this great palace, there are as many as fifty mouths, I couldn’t help but look straight. He didn't care about taking off the big bell, but went straight to the hall.

"These clocks unexpectedly contain my Curse Dao's Innate, up to fifty bells!"

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch looked closely, and I couldn’t help dumbstruck: "Fifty bells Innate Boundary! My Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell only contains a kind of Innate Boundary!"

After a while, he carried the fifty set of bells together with the clock frame and said: "Demon Ancestor Ji Du, please also release my Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation from Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram. Let me try the power of this set of bells and see if I can compete with this tribulation!"

His Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation Waves have flooded into Immortal Dao Era, and the countless creatures of Wandering Soul Mountain Range Eighteen All Heavens have all been Annihilation, and only a million creatures are left, even if it is Myriad Curses Dao Monarch’s Myriad Curses Heavenly Bell, Also being Annihilation.

These million creatures are now taking refuge in the Purple Mansion of Myriad Curses Dao Monarch. When Jiang Nan called the subordinate powerhouse to the Great Overarching Heaven for discussion, many Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarchs, together with the Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation Waves Suppression is in the Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram of Demon Ancestor Ji Du, so as not to endanger Myriad Curses Dao Monarch.

Demon Ancestor Ji Du hearing this, when Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram is about to begin, half of the tribulation waves will be released first.

As soon as these tribulation waves emerged, I immediately sensed the aura of Myriad Curses Dao Monarch, rushed, surging and fierce, and exterminated everything. Everyone Dao Monarch was present and saw these tribulation waves. They were complexion slightly changed. Secretly surprised.

"This tribulation power is a bit more ferocious than the Annihilation Tribulation that destroyed the Curse Dao. I am afraid that the tribulation waves will contaminate the Immortal Dao Era's Curse Dao and enhance the tribulation power!"

everyone Dao Monarch just thought of this. Suddenly just listened to the ringing bell sound, the rhythm is beautiful, like Divinities composing a song, I saw the fifty set of bells float automatically together with the clock frame, floating on the top of Myriad Curses Dao Monarch's head, a mouthful of set of bells swing back and forth, fast or slow, bell sound has high and low!

Wherever the billowing Dao Sound passed, I saw that the extremely vicious Annihilation Tribulation Waves suddenly calmed down and was suppressed so subdued that it could not endanger the life of Myriad Curses.

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch could not help but relax, saying: "Demon Ancestor Ji Du, please also release all tribulation waves."

Demon Ancestor Ji Du nodded, will Chaos Origin The remaining tribulation waves in the Slaughtering Dao Diagram are all released. The tribulation waves are the dozens Dao Monarch Dao Venerate who jointly suppressed. Only half of the tribulation waves were released, but it’s all. There was no big storm, but the other half of the tribulation waves were released. The tribulation power skyrocketed 4-5 times!

I saw Myriad Curses Dao Monarch surroundings Annihilation Demon Eye surging like grindstone, Tribulation Light duo duo duo shooting from Demon Eye, Judgement Tribulation Rain, Judgement Tribulation Sound with no opportunity, Heavenly Fire such as The tide burns out the Void, and Energy of Heaven and Human Five Wanings turns into tribulation clouds, forming a vortex that destroys everything, and constantly surging around Myriad Curses, to crush him!

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch quickly urged fifty set of bells, and a big bell oscillated endlessly. I saw the bell sound and the tribulation waves confronting, and the tribulation waves couldn’t get close at all, only his surroundings surged. move.

Myriad Curses Dao Monarch relaxed, happily said: "This treasure is great, although it can't suppress Annihilation Tribulation, but keeping this tribulation waves can protect me. You can't envy me."

Curse Dao Annihilation Tribulation Waves are constantly surging around him, indeed forming a power unimaginable defensive circle. With the Innate set of bells and the Curse Dao tribulation waves, Dao Venerate will not want to hurt him.

Other Dao Monarch looked enthusiastically, and immediately searched for it. Sacred Demon Dao Monarch broke into a Fan Palm Forest. When I saw it, I saw a fan palm as red as blood. It's different, very strong. There are seven fan leaves on the fan palm, each with a different color, but the handles are all red as blood.

"I use Palm Leaf Fan. This Scarlet Blood Fan Palm is the most bizarre. Why not move this Scarlet Blood Fan Palm."

Sacred Demon Dao Monarch Go forward, bow down to the Scarlet Blood Fan Palm Tree, and mutter the words: "If you are Magical Treasure, if you have a relationship with me, you will automatically rise from the ground and change into Magical Treasure."

Tone barely fell, I saw that Scarlet Blood Fan Palm Tree rose from the ground, the seven fan leaves fell off automatically, turned into seven Palm Leaf Fans, inserted behind the Sacred Demon Heavenly Venerate, multi-colored like Peacock spreads its tail general.

The Scarlet Blood Fan Palm Tree only has a bare trunk. Suddenly the trunk vibrates and the epidermis falls off, exposing a scarlet blood battle halberd hidden in the tree.

Battle halberd buzzed and whispered. Sacred Demon Dao Monarch was surprised and delighted. He held the battle halberd. This battle halberd and the seven Palm Leaf Fans behind him contained eight kinds of Innate, although not as good as Myriad Curses Dao Monarch. The set of bells Fifty Bells Innate is so terrifying, but it is more than formidable power, so Sacred Demon Dao Monarch is extremely satisfied.

Old Man Extreme Revolution searched the Great Overarching Heaven for several days, only to find two chess buckets and a chessboard, but no black and white, secretly said in one's heart with a bad breath: "If there is no chess pieces, It can only be regarded as three Innate Magical Treasures, enough to meet the enemy, but not enough to suppress tribulation waves. Where did these chess pieces come from?"

He was thinking and suddenly looked up Seeing the sky full of stars, I couldn’t help but bless my soul. He set up two chess buckets and prayed: "If I have this opportunity to suppress the tribulation waves, I would like the sky full of stars to be chess."

As soon as it fell, I saw the sky full of stars surging, falling one after another, falling into the two chess buckets, turning into black and white pieces, filling the chess bucket full to the brim.

Old Man Extreme Revolution took a closer look, and dumbstruck in my heart, I saw that there were 108 chess pieces in each of the chess buckets, each containing an Innate Dao Domain, although it was a Low Level Innate Dao Domain , But combined with the Innate Dao Domain contained in the chess bucket and chessboard, it can be transformed into a Dao Domain of Innate, which is extremely High Level!

"My tribulation waves can be suppressed. Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, life can be guaranteed." Old Man Extreme Revolution is overjoyed.

Many reincarnation Dao Monarch found great treasure in Great Overarching Heaven, Departed Mother found a Country Diagram in lofty heavenly palace, Heavenly Harmonious Saint found Innate engraved on its back The big turtle of Eight Trigrams, Peaceful Manifestation found a quiver, which happened to be paired with his own Heavenly Bow.

Ice Lotus Sacred Mother found a mouthful of the fifty-string Innate Jade Zither, which is more formidable than the Innate Jade Zither power she once won from Heavenly Desolate and Evilless. It is in a Spirit Treasure. The finest quality.

As for Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Ji Du and Empress Other Shore, Xi Yingqing and the others, the gains were also amazing. Daoist Hong took away the twelve marble pillars in front of the temple, and Empress Other Shore found it. Four cauldrons, together with their Profound-Yellow Suppressing Dao Cauldron, can be made into five cauldrons.

When Ji Du set up the Chaos Origin Slaughtering Dao Diagram, he touched a Divine Palace, and there was a treasure hidden in the Divine Palace. Inside, there was a sound of clashing, three thousand murderous aura dense swords. The light flies out of it and falls into the Slaughtering Dao Diagram, completing the Slaughtering Dao Diagram.

And Xi Yingqing found a mirror, and was photographed by that mirror light, and he entered the dream mirror, which was very peculiar.

Only Daoist Jun cultivation is Innate Dao Domain. He didn't deliberately search for treasures, and found a praying mat in a palace.

When the tens of thousands of Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch of Immortal Dynasty arrived here, it was even more chaotic. Tens of thousands of people searched Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven. Some treasures were found. Some rare beasts have also been surrendered and searched everywhere.

What's more, unexpectedly get a Divine Palace, which is very beautiful!

However, if treasure is unfavorable, you can't take it off anyway, but as long as you have patience, you can always find something.

Cult Master Asceticism and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor are reserved, so they are mixed in these Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch. When they come to Great Overarching Heaven, they can not help but feel cold, and only see the heads of people running around. Some people were digging the ground, some people jumped into a deep well, some people tried to pick off the sun and the moon in the sky, it was a mess, it was a big treasure hunt!


Cult Master Asceticism was dumbfounded, took out a shovel, muttered: "Senior Brother, shall we dig treasure too?"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor shook his head and said: "If Heavenly Venerate prepares treasure for us, it will naturally make us feel it. Just sit down and feel it."

Both Dao Venerates The powerhouse in Dao Venerate sits stumblingly, feeling carefully. After a while, Cult Master Asceticism suddenly moved in his heart and got up to the side of Heavenly Sea. I saw the vast Everlasting of Heavenly Sea. , There are strange mountains.

This Old Monk bent over, picked up a handful of sea water and tasted it. The mouth was bitter, and he sighed: "Bitterness, bitterness, bitterness, this sea of ​​bitterness, I want to come is the opportunity Heavenly Venerate left for me. "

He jumped up and fell into a lotus flower in the center of the Innate Sea of ​​Bitterness, and saw the sea of ​​bitterness getting smaller and smaller, and after a while it turned into a golden pond, Cult Master Asceticism sits above the lotus throne in the pool.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor has been in touch for a long time, but never sensed anything, and wondered: "Could it be that the treasure in Great Overarching Heaven was really found by these guys? Or is the Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate also Didn’t make a Magical Treasure that can help me suppress nine eras tribulation waves?"

He was about to get up, and suddenly saw the Great Overarching Heaven boom and shake, earth, water, wind, fire spewed and turned into a huge face The Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram of Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor interacts with the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram on Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor!


Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram flew up and fell into the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor's heart was shocked, and all of a sudden, I felt that a lot of truths were coming. I perfected my Supreme Ultimate Innate Dao Domain, and promoted the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram to a higher level!

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