Exalted Emperor Chapter 1624

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This Divine Mother Great Formatíon countless changes , Ice Lotus Sacred Mother just cut Dao Monarch Yuchi, and suddenly saw a sudden wave of battle, moving her to another formatíon Space.

Ice Lotus Sacred Mother stood firm, looked up, and saw a Dao Venerate sit cross-legged in mid-air, imposing unparalleled body, could not help but shuddered, secretly thought a bad sound.

"Divine Mystery Dao Venerate has seen Immortal Dao Era's Fellow Daoist!"

The Dao Venerate did not get up, and the palm covered the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, and the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother thoughtlessly , Turned around and fled, thought: "This great formation is estimated to be the upper and the lower, I cut Dao Monarch Yuchi, and the great formation thought I was an expert, mobilized the great formation, and let the strongest old monster deal with me! ”

Divine Mystery Dao Venerate is the Dao Venerate of Primordial Dao Era, and Ice Lotus Sacred Mother is a Heavenly Monarch of Monster Race Era. It’s not easy to cultivate this life to Dao Monarch, just because of her cautious nature. Set ambush ahead of time, and what she got from Great Overarching Heaven is the Spirit Treasure of Innate Jade Zither, this can take the lead.

The reason why she can live from Primeval Monster Dao Era to the present is precisely because she captured Innate Jade Zither, who should have belonged to Heavenly Desolate and Evilless, and Innate Jade Zither from Great Overarching Heaven and Innate Jade Zither and The Jade Zither she used to look like, but with fifty kinds of Innate Dao Domains inside, it is more sophisticated and more powerful.

After Ice Lotus Sacred Mother got Jade Zither, it is naturally easier than others to master Jade Zither sacrificial refining, but it is not that her method far surpasses Ghost Martial and the others.

She used Innate Jade Zither to deal with ordinary Dao Monarch, but to deal with the existence of Divine Mystery Dao Venerate, it is far from good, so she can only escape.

But when she moved her body, she saw the unpredictable changes of Divine Mother Great Formatíon. No matter where she fled to formatíon, the palm of Divine Mystery Dao Venerate followed her, keeping her always Can't escape!

"I think I will die!"

Ice Lotus Sacred Mother stopped abruptly, turned around, and urged Innate Jade Zither with all his strength, only to see Jade Zither getting bigger and bigger , Turned into a majestic World, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother sit cross-legged in mid-air, shawls spread out, fingers move together, hair flutters, zither sound masterpiece!

The strings turned into fifty crystal clear and near-transparent Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light, beating endlessly between her hair and fingers, turning into a strand of mysterious and graceful rhythm, showing Qi of Slaughter!

The fifty strings vibrated endlessly, and only fifty kinds of Innate Dao Domain burst out from the strings, welcoming the big hand!

When the palm of Divine Mystery Dao Venerate was photographed, I saw the zither sound vibrating endlessly, fifty kinds of Innate Dao Domain turned into fifty kinds of Innate Magical Treasure forms, and Dragon-Phoenix danced together. The multi-colored light rises, the sun and the moon are beautiful, blocking this palm.

But at this moment, the other palm of Divine Mystery Dao Venerate blasted from the other side, and the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother was completely unprepared. It was invaded by this palm and the big zither turned over. Get in front of you.

I saw Divine Mystery Dao Venerate's fingers fluttering, suddenly forty-five fingers were born on the palm, each containing a different Dao Mystery, together with the original five fingers, pressed on the fifty strings, zither The sound suddenly became dull.

His first palm was not blocked, and immediately shot fiercely on the surface of the piano. The Ice Lotus Sacred Mother on the back of the piano was shocked, and a Dao Blood arrow was ejected.

Divine Mystery Dao Monarch punches again, strikes on the piano again, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother vomits blood again, aura is disordered, unable to control Innate Jade Zither.

Jade Zither flew up, Divine Mystery Dao Venerate moved the Innate Jade Zither away, and palm took a picture of the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother's forehead.

Ice Lotus Sacred Mother looked up towards the falling palm, the corner of the mouth bleeds, and said in a low voice: "My Past Life Body is Heavenly Monarch, but I managed to survive the Annihilation Tribulation, didn't. I still didn’t expect this life to escape the escape tribulation. It’s sigh..."


The Divine Mystery Dao Venerate palm fell and beat her into a puddle of mud.

"But it’s not that easy to kill this old woman!" Innate Jade Zither suddenly heard the laughter of Ice Lotus Sacred Mother. Go away!

Divine Mystery Dao Venerate succeeded in one blow, and immediately noticed something wrong. The probe looked towards the Jade Zither and grabbed it: "en? Pin Dao Fruit in this Jade Zither?"

Ice Lotus Sacred Mother deepened Innate Jade Zither sacrificial refining, so it was able to entrust Dao Fruit to it. This Jade Zither took advantage of Divine Mystery Dao Venerate, and immediately flew out of this formatíon Space and entered In another layer of formatíon Space. Divine Mystery Dao Monarch immediately rose up and followed it away, only to see a huge heavenly wheel rolling in this formatíon Space, and a Daoist standing under the heavenly wheel, was with the Daoist Great Empyrean of Primordial Dao Era. Against.

Daoist Great Empyrean is also a Primordial Dao Era Dao Venerate, although not as good as Divine Mystery Dao Venerate ancient, but the strength of the cultivation base is not inferior to others.

Primordial Dao Era is also an era of hundreds of schools of thought contend hundred flowers completely bloom. Unlike Imortal Dao Era, Primordial Dao Era does not have a unified general outline, and all kinds of Great Dao can be developed at will , And Immortal Dao Era also has various Great Dao, but they are all under the category of the entire body of Immortal Dao.

It is Daoist Hong who is facing the Daoist Great Empyrean. Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels has been sacrificially refining to the Spirit heaven Treasure level. The formidable power is inconceivable. Twelvely wheels keep rotating, containing twelve universes. Each has its own Heavenly Dao running, hong, long, long shaking, blocking all Daoist Great Empyrean's attacks, and constantly counterattacking, making Daoist Great Empyrean keep pushing back.

In Innate Jade Zither, the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother recovers its Fleshly Body on the way to escape, and flies to Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels. Daoist Hong sees it, and a ray of pure energy above his head flies out, which is divided into three. Three Daoists greeted them and connected the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother to the Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels.

Divine Mystery Dao Venerate landed, and Daoist Great Empyrean one after the other, trapped Daoist Hong in the center, saying: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate's eldest son Jiang Zhe, Dao title Hong? Immortal of your cultivation Dao Era's Innate of Primordial Chaos? It was you and Jun and the others who developed Immortal Dao Era, so that Immortal Dao Era can have today's glory?"

Daoist Great Empyrean took a step forward and sighed: "If you were born in another era, you are also the Dao Lord of Ruler's era. Unfortunately, living in Immortal Dao Era will bury you."


Daoist Hong Shili, said: "Excuse me for the two Daoist Brothers. My main body is not a real Human, but a half-demon. Now that the two Fellow Daoists are fighting each other, Hong has to reveal that True Body is fighting with the two Fellow Daoists."

hong long!

The twelve heavenly wheels fell down and turned into twelve towering Primordial Chaos World, Daoist Hong and Ice Lotus Sacred Mother stood among these twelve heavenly wheels, Daoist Hong yelled, suddenly his body changed, and his True Body was immediately revealed!

I saw Primordial Chaos within the World, a divinity able to support both Heaven and Earth, standing among them, the Primordial Chaos all over the body, surrounded by clouds and mist, but I saw one after another Phoenix head revealed, eight The phoenix heads look up to the sky and cry long, but in the center is a head with a firm face and a phoenix feather flying behind him!

Daoist Hong grasps the ground with both feet, but it is a pair of bird claws with chicken feet, the whole person is like the existence of splitting heaven and earth apart, the vast Primordial Chaos surrounding him is unpredictable, from time to time in Primordial Chaos With the development of World, a kind of Innate Dao Domain is revealed!

And the pure energy above his head turned into Primordial Chaos Three Saints,

"Is this the Innate of Primordial Chaos developed by Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted?"

Divine Mystery Dao Venerate and Daoist Great Empyrean went to kill together, Daoist Hong nine loudly shouted, opened and closed, and challenged two Great Dao, roaring like thunder in their mouths, Fleshly Body terrifying, and hit heaven falls and earth rends!

"I took a different path from Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted. Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted never taught me his Innate of Primordial Chaos. This Innate of Primordial Chaos came from my own comprehend! I added Twelve kinds of Innate Dao Domain changes, please two Daoist Brothers for advice!"

Three Dao Venerate battles, Daoist Hong's Primordial Chaos Three Saints each showed a mystical place, and turned on top of him like a horse. , Repeatedly urged Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels to attack the two Great Dao statues, the formatíon space formed by the Divine Mother Great Formatíon suddenly collapsed, and it was difficult to withstand the attack power of the three Dao Venerates!

Although Divine Mother Fleshly Body was refining infinitely close to Innate Supreme Treasure level by Daoist Annihilation sacrificial, it is not Innate Supreme Treasure after all, and Daoist Hong’s battle strength is at a rare level among Dao Venerate. Dao Ancestor, Immortal Dao Era, naturally has its own advantages, and Divine Mystery and Great Empyrean are also very ancient Dao Venerate. The three of them did it. Although the Divine Mother could not be destroyed, the great Divine Mother Fleshly Body was formed. formation can't bear it!

One formatíon space collapsed and collapsed, and more formatíon spaces were impacted by the battle strength of the three people and collapsed one after another. The great formation collapsed by as much as 20%.

In the great formation, there are already many powerhouses of Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty in distress and are attacked by strong enemies. At this moment, the formatíon collapsed and was able to escape immediately.

In this battle, the Ice Lotus Sacred Mother couldn’t close combat at all, and could only use Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels to continuously wander through the Primordial Chaos Universe, urging Innate Jade Zither to give Divine Mystery and Great Empyrean The two caused some confusion.

Fortunately, there is Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels, Daoist Great Empyrean and Divine Mystery Dao Venerate want to take her life is extremely difficult.

In the depths of the formatíon, there was a sudden violent shock. The Divine Mother Great Formatíon was once again shaken apart. I saw a row of set of bells, set of above Myriad Curses Dao Monarch's head. The bells ding dong sounded and oscillated, shattering the great formation Space.

On the other side, suddenly there was another battlefield shaking. I saw Ji Du fighting a Dao Venerate. Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram was set up. Three thousand slaughter swordsmen that Dao Venerate The cut was riddled with holes and blood flowed into a sea.

While another great formation burst open, it revealed the boundless vast blood sea. Daoist Jun stood on the Blood Sea and propped up Chaos Origin Heavenly Umbrella. I saw that there is a huge void in the Blood Sea. Peng's body flickering, from time to time attacks from the Blood Sea. Daoist Jun resisted, but did not attack.

There is also a great formation bursting open. Female Monarch Yun Lian is trapped in Five Colored Lotus Flower and battled with a Primeval Annihilation Dao Venerate to sky and the earth turning upside down.

A great formation collapsed everywhere. It was the battle of Dao Venerate Level that broke out, breaking the great formation. Sixteen Dao Venerates of Heavenly Gate appeared, as well as Empress Other Shore, Xi Yingqing, and Sacred Demon. , Black Flower, Ding Guang, Yue Bei and the others urged Spirit Treasure, each obtained from Great Overarching Heaven, to open the formatíon Space.

But what they broke was the great formation outside, and the inner circumference of the Divine Mother Great Formatíon was still not able to penetrate.

From time to time, there is an Innate Spirit Treasure that turns into a divine light and rises from the formatíon to the Great Overarching Heaven, but Dao Monarch falls and died in the formation.

Besides the great formation, in the vast territory of the Immortal Dynasty, there is also one after another divine light flying to the Great Overarching Heaven. That is Old Ancestor Dark-Bright leading the army to encircle and suppress Annihilation Beast and herder , Immortal Monarch Heavenly Monarch fell, and died under the attack of Annihilation Beast and herder.

After all, there are countless Heavenly Monarch and Immortal Monarch in the Annihilation army. There are many powerhouses, and you will be torn apart if you are careless, body dies and Dao disappears!

Fortunately, with the scheduling of Old Ancestor Dark-Bright and Heavenly Eye Heavenly Monarch, the momentum of the Annihilation Beast and herder army has been blocked, unable to invade more territories, and cannot bring more Annihilation Derived from Beast.

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright accompanies the Heavenly Eye Heavenly Monarch, standing on the rooftop, floating over the battlefield, mobilizing the overall situation, although there are so many expert deaths on his own side, but he can’t make him mind at all. shake.

Suddenly, in the chaos below, an extremely formidable and terrifying silhouette rose to the sky and headed straight for the Old Ancestor Dark-Bright. It was an Annihilation Dao hidden in the Annihilation army. Monarch!

"Primordial Extinguished Era Heavenward Dao Monarch, I have seen Trusted Advisor Hidden Dragon!"

That Annihilation Dao Monarch is surrounded by dense Death Energy, its huge face is bigger than the rooftop, Staring at Old Ancestor Dark-Bright in the sky in the platform, the probing hands grabbed the two people in the sky in the platform, the sound vibrated, shouted: "Fellow Daoist Dao Scripture knows that Hidden Dragon is marching in battle, and he is very incomparable to Fellow Daoist Hidden Dragon I take it seriously, so I’m here to kill you! Fellow Daoist, I’m offended!"

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright face doesn't change, shouted: "Waiting for you for a long time! Where is my son Habuchi?"


in midair, the Void shakes, Dao Monarch Habuchi, the son of Old Ancestor Dark-Bright and Empress Other Shore, appears, aura crushes Heaven and Earth: "The child is here!"

"Slash at me To Heavenward Dao Monarch!"

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