Exalted Emperor Chapter 1625

In the great formation of the inner circle of the Divine Mother Great Formatíon, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor has entered it, blocking his Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, and none of them can catch his blow. Was ashes by Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram refining successfully!

Today's Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram is not Innate Supreme Treasure, but it is no less than Good Fortune Divine Artifact such as Divine Mother!

As long as you enter the core of the Divine Mother Great Formatíon, even if you can’t break the Divine Mother, you can also suppress the Divine Mother and stop the Divine Mother from producing eggs.

Suddenly, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor stopped, the Supreme Ultimate Diagram fluttered, quietly looked towards the front, I saw Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate standing there, and the existence of Primordial Dao Era first Proving Dao Dao Monarch appeared in In front of him.

If Emperor Jiang and Gongye Qian did not appear, he should be the Dao Lord of Primordial Dao Era!

Although Emperor Jiang and Gongye Qian’s rays of light have robbed the glory of Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate, he is still no small thing. He is the pioneer of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone standing in one era!

Uninhabited Forbidden Zone and Dao Monarch Palace also penetrated the Time River. After trillions of years, it did not fall. Only at Immortal Dao Era was it completely wiped out.

As the existence of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, it is naturally extraordinary, and his strength can be imagined.

It was just now that he shot and cracked Xi Yingqing's Innate Dream Mirror, and did not let Divine Mother fall into the Dream Realm. Obviously, he also knew the methods of the two founders of Dao Monarch Palace.

"Without Emperor, Exalted and Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Fellow Daoist should be the Dao Lord of Immortal Dao Era."

Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate looked towards Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, I couldn’t help but sighed: “You and I are both untimely born, and the existence of heaven defying concealed our due brilliance. The same is true of Emperor Jiang and Heavenly Venerate Gongye. They are so amazing, rays of light can shine. In the future, but Fellow Daoist will not underestimate me, will it?"

The murderous aura around Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor is getting heavier and heavier, indifferently said: "Why? Can I be sacred in Primordial Dao? The first Proving Dao Dao Monarch in the era would never be a mediocre. Daoist Brother admires me, because Primordial Dao Era did not have any era before, and there was no Divine Ability Great Dao handed down. Fellow Daoist can create something from nothing, comprehend Out of the Great Dao, and comprehend a path that can Proving Dao Dao Monarch, countless years and ages in future generations will all be blessed by you. This kind of existence, although the name is not as good as the two first-generation Palaces of Dao Monarch Palace Lord, but it’s no trivial matter."

Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate nodded, said with a smile: "Able to join the WTO in nine eras, neither into the Dao Monarch Palace nor into the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, but can survive and be The tenth eras Great Accomplishment is not an easy one. You With great treasure in hand, if I confront you empty-handed, I will be beheaded by you without three moves. Therefore, I can only rely on the power of Divine Mother. "

hong long!

A violent vibration came from behind him, and saw an extremely large face of a woman emerge behind Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate, naked, with her hair draped In front of her, it is the upper body of Divine Mother.

Two bright big lobsters are like two big scissors, one on the left and one on the right, and another black lacquer like a tail made of black iron emerges. The barb is filled with venom, which is extremely poisonous by Annihilation Divine Light. Wait for Dao Monarch, and if you sting, Dao Fruit and Fleshly Body will turn into pus!

Myriad Manstations Dao Ancestor Complexion dignified, suddenly stretched out his hand, a gate suddenly appeared, saying: "Gate Master Jiang of Heavenly Gate, I will stop him, whether it can collect Divine Mother, it depends on you. "

The gate is named Heavenly Gate, which is also a Spirit Treasure. When the gate suddenly opens, a propitious cloud flies out of it, holding a Female Dao Monarch.

Jiang Xueqing jumped off the propitious cloud and bowed and said: "You Lao Daoist Brother Primordial Raising. "After that, I saw Heavenly Gate flying up and falling into her palm, holding the tail of the propitious cloud with the other hand, stepping around Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate and Divine Mother, and walking towards Divine Mother's back.

Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate did not stop, said with a smile: "Fellow Daoist is a good method, and ambushes the Gate Master of Heavenly Gate. Fortunately, I was also prepared and left a hand to wait for the Heavenly Gate Gate Master. "

Jiang Xueqing heart startled, I saw the fog in front of me, and vaguely saw a silhouette standing there.

"Dao Lord of Primordial Rising Era, Heavenly Order Dao Venerate , I have seen Heavenly Gate Gate Master! "

The silhouette gradually became clear, but it was a Dao Venerate with the color of endless prestige.

"Heavenly Order Dao Venerate? "

Jiang Xueqing said curiously: "Since you have become Dao Venerate, why didn't you enter Dao Monarch Palace, but went to Uninhabited Forbidden Zone? With your Dao Venerate skills, it should not be difficult to enter Dao Monarch Palace. "

Heavenly Order Dao Venerate enveloped Annihilation Demonic Qi, said resolutely: "Before the arrival of Primordial Rising Era's fated tribulation, two Palace Lords of Dao Monarch Palace invited me into Dao Monarch Palace. Dao Monarch Palace lived for a while. Later, Annihilation Tribulation broke out, and I walked out of Dao Monarch Palace again and died with my time. It just didn't expect it to survive in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. At the end of Beast Dao Era, Daoist Annihilation went mad and entered the forbidden zone. I was defeated and he was included in the Annihilation Demon Drum. Heavenly Gate Gate Master, at this moment all of your people have been stopped, and you were stopped by me. You have no chance of winning! "

"Not necessarily! "

Jiang Xueqing blows out pure energy and saw all kinds of Laws in the propitious cloud fly out, flying all over the sky. This Overarching Heaven Propitious Cloud was originally one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Supreme Treasures, and was caught by her From sacrificial refining to Spirit Treasure level, the power is much more formidable than before.

Small bell, cauldron, tower, dragon, etc. Magical Treasure are hustling and rushing towards Heavenly Order Dao Venerate, Heavenly Order Dao Venerate is not Thinking of it, he flicked it, knocking the pieces of Magical Treasure into the air, and said indifferently: "Heavenly Gate Gate Master, if you use this hand to deal with other people, it's not bad to deal with me. This propitious cloud is not your real Accomplishing Dao Treasure, but a sacrifice to your Accomplishing Dao Treasure. "

Jiang Xueqing complexion dignified, with a sudden scream, the Heavenly Gate flies up from the hand, getting bigger and bigger, turning into a gate that can support both Heaven and Earth, standing in the great formation.

Jiang Xueqing turned around and walked into this Heavenly Gate, saying: "Fellow Daoist, please get started! "

Heavenly Order Dao Venerate was not afraid, stepped into this gate, and said: "Fellow Daoist contains the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. All the Great Dao that has been deposited from Primordial Dao to the present, should be later generations. The forbidden zone Dao Monarch has selected you as the next master of the forbidden zone. I would like to see the level and method of the Lord of Uninhabited Forbidden Zone in the next life! "

In this Divine Mother Great Formatíon, there is no more Dao Monarch idle. Everyone is stopped by Annihilation Dao Monarch in the great formation. Even if someone can kill the opponent, Blocked by Divine Mother Great Formatíon.

For example, Xi Yingqing, although using Innate Dream Mirror to send opponents into Dream Realm and beheaded in Dream Realm, Divine Mother Great Formatíon automatically changes and lets No matter what direction he goes, he is always trapped in the great formation, unable to penetrate into the core of the great formation.

Both sides have deaths and injuries, and the number of Dao Monarch is basically balanced. It is still Yun Lian's side. There are more Dao Monarchs, but with the Divine Mother Great Formatíon, they offset their advantage in numbers, making them trapped in the formation and unable to escape.

The subordinate of Daoist Annihilation can compete with Azure Lotus Faction and The powerhouse of Everlasting Faction has contended for so long and has grown stronger. It is not a fluke.

"If this great formation remains unbroken, wouldn't we all be blocked here? "

Female Monarch Yun Lian was secretly anxious, suddenly Heaven and Earth vibrated, and in the depths of Space-Time, another Primeval Annihilation Tribulation tribulation waves flooded into Immortal Dao Era!

The tribulation waves of Soul Dao Era have arrived at Immortal Dao Era!

The Dao Venerate Emperor Wang in the Heavenly Gate is the powerhouse of Titan Era. As soon as the Titan Era tribulation waves arrive, the boundless Annihilation immediately rises around him. Tribulation, Dao Venerate Emperor Wang quickly sacrificed his Spirit Treasure from Great Overarching Heaven and suppressed the tribulation waves.

Unexpectedly, that Annihilation Dao Monarch, who fought with him, immediately surged in strength, and Dao Part of Venerate Emperor Wang's strength used stimulate Spirit Treasure to suppress tribulation waves, and was immediately seized by that Annihilation Dao Monarch, and Dao Venerate Emperor Wang lost the opportunity. After a few rounds, Dao Venerate Emperor Wang could hardly sustain it.

"Everyone Fellow Daoist, I will go first! "

Dao Venerate Emperor Wang laughed heartily, suddenly released the Annihilation Tribulation Waves suppressed by Spirit Treasure, and let the tribulation waves cover him, but Dao Venerate Emperor Wang tried his best to urge Spirit Treasure to that Annihilation Dao Monarch Kill!

His Fleshly Body was entangled by tribulation waves and began to break apart, but the Spirit Treasure in his hand burst out unprecedented rays of light!


The Divine Mother Great Formatíon vibrated violently, and I saw that Spirit Treasure turned into a divine light and flew out of the Divine Mother Great Formatíon towards the Great Overarching Heaven.

Dao Venerate Emperor Wang stood among the tribulation waves , Fleshly Body and Dao Fruit were broken, and both began to dissolve in the tribulation waves. Only one bone was left. The two flames in the skull’s eyes were gradually extinguishing.

In front of him, that Annihilation Dao Monarch all split up and in pieces, Annihilation Dao Fruit was crushed by him.

"I can’t accompany you to continue walking, but unfortunately, I have never seen Gate Master Jiang build a new forbidden zone to bless us..."

The bones collapsed and were completely destroyed by Titan Era's Annihilation Tribulation Waves.

He is Titan Era's Dao Monarch, and Dao Fruit cannot be trusted in Spirit Treasure.

"Emperor Wang went..."

Heavenly Harmonious, Extreme Revolution, Clear Void, Clo uded Sun waited for Dao Venerate of Heavenly Gate to cry, the sixteen reincarnation Dao Monarch of Heavenly Gate, one has passed away, completely body dies and Dao disappears. They originally planned to build the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone of Immortal Dao Era together, but now Fellow Daoist has one less person.

On the Great Overarching Heaven, the divine light that Emperor Wang’s Spirit Treasure turned into was not immediately integrated into the Great Overarching Heaven, but the divine light flashed into Jiang Nan’s Dao Body. Flew into the Mother Yuan Dao Palace and said: "Concubine Tian, ​​now the time has come, now it's up to you to do it."

Dao Venerate Concubine Tian nodded, got up and said: "It's up to me to do it. "

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan took out a Magical Treasure, but it was a golden ship, and said: "Destroying the Divine Mother with your strength is still lacking. This Origin World Golden Ship is our company. Refining, you drive this ship into the Divine Mother Great Formatíon and destroy the Divine Mother."

Jiang Nan looked towards Ti Xuanwei and said: "Madam, when Concubine Tian breaks through the great formation, there will be someone in front of you Come to snatch the Divine Mother, sneak attack Concubine Tian, ​​and occupy this Good Fortune Divine Artifact. Heavenly Venerate can’t do it personally, but you can use the subordinate to make a trick. The one who comes is not good, only Madam will do it."

Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven vibrated, turned into a treasured sword, and fell into the hands of Ti Xuanwei, and then Innate Lupeng flew out, covering Ti Xuanwei.

"You are hiding in the Origin World Golden Ship. When you see someone killed, you will sacrifice the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword, and don't care about the others!"

Ti Xuanwei's heart beat and boarded the Origin World Golden Ship.

Dao Venerate Concubine Tian immediately drove the golden ship, turned into a golden light, flew out of Dao Palace, and went straight to the battlefield of Cloud Lotus Immortal Courtyard!

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