Exalted Emperor Chapter 1629

For Daoist Annihilation’s character, Jiang Nan knows everything well. In any case, he will not let go of the Primordial Beginning Divine Light that Jiang Nan left in his body. After comprehend thoroughly, he will definitely try With refining, trying to refining successfully Annihilation Primordial Beginning.

And if it is impossible to comprehend, he will continue to comprehend instead of refining this Primordial Beginning Divine Light.

And comprehend thorough, Daoist Annihilation must think that he has mastered Jiang Nan's Primordial Beginning Great Dao, and then went to refining Jiang Nan's Primordial Beginning Divine Light to cultivate successfully Annihilation Primordial Beginning. However, that moment is the death of Daoist Annihilation.

He was able to comprehend this Primordial Beginning Divine Light, but he couldn’t comprehend the Primordial Beginning Great Dao. He refining Primordial Beginning Divine Light would lose the help of Jiang Nan. The Annihilation Great Dao in his body would still Out of control, and I was afraid that the Primordial Extinguished Era tribulation waves had already arrived.

Daoist Annihilation will definitely take this step, that is to say, the smarter he is, the higher the perception, the faster he will die!

The perception of Daoist Annihilation is also outstanding, the Three Great Palace Lords of Dao Monarch Palace, Mother Yuan, Everlasting, Annihilation, and the highest perception of Daoist Annihilation.

Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Divine Light can postpone the time when Annihilation Great Dao swallows Daoist Annihilation, but it cannot change the result.

The battle of Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty has ended. Female Monarch Yun Lian returned to the imperial court. Heavenly Monarch led the army to encircle and suppress Annihilation Beast and herder. Only some Annihilation Dao Monarch took advantage of the chaos and escaped. In difficult weather, Dao Monarch such as Xi Yingqing, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, Myriad Curses, and Sacred Demon went to hunt down and clean the remains of Daoist Annihilation.

At this time, the expert of Monk Great Cult led by Cult Master Asceticism finally rushed from the Western Bliss Sacred Domain to Immortal Dynasty, and ordered the subordinate powerhouse to lead the army to clean up the remnants of Annihilation, and he entered Immortal Courtyard and saw the Female Monarch Yun Lian.

The Female Emperor received and all the officials greeted each other, saying: "Cult Master Asceticism came in time."

Cult Master Asceticism hearing this, my heart couldn't help but abrupt. When he led the Monk Great Cult army, the dust settled and he could not participate in the battle. Hearing this, I knew that Female Monarch Yun Lian was extremely unhappy with her performance.

"If we were to attack Divine Mother, there was Senior Brother Asceticism, maybe my Immortal Dynasty would not have suffered heavy casualties, and would have damaged the six Great Dao Lord Dao Venerate."

Jiang Xueqing looked at his Heavenly Gate and saw that Heavenly Gate sixteen reincarnation Dao Monarch was missing one person. Hearing what Old Monk said, he was extremely unhappy and said: "My Heavenly Gate has damaged a Dao Venerate, Immortal Dynasty The damaged Immortal King, Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch are countless. The Monk Great Cult of Senior Brother Asceticism is free and unfettered, and no one is damaged."

Cult Master The Asceticism complexion was miserable and said: "Heavenly Gate Gate Master joked. It is not Old Monk being negligent, but my Bliss Sacred Domain is too far away from the Immortal Dynasty. When Old Monk received a message from Your Majesty, he immediately led the expert to come to support him, but A step slower."

Jiang Xueqing coldly snorted, Yue Bei said with a smile: "Senior Brother Asceticism, Yue Bei is not talented, even the Demon Dynasty of Demon Realm Universe has been abandoned, Ding Guang Senior Brother I also abandoned my Demon Dynasty, and there are other Dao Monarch Dao Venerates, which did not abandon their wealth and came to defend the Immortal Dynasty? Is Bliss Sacred Domain such a good place that makes Senior Brother Asceticism so difficult?"

Ding Guang, Ling Zhuzi and other younger generations of Dao Monarch have nodded and said: "Sen ior Brother Asceticism is also a person who has been to Great Overarching Heaven, and got the favor of Great Overarching Heaven to suppress Annihilation Tribulation Waves. When it was time to use Senior Brother, the presence of Senior Brother made us quite embarrassed. "

The older generations of Dao Venerate, such as Ji Du and Daoist Hong, did not speak, but they were also quite unhappy.

The Cult Master Asceticism complexion is even more bitter, sighing: "Everyone is like this In other words, Old Monk has no place to be self-confident. Fortunately, Immortal Dynasty is still there. Old Monk will stay in Immortal Dynasty in the future, that is, do everything possible to do things for Your Majesty. "

"Cult Master made a serious statement. "

Female Monarch Yun Lian coughed and said: "Nowadays, Demon Realm has been beaten to a lot of holes. Only Immortal Realm is still peaceful, but it will not last long. Cult Master Asceticism should not be half-hearted. , Otherwise Annihilation Tribulation Waves can hide, the great tribulation in the future will only make Cult Master unable to hide. "

Cult Master Asceticism is only nonsense, should claim to be, and said: "Your Majesty, don't worry, how dare Old Monk be half-hearted?" Since the Immortal Dynasty still has Annihilation Dao Monarch messing up, Old Monk has to do its part to encircle and suppress these Annihilation Dao Monarch. Old Monk retired. "

He walked out of the Immortal Courtyard, Ding Guang couldn't help but said with a smile: "This Old Monk is more than half-hearted, it is almost planning to bet on three sides!" Whoever has the upper hand will go with whom! Shicai we beat us to death, but he rushed here slowly, waiting for the hardest bone to be gnawed by us, before he came to gnaw the meat! "

Yun Lian shook his head and said: "Cult Master Asceticism does not mean that, but he does not want to offend Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, nor Daoist Annihilation, nor Everlasting Heavenly Venerate. No one can be guilty of this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation. Now that the wings of Daoist Annihilation have lost power, and Daoist Annihilation has also disappeared, he has just rushed over to show his loyalty, but he has not thought about where there is such a good thing? Monarchs, whether he likes to work hard or think about Linglong, ignore him. Now Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor is pursuing Supreme Overarching Dao Venerate, as well as Heavenly Order Dao Venerate, Dao Mother Jun Fang and the others, and Old Ancestor Dark-Bright led by the Heavenly Monarch to encircle and suppress herder Annihilation Beast Army. Immortal Dynasty has yet to be settled. Monarchs work harder. "

Everyone Dao Monarch took the lead and left.

Sacred Dao, Blood Ancestor, Beast Dao, Puppet, Three Eyed and Five Great Era’s Annihilation Tribulation Waves have arrived, Immortal Dao Era’s greater Great Dao has been eroded by Annihilation Tribulation, and most of the Demon Realm Universe has been destroyed. It has already shown a decline, turning from prosperity to decline.

Large-scale battles did not happen, but small-scale battles to encircle the Daoist Annihilation wings continued. The most notable of these was the Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor refining successfully Innate Supreme Treasure Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram. Known as the cruelest battle under Heavenly Venerate!

And the Heavenly Gate Gate Master cut the Heavenly Order Dao Venerate battle, although it was not as compelling as the battle of Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, it was also not trivial.

Daoist Annihilation's wings were gradually cut off, but Dao Scripture Dao Monarch and other Dao Monarchs escaped from the layer upon layer hunt and hide, Dao Monarch from Great Overarching Heaven Lineage and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted lineage Dao Venerate, has never been able to take him down.

On this day, Heavenly Ghost Grandma came to Heavenly Gate and said to Jiang Xueqing hehe with a smile: "Little Princess of Jiang Family, take a step to speak. "

Jiang Xueqing stepped forward, Heavenly Ghost Grandma sneaked out of the Heavenly Gate with her, and said: "The old body just calculated that Dao Scripture escaped from the Demon Realm Universe, mixed with the Immortal Realm, the old body is alone But if you can't take down this old ghost, you have to rely on the strength of your Heavenly Gate Gate Master. "

"Dao Scripture enters Immortal Realm? "

Jiang Xueqing heart shivered, said: "The wings of Daoist Annihilation are defeated, an Annihilation Dao Monarch flees all around, Dao Scripture enters the Immortal Realm at this time, it must be to gather the former subordinates, and make a comeback! This person is a Divine Prediction expert, and there are not many people who can help him under Heavenly Venerate. If Grandma can capture this person, it will be a great achievement! "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma hehe said with a smile: "What contribution do I want? Dao Scripture's Divine Prediction is inferior to me. It is not easy for the old body to catch him, but it is very easy with you. I figured out that Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling that girl is also chasing Dao Scripture. She is from the same source as me. Divine Prediction is also a big deal. It should not be too late. Let's start quickly so that that girl won't get the head start! "

Jiang Xueqing nodded, the two immediately left Immortal Dynasty, Heavenly Ghost Grandma calculated the position of Dao Scripture all the way, and pursued them.

On the way, Heavenly Ghost Grandma suddenly felt a heartbeat. I hurriedly calculated, but I couldn't sense the slightest, and I was secretly surprised: "Could it be that I sensed the wrong way?" "

The two are getting closer and closer to Dao Scripture. Suddenly the starry sky vibrates. One after another huge stars and the sun in the Star Domain burst. Absolute kill violently rises and rolls towards Jiang Xueqing and Heavenly Ghost. Grandma!

"Don’t hide, this is an absolute kill under Dao Scripture, there are as many Six Paths in total, if you avoid this absolute kill, you will fall into other five absolute kills. "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma held a walking stick and had a heavy meal. Suddenly, this absolute kill had not completely covered Jiang Xueqing and Heavenly Ghost Grandma, and we saw that the internal strength was affected by Heavenly Ghost Grandma's Power of Heaven and Earth made a mess, and then more strength in this absolute kill was mobilized by her, and instead attacked this absolute kill.

The walking stick in her hand was not the cauldron leg of Primordial Cauldron, but rather the cauldron leg of Primordial Cauldron. A bamboo stick taken off from Great Overarching Heaven is very spiritual.

Her cauldron leg was refined by Jiang Nan, and the Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light from it was drilled into the body of the Heavenly Ghost Grandma. The cauldron leg and Heavenly Ghost Grandma is originally one body, holding the cauldron leg power is not big, but if it absorbs the divine light in the cauldron leg, it can increase the Divine Prediction to Peak.

And the bamboo stick in her hand is Jiang Nan is particularly refining for her, easy to move, and makes up for the lack of Magic Power boundary of Heavenly Ghost Grandma, allowing her to mobilize more Power of Heaven and Earth.

hong long!

The two absolute kill strengths attacked each other, annihilated one after another, and were broken by the Heavenly Ghost Grandma.

"As long as you avoid other five absolute kills, you can get out of this Killing Formation. "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma stepped forward, Jiang Xueqing said with a smile: "Grandma, I am now Dao Venerate, even if Divine Prediction absolute kill, it can't help me." "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma said: "The old body naturally knows, but Dao Scripture is a scheming man. Maha is dead and he is not dead. It is difficult to deal with, absolutely can't underestimate him. "

The two encountered several consecutive Divine Prediction absolute kills, but Heavenly Ghost Grandma took advantage of their strength to break through.

"it's impolite not to make a return for What one receives, Dao Scripture hides in the vicinity, since you repeatedly attack me, then the old body has to give you some bitterness. "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma suddenly had a heavy meal with the bamboo stick in his hand. I saw all around the Star Domain booming and all the strengths in the Star Domain were mobilized. I saw countless suns gathered in the center of this silver river galaxy. The huge ball of light that formed together suddenly shoots out a brilliant divine light, and shoots at another silver river galaxy on the side with a buzzing sound!

The silver river galaxy is suddenly lit, and a divine light shoots out from the center of the Star Domain. , Lighting the third galaxy, then the fourth, fifth...

There are eight consecutive Star Domain galaxy lights lit by her stick, and Jiang Xueqing is also impressed, said with a smile: "Grandma's Divine Prediction can really be called heaven shaking earth shattering! "

" Still better than Heaven, Heavenly Venerate can mess up Heaven's Mystery, as long as Heaven's Mystery is blinded, old body farts can't be counted. "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma calculated it carefully, dim old eyes suddenly divine light bloomed, but one after another divine light gathered together, lasing towards one of the Star Domains!

One after another planet in that Star Domain was wiped out by the divine light on the spot, and among one of the planets, a Dao Monarch soared into the sky, screaming, trying to crack the absolute kill of Heavenly Ghost Grandma, but However, dumbstruck discovered that no Power of Heaven and Earth can be mobilized!

"Heavenly Ghost Grandma is really amazing, it deserves to be the first under the heavens Divine Prediction! Although I am invincible, it is not easy for you to catch me! "

Dao Scripture's strength is amazing. He flew away and flew away, against the divine light shot by the eight Star Domains. His speed was amazing, but he leaped over this galaxy in a moment.

But then he was horrified to find that wherever he went, the star clusters in the center of the galaxy Star Domain were lit by a lasing divine light, and the divine light power was stronger. Strikes away!

No matter where he flees, the Star Domain there will self-destruct and strike at him, making him more and more injured!

Heavenly Ghost Grandma urged Divine Prediction again and again to hook more strength. Suddenly, he throbbed and shook his head. Jiang Xueqing hurriedly said, "Grandma, what's wrong?" "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma shook his head and said: "Recently, I have always been a little flustered. Young Gate Master of Heavenly Gate, the old body is unwell, you go to capture Dao Scripture, I have trapped him, he can't escape. "

Jiang Xueqing nodded, dashed away and said: "I will go and return!" "

Heavenly Ghost Grandma saw her walking away, suddenly there was a panic in her heart, and she quickly made some calculations, but she didn't count any omens, she was very suspicious: "Strange, why there is always a kind of anxiety It feels like, but nothing can be counted...Sorry! Heaven's Mystery has been blinded by Heavenly Venerate! Someone from Heavenly Venerate is going to kill me, no wonder I can’t figure it out! "

She just said this, and all of a sudden she heard the ringtone. The clearer and more melodious, she saw a woman in the Void stepping up and shook her head said with a clear voice: "Grandma, not Heavenly Venerate" Want to kill you, but I asked me Martial Senior Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery, use Dao Scripture to lure you out, and then I will kill you. You are a part of me, you are the missing link, now the catastrophe is here, you should be part of me. "

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