Exalted Emperor Chapter 1631

Jiang Nan looked at the surroundings of the bamboo forest, picked one from the bamboo, pulled it up and cut it into a bamboo stick, and said in a low voice: "May you turn into a piece of Pure Land, in Pure Land There will be no more disputes, no more plot against, no more bloodshed. But in life, there is always a fight, no fight, no future! Just use this bamboo to kill your enemies and avenge you."

Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Ji Du and Yun Lian and the others boarded the Great Overarching Heaven, met Ti Xuanwei and said: "Empress, Divine Father, he..."

"You Divine Father already knows about this and recruited Grandma’s bamboo stick. It is estimated that he will leave the customs."

Ti Xuanwei said: "With his temperament, he will definitely not be able to sit still."

Before she finished her words, Tian Ling light scrolled, Jiang Nan stepped forward and sat next to Ti Xuanwei, quietly saying: "If you don't kill, it's dead end. Although Ghost Grandma is dead, she told her with her life. You do this. Jun'er, do you understand?"

Daoist Jun cried to the ground and choked with sobs: "Child understands."

"Innate of Inaction, do nothing but do nothing. , If you want to do nothing, you must have something. In Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, it is difficult for everyone to keep the omen of fall. Today, you must have a heart of action, use a useful body, for yourself, for your relatives and friends, for the person you care for , Win a glimmer of survival!"

Jiang Nan looked towards Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Ji Du, Jiang Xueqing and Yun Lian, and said: "This sentence is also for you to listen to, and you should keep it in your heart. "

"Divine Father, Grandma's revenge..."

"Naturally need to be cleaned with blood."

Jiang Nan gave the bamboo stick to Daoist Jun, and Pointing at the center of his eyebrows, Innate Lupeng flew into the center of his eyebrows Purple Mansion and said: "I will this t reasure give you body protection, you use this bamboo, kill me Ding Ling, godmother takeing revenge and wipe out a grudge for you. You go down to prepare for the battle, I will make this Heaven's Mystery completely Primal Chaos! "

"Through Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery? "

Daoist Hong Daoist Jun's heart shook. Suddenly I saw the Great Overarching Heaven shrouded in a wider and wider range, gradually surrounding the entire Immortal Realm Universe and the only remaining half of the Demon Dao Universe. Primal Chaos Energy infiltrates Immortal Realm Demon Realm from the Foreign Domain, as if the universe barrier does not exist!

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate chaotic karma, the world’s cultivator Immortal, there are not many who can use karma to calculate the past and the future. Anyone who can calculate the clues can be called expert.

Now, Jiang Nan Great Overarching Heaven covers Immortal Dao Era, thoughts move, not only karma is out of order, Heaven's Mystery is also completely turned into Primal Chaos!

At this moment, almost all Divine Prediction powerhouses of Immortal Dao Era feel that Heaven's Mystery is as vast as Primal Chaos, and any calculation is of no use!

In Dao Monarch, there are also a lot of calculation abilities. Surprising existence, but under the calculation, unexpectedly can't count the slightest, and everyone is shocked.

Especially Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling, which has just merged the blood essence of Heavenly Ghost Grandma. As for the Blood Eye at the center of her eyebrows, she is planning to calculate the movement of the Great Overarching Heaven Lineage powerhouse, but she can’t figure out anything, and she can’t help but be upset.

She keeps calculating, but she still can’t figure out anything.

Things, not to mention Divine Prediction, even the ability to deploy absolute kills is also missing!

She killed Heavenly Ghost Grandma and forcibly plundered Heavenly Ghost Grandma. The blood refinement is Blood Eye, It is to rely on this terrifying strength to save lives in future battles!

Now, it has become futile.

"Someone Primal Chaos has ordered Heaven's Mystery, it is for me, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate must be the shot!"

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling's heart beats, and immediately ahead of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted temporary imperial residence, pay respects to Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, saying: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate chaos Heaven's Mystery, I'm afraid I know that I killed Heavenly Ghost Grandma. I want to do it on me. Please Martial Senior to save me. !"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted shook his head and said: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is not only Primal Chaos for your Heaven's Mystery, but for Immortal Dao Era's Heaven's Mystery as Primal Chaos, all Divine Prediction The powerhouse is the same. He can no longer count the sky and the earth as before, and the past and the future. He is also worried that you will get the Divine Prediction of Heavenly Ghost Grandma, and mobilize the nine absolute kills of Annihilation to kill his subordinate powerhouse."

"Primal Chaos has Immortal Dao Era's Heaven's Mystery?"

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling was taken aback and turned the entire era of Heaven's Mystery into Primal Chaos. How much Magic Power does this require?

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is very stingy. If you kill Heavenly Ghost Grandma, you will inevitably fight, but he will not kill you himself. You don’t need to worry too much. But he is a subordinate person, I will definitely kill you!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted said with a smile: "The duel between the two families is unavoidable. Go to your Master, ask him to take action, and jointly break the Primal Chaos of Great Overarching Heaven. Heaven's Mystery. Of course I can break the Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery of Great Overarching Heaven, but Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan is on the books, and I am not their rival. But if I and your Master shot, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate could not do Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery. Your Divine Prediction can be urged to win a glimmer of survival for me and your Master subordinate discíple discíple."

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling immediately rushed to the Emperor Lin residence. Temporary imperial residence, said this.

Emperor Lin glanced at her, Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling hurriedly said: "Master, discíple is convicted and should not provoke right and wrong, but if you don’t get the Divine Prediction ability of Heavenly Ghost Grandma, discíple is afraid of yourself In Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, powerless to defend himself, only with the Divine Prediction ability can there be a glimmer of survival. Please also ask the Master to see the discíple's eagerness to survive and forgive discíple this time."

"that's all."

Emperor Lin got up and said: "You are now Dao Venerate, and you have your own ideas, so I can’t say more. After all, you are my discíple, I can’t let you die. With the hands of outsider, since Daoist Brother Azure Lotus also intends to make a move, I will break Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery with him."

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling was overjoyed, repeatedly bowing his head and thanking him.

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate lineage’s powerhouse must kill you and then come quickly. There will be no battle in the daytime. Go down and prepare and contact Empyrean Origin, Profound Metropolis, Jade Capital, Supreme Oneness and the others. Each has its own influence and can help you."

Emperor Lin waved his hand: "I will meet Daoist Brother Azure Lotus, and join him on a trip to the Great Overarching Heaven."

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling hurriedly retreated and found Cult Master Fu Ta. After talking about it, Cult Master Fu Ta immediately sent people to invite the ancient existence of Empyrean Origin, Jade Capital, Supreme Oneness and Profound Metropolis.

"Start first to be strong, then start to suffer. First, if you have torn your face with Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate lineage, then you will simply attack and attack!"

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling suggested: "If there is a war on our territory, it is also the creature in our territory that suffers, and all living things are displaced. But if the war is on the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, it is the creature of the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty that suffers."

Cult Master Fu Ta nodded said yes, saying: "You and I subordinate have gathered more than 70 Dao Monarch Dao Venerates. Heavenly Monarch is even more numerous. There are countless Immortal Monarchs, and their strength exceeds Primordial Beginning. Heavenly Venerate lineage, Empyrean Origin, Jade Capital, Supreme Oneness and other senior brothers are not weak, but they are just icing on the cake. They support behind, we first kill the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, even if we can’t conquer the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, It can also greatly weaken the strength of Immortal Dynasty. Once their army arrives, Immortal Dynasty can be flattened!"

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling said that the two Cult Masters each led the army, Raised troops to march towards Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty.

In Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, Jiang Xueqing has assembled many Dao Monarchs of Heavenly Gate, and Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty is also mobilizing the army of Immortal Realm, gathering Xi Yingqing, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, etc. More than a dozen Dao Monarchs, combined with Dao King, Starlight, Heavenly Vessel, Deficient Emptiness, Hao Shaojun and other Heavenly Monarch Overlord, each led a million True Immortal, Immortal King and Immortal Monarch composed of a large army.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor brought Ling Zhuzi, Ding Guang and other Dao Monarchs. Cult Master Asceticism knew that the battle with Azure Lotus Lineage was imminent, and wanted to slip away so as not to completely offend Azure Lotus and Emperor Lin, but was Ding. Guang, Yue Bei and the others blocked, unable to get away, inwardly complained in one's heart.

On this side, Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted boarded the Great Overarching Heaven, met Jiang Nan, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted said with a smile: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, you Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery , Haven’t we intervened in the battle between you and me discíple discíple? Now I two came to see Heavenly Venerate, and I asked Heavenly Venerate to take back Great Overarching Heaven and let Heaven’s Mystery return to normal."

Jiang Nan coldly snorted, complexion indifferent: "Immortal Exalted, you Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery plot against Ghost Grandma, so that Ghost Grandma died at the hands of Ding Ling, has violated the agreement on three rules, and still face me? This is one of them. Your Majesty , Immortal Exalted, you see the second one."

He stretched out his hand and suddenly a bright mirror appeared in front of him, reflecting Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta leading the army and attacking Cloud Lotus Immortal The situation of Dynasty.

"Ding Ling killed Ghost Grandma, and then led an army to attack my discíple, killing the victim's family, and you two boarded my Great Overarching Heaven again, in a posture of criticize violently. This is how it is. Three."

Jiang Nan hair stands up in anger, drank Heaven and Earth and was surprised: "Do you want a face?"

Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted are a little ashamed, Ding The actions of Ling and Fu Ta and the others are indeed unreasonable, and the two of them came to Great Overarching Heaven to inquire about crimes and were a little too overbearing.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted gave a haha, said with a smile: "They are indeed anxious, but the discíple discíple of your subordinates, sooner or later, will go to war. It's just a day or night. Today Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate himself Unlocking Primal Chaos Heaven's Mystery is also that's all. If you don’t understand, you can only do a hands-on contest!"

"No hurry."

Jiang Nan's face suddenly calmed down , Said: "After all, you and I are Heavenly Venerate, let's take a look at the battle between discíples below."

On the border of Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and Cult Master Fu Ta Each led the army and entered the country. Dao Monarch led an army all the way and got out of the battle. Various Immortal City Immortal Mansion Immortal Domains floated in the air, the Heavenly Dragon snakes danced, and the flag floated. Female Monarch Yun Lian also led all the The officials are waiting.

Daoist Jun saw Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling from a distance in the opposing army, and saw Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling surrounded by many Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarchs in the center, pointing fingers, talking and laughing, honestly People couldn't help getting furious, and they couldn't help but rushed out in the Immortal Dynasty and went straight to Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling among the enemy army!

Yun Lian, Daoist Hong, Ji Du and the others turn pale with fright, hurriedly waved the flag, mobilized the army to go to rescue, but saw Daoist Jun walking very fast, crashing into the enemy army on the opposite side , I saw countless Immortal being hit all directions and flying away, Immortal City was smashed to pieces, Immortal Mansion was crushed by this Dao Ancestor aura!

Daoist Jun rushed all the way to the Chinese army. It is a god of Heavenly Monarch stand in great numbers. These Heavenly Monarchs are extremely formidable, but Daoist Jun’s Immortal Dao Dao Ancestor’s prestige is released. Here, a statue of Heavenly Monarch trembling in fear, unexpectedly no one dares to act.

"A group of incompetent people!"

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling looked after Dao Monarch, said with a smile: "Dao Ancestor Jun is also brave and intrepid, unexpectedly Dare to be alone, don’t you bring about one’s own destruction? Everyone Fellow Daoist, send him on the road!"

A Dao Monarch Dao Venerate burst forth, said with a smile: "This will give Dao." Ancestor Jun is on the road!"

There were more than twenty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates beside Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling. They violently attacked Daoist Jun. All over the sky was Dao Monarch. Treasure, Innate Magical Treasure and Spirit Treasure, power crushes Heaven and Earth!

Suddenly, a Lupeng flew out of Daoist Jun's eyebrows, Lupeng was shocked, and a Magical Treasure of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate flew away!

Daoist Jun holding a bamboo stick in front of Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling, bamboo stick together, looking towards Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling, other Dao Monarch Dao Venerate hastily besieged, Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling Xiaoxiao, original size appear, human head and snake body, sacrificed to Daoist Jun.

In the distance, Cult Master Fu Ta hurriedly led a statue of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate to rescue.

Daoist Jun, a Lupeng guarding the whole body, ignoring anyone's attack, the bamboo stick flew around, desperately attacking Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling.


After a few rounds, the bamboo stick pierced the eyebrows of Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling and picked her up.

Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling said sadly: "Daoist Jun, are you really going to kill this one?"

Daoist Jun shocked the bamboo stick in his hand, Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling all split up and in pieces, together with Dao Fruit in the body, was shaken to pieces!

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan looked back and looked towards Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted of complexion ashen, indifferently said: "The two Fellow Daoists should know Ding Ling when they see my Innate Lupeng. No doubt, why don’t the two of them throw their Primordial Beginning Treasure to Ding Ling? They are afraid that I will take advantage of you not to have Magical Treasure in the hands of sneak attack, so I just sit back and watch Ding Ling be killed?>

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