Exalted Emperor Chapter 1633

Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, this battle is about to start. This is not a good time to start a battle. If the powerhouse of the Exalted-Emperor subordinate and the Great Overarching Heaven Lineage fight against each other, it will only be cheaper. From Dao Those Dao Monarch Dao Venerate walked out of Monarch Palace.

No matter which side wins, Origin Energy will lose a lot and will definitely be leveled by Dao Monarch Dao Venerate from Dao Monarch Palace.

But blood feud has been planted between the two sides. Whether it is the death of Heavenly Ghost Grandma or the death of Cult Master Dao Mother Ding Ling, this fierce battle is destined to be unavoidable.

Cult Master Fu Ta ordered the Nine Ways Army to approach continuously, and reinforcements led by Supreme Oneness and Tian Ling arrived first. Jade Capital, Empyrean Origin and Profound Metropolis were also not far from Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty.

the rising wind forebodes the coming storm.

Immortal Dynasty's various armies only feel extremely depressed. I am afraid that this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation will be the last battle of many people.

In the Demon World, Rahula, Spirit Maiden, Dayan, Samsara Dao Venerate, Overflowing Harmony Dao Venerate and the others are also paying close attention to this battle, which is a matter of survival. war.

The war is about to start.

The battle of Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty came as scheduled. The Nine Ways Army of Fu Ta Commander-in-Chief collided with the army guarding the Immortal Dynasty. The battle broke out, blood flowing into a river, and corpses piled up like mountains.

This battle smashed countless Star Rivers, the land fell, and the two troops, whether Heavenly Monarch, Immortal Monarch or Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, all joined the battle.

There was another Supreme Oneness attack, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor played, Supreme Oneness cultivated successfully Innate of Supreme Oneness Dao Domain, which is already Exalted-Emperor subordinate Number One Powerhouse, and both parties used their methods to kill heaven falls and earth rends.

The battle between the two Great Dao statues can be said to be the most eye-catching battle in 10 million years. After all, it is the existence of two close to Heavenly Venerate, imposing manner heaven shaking earth shattering, and the Immortal Realm Universe The land fell, the star cluster fell, and one after another Star River in the Vault of Heaven was shaken, deviated from the track, and fell from the starry sky.

At this moment, I saw countless huge suns and stars, falling like raindrops on the Immortal Realm continent, dragging the long tail of the fire, and smashing towards the Immortal Realm.

Immortal Prefectures were destroyed by the fallen stars, and the creature suffered numerous casualties.

Immortal Realm Three Thousand Immortal Prefectures, more than 400 seats were destroyed because of the battle between the two!

Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor fought for several months, and in other battlefields, there is a Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, Dao Venerate duel, Immortal Realm’s Immortal Prefecture I don’t know how much it has fallen. Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch have suffered deaths and injuries. Dao Monarch has also lost more than ten people. As for the existence of Immortal King True Immortal, there are countless casualties.

On this day, I suddenly heard a muffled sound from the depths of the Universe, Immortal Dao's Space-Time shock, and another Primeval Annihilation Tribulation Waves flooding into Immortal Dao Era, it is Spirit Treasure Era The Annihilation Tribulation arrived at Immortal Dao Era.

Spirit Treasure Era's tribulation waves have arrived, and it has been less than three years since the last Heavenly Dao Era's tribulation waves.

Dao Monarch and Dao Venerate in the world don't know what happened, Heavenly Monarch and Immortal Monarch are even more unclear. Therefore, the battle of Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty is still going on.

The three hundred Immortal Prefectures of the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty subordinate have all been ruined, leaving only the Sacred Land Sacred Domain shrouded by great camps, like floating islands hanging high in the deserted starry sky, as for Immortal Prefectures have been beaten down and turned into Primal Chaos, full of various annihilation aura, buried countless Immortal and Demon.

hong long!

Two months later, another muffled sound came from the deepest part of the Universe. Enlightened Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation Waves flooded into Immortal Dao Era. At this time, Everyone felt something was wrong.

In the past few million years, only one tribulation wave flooded into Immortal Dao Era, and the more ancient the tribulation waves of the era, the longer the arrival time, and now three years and one month At the same time, the tribulation waves of the three extremely glorious eras of Heavenly Dao, Enlightened Dao and Spirit Treasure poured in. There must be something wrong with it!

Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor still have no results. However, the fourth tribulation waves and the tribulation waves of Profound Dao Era have already arrived at Immortal Dao Era!

As soon as this tribulation waves arrives at Immortal Dao Era, all Immortal and True Immortal faces change. All Immortal and True Immortal in Demon Realm Universe and Immortal Realm Universe feel that they have a life. The limit of essence.

Immortal's original life as long as heaven, Universe inextinguishable, Immortal undying.

And now, Immortal has lifespan.

This shows that Immortal Dao has turned from prosperity to decline and has accumulated to a certain extent. Immortal Dao has begun to decay and collapse, and Immortal Dao Era has slipped into an irreversible decline.

It means that Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation prelude is officially here.

And Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation is also the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation that bury all civilizations of all ages!

Until now, both sides of the battle have not felt the great tribulation, because in this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, in addition to the Daoist Annihilation lineage, Exalted-Emperor Lineage and Great Overarching Heaven Lineage are already present. More than 30 Dao Monarch Dao Venerates have fallen, and Dao Monarch has been killed or injured by no means a few.

Before Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, every time a Dao Monarch fell, there would be a Heavenly Monarch Proving Dao Dao Monarch soon. Now, after such a long time, more than 30 Dao Monarchs have fallen. No Heavenly Monarch can Proving Dao Dao Monarch!

"An unprecedented downfall is really coming..."

Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty, both sides involuntarily truce the war, looking at it, the Immortal Realm Universe is devastated, and Demon Realm Universe has long been crippled.

The ancient existence of Yun Lian and Daoist Hong immediately boarded the Great Overarching Heaven and asked Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, while Fu Ta, Supreme Oneness and the others also went to the Emperor Palace and the Exalted Palace respectively.

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan frowned, looking towards the collapsed Heaven and Earth.

"The strength of Daoist Annihilation is very powerful, and it has been formidable to the point where the three Heavenly Venerates joined forces. My Primordial Beginning Great Dao can hardly balance the Annihilation Great Dao in his body."

Jiang Nan looked towards Demon Realm Universe, I saw the Daoist Annihilation seclusion, Space-Time destruction, Void floating, and the terrifying Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form shrouded the territory of quadrillions miles, constantly turning and obliterating everything, It is still growing, absorbing all the fated tribulations in the Demon Dao Universe!

At this moment, not only the Dao Monarch Dao Venerate in the world is in confusion, even Daoist Annihilation is like an ant on a hot pot, facing such a surging fated tribulation, he is not prepared enough.

The Annihilation Great Dao in his body is already faintly out of control, unable to cut off the connection with the tribulation waves coming from Primeval. It was because of him that he urged Annihilation Great Dao and induced Primeval Era. Annihilation Tribulation field after field, so the tribulation waves will accelerate to Immortal Dao Era.

And now, even if he wants to cut off the induction, it is impossible!

The fierce battle between Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty and Exalted-Emperor Lineage accelerated the collapse of Immortal Dao Era and made Immortal Dao Era decay and decline, which naturally triggered an Annihilation Tribulation to the point of Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation is connected to Primeval's Annihilation Tribulation aura, allowing the tribulation waves from Primeval to flow at a faster rate, so that everyone is not fully prepared!

The tribulation waves came, Immortal Dao fell into the Annihilation Tribulation, Jiang Nan’s cultivation base also skyrocketed, Primordial Beginning Great Dao absorbed the tribulation waves and grew stronger, reaching the Dao Monarch Great Perfection Boundary, but He was not at all happy.

Immortal Dao Era is about to fall into Annihilation, but he is still not ready, Emperor and Exalted, Dao Void and Everlasting, Mother Yuan and Gongye Qian, so far no one has set foot in Extremeity of Great Dao, no People can pull strongly against a crazy tide.

"Daoist Annihilation is refining my Primordial Beginning Great Dao!"

Jiang Nan raised his brows, and suddenly felt that Daoist Annihilation was desperately refining what he had left for him. The Primordial Beginning Great Dao, the Primordial Beginning Great Dao is used to balance the Annihilation Great Dao in his body, lest the Daoist Annihilation get out of control.

If Daoist Annihilation refining this Primordial Beginning Great Dao, it will not be able to prevent him from losing control, but will accelerate him to lose control, and the whole person will be swallowed by Annihilation Great Dao!

"Yun Lian, retreat, move all the creatures of the Immortal Dynasty to Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven."

Jiang Nan retracted his gaze and said, "Immortal" Dao Era, it’s no longer suitable for settlement."

Yun Lian, Daoist Hong and the others trembled, each of them bowed and said yes, and hurriedly walked down the Great Overarching Heaven.

Almost at the same time, Emperor and Exalted decreed that Fu Ta, Supreme Oneness and the others should retreat, shrink with all their strength, and build the Sacred Land Sacred Domain around the two palaces of Emperor and Exalted. Emperor Lin celebrated the World Tree, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted celebrated Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, turning two palaces and dozens of Immortal Prefectures into a Sacred Domain.

On the other side, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate urged Everlasting Dao Cutter, leading fifty-two Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and thousands of Primal Chaos Heavenly Monarch to migrate from the Demon Dao Universe and stay away from there. A dangerous place.

Finally, on this day, Daoist Annihilation will refining Jiang Nan's Primordial Beginning Great Dao.

The space between Heaven and Earth is quiet and silent.


Primordial Extinguished Era’s Annihilation Tribulation Waves is coming, and in the Demon Realm Universe, there is a violent explosion, Daoist Annihilation all split up and in pieces, the whole person Swallowed by Annihilation Great Dao, the terrifying Annihilation Great Dao swept everything and infested the starry sky of the Demon Realm Universe. The countless bright suns and Star River dimmed, and then crashed!

one after another gorgeous Tribulation Light across the Universe, Tribulation Rain sweeps everything away, Tribulation Thunder crack cracks everywhere, and Daoist Annihilation's Annihilation Demon Drum is also assimilated and swallowed by this Annihilation Tribulation, and it sounds everywhere. Tribulation Sound of dong dong.

Daoist Annihilation is dead, and its own Annihilation Great Dao has turned into the embryonic form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, but the embryonic form has absorbed the Annihilation Tribulation of Primeval’s era and is constantly growing.

This Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form is expanding at an amazing speed. It has exploded from Daoist Annihilation Land of Death, and it continues to expand. The scope of coverage is getting wider and wider, and the speed of expansion is getting faster and faster!

Most of the Three Thousand Demon Prefectures of Demon Realm Universe have been shattered. At this moment, the tribulation waves are flooding in, and countless creatures, Demon Immortal, True Immortal, Immortal King, Immortal Monarch, Heavenly Monarch, and Heavenly Monarch have all turned to Immortal Realm Universe Flee.

The tribulation waves surged and expanded extremely fast. All the creatures died tragically when they were swept away by Tribulation Light. When they were poured by Tribulation Rain, they turned into Nothingness and were shocked by Tribulation Sound. Then all split up and in pieces!

Even the Immortal Monarch and Heavenly Monarch in the Demon Realm Universe are so fast that they are not as fast as the expansion of the tribulation waves. After being caught up, no one can contend for the rest of the time. They fell one after another and were buried in within tribulation.

Tribulation Rain converges into the sea and turns into an overflowing heaven big wave, washing everything, and then making a fire in the water, and the raging Annihilation Heavenly Fire burns. At this rate, it only takes two to three hundred years to The entire Demon Realm Universe is swallowed!

What kind of calamity is this?

This is not the final Annihilation Tribulation, but an embryonic form. When the Annihilation Tribulation Waves of Primordial Heaven, Primordial Rising and Primordial Dao Era arrive, it will be compatible with Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Tribulation Embryonic Form, and then combined with Imortal Dao Era. The Annihilation Tribulation will evolve into the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation in a complete form!

On the Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan got up and came to the Emperor Palace Exalted Palace, went to see Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, and said: “At the moment, the only way to push Dao Monarch Palace to Primeval Era is to let Dao Monarch Palace blocked Primordial Heaven, Primordial Rising and Primordial Dao Era’s Annihilation Tribulation to buy us some time. Please also two Fellow Daoists to put aside their prejudices and join hands with me."

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