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Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted looked at each other, nodded and said: "Good."

Jiang Nan came to Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate again The rebuilt Sacred Land said: "The Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form is available. Both Fellow Daoists were not prepared enough to reach the Extreme of Great Dao. Now they have to push Dao Monarch Palace to Primeval Era to block Primordial Heaven and Primordial. Rising and Primordial Dao Era’s tribulation waves can buy time. I have spoken about Emperor and Exalted, and I have asked two Fellow Daoists to help."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate looked at each other, nodded and said: "Good."

Jiang Nan came back to see Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan, Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan shed tears: "Is the Dao Monarch Palace also going to end in the end? Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, if you keep it Dao Monarch Palace, you and I can also lead everyone into the palace. Maybe you can use this palace to counter the Annihilation Tribulation. Do you really want to push this palace to Primeval?"

Jiang Nan said: "Sister-in-law, if so Dao Monarch Palace can really be inextinguishable. If it is pushed to Primeval to block the Annihilation Tribulation of Three Great Eras, it will not be wiped out. If it is tribulation wa of Three Great Eras The ves is obliterated, and it won't be of much use in Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. Nowadays, only by pushing this palace to the past, we can still fight for a glimmer of survival for us. "

Mother Yuan was silent for a long time, nodded and said: "Well, it's just a pity that we spent our entire life. ”

Six Great Heavenly Venerates came to Dao Monarch Palace together. Jiang Nan, Emperor Lin, Azure Lotus, Mother Yuan, Everlasting and Dao Void looked forward. The faces of the six Heavenly Venerates all changed drastically. Before I saw Dao Monarch Palace, Immortal Dao Era’s time was only one step away from Dao Monarch Palace!

Immortal Dao Era’s time has begun to merge with the place where Dao Monarch Palace stands, which means that time again Soon, Immortal Dao Era will come to the extremeness of Space-Time, making this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation behind Dao Monarch Palace a reality!

Behind this time, Primordial Heaven, Primordial Rising and Primordial Dao Era’s 3-layer Annihilation Tribulation Waves, turned into three huge waves, one wave higher than one wave, one wave more fierce, are coming from Primeval and pounce on Immortal Dao Era!

Especially the Annihilation Tribulation Waves of Primordial Dao Era, which is even more terrifying. I saw the emergence of countless creature illusory shadows in the tribulation waves, struggling in the tribulation waves, roar, and distorted faces!

"Fated tribulation, died tribulation, these tribulation waves are coming, and even I ran away from tribulation..."

Six Great Heavenly Venerates sighed in my heart, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted looked towards Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void, said with a smile: "If it weren’t for the two of you to sacrifice Eve rlasting Dao Cutter, attracting Primeval tribulation waves, why does it have today? "

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate coldly said: "Two foreigners took my Dao Lineage and destroyed my Ancient Divinity Era. How can this Heaven and Earth Karma be repaid?" Can't it tolerate me to fight back? "

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate is indifferent, seeing it openly: "Let's ask Dao Path to be long, if it is Extremeity of Great Dao, why not even destroy Immortal Dao Era?" Besides, this fatal tribulation is not caused by the two of us. Does Immortal Exalted have no responsibility? If you hadn't smashed the little bell on the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel, would this catastrophe be triggered? I originally attracted Primeval tribulation waves to destroy Immortal Dao Era. You smashed the little bell on the Annihilation Heavenly Wheel to bring out the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. Fellow Daoist, to blame others, you must first recognize yourself. "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted: "Even if I don't break the little bell, Daoist Annihilation will find Profound Mystery in it, and I will do it sooner or later!" There is also Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. If it weren't for your sword to let Daoist Annihilation go, Daoist Annihilation would have been beheaded by Emperor Lin and I, there would be nothing like today! "

Jiang Nan was angry, like a smile yet not a smile said: "Immortal Exalted said as if he could suppress Daoist Annihilation's Annihilation Tribulation embryonic form. Generally, you cut Daoist Annihilation, Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is coming faster. Haven't you seen this yet? "

"Enough! "

Emperor Lin shouted: "You have said enough and done enough!" Immortal Dao Annihilation Tribulation and Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, none of you can escape the relationship! "

Mother Yuan also has a response qi in his heart, indifferently said: "Emperor Lin, if you didn't condone Immortal Exalted back then, let him converge and respect other Heavenly Venerates, there would be no today. "

Emperor Lin complexion stiffened, said with a smile: "If Mother Yuan could limit Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, there would be no today!" "

Six Great Heavenly Venerates aura is turbulent, and there is a stance of disagreement.

"Does everyone want the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation to arrive early?" "

Jiang Nan frowned: "Today's plan is to push the Dao Monarch Palace before the tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras, resist the tribulation waves and talk about the funeral! "

The other Five Great Heavenly Venerates fell silent, Jiang Nan took the lead, blooming his Magic Power to the fullest, pouring into Dao Monarch Palace, Dao Monarch Palace shaking slightly, faintly leaving from Space-Time extremity The posture of the other Heavenly Venerates is horrified.

Back then, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate also wanted to move this Dao Monarch Palace, but they only shook Dao Monarch Palace. But he couldn't move a bit, and Jiang Nan can do this step alone now. It can be seen that his Magic Power has improved so much!

"How did Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate cultivation so fast?" Although we have made considerable progress, the speed of improvement has not been so great. "

Emperor Lin, Mother Yuan, Dao Void, Everlasting, and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted didn’t care about it, and immediately displayed their Magic Power and sacrificed it to Dao Monarch Palace.

Six Great Heavenly Venerates teamed up, Dao Monarch Palace shook suddenly, flying out of Space-Time extremity, flying to the past, facing the tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras.

They Six Great Heavenly Venerates took the shot. The two Great Palace Lords of Dao Monarch Palace and the hundreds of Dao Monarch Dao Venerates of Primordial Dao Era joined forces. It didn’t take long for Dao Monarch Palace to be sent to Three Great Eras by the six of them. Before the tribulation waves.

The tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras surged, Dao Monarch Palace violently shaken, Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and Heavenly Venerate of each era, and Dao Monarch Palace which spent countless years sacrificial refining various rays of light, Dao Sound rumble, billowing power erupted, blocking the tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras.

I saw the tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras surging, surrounding this Dao Monarch Palace, fated The tribulation breaks out, and Dao Monarch Palace is about to be completely wiped out.

If Dao Monarch Palace is the Supreme Treasure practiced by all powerhouses of Primordial Dao Era, it will not be able to stop these three tribulation waves, critical po Int’s is that almost all Heavenly Venerate Dao Venerate in history have been sacrificially refining Dao Monarch Palace, and spent more than 100 billion years of continuous tempering to enhance the power of Dao Monarch Palace!

This Dao Monarch Palace can almost be said to integrate the wisdom of the overwhelming majority Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and Heavenly Venerate in history. Even the tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras cannot easily be destroyed!

The tribulation waves of the Three Great Eras were determined in the Space-Time of the past and could not flow to Immortal Dao Era, and Six Great Heavenly Venerates were all relaxed.

"It is finally possible to delay the outbreak of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation for a while."

As soon as this Dao Monarch Palace is gone, the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation behind Dao Monarch Palace finally appears. In the posture of terrifying matchless, Fate Tribulation is vast, and countless creatures are ups and downs in the fated tribulation, hazy, and it is impossible to see who in the fated tribulation is still alive.

This Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is much more formidable than Primordial Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation formidable power, which makes the six Heavenly Venerates look gloomy and uncertain.

I don’t know how many Dao Monarch Dao Venerate and Heavenly Venerate in Dao Monarch Palace, stand here to watch this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, hoping to see if anyone can survive within tribulation, but all they see are The vast expanse.

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate has also seen it several times, as well.

Before this fated tribulation, there is an imposing corpse ups and downs, not involved in the Annihilation Tribulation, just like Dao Monarch Palace, standing in Space-Time extremity.

The corpse is lying on its side before the robbery, as if in a deep sleep, and as if watching this faded tribulation.

"Dao Monarch Palace first-generation Palace Lord, buried here, since he is dead, it is better to send him to Dao Monarch Palace to resist Primeval tribulation waves."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate suggested: "Although its people are dead, its strength is extremely formidable, not inferior to us, and can make tribulation waves come later."

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Dao Void and Emperor Lin are all It was a heartbeat, Mother Yuan's face changed drastically, and she sternly said: "Who dares to attack, who died!"

Jiang Nan coldly snorted, indifferently said: "Everyone Fellow Daoist had better not touch this crooked mind, lest you You and I have a big fight to detonate Annihilation Tribulation."

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate looks gloomy and uncertain, hehe said with a smile: "It's just a dead person, even if it is sent to Dao Monarch Palace, it will not last long. ."

Jiang Nan looked towards the other five Heavenly Venerates, saying: "Everyone Fellow Daoist, the Three Great Eras tribulation waves are temporarily fixed, but they will come after the Dao Monarch Palace is destroyed by the tribulation waves , Turned into Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. Now there is another way to reduce the fated tribulation, that is, we Six Great Heavenly Venerates penetrating deeply into Devil Realm Universe, and suppress the refining Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form with our own cultivation base strength , You can make the power smaller when the fated tribulation breaks out, and there will be more creatures that hope to survive the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. "

Everyone is hearing this, and their hearts are moving.

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is a good abacus. If I go to suppress the Annihilation Tribulation of Demon Realm Universe, my own cultivation base strength will inevitably be Stagnation, I'm afraid that the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation will not be able to achieve Extremeity of Great Dao, body dies and Dao disappears, and die in the fated tribulation. "

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate shook his head, stepped away, said with a smile: "My original intention is to destroy Immortal Dao Era and become the Extremity of Great Dao. Immortal Dao Era's creature has anything to die or live." to do with me? "

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate also followed him, shaking his head and saying: "powerless to defend himself, how can you protect yourself?" "

Jiang Nan looked towards Emperor Lin and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted hesitated for a moment, shaking his head and leaving: "Emperor Lin, let me go, as long as you reach the Extreme of Great Dao, Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable , At worst Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation and then reopen a Universe, then play Ancient Desolate again. Only the green mountains are left for follow-up. "

Jiang Nan's gaze is dim, Emperor Lin is about to walk, but suddenly stops, and arches his hands: "Daoist Brother, I want to work with Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate to suppress Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation Embryonic Form, for more People strive for a glimmer of survival. "

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted also stopped, turned around and looked surprised. Emperor Lin never refused his proposal, even if the two turned their faces back then, he broke his father. Emperor Lin also treats him like a mentor and friend, never rejecting him.

This is the first time Emperor Lin has rejected him.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted pondered for a moment and shook his head. Said: "Fellow Daoist, you are already Heavenly Venerate, and exist side by side with me. Since you insist on doing this, I will not persuade you anymore. "

He has a strong voice, hair stands up in anger, shouted: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, I promised my father, Emperor Lin, to take care of his safety, if you dare to sneak attack him, I will kill you ! No matter where you flee, you cannot escape to death! ”

Jiang Nan sneered.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted coldly snorted, walk away.

Jiang Nan looked towards Mother Yuan, Mother Yuan shook his head. "If I also suppress the Annihilation Tribulation of Demon Realm, no one will guard your subordinate and Dao Venerate Concubine Tian, ​​I am afraid that Everlasting, Azure Lotus and the others will have trouble. "

Jiang Nan nodded, said: "Your Majesty, let's go. "

The two walked towards Immortal Dao Era, Mother Yuan looked at this Space-Time extremity nostalgic, then looked at Jiang Taixu's Fleshly Body lying on the front of the catastrophe, sighed, and turned away.

Before the catastrophe, Jiang Taixu's corpse palm was spread out with a smile on his face, watching the Annihilation Tribulation that destroyed everything. He is vivid, although he has been dead for hundreds of billions of years, the corpse is still well preserved. .

In his palm, Gongye Qian sits stumblingly, his eyes fixed on the final Annihilation Tribulation, and various changes of tribulation waves are reflected in his eyes.

"Fellow Daoist, you are back, I will accompany you in Transcending Tribulation in this life......"He muttered.

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