Exalted Emperor Chapter 1636

In the deepest part of Annihilation Tribulation, I saw one after another Annihilation Divine Light coming from all directions, and Annihilation Divine Light intertwined, converging in one place.

And there, a humanoid creature is gradually forming!

"Daoist Annihilation!"

Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin complexion are extremely dignified. Although this humanoid creature is described as Daoist Annihilation, it is no longer Daoist Annihilation in the true sense, but Without all thinking consciousness, Daoist Annihilation constructed by pure Annihilation Great Dao!

Daoist Annihilation has been used by its own Annihilation Great Dao Annihilation. Now the primary level Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation of Demon Realm Universe, the Daoist Annihilation constructed is just a slave machine created in the form of Daoist Annihilation. Come to shovel all the rotten tools!

But seeing this Annihilation Tribulation reconstructing the Daoist Annihilation and recreating the world's strongest Heavenly Venerate is still extremely shocking!

Daoist Annihilation is the most formidable existence among Six Great Heavenly Venerates. Regardless of whether it is Jiang Nan or Emperor Lin, they will not object to it. It is just that the Annihilation Great Dao of Daoist Annihilation cultivation is too bad and it finally leads to him. Unable to control Annihilation Great Dao and was killed by the backlash.

To become an Annihilation, and to lose an Annihilation, this is Daoist Annihilation's greatest sorrow.

Now, Annihilation Great Dao has reshaped him, not to resurrect Daoist Annihilation, but to create the strongest Heavenly Venerate, which is in the two Annihilation Tribulations, ***nan and Emperor Lin Nail households!

"It's..." Emperor Lin complexion dignified said.

Jiang Nan nodded: "It's really bad."

The two of them, Heavenly Venerate, thought of not their own safety at the moment, but the mature form of Ultimate in the future. Annihilation Tribulation. At present, the Daoist Annihilation created by the primary level Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is not the strongest threat to them, because the formidable power of the primary level Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is limited, and the Daoist Annihilation created is also limited.

Although the Daoist Annihilation created at this moment is still the strongest Heavenly Venerate in the world, the two Heavenly Venerates did not have a false reputation. They have formidable confidence in their own strength and Great Dao!

And the mature form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is many times higher than the Annihilation Tribulation formidable that destroyed Demon Realm Universe. If Daoist Annihilation was created at that time, how terrifying would the formidable power be?

The existence of Emperor Lin, Azure Lotus, Everlasting, Dao Void Extremity of Great Dao can really stop such terrifying existence?

Jiang Nan thinks that he has achieved Primordial Beginning, and he will definitely be able to spend the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation easily. Myriad Tribulations is not attached. After all, he has successfully cultivated Primordial Beginning.

But Emperor Lin is not fully sure, his Extreme of Great Dao can really block Daoist Annihilation from Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation incarnation!

The Daoist Annihilation from Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation incarnation will inevitably be many times larger than the current Daoist Annihilation formidable!

"This battle..."

Jiang Nan spits out one mouthful of impure air, and only heard a buzzing sound, Innate Lupeng appeared, covering him in it, whispering Said: "I'm afraid I can't suppress Annihilation Tribulation."

He guards his lineage with Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, but Innate Lupeng is carrying it with him. At this moment, Innate Lupeng appears, representing Jiang Nan facing this. Respect Daoist Annihilation also felt the pressure of boundless.

Emperor Lin nodded, the cloud vapor above his head, Three Thousand Immortal Daos flooded into a proper cloud of three acres of circulation, supported by his Primordial Spirit World Tree and Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted’s Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus A piece of Sacred Domain, sheltering its subordinate powerhouse, is the only propitious cloud that can be used.

This propitious cloud is his Innate Supreme Treasure. When he was Proving Dao, he used the power of Proving Dao to refining successfully Primordial Beginning Treasure, but compared to Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted’s Primordial Beginning Treasure Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, and Fleshly Body of Dao Void Heavenly Venerate, his three-acre propitious cloud formidable power is much smaller.

His most important thing is his Primordial Spirit World Tree. Primordial Spirit first proved Extremeity of Great Dao, and propitious cloud is only incidental.

But even so, the magic of his propitious cloud is no small thing, the formidable power is much more than Mother Yuan's Origin World Golden Ship!

Clash with Daoist Annihilation, they must spare no effort, no time to suppress Annihilation Tribulation!

In the deepest part of Annihilation Tribulation, the roar shook like a drum, and the two Heavenly Venerate qi and blood surged endlessly.

From the Annihilation Great Dao alone, the Daoist Annihilation at this time is 100 times perfection than the real Daoist Annihilation. The original Daoist Annihilation still has a trace of humanity, but now that trace of humanity has been completely wiped out and turned into A monster that only knows about destruction!

"How to refining this guy?" Jiang Nan frowned and thought.

Emperor Lin couldn't help but smile, laughed heartily and said: "Heavenly Venerate is really proud of ten thousand fathoms! Go, I will meet him with Heavenly Venerate!"

Annihilation Tribulation walked to the deepest part, and suddenly only heard a loud bang. The remaining Demon Realm Universe shook. That Daoist Annihilation was also walking towards Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin. Once the footsteps fell, Demon Realm Universe shook once, one After another stars bang bang burst into pieces, turned into Annihilation Demonic Qi, and strengthen the tribulation power!

Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin are separated left and right. Various Innate Spirit Treasures float in the Emperor Lin propitious cloud. The propitious cloud seems to have only three acres of circulation, but there is an infinite space inside, one by one Innate Spirit Treasure. An activated, terrifying power is connected into one!

The path taken by his Primordial Spirit Proving Dao is different from that of Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Dao, but there are similarities. The Three Thousand Great Daos is integrated into the Primordial Spirit Dao Fruit, and Although the propitious cloud cannot reach the level of turning Three Thousand Great Daos into a Great Dao, the formidable power can be unified for a short time!

Three thousand Spirit Treasure's formidable power is unified. How terrifying is power?

On the other side, Jiang Nan probed his hand and saw the Primordial Beginning Great Dao overflowing and turned into a mouthful of Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword. Although it is not the real Supreme Treasure, the formidable power is also extraordinary. Much better than Innate Supreme Treasure!

The two are getting faster and faster. Every time they take a step, they see their bodies skyrocketing countless times, and within a few steps they come to the depths of Annihilation Tribulation.

And that Daoist Annihilation's body is constantly swelling, and more Annihilation Divine Light floods into it.

The three are like three Giants capable to support both Heaven and Earth, and they collide!

The Daoist Annihilation punched Jiang Nan, and saw that Annihilation Tribulation was violent tens of thousands of times at this moment. Tribulation Light, Tribulation Thunder, Tribulation Sound, Demon Eye, Heavenly Fire changed It's extremely dense, destroying everything Great Dao!

Jiang Nan sword pierced out, and suddenly I saw it as if accompanied by this sword pierced out, there are countless eras blooming, countless kinds of Innate Dao Domain erupt from treasured sword surroundings, each Innate Dao Domain represents an era Essence, Shengsheng develops Annihilation Tribulation!

Universe life and death, after Dao Domain Annihilation was born again, infinite endless, so that Annihilation Tribulation can not invade him!

hong long!

Daoist Annihilation this fist collided with the sword light, the sword light transformed by Primordial Beginning Great Dao suddenly shattered and turned into countless divine lights, Daoist Annihilation opened his mouth and spit out , Countless Annihilation Divine Light flew out, entangled and corroded with the divine light of Primordial Beginning Great Dao, and then took a big mouth to swallow the Primordial Beginning Great Dao of Jiang Nan!

At the same time, his terrifying matchless destructive power crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood generally shattered Innate Lupeng, together with all the Innate Spirit Treasure Supreme Treasure in Lupeng, Turning into countless divine lights, I saw another Lupeng rose up after the crock was broken, and then broke again, and then the third Innate Lupeng rose up and was shattered again!

Until the fourth Innate Lupeng rises, this will completely wipe out his Prestige of this Fist!

Daoist Annihilation shook his body, and saw countless Annihilation Divine Light densely packed inside his body flew out, twisting like a big snake Great Dragon, entwining Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Dao. The divine light was broken. , And then pull it into the body!

Jiang Nan’s Primordial Beginning Great Dao is extremely marvelous, but it is still a line behind on the boundary, failing to reach the Dao Monarch Great Perfection Boundary. The strength of Primordial Beginning Great Dao is not as strong as that of Annihilation Tribulation. The Annihilation Great Dao, if swallowed by Daoist Annihilation, it can indeed refining and weaken his strength.

Moreover, his Innate Lupeng is not completely invulnerable. The reason why Lupeng gave birth to Good Fortune is infinitely endless, mainly because of the role of Primordial Beginning Great Dao. The almost indelible qualities of Primordial Beginning Great Dao make Lupeng even if attacked. Broken, after the Great Dao condense, it can turn into Lupeng again.

And if Daoist Annihilation swallows his Primordial Beginning Great Dao, Lupeng’s defensive power will become smaller and smaller, eventually causing Lupeng to break again and again, and defensive power will decrease again and again until it is gone. Guardian role.

Jiang Nan, Primordial Beginning Great Dao entangled Annihilation Divine Light, merged and closed, trying to collect it into his body, but he couldn't compete with Daoist Annihilation. I saw Daoist Annihilation mouth a big mouth, and dong dong came from his body. His explosive sound is like Judgement Tribulation Sound rumble, shaking him qi and blood.

Primordial Beginning Great Dao suddenly lost control and was swallowed by Daoist Annihilation.

But at this time, Emperor Lin’s proper cloud has already arrived, the three thousand Innate Spirit Treasures are shaking, the strength is unified, and the strikes are on Daoist Annihilation!

At the same time, the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven in Immortal Realm shook abruptly, and a brilliant sword light shot out from the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, with a sneer that disappeared into the Void, sword. light disappeared!

next moment, this sword light seemed to have stepped out of control, appeared behind Daoist Annihilation's head, and pierced into his mind with a loud sound!

Almost at the same moment, accompanied by Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, while propping up a Space-Time Pure Land World Tree swaying, countless roots and branches danced, violently brushed, power brushed Space-Time, Forcibly attack!

hong long!

The power of World Tree brushed on the chest of Daoist Annihilation, hitting countless Annihilation Divine Light flying all over the sky!

"I want to take away my Primordial Beginning Great Dao, but it's not that easy Fellow Daoist!"

Jiang Nan laughed heartily, Primordial Beginning Great Dao swallowed by Daoist Annihilation He broke Daoist Annihilation's chest, flew out with a whirr, and fell into Jiang Nan's body.

This Primordial Beginning Great Dao also incorporates countless Annihilation Divine Lights. Two different divine lights are fighting each other, and they both want to suppress each other.

Jiang Nan just took back this Primordial Beginning Great Dao, and immediately felt that the Annihilation Divine Light in it was constantly attacking himself, making his Magic Power run slightly uncomfortable.

This Annihilation Divine Light is extremely High Level. After all, it is the primary level Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. Even if he has Primordial Beginning Great Dao refining, it is very difficult!

While fighting with Daoist Annihilation, if Magic Power does not go well, I am afraid it will be bombarded directly!

Suddenly the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven in Immortal Realm was shocked again, and another sword light shot out. This sword light was not aimed at Daoist Annihilation, but brushed. Cut into Jiang Nan's body with a single sound, and shattered the Annihilation Divine Light crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood in his body!

Jiang Nan Primordial Beginning Great Dao is running, and all Annihilation Divine Light is refining immediately and turned into a part of Primordial Beginning Great Dao, and the cultivation base suddenly skyrocketed again!


Daoist Annihilation roared, Fleshly Body is fierce, I saw arms burrowing out from under the armpits, and black hair swelled and turned into tentacles on the surface of the skin Among her pores, there are also very thick tentacles drilling out.

Jiang Nan looked at this scene and was surprised: "In the past, Fellow Daoist Annihilation used to tell jokes. Although I hate it, there is still some love in the hate, but now it is not cute at all. ..."

Emperor Lin became angry and said angrily: "Heavenly Venerate, don't you want to comment on his appearance at this time?"

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