Exalted Emperor Chapter 1637

Daoist Annihilation one after another tentacles and arms pierced through the Void, the next moment appeared beside Immortal Realm’s World Tree and Great Overarching Heaven, countless tentacles scrolled, palm protruded towards Great Overarching Capture Heaven and World Tree at the same time!

bang bang bang!

In the Great Overarching Heaven, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun and the others watched this scene in horror, only to see the firmament collapse, and countless big hands and tentacles grabbed the Great Overarching Heaven!

Under World Tree, Empyrean Origin, Supreme Oneness, Fu Ta and many other Dao Monarch Dao Venerates were also shocked, staring blankly at the sudden appearance of tentacles and palms!

Among the Immortal Realm, the only Sacred Lands that can not be affected by the annihilation aura are these Sacred Lands. At this moment, even these Sacred Lands are about to fall into the doomsday!

"Quick! Quick! Push Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven!"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor loudly shouted, everyone suddenly came back to his senses, countless Great Dao boiling, divine light Flying, one after another flooded into Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven!

Daoist Annihilation's palms grabbed them, and countless tentacles rolled towards Great Overarching Heaven at the same time. To drag this Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven together with its creature into Demon Realm's Annihilation Tribulation!

At this time, a golden ship appeared, flying around the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven like a flowing light. Week after week, Mother Yuan stood on the bow of the golden ship, standing side by side with Dao Venerate Concubine Tian , The second daughter urged the golden ship, and wherever she passed, the golden ships smashed into one tentacles one after another.

And Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor and the others celebrate the Great Overarching Heaven, but see this Great Overarching Heaven. There are countless sword light soaring to the heaven, chi chi cuts, in midair, the tentacles fall like rain and land. It turns into one after another Annihilation Tribulation, to contaminate this piece of Sacred Land.

Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven vibrated, one after another Annihilation Tribulation was refining immediately after it was formed, which did not cause much trouble.

Only those big hands that only came in, even Mother Yuan's golden ship could not be smashed, but it was shaken so that the golden ship appeared one after another crack.

Under World Tree, the palms and tentacles of Daoist Annihilation rained through the light curtains emitted by World Tree and Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, wrapping up this Divine Tree, and pulling it up by the roots!

Empyrean Origin, Supreme Oneness and the others also immediately woke up and urged World Tree and Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus. These two treasures are both Primordial Beginning Treasures, and their power is better than Mother Yuan’s golden ship. There are many formidables, and the number of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate of Azure Lotus Lineage is far more than that of Great Overarching Heaven, and the tentacles are cut off immediately!

But those big hands that were caught are beyond their ability to handle, each big hand grabs the World Tree, they have to go alive!

Not only that, but the tentacles fell into Sacred Land and turned into horror Annihilation Tribulation, threatening all Dao Monarch!

"Hey, isn't Daoist Annihilation already dead? How come there is such an amazing Annihilation Great Dao?"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted appeared, dancing with black hair, and shouted, The power of Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus suddenly skyrocketed. I saw countless petals cascading and blooming, and the petals were floating. Suddenly, the Annihilation Tribulation transformed by one after another tentacle was collected into the petals. Let the Annihilation Tribulation surge, it was impossible to jump out of the Azure Lotus Flower petals. Of bondage.

As soon as the petals of the heavenly flower were closed, it landed on Azure Lotus. The Annihilation Tribulation transformed by those tentacles was suppressed in Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, and began to refining, evolving into Annihilation Immortal Dao.

And those big hands came in, grabbed the light curtain and shattered, grabbed World Tree and lifted it outward, even if Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted urged Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, it just beat those big hands to torn skin and gaping flesh, these big hands can't be cut off!

At this moment, the power of World Tree suddenly broke out, the branches and leaves danced wildly, shaking off each of the big hands, and competing with Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted against these palms.

At the same moment, Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven vibrated, and the terrifying power broke out, shaking back each big hand, but Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin sensed that their Magical Treasure or Primordial Spirit was attacked at the same time. , Each urged World Tree and Great Overarching Heaven.

These palms are still attacking constantly, making World Tree and Great Overarching Heaven struggling to cope, and they are unable to support Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin in Demon Realm Annihilation Tribulation.

"These tentacles and palms contain the Supreme Annihilation Great Dao, where did they come from?"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted relaxed, I fixed my eyes and immediately saw the Demon Realm Universe In Annihilation Tribulation, the huge monster in front of Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, muttered: "Daoist Annihilation..."

And in Great Overarching Heaven, Mother Yuan also saw In this scene, dumbstruck in his heart: "This time the final Annihilation Tribulation, I am afraid that no one will survive, I will definitely die, and my enemy will also belch..."

Demon Realm Annihilation In Tribulation, Emperor Lin complexion was extremely solemn. Looking forward, I saw Daoist Annihilation lying on the ground, supporting the huge body with both hands and feet, the back bang bang split, and the palms and tentacles came out and penetrated. Among the Void, they attacked Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven and World Tree respectively.

Today's Daoist Annihilation, where does the old gentleman look like?

Although the original Daoist Annihilation is extremely evil, it is a rare handsome man. He is polite. Even if he eats people, he will wipe the corner of the mouth after eating, and even say one or two occasionally. A funny word, and now he is more like an Annihilation Beast, Annihilation Beast controlled by Annihilation Great Dao!

"This battle is difficult!"

Daoist Annihilation jumped and pounced on the two, Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin immediately staggered, and Daoist Annihilation went straight to Jiang Nan Obviously, I think Jiang Nan has a greater threat to Annihilation Tribulation, and the moment he pounced on Jiang Nan, I saw an Annihilation Divine Light cut to Emperor Lin’s neck like a tail chick, dangerously and dangerously from him. Strike across his neck!

Although it has not been swept, Emperor Lin only felt the heat on his neck when Aura passed by, and there was still a Dao Blood arrow flying out, turning into a divine light and drifting away.

"Get up!"

The propitious cloud suddenly changed and turned into a big bell. A loud noise shattered the tail of Daoist Annihilation.

But at this moment, I saw a head popping out of Daoist Annihilation's tail break, then his neck, then shoulders, arms, and then Daoist Annihilation's upper body. He stretched out his hand and patted it hard, propitious cloud The big bell that was transformed was immediately shot apart by the seal, and transformed into a propitious cloud.

"This guy..." Emperor Lin's eyes jumped wildly.

Today's Daoist Annihilation is crawling on the ground, one after the other two heads and two bodies are connected, sharing two legs, and attacking him and Jiang Nan at the same time, it becomes more difficult than before!

This Daoist Annihilation is obviously a long memory every time you suffer a loss, change your strategy, and transform your Fleshly Body to be able to kill both of them.

And Jiang Nan on the opposite side hardly shakes Daoist Annihilation's pounce attack, Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven Seal blasts out, palms strikes on Daoist Annihilation's head, knocking Annihilation Divine Light to pieces.

Jiang Nan opened his mouth and inhaled, and the Annihilation Divine Light burst into his body one after another.

Lupeng was also shaken by countershock force to bang bang again and again. Fortunately, this Lupeng withstood the counterattack and did not cause Jiang Nan to be hit hard!

Suddenly the two halves of Daoist Annihilation’s buttocks were connected, and the muscles squirmed, turning into a mouthful of Annihilation Demon Drum, dong dong shaking, shaking Jiang Nan to qi and blood, Daoist Annihilation immediately took the opportunity to turn his arms one by one. Fly, one after another strikes above Lupeng!

At the same time, Emperor Lin was also hit by the sound of a drum. The groaned and propitious cloud flew back to the top of the high-hanging head. I saw the propitious cloud spinning endlessly, and ding ding dong dong sounded like a 璎珞Dewdrops fall continuously from the clouds, resisting the Demonic Sound.

The Daoist Annihilation here furiously attacked Emperor Lin, and Emperor Lin retreated steadily.

Let’s ask, Heavenly Venerate is the most formidable existence ever, but the two Great Heavenly Venerates teamed up, unexpectedly still failing, unable to take the slightest advantage, Daoist Annihilation is definitely the most terrifying Annihilation creature in history!

However, Daoist Annihilation scored two points, and at the same time dealt with Emperor Lin and Jiang Nan Two Great Heavenly Venerates, and also had to allocate a part of the strength to suppress World Tree and Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven. The strength that can be used is also corresponding. Weakened, unable to behead the two.

But even so, he is really amazing. You must know that at this moment, it is not only Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin who are contending with him, but also more than forty Dao Monarch Dao on Great Overarching Heaven. Venerate, and Heavenly Venerate, Mother Yuan.

Beside the World Tree, there are Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and its under-care Dao Monarch Dao Venerate!

One person can contend with so many existences at the same time and still have the upper hand. The Daoist Annihilation created by this Demon Realm Annihilation Tribulation is already so formidable. If it is a mature form of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, it would be unimaginable!

Demon Realm's Annihilation Tribulation is still expanding, occupying more Space-Time, growing tribulation power, and tribulation power. From time to time, one after another Annihilation Divine Light flies in and merges into Daoist Annihilation. With the strength of Daoist Annihilation, as the tide rises, the boat floats, Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin are more strenuous.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted and Mother Yuan and the others are just to resist Daoist Annihilation's long-range attacks, can't be considered hard, and there is even more energy, but the two of them face the Daoist Annihilation directly and endure it. The pressure is so great that Azure Lotus and the others cannot imagine!

"You can't let Annihilation continue to grow stronger. If this continues, it will really be dead!"


Jiang Nan suddenly With a big mouth open, a Black Hole suddenly appeared in Annihilation Tribulation, swallowing the circulation trillion miles together with the flying Annihilation Divine Light!

Emperor Lin was taken aback, thinking that even he was infected by annihilation aura and turned into a second Daoist Annihilation. After seeing Jiang Nan's mouth closed and returning to normal, he was relaxed and admired in his heart. : "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate's Primordial Beginning Great Dao is really extraordinary. It is so easy to refining Annihilation Tribulation and even Annihilation Divine Light. However, I should be fast too..."

During this period, The oppression of Daoist Annihilation has made him grow stronger. In addition, Jiang Nan gifted him the Immortal Dao Primordial Beginning. When fighting against Daoist Annihilation, he suppressed his potential and helped him to comprehend the Imortal Dao Primordial Beginning faster. !

Immortal Dao Primordial Beginning is not a complete Primordial Beginning Great Dao, but a Great Dao developed by Jiang Nan in combination with the characteristics of Immortal Dao. Although it is a Great Dao in name, it is all-inclusive. Myriad Great Daos from Dao Void is included in Primal Chaos, Myriad Great Daos from Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted is included in Primordial Chaos, and Myriad Great Daos from Emperor Lin is included in Primordial Spirit. They have the same tunes and same skills. It can be said that they are not inferior to Primal Chaos. Great Dao, Primordial Chaos, Primordial Spirit, etc. Great Dao.

Jiang Nan’s Immortal Dao Primordial Beginning did not reach their level of achievement, but it was because of boundary restrictions, neither did it have a cultivation to Dao Monarch Great Perfection, nor did it go with Body Proving Dao with Spirit Proving Dao So there is still something lacking.

Jiang Nan and Emperor Lin fought like wheels around Daoist Annihilation. They attacked again and again, but were repelled again and again. Jiang Nan opened his mouth one after another, devouring Annihilation Tribulation and Annihilation Divine Light and stopping Daoist. Annihilation becomes more formidable.

Rao is Primordial Beginning Great Dao extremely marvelous, but he still has no time to refining the accumulated Annihilation Tribulation and Annihilation Divine Light in his body. The whole person has become very lucky, and a wisp of obscurity spilled over his body, faintly revealing Heaven and The aura of Human Five Wanings, saw Emperor Lin's heart beating, secretly said in one's heart, "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate swallowed so many Annihilation Tribulation and Annihilation Divine Light, I wonder if Dao Meeting will not be assimilated by Annihilation Great Dao and become the first Two Daoist Annihilation... he can do it!"

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