Exalted Emperor Chapter 1638

Well, this is the last time before the Exalted-Emperor is over.

The original plan for the house pig is that Exalted-Emperor should finish the book at the end of February and early March. Now it seems that the book will not be finished at the end of February, that is, the book will not be finished in early March.

It's been two years, and this month has passed two years ago. This is the first time I wrote such a long novel. I was exhausted physically and mentally. Sometimes I felt tired when I saw the computer.

Fortunately, only with your company and support can we go to the present. Although Exalted-Emperor did not get particularly good results at the starting point, it has always been steadily listed on the monthly ticket list. And the top ten and top fifteen of the classification recommendation list.

Baidu Wind Cloud List and Exalted-Emperor have always been the top three or top five of all novels in the fairy genre, once second, and the total novel list is also around 20. It is very famous, thank you friends~ ~

(Famous, but the subscription is very scumbag, Exalted-Emperor’s subscription ranking is 100% away from the starting point, and speaking of which is all tears...)

Now, In the last month of Exalted-Emperor, I asked for a monthly pass for the last time.

brothers, please support Exalted-Emperor again! ! !

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