Exalted Emperor Chapter 1641

Female Monarch Yun Lian is sitting in the great treasure carriage, Sacred Pavo, Flying Bear, Nine Dragons, Nine Phoenixes and other Great Monsters are driving fast. Wherever the great treasure carriage passes, I see The starry sky keeps collapsing.

Now the starry sky of Immortal Dao Era is too fragile. It has been corroded by annihilation aura as if it hadn’t migrated to the Three Realms of Immortal Realm. Sacred Pavo and the others are hiding in Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven. It is not corroded by Annihilation, and still retains Peak battle strength. Their aura crushes the starry sky as soon as they are pressed.

"Immortal Dao Era is really coming to an end..." Yun Lian looked towards outside the window, secretly sighed in his heart.

Today's Space-Time is really too fragile. Time is passing fast. In a flash, more than a year has passed. The great treasure carriage is getting closer and closer to the Hidden Dragon Star Domain.

Suddenly, Sacred Pavo and the others slowed down their flight speed, Yun Lian lifted the driving curtain to see, and saw a Spirit Root Immortal Tree lush and green in front of him, covering one Star Domain after another, and the vastness is endless. .

Today, when Annihilation is so profound, it is an unusual number to unexpectedly see such an amazing Immortal Dao Spirit Root in the Universe.

"Elder Sister Tian Ling."

Yun Lian walked out of the treasure carriage, with a hint of intolerance in his eyes, and whispered: "Elder Sister Tian Ling, you and I were in the Great Overarching Become a sister in Heaven, do you want to meet you now in life and death?"

The Immortal Dao Spirit Root has luxuriant branches and leaves, but it is shrinking, and it soon turns into three plants. A little tree, only a Female Dao Monarch poked out of the palm, the little tree fell gently and fell into the palm of her hand.

Dao Mother Tian Ling.

At that time, Tian Ling, Yun Lian, Ding Guang, Spirit Bead and the others were just born not very long, and they became sister and brother siblings with Jiang Xueqing in Great Overarching Heaven. Five people worshipped, set The pattern of Immortal Dao Era billions of years.

Among these five siblings, Ding Guang has the best relationship with Spirit Bead, and Yun Lian and Tian Ling. Ding Guang has a relationship with Yun Lian and Tian Ling. Yun Lian often helps Tian Ling.

"Younger Sister Yun Lian, my father Supreme Oneness ordered me to come and kill you, and my father's life is so, I also have to take action."

Dao Mother Tian Ling looks as peaceful as ever , The spirituality was revealed in the tranquility, saying: "Younger Sister often helped me. When Ding Guang attacked me, you also helped me block it, and also notified Ling Zhu and Big Sister to relieve me and beat Ding Guang. . I always remember it in my heart."

Yun Lian sighed, said: "Since you still miss the old feelings, please leave Elder Sister and don't stop me."

"Impossible Now, you and my sisters belong to different camps. Only one of them can survive. It can only be said that Good Fortune is tricking people, and if my sister is going to die."

Tian Ling said resolutely: "Younger Sister Lian'er, you and I are Dao Monarch, clear comprehension of everything, only this Annihilation Tribulation can not understand and wear it. You should know that the so-called siblings sisterhood is just a joke in childhood, the so-called friendship, cannot bind us Dao Heart. Today, you and my sister, only one person can leave alive. I hope you don’t have any reservations and don’t be blinded by any emotions Dao Heart!"

Yun Lian is awe-inspiring, offering Five Colored Seven Hearts. Lotus, said to Sacred Pavo and the others: "You retreat and go to Hidden Dragon Star Domain. This battle is between me and my Elder Sister. You must not intervene or intervene."

Sacred Pavo and the others bowed and said yes, driving the great treasure carriage to Hidden Dragon Star Domain.

Yun Lian blocked Tian Ling, lest she go to chase Sacred Pavo and the others, saying: "Since Elder Sister Tian Ling said so, then Little Sister follow someone precepts is the sincerest form of respect, I too I hope Elder Sister will not keep your hands! If you keep your hands and die in my hands, Little Sister will be ashamed for the rest of your life!"

Tian Ling happily said: "It's worth noting that you and my sisters have a friendship."


"Just sigh Good Fortune!"

The two women sighed in unison, flying diagonally, Immortal Dao Spirit Root and Five Colored Seven Hearts Lotus suddenly rays of light Big release, fiercely hit together.

Dao Mother Tian Ling stunned, when the two women staggered by, another Magical Treasure flew out from her eyebrows. It was the Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate’s Exalted-Emperor Seal, and the seal smashed towards it. Yun Lian, and in Yun Lian's eyebrows, there is a great flag flying out, facing the wind, the flag surface slashes towards the head of Dao Mother Tian Ling like a knife!

Immortal Dao Spirit Root rays of light in Dao Mother Tian Ling's hand skyrocketed, the branches of the Immortal Tree were flying, the roots were rolling, and facing the great flag that was cut down, I saw that countless roots and branches were cut off!


This great flag cut on the Immortal Tree, and immediately cut deeply into the tree, almost cutting the Immortal Tree in the middle.

The great flag is Yun Lian obtained from Great Overarching Heaven, it is the finest quality in a Spirit Treasure, the formidable power is extremely fierce, and it almost breaks the life of Dao Mother Tian Ling in a single blow Source Magical Treasure.

And where the Exalted-Emperor Seal fell, the Five Colored Seven Hearts Lotus rays of light in Yun Lian's hand was released, and the lotus flower bloomed cascadingly. The Immortal Seal shocked the petals to wither, and the sky was full of colors in an instant The petals were flying, and only a lotus was left in his hand, which was almost destroyed by the Exalted-Emperor Seal.

This Exalted-Emperor Seal is the Ten Great Immortal Dao Supreme Treasures harvested by Supreme Oneness Heavenly Monarch. It is called Exalted-Emperor. In fact, it incorporates the cultivation technique of Immortal Emperor Ye Lin and Immortal Exalted Azure Lotus, Supreme. Oneness has both the Immortal Emperor and Immortal Exalted's strengths, and getting this Magical Treasure is naturally like a tiger that has grown wings.

And he has now cultivated successfully Three Primordials Supreme Oneness, and the Exalted-Emperor Seal has also been trained to the Innate Spirit Treasure level by him. He gave this Magical Treasure to Dao Mother Tian Ling and let her kill Yun Lian. .

The blow of the Exalted-Emperor Seal almost bald the Five Colored Seven Hearts Lotus that Yun Lian has worked hard to refining all his life, and almost damaged it.

However, the two women are exceptionally brave. Each screamed, and saw the willow leaves and roots flying all over the sky that were chopped down by the great flag. The willow leaves are like swords, the willow branches are like rafters, and the willow roots are like Dragon, cut to Yun Lian.

And the petals of Five Colored Seven Hearts Lotus are dancing, and the petals are like five-color saber light, converging into a torrent, slashing towards Tian Ling!

chi chi chi, the light sound is endless, the two women were injured at the same time, their Fleshly Body was riddled with blood, and the clothes were shaved to shreds.

Yun Lian is unclothed, exposing her fragrant shoulder. He holds the great flag and scrolls with the great flag, sweeping away the willow, willow roots and willow branches all over the sky.

Tian Ling's tattered dress and slender white legs spurred the Exalted-Emperor Seal to shake in the air, shattering countless petals.

"I really don't want to kill Younger Sister Lian'er!"

She sighed and bullied herself. Among the Immortal Seal, Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate's Immortal Emperor avatar and Immortal Exalted The avatar jumped out and killed Yun Lian together!

These are two Great Dao avatars, no matter which one is not inferior to Yun Lian, the two Great Dao avatars shot, and immediately pressed down the great flag, and Yun Lian's Five Colored Seven in the other hand Hearts Lotus smashed to pieces!

At this moment, in the Void, Daoist Hong figure stopped, Ji Du suddenly flew from his back and flew away like a billowing Demonic Qi lightning!


Ji Du loudly shouted, Chaos Origin Three Thousand Slaughtering Dao Diagram. And the rolling road froze, showing the shape of Demon Ancestor Rahula.

The two Demon Ancestor murderous-looking, looking at each other, Ji Du said solemnly: "Rahu, come back, Heavenly Venerate is still thinking of you, as long as you return to Great Overarching Heaven, Heavenly Venerate will let you go. "

Rahula laughed heartily, shook his head and said: "I am not his own son, why do I return to Great Overarching Heaven? On the contrary, why are you his own son, why am I not?"


Ji Du shook his head and said: "Heavenly Venerate treats you, what's the difference between treats me? He treats you as a parent and child, and gives you what he gives me. Sometimes it’s better to give you than to us. You betrayed Great Overarching Heaven, and now you are coming to kill Yun Lian again, do you have any guilt in your heart? If you go back with me, Heavenly Venerate will treat you as before!"

Rahula seems to be a little moved, suddenly Shook the head again, saying: "Ji Du, I can't go back. Dao Void is my grandfather, Spirit Maiden is my mother-in-law, Zhong Tian is my brother, and the ancient Divinity is my relatives and friends. If I go back with you, It is unrighteous. Today, I was ordered to kill Yun Lian. If you stop me, I can only meet you for life and death!"

Ji Du silently looked at him with tears in the corners of his eyes smooth Then, I suddenly said with a smile: "I will treat you as a Big Brother until now. I didn't expect that there will still be a day when the brother is dying. This Immeasurable Killing Tribulation will force you and me on opposite sides. , In that case, come on."

Rahula also showed a hint of intolerance, and sighed: "In fact, you and I are all dolls in this Killing Tribulation. Brother, please!"



With Daoist Hong's wings retracted and his body swayed, he transformed from Nine Headed Phoenix into a divinity able to support both Heaven and The Earth person, standing in the Void, with nine phoenix feet and phoenix wings, behind the head, Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels rotate, starry sky and countless stars rotate with the rotation of the twelve heavenly wheels, terrifying matchless.

dong dong dong!

A huge spiritual pillar fell from the sky, hong, long, long fell beside him, and it was the ten he got from Great Overarching Heaven. Second marble pillar!

Daoist Hong is like a big enemy, looked towards the front, said solemnly: "Uncle Empyrean Origin?"

Primordial Chaos Energy is fluttering ahead, Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate steps out of the Primordial Chaos When we walked, Primordial Chaos Energy turned into Primordial Chaos Golden Banner, drifting.

"Does Dao Ancestor Hong still call me Uncle?" Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate said with a smile.

Daoist Hong bowed and said: "Uncle is my father’s old friend. Back then, Uncle established Immortal Realm Number One Person Immortal Dynasty, called Empyrean Origin Immortal Emperor, in order to protect little with my father. nephew and Ji Du, Rahu and the others. Uncle and my father regard themselves as targets, attracting many reincarnation Dao Monarch firepower, so that our five Immortal Ancestor Demon Ancestors can grow, little nephew and the others can have today, Uncle has the greatest contribution !"

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate also remembered the past, and sighed: "Your father is more dedicated than me. Most of the attacks of reincarnation Dao Monarch are blocked by him alone. As for me, I just waved the flag and shouted from the side. It’s just cheering."

Daoist Hong said resolutely: "My father is caring for his parents and children, naturally spare no pains or effort, but Uncle has nothing to do with him and helps him, Zhe is naturally grateful."

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate shook the head, said with a smile: "Actually, I only thought about the addiction of an Immortal Emperor back then, and I ordered the master's order to keep the Five Great Dao Ancestors of Immortal Dao, so I would exhaust myself. As long as you can protect you, you don’t have to take seriously, just shoot me. My teacher sent me to let me sever the relationship with Great Overarching Heaven, sever karma, and let Yun Lian die by Tian Ling’s hand, so as not to wake it up. Head Wild Dragon, let you Great Overarching Heaven appear a formidable Dao Venerate again."

Daoist Hong slightly smiled, said: "Uncle, I also want to stop you, let Yun Lian kill Tia n Ling That's it. Since you and I are here with the same purpose, Uncle, please! ”

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate bowed and stretched, and the probing hand grabbed into the Void, listening only to Heaven and Earth rumble, but seeing that the one in Immortal Realm that can support both Heaven and Earth directly leads to Great The pillar supporting heavens of Overarching Heaven are shaking constantly, the surface of the mountain is floating and crisp, and the rocks collapsed and cracked, revealing a golden-bright and dazzling pillar!

Dao Preaching Cliff, Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake, finally reappeared in the world!

This Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake is made by Emperor and Exalted. It was originally the Magical Treasure used by Jiang Nan. Later, the Great Overarching Heaven was formed. Jiang Nan dismissed it as the Magical Treasure of Emperor and Exalted and worried about Emperor and Exalted. Exalted used Magical Treasure to control himself, and he was thrown out of Great Overarching Heaven and turned into the most imposing mountain range in present life, leading directly to Great Overarching Heaven!

Countless stars Mercury system surround this The mountain revolves, and a statue of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate also moved his All Heavens to the side of this grand mountain, and Yun Lian’s Immortal Dynasty was also built on this mountain!

And at this time, The mountain fell off, and the true face of the Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake appeared!

The Great Dao of the Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake immersed in the Immortal Dao Era, witnessing the history of the rise and decline of the Immortal Dao Era, has unconsciously evolved into Spirit Treasure!

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate loudly shouted, the probing hand pulled up the Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake, with the stake in hand, the once dominance of the Immortal Emperor was suddenly revealed like the rays of light radiate all around, shouted: "virtuous nephew, please! "

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