Exalted Emperor Chapter 1642

Daoist Hong complexion dignified, the twelve heavenly wheels in the back of the head spin like crazy, and the twelve marble pillars soar into the sky and fall into the heavenly wheel.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate cultivation is Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture, which is very mixed, and has the inheritance of Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, the Karma Great Dao in the cultivation Immortal Dao, and the Immortal Dao Innate of comprehend Karma is one of the most formidable existences for the Emperor and Exalted subordinate!

His reputation is not as loud as Supreme Oneness, but his strength is not inferior to Supreme Oneness, and Daoist Hong cannot be spare no effort!

"Uncle Empyrean Origin, dare to enter my Aboriginal Twelve Primordial Chaos Great Formatíon?"

Aboriginal Twelve Heavenly Wheels fell, Daoist Hong's figure merged into the great formation and disappeared, only See the twelve marble pillars in the vast expanse. On each of the marble pillars stand a Demon-Divinity, which looks like Daoist Hong, but the Concept is different, representing twelve different Innate Dao Domains, each of which has its own Innate Dao Domain. You can cultivation to Dao Venerate Boundary!

Innate Dao Domain is also divided into superior and inferior. Dao Monarch comprehend the ordinary Innate Dao Domain, which can surpass other Dao Monarch and can cultivate successfully Innate Magical Treasure, such as Course Dao, Demon Dao Era, etc. Annihilation Tribulation can be passed.

In ancient eras, Dao Monarch, which can comprehend the ordinary Innate Dao Domain, is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in each era, very rare.

Immortal Dao Era, the Great Era that upholds the destiny of all times, Three Thousand Great Daos Proving Dao Monarch, allows Immortal Dao Era to comprehend most of the Dao Monarchs out of the Innate Dao Domain!

But the more high-level Innate Dao Domain is Dao Venerate, which can practice the Innate Spirit Treasure. Even in Immortal Dao Era, not many can do this step, but the reincarnation Dao Monarch Most of them can do it. The local Dao Monarch of Immortal Dao Era, such as Immortal Dao Five Ancestors and Empyrean Origin, Supreme Oneness, Profound Metropolis, Jade Capital and the others, can also do it.

Another example is the creation of the merits of Opening Heaven Magical Treasures and Spirit Treasures such as Long An, Yun Lian, Tian Ling, Zhong Tian, ​​Dao Mother Ding Ling, etc. There is also hope to achieve it. Another example is Jiang Xueqing, a destiny who has accumulated hundreds of billions of years in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone can do it too.

The remaining Dao Monarch, there are very few who have the hope of entering Dao Venerate Boundary.

Now, Daoist Hong unexpectedly contains twelve Innate Dao Domains in Innate of Primordial Chaos. Each Innate Dao Domain is Dao Venerate Level, plus twelve Great Overarching Heavens. Each marble pillar also contains an Innate Dao Domain. Together, there are as many as twenty-four types, which are co-ordinated in his Innate of Primordial Chaos!

It can be seen how powerful Daoist Hong is!

Empyrean Origin showed a look of dreading in his eyes, suddenly roared, his clothes burst open, and a golden-bright and dazzling tail grew behind him, holding the Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake into the great formation, and praised: " Worthy of being the Dao Ancestor of Immortal Dao Ranked 1st. I am afraid that your strength is not inferior to Myriad Manifestations. You are the one who has the strength and aptitude to win Heavenly Venerate. If Immortal Dao has not declined, now maybe you are already Heavenly Venerate."

The great formation started, and the twelve Daoist Hongs on the twelve marble pillars stood up, and a Daoist Hong probe grabbed the marble pillar in his hand, flying around with wings covering the sky. , Call Empyrean Origin!

Each of these twelve Daoists is of extraordinary strength, transformed by Innate Divine Light, and the offensive is like a gale rainstorm, extremely dense!

Empyrean Origin's body skyrocketed, an Ordering Heaven Primordial Stake swept around, and the tail behind him turned into a weapon, and the Primordial Chaos Golden Banner above his head also wandered endlessly!

He cultivated Karma Great Dao of Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, and also got Absolute Art of Magic, Body, Dao, Fruit Quaternity, Fleshly Body tyrannical, and successfully refining Profound Fetus, Profound Fetus There are endless truths. As soon as Profound Fetus comes out, it falls on his head, like the same villain, blessing each piece of Magical Treasure. At the same time, there is a kind of Dao Domain swayed from the hands of Profound Fetus, unexpectedly better than Daoist Hong’s Aboriginal Twelve Primordial Chaos Great Formatíon is not weak, even tyrannical!

"Uncle, I am offended!"

Daoist Hong loudly shouted, I saw twelve Daoist Hong suddenly flying up, nine Daoist Hong fuse together, turned into nine Divinity, The three Daoist Hong are standing on top of his head, each arm grabbing a marble pillar, and rushing towards Empyrean Origin in anger!

Daoist Hong’s nine bodies are united, nine Daoists become one, and the twenty-four Innate Dao Domains are hidden in one body, and they are cultivated into the Innate of Primordial Chaos, and their strength has increased from the crazy berserk. The Primordial Chaos Three Saints above his head played a defensive role. He rushed at this moment, really like the Divinity of splitting heaven and earth apart, firm and fierce fierce!

Empyrean Origin roared, Fleshly Body skyrocketed again, suddenly Profound Fetus on top of the head fell into the center of the eyebrows, roaring endlessly, and came forward!

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Two silhouettes collide, marble pillar and Primordial Stake hit heaven falls and earth rends, Primordial Chaos Golden Banner turns into Primordial Chaos Energy scrolling starry sky Star Domain, Primordial Stake is big enough to penetrate Heaven and Earth, and the marble pillar ears are like sharp blades!

The two of them have done their best. Suddenly, an explosive sound of heaven shaking earth shattering came, and the two huge bodies separated, one from the left and the other fell!

Daoist Hong and Empyrean Origin held their bodies and stared at each other, only to see that they were drenched with blood all over, each with a wound.

"the Ancestors are inadequate to the Law, Heavenly Daos are nothing to fear, it seems you have learned a lot from your father."

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate said with satisfaction:" These two sentences are the opening chapters of my Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture, and they are also the general outline, but the one who gets the essence and even surpasses me is your father. He is fearless, even Exalted-Emperor is not required I respect the lawlessness, so I can go further, but I can't do this step."

"I was indeed inspired by Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture in my early years and benefited a lot."

Daoist Hong nodded, showing admiration, said: "Uncle Empyrean Origin can develop this kind of cultivation technique, and my father admires it very much. However, at the moment when he comprehend Primordial Beginning Great Dao, he has already begun to get rid of it. Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture, he has walked out of his own path at the stage of Spiritual Divinity, and he is constantly improving Primordial Beginning Great Dao. Uncle, now Yun Lian and Tian Ling will win life and death. You and me There should be no reason to continue the fight, right?"

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate moved slightly in his heart, Divine Consciousness swept away, and suddenly "seeing" Yun Lian and Tian Ling, only Tian Ling urged In Exalted-Emperor Seal and Exalted-Emperor Seal, the two great avatars of Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate hidden in India burst out, making Yun Lian fall into the Danger Domain immediately!

Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate hides his two great avatars in the Exalted-Emperor Seal. Although some are not too arrogant, it can even be said to be sinister and mean, but now the two armies are fighting, undying endlessly, Supreme Oneness is so So, Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate is not easy to say.

"Yun Lian will die, you and I really don't have to fight anymore."

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate dissipated in the imposing manner, and the physique resumed as usual, sighed, and desperately desperate:" If it weren’t for this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, and this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, it would be great. Your father and I should still be friends, and I can go to Great Overarching Heaven to listen to lectures and steal some things from time to time. It’s a pity that this day is forever It won’t come..."

Daoist Hong sighed, said: "Uncle, my father once said that Universe life and death is an inevitable law, Immortal Dao Era seems to have no Annihilation Tribulation, and seems to have escaped Annihilation Tribulation, but do you know that Annihilation Tribulation was not born by humans? Maybe, Annihilation Tribulation is the use of many Heavenly Venerates to destroy Immortal Dao Era, even without Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, there will be Daoist Annihilation, even if there is no Daoist Annihilation , There will also be Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted. In short, Immortal Dao can't escape this tribulation. And..."

He paused and said: "In this battle, Yun Lian will not die, only It will be Tian Ling. Although Supreme Oneness is cunning, Yun Lian is very mindful. He wants to come to No way and all the methods are known to people."

His words haven’t fallen yet, I saw the two greats of Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate. The avatar has fully activated the power of the Exalted-Emperor Seal. The Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate is the most formidable existence of the Emperor and Exalted subordinate. As a character who can compete with Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, even if his two great avatars are placed in the Dao Venerate under the sky, they are also amazing characters!

With the power of Exalted-Emperor Seal, Dao Mother Tian Ling assists in the attack. How terrible is it?

Yun Lian has only one great flag left at the moment, how to resist it?

However, at the next moment, I only heard the Dao Sound of majestic and grandiose skyrocketing, but I saw an Emperor Tree gradually raised from behind Yun Lian. This is the tree of Jiang Nan’s comprehension Dao, this Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate comprehend under the tree the embryonic form of Primordial Beginning Great Dao, then migrated to the sacrificial refining of Great Overarching Heaven, and was later borrowed by Yun Lian.

A Divine Tree suppressed the destiny of the Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty several hundred million years ago, preventing Annihilation from invading the vast territory of the Immortal Dynasty and keeping the destiny of the Immortal Dynasty. It is the divine object of the Innate Supreme Treasure Level!

Back when Cloud Lotus Immortal Dynasty moved into Great Overarching Heaven, Emperor Tree also returned to Great Overarching Heaven. However, since Yun Lian has a relationship with this Divine Tree, he must take Emperor Tree every time he travels. Take it with you.

As soon as these divine objects appeared, they fixed the Exalted-Emperor Seal!

Yun Lian gave a clear drink, the Emperor Tree brushed it over, the two great avatar bang bangs of Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate burst to pieces, and the Exalted-Emperor Seal unexpectedly appeared one after another crack!

The Emperor Tree brushed once again, and its roots danced, binding Tian Ling round and round.

"Elder Sister Tian Ling, you and I are sisters, I will not kill you."

Yun Lian has murderous aura in his eyes, and then gradually restored to sobriety and calmness, soft voice Said: "Let me go to Great Overarching Heaven, you and my brothers and sisters are still one family."

"You think that my Adoptive Father Supreme Oneness will let me be captured by you and be an enemy of him. Huh?"

Dao Mother Tian Ling smiled, with a decisive expression on her face, and whispered softly: "He would never allow me to fall into the hands of the opponent, so he left behind in my Dao Fruit The restriction..."


Dao Mother Tian Ling all split up and in pieces, the Dao Fruit in the body burst to pieces, and Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate stayed in her Dao Fruit The restriction in China has wiped out her Divine Soul, and the Primordial Spirit has been killed!

"Elder Sister Ling'er ......"

Yun Lian was splashed with Tian Ling's blood and stood there blankly. After a long time, he fell to the ground and cried. Field, crying murky heavens dark earth.

"Immeasurable Killing Tribulation...... Such a cruel Killing Tribulation, when is it extremity?"

Yun Lian got up and left, whispering: "Now Heaven and Earth will Extinction, your and my opening heaven merit and destiny have been completely drained. Elder Sister waits for me, saying that I will accompany you sometime..."

In the distance, Daoist Hong frowned, Empyrean Origin also frowned. One of them guessed that Yun Lian killed Tian Ling, and the other guessed that Tian Ling killed Yun Lian, but they did not expect the ending.

"didn't expect, didn't expect..."

Empyrean Origin shook the head, sighed, floated away, and said: "Senior Brother Supreme Oneness, you do It’s too extreme, and even his Adopted Daughter doesn’t leave a trace of life..."

Daoist Hong secretly sighed, and walked away: "Killing Tribulation is so sinister, it's really hard to tolerate any mercy..."

Daoist Hong secretly sighed. "

In the distance, Rahula sensed that Daoist Hong's aura was approaching quickly, and hurried away. The voice came from far away: "Ji Du, kill you another day!"

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