Exalted Emperor Chapter 1648

The bow and arrow used by Dao Venerate Lang Xuan is one of Immortal Emperor Ye Lin’s Three Thousand Great Daos. The bow and arrow, plus his own Great Dao divine light refining successfully, Formidable power is extremely formidable.

And Peaceful Manifestation is the strongest existence of Human Dao Era. It takes the bow and arrow into the road. Dao Venerate Lang Xuan's Dao of Arrow is also the Peaceful Manifestation after the Great Dao of Human Dao Era is integrated into Immortal Dao. Learned it.

The bow of the Peaceful Manifestation was made by himself, but the quiver was a rare treasure found from Great Overarching Heaven. Two Divine Archers fought each other, and their body shapes shuttled in the Void and walked. I don’t know how many arrow lights shoot at each other!

At this moment of the battle, both of them have suffered more or less injuries and were injured by the opponent's arrows, but in comparison, the Peaceful Manifestation is still better, and the injuries are lighter. Dao Venerate Lang Xuan Although his injury was one point heavier, the gap between the two was not obvious.

"Primeval’s Divine Archer really has several points of ability. If you talk about Dao of Arrow, I’m a bit inferior to you!"

Dao Venerate Lang Xuan aura suddenly skyrocketed, laughing heartily Said: "But I am not the only cultivation of Dao of Arrow! I smelted Great Dao such as Curse Dao, Demon Dao, Divine Dao, etc. into Dao of Arrow, but you are just standing still and cultivating a single Dao of Arrow! Now I am. Enough has been played, it’s time to send you off!"

He bent his bow and fired nine arrows in a row, and suddenly saw the nine arrow lights connected in a line, and the Great Dao contained in each arrow light was different. , Contains the different Great Dao Rule of Nine Great Eras!

In comparison, Peaceful Manifestation is indeed the Dao of Arrow cultivation pure one, and did not study other Great Dao, while Dao Venerate Lang Xuan did nine different Great Dao cultivation Dao of Arrow, simple In terms of the number of Great Dao, it has already surpassed him a lot!

Not only that, these nine arrows were shot, and the nine arrow light suddenly joined end to end, turning into an arrow light, and the power suddenly increased by the number of nine times!

The arrow is shocking, shooting at the Peaceful Manifestation at an unimaginable speed!

Na Jianwei has already locked up Essence, Qi and Spirit of Peaceful Manifestation and locked all his Fleshly Body Primordial Spirit Dao Fruit. Even if his Dao Fruit escapes, he cannot escape this arrow's shooting. !

Peaceful Manifestation at a moderate pace, also shot with an arrow.

I saw him this arrow is very gorgeous, split in the middle, all over the sky is arrow light, like Peacock spreads its tail, fast or slow, light or heavy, light or dark, or Tangible or intangible, head straight to Dao Venerate Lang Xuan!

He also did his best!

The two did their best and saw the arrow light from Dao Venerate Lang Xuan lasing, and they came to the Peaceful Manifestation in an instant!

Peaceful Manifestation took off the quiver and sacrificed it. Hearing a loud bang, the arrow glow shot by Dao Venerate Lang Xuan was placed in the quiver, and then this prestige of a The single arrow broke out and hit the Peaceful Manifestation chest with a quiver.

The bones of the crack crack are heard, the Peaceful Manifestation staggers back, and the eyes, ears, mouth and nose continue to bleed!

On the opposite side, Dao Venerate Lang Xuan tried his best to avoid, but it was still difficult to avoid so many arrow lights. In an instant, the Fleshly Body was filled with arrow feathers!

But at this moment, Peaceful Manifestation shot Dao Venerate Lang Xuan's arrow feathers from the quiver, bent the bow and shot him through his head with a sneer!

"Your heart is not completely placed on Dao of Arrow, not equal to me Junichi, Single Dao of Arrow, when you have spent your entire life immersed in it, and you dare to be distracted, So you will be defeated! But you are also great, this arrow almost shattered my Dao Fruit......"

Peaceful Manifestation coughed up blood again and again, put the quiver away, his body sank, and landed on Above the city.

Peaceful Manifestation forcefully raised the cultivation base, suppressed the injury, shot one arrow after another, and shot at the opposite battlefield. Dao Monarch Dao Venerate was attacked one after another, and even Heavenly Monarch suffered from him. Arrow shot!

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright watched him coughing up blood, frowned, and said: "Fellow Daoist Peaceful Manifestation, you are seriously injured, you should rest for a while!"

Peaceful Manifestation Without firing, he kept bending the bow and shooting arrows. His arrow feathers did not miss. On the opposite side, Heavenly Monarch was shot and Dao Monarch Dao Venerate was hit hard. Even Cult Master Fu Ta was shot a few arrows and was Clouded. Sun hit it hard!

Fortunately, his Thirty Three Layers Heavens Profound-Yellow Treasure Tower defensive power was amazing and did not suffer a fatal blow.

"Beat the drum! Beat the drum!"

Cult Master Fu Ta roared, the snake body coiled on the treasure tower, pushing the treasure tower with all its strength. Finally, the army beat the second time drum!

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright stood on the head of the city, personally beat the drums to help us out, morale on both sides skyrocketed, but Peaceful Manifestation Dao Venerate's divine arrow suppressed it, and immediately brought Cult Master Fu Ta's army. The imposing manner just raised was suppressed, and the feathers of the arrows were as light as knives, shooting the opposite Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, unable to raise his head, Heavenly Monarch was in a great formation, and bitterly sacrificed the Spirit given by Emperor Lin. Treasure, protect yourself with all your strength, lest you be shot by arrow feathers from nowhere.

"Beat the drum!"

Cult Master Fu Ta furious, roared, the third sound of a drum sounded, halfway through, I just listened to the sound of a drum dumb , Surprisingly, the big drum was shattered by the Peaceful Manifestation one arrow after another!

In this short moment, six or seven Dao Monarch Dao Venerates have fallen and were beheaded by Great Dragon and Sacred Demon and the others.

Cult Master Fu Ta felt terrified and looked up towards the Peaceful Manifestation Dao Venerate standing above the city. I saw Peaceful Manifestation awe-inspiring presence, just like a Battle Divinity, one guarding the gate, enough to suppress everything .

Cult Master Fu Ta gritted his teeth and said: "beating the gong to recall the troops!"

The army troops are chaotic, the dead and injured Immortal and Demon are countless, and a Heavenly Monarch can't control the army at all. , The battle collapsed, and the soldiers fled in all directions, unable to restrain them at all.

The army on the opposite side came to cover up and harvested lives. After Cult Master Fu Ta personally broke, he fought hard with Sacred Demon, Clouded Sun, Black Flower and the others, covered in blood.

In this battle, 10% of the Cult Master Fu Ta’s huge army died 40%, Heavenly Monarch and other leaders suffered more than 100 casualties, and more than 40 Dao Monarch Dao Venerates lost 16 statues. Most of them died in the abdomen of Great Dragon, with heavy casualties. After being chased and killed for an unknown distance, the enemy was thrown away!

"Oops! Senior Brother Profound Metropolis fell there, I don't know the life and death!" Cult Master Fu Ta gathered the remnants, suddenly remembered Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Venerate, and secretly shouted inwardly inwardly.

"Now I can only let my fate, Senior Brother Profound Metropolis, it’s not that I don’t save you, but if I save you, even the Commander-in-Chief of the three armed forces will fall into it. The army has no owner... …"

Before the first grand mountain pass of Great Overarching Heaven, there was cheers.

"We won, and finally won!"

Lady Clouded Sun rushed to the juncture and said with a smile to Peaceful Manifestation Dao Venerate: "Thanks to your divine arrow this time , This will prevent the entire army from being annihilated. Okay, why are you standing stupid? Fu Ta has been scared off by you... Peaceful Manifestation?"

The cheering soldiers also found that something was wrong. At this point, the Peaceful Manifestation Dao Venerate stared round and bent his bow to shoot, but always maintained this look, motionless.

He fought against Dao Venerate Lang Xuan. Although he won, it was a tragic victory. Dao Fruit was almost shattered by Dao Venerate Lang Xuan’s last arrow. If he stopped the fight, he would recover and heal. It can also save lives and repair Dao Fruit's damage.

But he stood at the head of the city and shot one arrow after another, suppressing the Fu Ta army, exhausted all the strength, the Dao Fruit in his body was already crushed, body dies and Dao disappears.

Lady Clouded Sun stayed in a daze, adjusted her breasts, and bowed to the Peaceful Manifestation: "Send Fellow Daoist..."

In the customs, there was a mourning, and a statue of a soldier said Go next, and the voice is thunderous: "Send Fellow Daoist!"

Heavenly Gate Ten Six Paths, one less.


Heaven and Earth vibrated violently, and a piece of Heaven and Earth suddenly appeared in the Void, which was transformed by Good Fortune Immortal Cauldron of Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Venerate. Good Fortune World, now this World is pierced by Xi Yingqing, this piece of Good Fortune World is immediately revealed before the customs.

Xi Yingqing and Profound Metropolis have been fighting fiercely and it is difficult to distinguish between them. Old Ancestor Dark-Bright looked towards Great Dragon, Sacred Demon and the others, Great Dragon was puzzled, but Sacred Demon and Dao Monarch already knew it, and immediately went out of the barrier and went straight to Profound Metropolis!

"Don't come over, this is my battle with my teacher, no one is allowed to intervene!" Xi Yingqing shouted furiously.

Sacred Demon and the others hesitated for a moment, stopped, but led a large army to trap the battlefield group. Even if Profound Metropolis killed Xi Yingqing, they would not be able to escape their siege, and they would inevitably be chaotic. Boom here!

At this time, the other army of the Exalted-Emperor subordinate, headed by Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate, with more than forty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates and endless troops, attacked the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven. Another grand mountain pass!

On the grand mountain pass, Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, Asceticism Heavenly Venerate, Demon Ancestor Ji Du and the others stood tall, and led more than a dozen Dao Monarch Dao Venerates to resist. Monk Great Cult joins Great Overarching Heaven’s Heavenly Monarch, Immortal Monarch, and Immortal King. Among the most formidable of Heavenly Monarch, Jiang Xue, Dao King, Heavenly Vessel, Starlight, Hades, Xi Chong, Yue Youniang and the others Column!

The position here is different from that of Old Ancestor Dark-Bright, but ten thousand crags and torrents, scattered about like chess pieces on a board, ten thousand crags and torrents. The army stands in great numbers, guarded by Heavenly Monarch, and refining great formation, which can be connected end to end, one attacking the other.

It is the Old Man Extreme Revolution who lays down this situation, personally in charge of this battle.

This is also helpless, Great Overarching Heaven, after all, the number of Heavenly Monarch Dao Monarch is far less than Exalted-Emperor subordinate, the imposing manner of the troops from the opposing team is menacing, with many soldiers, and only relying on this defensive position can support.

His formatíon strategy is not as good as Old Ancestor Dark-Bright, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright’s Art of War is weird, fair and square, grand and majestic, but he integrates chess into Art of War, Too orthodox.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor looked towards the great camp opposite, indifferently said: "Supreme Oneness, you come up, I will kill you."

Supreme Oneness coldly snorted, soaring into the sky, Confronted with Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor: "Last time regardless of victory or defeat, this time I will crush your Old Dog from this Primordial Beginning to pieces!"

Both Dao Venerates can be said to be Dao Venerates. One of the most formidable existences, this fight is naturally heaven shaking earth shattering, and below, Old Man Extreme Revolution and Asceticism Heavenly Venerate and the others are relaxed: "Supreme Oneness is blinded by hatred, it really is somewhat Recklessly, he, the Commander-in-Chief, left, no one is in charge of the overall situation, and there is Extreme Revolution on my side to control the overall situation, and finally I have some hope, and I will not be flattened by a wave..."

Another grand mountain pass, Jiang Xueqing led the Heavenly Gate with 14 Dao Venerates standing on the grand mountain pass. After the grand mountain pass is Heavenly Gate. Waiting quietly, I saw Jade Capital Dao Venerate leading Jade Capital Sacred. Cult’s countless powerhouses came, and more than forty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates looked at this grand mountain pass.

"Heavenly Gate Gate Master, it really is extraordinary."

Jade Capital Dao Venerate exclaimed, and said: "Fortunately, I have a lot of subordinate capable soldiers. I guess Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is only afraid of flesh pain, because his daughter said she must not be fallen here."

Jiang Xueqing slightly smiled, waved his hand, and saw the grand mountain pass city gate open, saying: "Jade Capital Sacred Cult Master, I set up an Uninhabited Forbidden Zone in the level, and I also invite Sacred Cult Master to enter the level! If you can break the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, I will let you break into the Great Overarching Heaven!"

" The Gate Master was overbearing and was able to build the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone by itself. However, we came to Great Overarching Heaven not to break in, but to kill people. The Immeasurable Killing Tribulation was completed by bloodbathing Great Overarching Heaven."

Jade Capital said with a smile: "But what you said about Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, I am really interested in breaking into it."

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