Exalted Emperor Chapter 1649

Chengtou, Jiang Xueqing whispered: "Everyone Fellow Daoist, Jade Capital wants to wash my Great Overarching Heaven. It’s hard to stop this battle. I have to try my best."

Beside her, fourteen Dao Venerates, including Clear Void, Heavenly Harmonious, and Departed Mother, were nodded, said with a smile: "Our original intention of building Heavenly Gate is to transform into Uninhabited Forbidden Zone to spend Annihilation. Tribulation, now it’s just turned into a forbidden zone earlier!"

"My Heavenly Gate battle, I don’t know how many people survived? I hope that in the next life, there will be a forbidden we built. The zone leaves the seeds of civilization for each era!"

Fourteen Dao Venerates fell into the city one after another, each of them swayed, but seeing the endless divine light flying, landing, blending into the Void, just listening to hong , long, long The loud noise is endless, the infinite Space-Time development, the vastness and the endlessness!

The forbidden zone is formed!

In the remote Primordial Dao Era, the powerhouse of Primordial Dao established the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. Although there are many Dao Monarchs in the forbidden zone, there are not many Dao Venerates, and now they reproduce Uninhabited. Forbidden Zone, fourteen Dao Venerates were used!

Jiang Xueqing also walked down the city gate and disappeared in the forbidden zone.

Outside the city, Jade Capital Sacred Cult Master leads Jade Capital Sacred Cult’s many powerhouses, the army is trillion, the flag is flying, the Immortal City Immortal Domain is turbulent, the immortal building immortal pagoda, the great decked battleship, there are hustle and bustle. Get into this grand mountain pass.

There are more than forty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates surrounded by Jade Capital Dao Venerate, breaking into the gate, and looking at it, I saw that the gate unexpectedly formed an extremely heroic Space, which is vast and you can’t see the extremity. Look Not to the Great Overarching Heaven behind the grand mountain pass!

Here Space is distorted, Great Dao is sinking, Dao Law Divine Ability is distorted and suppressed. Everyone feels the incomparable pressure of formidable suppressing their Great Dao and Divine Ability!

Uninhabited Forbidden Zone!

The Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, which was once destroyed by Emperor and Exalted's backhands and disappeared, finally reappears!

Vaguely, many Dao Monarch Dao Venerates only saw a gate towering in the center of the forbidden zone, Jiang Xueqing sitting under care, and ancient Dao Venerates such as Clear Void, Heavenly Harmonious, and Departed Mother. Has been disappeared, can't see where the person is hiding.

Uninhabited Forbidden Zone is just an ancient rumor for the many Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, and Dao Venerate of Immortal Dao Era. After they were born, the forbidden zone has long since become a distant legend. see.

At this moment, many powerhouses of Jade Capital Sacred Cult and Emperor, Exalted subordinate looked at them one after another, but they did not see any peculiarities.

"Uninhabited Forbidden Zone? I heard that the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone is just a place where some dead Dao Monarchs have made a tortoise to save their lives."

A Dao Monarch shook his head and said with a smile: "In that place, at most it is killing a few Heavenly Monarchs, how can we get us?"

"It's not the same."

Jade Capital complexion dignified, look at all around and shook his head: "The former Uninhabited Forbidden Zone was built by Dao Monarch after his death in order to resist Annihilation Tribulation, so that he would not completely soul flies away and scatters. Because he wanted to save his life, the forbidden zone suppressed the rule of all ages, even Even Annihilation Great Dao and Annihilation Tribulation were suppressed! That was the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone built by the dead Dao Monarch, and this one was built by the 14 living Dao Venerates. These 14 old ghosts are all extremely ancient , The strength is extremely formidable and should not be underestimated. Don’t go away, our strength must be gathered together, meet Divinity kill Divinity meet Buddha kill Buddha, then the forbidden zone can be broken!"

Jade Capital is after all The giant who has been fighting for a long time, said solemnly: "The reason why they are turned into a forbidden zone is because they are few people, including Jiang Xueqing, only fifteen people, and we have a lot of people. So they need to be turned into forbidden zone. The zone can block us and prevent us from bloodbathing the Great Overarching Heaven. However, it turns into a forbidden zone to block us, but it also disperses their strength, giving us a chance to destroy them one by one, one by one! If you did good, Even one of us can kill them all without dying..."

He just said this Inside, I saw the gray mist in the depths of the forbidden zone, constantly pouring in, covering the forbidden zone. Where the gray mist engulfed, I saw a large army disappear without a trace, disappear without a trace!

Each of these vanishing armies has several millions True Immortal Immortal Immortal King Immortal Monarch, and even Heavenly Monarch Commander-in-Chief. In the hands of Heavenly Monarch, powerhouse also controls Emperor Lin’s Three The Innate Spirit Treasure of Thousand Great Daos, even if you encounter Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, it will not be silently obliterated!

Moreover, there are more than forty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates present, unexpectedly no one can see how these people disappeared, it is weird!

"In front of us waiting for Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, still want to be pretending to be mysterious?"

A Dao Monarch sneered, strode into the gray mist and sacrificed to Innate Spirit Treasure, big said with a smile: "I have the ability to make me disappear! If I don't have this ability, then show up to fight with me at fair and square!"

After this wave of fog dissipated, I saw that Dao Monarch disappeared without a trace!

The Jade Capital subordinate army is in an uproar, and the army is unstable.

A Dao Monarch just disappeared in front of them, it's really weird and unimaginable!

Jade Capital is coldly snorted, looking up towards Heavenly Gate, Jiang Xueqing still sits under care and hasn’t moved: "No wonder even I was concealed from it, it turned out to be moved into Heavenly Gate! Needless to say, all of my troops have fallen into the Heavenly Gate and have been refined to death! Heavenly Gate Gate Master, inherited the Great Dao precipitation of Uninhabited Forbidden Zone for hundred billion years, and use itself as the center of the forbidden zone to make Clear Void those The old ghost turns into a forbidden zone, just kill her, and the forbidden zone can be easily broken!"

Long An and the others spirit vigorously, Jade Capital instructed: "This battle besieged Heavenly Gate Gate Master There is no need to be surrounded by a large army. This woman is the extremely terrifying existence of Dao Venerate, surpassing Hong, Jun, and beheading the Dao Lord Heavenly Order Dao Venerate of Primordial Rising Era. It is the same name as Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, below Dao Monarch People are not worthy of use! All troops and horses are ordered to exit this level immediately to help Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate! All other Dao Monarch Dao Venerate stay and strangle the Heavenly Gate Gate Master!"

Hearing the order, they withdrew one after another. Suddenly I saw the Black Wind masterpiece in the forbidden zone, and there were Blood Sea overflowing heaven, thunderclap, mountain range steep, sun, moon, stars chaotic, and spinning wheel rolling, feather fans flying, one after another. Army from all walks of life rushed, and wherever they went, the army disappeared all the way.

Fortunately, they did not go deep into the forbidden zone. Most of the troops rushed out of the forbidden zone and left this grand mountain pass, but the smaller half of the army horses had been swallowed by natural phenomena such as Black Wind and gray fog.

Dao Monarch Dao Venerate's heart sank: "These people are afraid that they have been robbed and died in the Heavenly Gate. It seems that only by killing the Heavenly Gate Gate Master can we crack this Uninhabited Forbidden. Zone!"

Innate Spirit Treasures are being sacrificed one after another, hanging high in the air, all around the natural phenomena such as gray mist, thunderclap, Black Wind and Blood Sea, Jade Capital Dao Venerate immediately Lead the heroes and go straight to Heavenly Gate!

At this moment, the Heavenly Gate suddenly opened, and I saw mountain-like bones gushing out from the door, tens of millions of white bones, piled into mountains, and the huge bones are still filled with Immortal Dao's prestige are the bones of the True Immortal Immortal King Immortal Monarch Heavenly Monarch that just disappeared!

There is even a Dao Monarch withered bones!

In this short moment, there are hundreds of millions of Immortal and Demon that were refined by Jiang Xueqing on the Heavenly Gate, including a Dao Monarch!

Jiang Xueqing got up, Heavenly Gate stood above the sea of ​​white bone, white bone surged like a tide, Jiang Xueqing coldly looked towards the approaching 40-odd Dao Monarch Dao Venerate!

The gray mist surged, and a huge black shadow stood behind her.

The master of the forbidden zone, prestige is the best!

"Sister-in-law sisters, release me Annihilation Tribulation!"

Jiang Xueqing scolded, and saw a black shadow behind him offering spiritual treasures. The divine light changed, and the Annihilation Tribulation suppressed in the Spirit Treasure suddenly broke out, flooding the Space of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone!

More than forty Dao Monarch Dao Venerates, including Jade Capital, were immediately overwhelmed by Annihilation Tribulation!

Jade Capital flustered and exasperated, furiously shouted: "Damn, this Heavenly Gate Gate Master is more ruthless than her Laozi Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate. Is this going to die with us?"

The Dao Venerates in the Heavenly Gate are all Primeval Dao Monarch reincarnation. As early as when Primeval Annihilation Tribulation Waves invaded Immortal Dao Era, these Dao Venerate's fatal tribulations had already come, thanks to their search in Great Overarching Heaven Only the rare treasure that is destined to oneself can suppress the tribulation waves.

How terrifying is the release of tribulation waves at this moment? Not only will Clear Void, Heavenly Harmonious and the others be obliterated, but even Jade Capital and the others will fall into within tribulation and be destroyed by Annihilation!

Because Uninhabited Forbidden Zone is the forbidden zone against Annihilation Tribulation. Even if Clear Void, Heavenly Harmonious and the others are dead, they can also hide in the forbidden zone with Divine Soul and wait for the opportunity to reincarnation. And if they die, they will be completely wiped out, unless the Divine Soul is also pinned in the forbidden zone!

If Jiang Xueqing's strategy is successful, I am afraid that all Dao Monarch Dao Venerate present will die, and all the cultivation base will be turned into flowing water. At most, only Divine Soul will be left!

So vicious and merciless, beheading himself and his opponents together, no wonder Jade Capital is swearing.

He also secretly rejoiced that if he hadn't sent the army of Jade Capital Sacred Cult to support Supreme Oneness and the others, he would all be buried in this Uninhabited Forbidden Zone!

"Compete for a glimmer of survival, kill Heavenly Gate Gate Master!" Jade Capital Dao Venerate shouted loudly and rushed forward.

At this moment, Jiang Xueqing and a black shadow of a huge item behind him also rushed forward, sternly shouted: "Fight to the death, for all living things of Great Overarching Heaven, take a glimmer of survival!"

Jade Capital Dao Venerate has a grim face, facing Jiang Xueqing, and sternly said: "Jiang Xueqing, Heavenly Gate Gate Master, if you do this, you will inevitably die!"

Heavenly Gate oscillates, collides with Jade Capital Immortal City, oscillates all around the Annihilation Tribulation coming in.

"body dies and Dao disappears, so what? at worst Divine Soul reincarnation!"

"body dies and Dao disappears, even if you reincarnation, you can’t re-cultivation to the present The boundary, the future Annihilation Tribulation, you will undoubtedly die!"


Great Overarching Heaven, the three grand mountain passes of east, south, and west, are all caught in the flames of war at this moment, and In the extreme pass in the north, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Ji Du, Empress Other Shore, four Great Dao Ancestor, four Great Dao, each leading the subordinate Dao Monarch Heavenly Monarch stands on this grand mountain pass, behind Empress Other Shore His son Habuchi, and Female Monarch Yun Lian, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother and the others, also stand on the grand mountain pass, waiting quietly. The number of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate is only more than ten.

In the distance, the flag flew, and the army led by Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate, Dao Lord Meng Xun, Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother, Heavenly Desolate Dao Venerate, and Evilless Dao Venerate appeared in everyone’s eyes. Dao Venerate is the all-inclusive Dao Venerate.

The most formidable Dao Venerates of Great Overarching Heaven are all on the grand mountain pass, and Dao Venerate, the most formidable Emperor and Exalted subordinate, also appears here. Although the number of people is small, they are all Immortal Dao Era The most formidable Dao Venerate!

This is destined to be the most tragic and terrifying battle among the four grand mountain passes!

"Daoist Hong and the others may not be Empyrean Origin opponents, Concubine Tian, ​​you can't avoid this battle, so prepare to take action." In the deepest part of Great Overarching Heaven, Mother Yuan looks to the north extreme pass, slightly frowned, to Dao Venerate Concubine Tian.

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate agreed to our alliance, why didn't you take it?"

Mother Yuan looked at Jiang Nan who was sitting still and couldn't help but said: "If he doesn't take action, Great Overarching Heaven will be wiped out!"

"Wait for our both sides to suffer."

Jiang Nan complexion calm and composed, said: "Then Dao Monarch The Palace’s powerhouse appears, clean up the mess, and clean up the remnants of Great Overarching Heaven!"

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