Exalted Emperor Chapter 1650

"Isn't Everlasting Heavenly Venerate saying that they joined hands with us?"

Mother Yuan frowned: "If the Dao Venerate Dao Monarch of Dao Monarch Palace appears suddenly, Great Overarching Heaven is even more inevitable!"

Jiang Nan shook the head, said: "Everlasting Heavenly Venerate originally said that they would join forces, but he thought it was difficult to deal with the powerhouse of Exalted-Emperor Lineage, and he watched The strength of my Great Overarching Heaven has been lowered. Now Great Overarching Heaven and Exalted-Emperor Lineage have killed heaven falls and earth rends, only two points weaker than Exalted-Emperor Lineage. He fears my Great Overarching Heaven and naturally refuses to join hands. , But waiting for us two families both sides to suffer, and he picked one for a cheaper one."

Mother Yuan's airway: "Everlasting Heavenly Venerate speaks like farting, but the voice is loud but smelly! Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, your wife and children can all be in this Great Overarching Heaven, then you must take action! I only care about the life of Concubine Tian alone, but I can't save your wife and children!"

Jiang Nan shook his head Said: "Six Great Heavenly Venerates has agreed on three rules, and I will not take action."

Heavenly Venerate Mother Yuan got angry and got up and said with displeasure: "If you don’t take action, it depends on your family The little being extinguished sect!"

Jiang Nan shook his head again: "No one can destroy my whole family, only my whole family. Sister-in-law don't be impat ient, I'll see the result later. "

Mother Yuan was suspicious, and sat down again, looking towards the battlefield of Great Overarching Heaven four grand mountain pass, said with a smile: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, the opponents came to attack in four ways, The four ways army divides your subordinate powerhouse into four ways. The guarding of the south pass Extreme Revolution is definitely unstoppable. When the Extreme Revolution is dead, the army commander drove straight in and slaughtered the Great Overarching Heaven creature. Simply unstoppable! The east pass of Great Overarching Heaven, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright is dragged by Fu Ta, west pass, Jade Capital is afraid that you will be together with your daughter Xueqing perish, and the north pass is definitely deadly! What military forces do you have to block? If you don't make a move, everyone in Great Overarching Heaven will be slaughtered! "

Jiang Nan complexion calm and composed: "Mother Yuan, I have an ambush, my ambush can destroy Dao Monarch Palace, can destroy Exalted-Emperor Lineage, and wash the world with blood. "

"Ambush here? "

Mother Yuan said angrily: "All the strengths of Great Overarching Heaven have been used by you. You are still calm and easy-going. You don't think you die too many?" "

"Mother Yuan don't be impatient, when Emperor Jiang corpse shows up, you will know that my ambush is here. "

Mother Yuan hearing this, could not help but startled: "Does he really have an ambush?" "

At this time, the Great Overarching Heaven east pass, the battle between Xi Yingqing and Profound Metropolis has come to an end. The two have battled, and their negative injuries have been extremely heavy. Although Profound Metropolis is Dao Venerate, the strength Extremely formidable, but Xi Yingqing's Unabandoned Heavenly Book is also extremely overbearing, especially after Innate Dream Mirror dreams him, reproduces his mental state when he was fighting with Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign. Although it is Dao Monarch, it has something not inferior to Dao Venerate. battle strength !

So far in the battle, both of them have reached a situation where the oil and the lamp are dry.

Suddenly, Profound Metropolis groaned, but they saw a moso bamboo root out of the underground. From the moment it turned into Profound Metropolis Seven Treasures Forest, Power of Good Fortune became very vigorous, flooded with Heaven and Earth, and flooded to Profound Metropolis.

He is Good Fortune Dao Venerate, proficient in Dao of Good Fortune, even if killed by someone, can be resurrected instantly.

At this time, both of them are exhausted. If Profound Metropolis Good Fortune regenerates, it will return to Peak status and kill Xi Yingqing. with no difficulty!

"Good Fortune! "

Xi Yingqing stunned, Innate Dream Mirror snapped a photo, reflected in the eyes of Profound Metropolis, Profound Metropolis was stunned, and saw the billowing Power of Good Fortune pouring into Xi Yingqing's body instead. !

Xi Yingqing is the discíple in his body. He also refines Good Fortune Great Dao. Profound Metropolis doesn’t have any private possessions. He has already taught him the Three Thousand Good Fortune Great Daos he created. At this moment, I was disturbed by Innate Dream Mirror, and Xi Yingqing immediately seized Good Fortune!


His palm flew out and printed on the chest of Profound Metropolis, this move him Exhibiting all the strength, the essence of Unabandoned Heavenly Book is displayed in this palm, and with that strong emotions, your battle strength blooms without reservation!

Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Venerate immediately I immediately got rid of the Innate Dream Mirror, saw the palm flying, suddenly smiled, and let the palm fall on me.

Yellow-robed broke, and the sound of Dao Fruit was broken.

Xi Yingqing stayed in a daze, trembled: "Master..."

The yellow-robed body of Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Venerate was broken in half, flying like a butterfly, corner of The mouth was bleeding, but with a gratified smile, he walked towards him: "I said I would teach you the last thing, and now I teach you, Yingqing, you have got my Good Fortune Great Dao, and I am dead. No regrets..."

Suddenly a divine light flew out of him. It was one of Emperor Lin’s Three Thousand Great Daos, and Emperor Lin gave him a Th ree Thousand Great Daos, turned into Magical Treasure, Profound Metropolis Good Fortune Dao Venerate fought with Xi Yingqing but never used this Magical Treasure.

At this moment, his Dao Fruit was shattered and there was no vitality. This Magical Treasure was changed to a divine light and flew away, returning to Emperor Lin's body.

Xi Yingqing looked at the divine light going away, her body trembling, muttered: "Master, why didn't you use that Spirit Treasure?"

Profound Metropolis walked to his In front of him, said with a slight smile: "Teacher, preaching and teaching karma, I will fight with you today and show you all my Good Fortune Great Dao. If you are a disciple, how can you please? Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is kind to me, Heavenly Ghost Grandma is kind to me, and you have helped me many times. How can I kill you?"


Xi Yingqing knelt on the ground, Profound Metropolis stroked the top of his head, knotted his hair, and chanted softly: "Immortal stroked my top and knotted the hair to give Longevity. Back then, my teacher removed me from Primal Chaos. Enlighten, caress the top of my head, and teach me the Longevity Method. Today I will tie the hair for you and teach you Longevity. Yingqing, take my Great Dao to live, not next life If there is Heaven and Earth, preach for me, not Let my Great Dao go extinct."

Xi Yingqing knelt down deeply, tears falling like rain: "Master..."

Profound Metropolis has a liberating color on his face and body. In the decomposition of divine light, the disappearance of little by little, said with a smile: "I have been rough in my life. I can neither bear the friendship nor bear the master kindness, the Master has a weak temperament, and only escaped by death... "


His Fleshly Body shattered, turned into a divine light and dissipated, leaving only a half-strike yellow-robed.

Cult Master Fu Ta rectified the remnants and returned in a swirl of dust, and south pass, Jade Capital Sacred Cult’s Heavenly Monarch led the huge army of majestic and grandiose, like tigers and wolves, and went straight to south pass. !

At this moment, the war in the south pass has been extremely fierce. Extreme Revolution tried its best to mobilize the army and even participated in the war, but it was difficult to resist the more than 40 fierce assaults of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate led by Supreme Oneness. !

At this time, Jade Capital Sacred Cult rushed to make matters worse.

Great Overarching Heaven has already used all the strength that can be used, and no reinforcements will come. If it is attacked by Jade Capital Sacred Cult, the south pass will be destroyed. I'm going to die here!

Old Man Extreme Revolution was bloody, chessboard turned into Heaven and Earth, chess pieces turned into stars, forming an Innate Dao Domain, resisting the siege of two Great Dao statues, hoarse and yelled: "Who can stop it? The army of Jade Capital Sacred Cult?"

"I'll go!"

Jiang Xue flew out, shook his body, turned into a Nine-Tailed Monster Fox, and nine great avatars stood there The tip of the foxtail's tail rushed towards the trillion army outside the pass!


Monster Fox roared and spit out a silken ball. The silken ball kept rolling, getting bigger and bigger, and crashed into Jade Capital Sacred Cult with a raging fire. In the army!

I saw where the silken ball went. I don’t know how many people turned into fine powder. Fleshly Body Dao Fruit Primordial Spirit was all crushed, unstoppable and unstoppable!

"Great Overarching Heaven's Number One Heavenly Monarch, East Pole Heavenly Monarch?"

I saw the Emperor and Emperors of Kunlun, Clear Brahma, and Reverence Hall in the Jade Capital Sacred Cult camp. The discíples of Exalted shouted furiously in unison, one by one Innate Spirit Treasure rose from the great formation of the army, and greeted the silken ball!

Emperor and Exalted’s discíple, in addition to Proving Dao Dao Monarch’s Empyrean Origin, Profound Metropolis, Jade Capital, Supreme Oneness, Spontaneity and Grand Truth, there are more than a dozen discíples who have not proven the Dao Monarch , Is still Heavenly Monarch Boundary, but these existences are one of the most formidable existences in Heavenly Monarch.

Together with Young Cult Lord Yu Linzi of Jade Capital Sacred Cult, Sacred Maiden Yu Xian'er, and thousands of Heavenly Monarch, it is still an inconceivable strength.

Despite the heavy casualties in the west pass Jade Capital Sacred Cult, most of the troops still survived. The Heavenly Monarch has more than a thousand statues. At this moment, many Heavenly Monarch looked towards Jiang Xue, like looking at a dead person !

"With a Heavenly Monarch alone, I want to stop my trillion army, East Pole, you are too wishful!"

Kunlun Heavenly Monarch said with a smile: "My teacher once said However, East Pole is the head of Heavenly Monarch, the Number One Person in Heavenly Monarch. If you are not too greedy and want an alternative Proving Dao, otherwise you are already Dao Monarch. It’s a pity that you have fallen into calamity in the Acquired place of alternative enlightenment. Let you miss the Proving Dao Dao Monarch. I’d like to see how you are the Number One Person in the so-called Heavenly Monarch!"

I saw one after another Innate Inextinguishable Divine Light from the army. Flying out in the middle, colliding with the silken ball, there are as many as two hundred Innate Inextinguishable Divine Lights, all of which are Innate Spirit Treasure made by Emperor Lin's Three Thousand Great Daos!

These Spirit Treasures are worshipped by a statue of Heavenly Monarch, but the formidable power is also amazing, especially behind these Heavenly Monarchs, there is a great formation composed of countless Immortal and Demon, which will bring the Innate Spirit Treasure’s power is even more terrifying!

The silken ball collided with the Innate Spirit Treasure one after another. Jiang Xue's foxtail was shaken constantly behind him, and the nine great avatar on the tip of the foxtail's tail was also shaken so that the corner of the mouth was bleeding.

This Nine-Tailed Monster Fox was so brave and brave that it rushed into the opposing army, and shook countless Immortal and Demon to death with a roar. The claws were waved and the Void was torn apart. I don’t know how much True Immortal, The Immortal King and Immortal Monarch are buried!

Jiang Xue rammed and broke open a great formation, suddenly plunged into the formation with a big mouth, bit down, ka-cha snapped a Heavenly Monarch!

Her nine great avatars control the silken ball, collide with more than two hundred Innate Spirit Treasures, and transform themselves into original slaughters, unstoppable and unstoppable!

Number One Person in Heavenly Monarch, the formidable strength is undoubtedly revealed!

"East Pole Monster Fox, Hugh is crazy!"

Kunlun Heavenly Monarch and the others furiously shouted, a statue of Heavenly Monarch soaring from the great formation, surrounding this Nine -Tailed Monster Fox fights together, and the divine lights transformed into Innate Magical Treasure are attacking Jiang Xue one after another.

And the silken ball is flying around Jiang Xue, constantly colliding with the Innate Spirit Treasure, resisting one after another attack, this Monster Fox sprints like flying, colliding with the great formation, trying to avoid Kunlun Heavenly Monarch and The others had a head-on conflict, wherever they went, the formatíon collapsed, and no one can match a prestige of strike!

She alone killed the Jade Capital Sacred Cult trillion army in chaos and the formation was disrupted. Jiang Xue took the opportunity to kill Heavenly Monarch in the chaos army and succeeded repeatedly.

"Disperse, disperse all to me!"

Yu Linzi both shocked and angry, murderous aura suddenly stood up, and suddenly raised Innate Spirit Treasure, swept away suddenly, The millions of Immortal and Demon army on his own side all killed and wiped out.

Kunlun Heavenly Monarch, Yu Xian'er and the others immediately took the opportunity to sacrifice Innate Spirit Treasure, block Space-Time, and finally trap Jiang Xue!

One statue of Heavenly Monarch loudly shouted: "Kill her as soon as possible, and support Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate!"

Jiang Xue was trapped and suddenly gritted his teeth, only to see an avatar bang bang bursting. Kai, the Great Dao turned into a billowing Great Dao rushing into her main body, causing her aura to skyrocket steadily, heading straight to Dao Monarch!

Based on the accumulation of her nine great avatars, the nine great avatars are all Heavenly Monarchs of the Great Perfection, and each Heavenly Monarch has cultivated the Three Thousand Great Daos. If it were the Immortal Dao flourishing period, she would definitely be able to do so. Proving Dao Dao Monarch, and also an outstanding figure in Dao Monarch!

At that time, she must be able to calmly deal with this killing!

"Unfortunately, this Heaven and Earth collapsed and it is no longer possible to Proving Dao..."

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox's body shook, and the former beautiful white clothed woman was restored, Standing in the center of the encircling circle with a silken ball in his hand, his eyes were sad, and he looked at the vast Great Overarching Heaven with nostalgia: "Perhaps, I can't watch you come to the end..."

"Kill! "

More than a thousand Heavenly Monarch loudly shouted and attacked Jiang Xue.

"Kill!" Jiang Xue's hair rose to the sky, and the silken ball turned.

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