Exalted Emperor Chapter 1654

Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan are gone, and in the battlefield, whether it is Samsara Dao Venerate, Overflowing Harmony Dao Venerate, Demon Ancestor Rahula, or Empyrean Origin, Supreme Oneness, Fu Ta, All fighting endlessly!

Dao Monarch Palace does not have many powerhouses, Heavenly Monarch has about 2,000 people, and Dao Monarch has sixty-two statues, which together are only two thousand. However, the Immortal of Exalted-Emperor Lineage is Calculated in trillions.

But this fierce battle cannot be determined by the number of people.

Although the number of Dao Monarch Palace is small, a large number of Heavenly Monarch are Primal Chaos Heavenly Monarch, and in Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, many existences have lived one after another in Dao Monarch Palace Dao Venerate of the era, as well as Primal Chaos Dao Venerate such as Rahu, Zhong Tian, ​​and Spirit Maiden, and Rama, the Great Grandmaster who set up the formation with the same fame as Old Ancestor Dark-Bright.

Therefore, in this battle, Exalted-Emperor Lineage wants to win a complete victory.

What's more, the Dao Monarch Origin Energy of Exalted-Emperor Lineage was seriously injured in the battle with Great Overarching Heaven, which killed and injured the thirty-forty respect Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, and Heavenly Monarch suffered heavy casualties. As for Immortal Monarch, Immortal King and True Immortal suffered countless casualties.

This is the case. The Dao Monarch Dao Venerate of Exalted-Emperor Lineage still has as many as 100, and the number is still dominant, and the number of Heavenly Monarch also exceeds Dao Monarch Palace.

A more critical point is that Emperor Lin’s Three Thousand Great Daos gave it and turned it into an Innate Spirit Treasure. Dao Monarch Dao Venerate had one man, and there were more than 2,000 people in Heavenly Monarch who had Innate. Spirit Treasure, this battle is still Exalted-Emperor Lineage's greater win.

If Jiang Nan doesn’t take away the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, Dao Monarch Palace will inevitably unite the strength of the Great Overarching Heaven to kill the Exalted-Emperor Lineage thoroughly, and then it will be able to slaughter the Great Overarching Heaven calmly. And now, Dao Monarch Palace is also very difficult.

In the battlefield, death happens all the time. Even the formidable Dao Monarch Dao Venerate is hard to keep from falling. Even with the Innate Spirit Treasure in hand, death is futile. !

Immortal killed and wounded in this fierce battle is countless, Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, Dao Venerate have also repeatedly fallen, catastrophe is coming soon, no one will keep their hands, just fight for a glimmer of survival.

Looking at Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan from a distance, Mother Yuan couldn’t help feeling a little bit of pity in her heart, and sighed: “If these existences are placed in Primeval in any era, I’m afraid they will be extraordinary characters. Now I can only struggle to survive in the Killing Tribulation..."

Jiang Nan pulled out the Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Treasured Sword and shook it slightly, only to see the Great Overarching Treasured Sword swell sharply, turning it into a majestic Primordial Beginning Great Overarching Heaven, hearing this shook his head and said: "Mother Yuan, don't fight now. When the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation arrives, there will be no way to survive. It is better for others to die than for yourself. If you fall because of poor ability, no one can blame others."

All powerhouse and Three Realms creatures of Great Overarching Heaven Lineage have emerged one after another, one by one glanced around, with a sense of avoided a catastrophe.

If Jiang Nan took away Great Overarching Heaven and put them in the sword, how many people would survive now?

There is silence in Great Overarching Heaven, and some terrifying quietly.

Some soldiers are wiping the blood on Magical Treasure, some are washing the blood on the river bank, some are cleaning the corpse on the floor, and some are walking around, hoping to find their familiar faces , Caring for the caring people.

Some Immortals are busy, healing the wounded, and a Commander-in-Chief from each army is counting the number of people, everyone is busy.

After a while, the voices gradually increased, there were the painful hissing of the wounded, some were seriously injured and fell to the ground and died, and some people found the person they care about, the sound of crying with joy, and some people found it Just a cold corpse.

Some people are sitting on their knees, stupefied, some crying, heartbroken.

The Commander-in-Chief of all the army has completed the statistics and reported them to Heavenly Monarch, and Heavenly Monarch reported to Dao Monarch. Finally, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright stepped forward and bowed: " Heavenly Venerate, Dao Monarch Dao Venerate had 17 casualties, Heavenly Monarch killed 1,500 in battle, Immortal Monarch killed 42,000 in battle, Immortal King......"

Jiang Nan listened silently Suddenly Jiang Xueqing stepped forward and whispered: "Old Man Extreme Revolution was seriously injured and died. He has gone. I sent his Divine Soul into the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. Divine Father, there are only seven people left on my Heavenly Gate. ...",

Old Man Extreme Revolution, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Great Overarching Heaven south pass, was exhausted.

Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, who besieged south pass, knew that he was the center of formatíon guarding south pass, so the attack on him was the most violent. In that battle, the moment south pass was broken, Innate Scaled When Dragon Horse and Sacred Pavo Flying Bear and the others went to fend off the enemies who entered the Great Overarching Heaven, the Old Man Extreme Revolution was full of vitality.

He is in charge of the formatíon center of south pass, if it were not for the vitality, he would not let the enemy rush into the Great Overarching Heaven.

The reason why he persists until now is because he does not know the safety of Great Overarching Heaven. With the support of a will, Jiang Nan reproduces Great Overarching Heaven. Everyone is safe, and his will is loosened body dies and Dao disappears.

Fortunately, Jiang Xueqing was by his side and kept his broken Divine Soul and sent it to the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone.

Heavenly Gate ten Six Paths gods, ten of them have died in battle, of which eight are buried in the forbidden zone, and in the first battle of Divine Mother, Emperor Wang has already taken a step first and failed to enter the forbidden zone, and the Peaceful Manifestation, which died of exhaustion at the head of the east pass, is also dead forever.

Jiang Nan’s eyes were sore, he got up and looked at Great Overarching Heaven’s every living being. In this battle, many faces were missing. Moluo Shen died in battle, Shao Tianya died in battle, and Miao Di died in battle. , Hades is dead, Ambiance Heaven is dead, Profound Opening, who has always been very cheerful and always said that you have a great idea, also died...

Dao King stepped forward, wounded all over, and whispered: " Heavenly Venerate, Old Ancestor Profound-Yellow also left. And Hao Shaojun, failed to find his corpse..."

Jiang Nan was silent.

Everyone saw his sideburns gradually growing gray hair, as if they heard the departure of an old friend, making him old.

Don't talk about time, even enemies such as Emperor and Exalted, Everlasting and Dao Void, even the extremely terrifying Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, can't make this Heavenly Venerate old.

From beginning to end, this Heavenly Venerate has a heart of Divinity, fighting spirit of Divinity, boundless strength, boundless wisdom, but the news of an old friend’s death still makes him seem forever Impossible The eternal inextinguishable Dao Heart in a weak spot has become old and vicissitudes of life.

Jiang Nan was silent, and continued to be silent. He walked in the Great Overarching Heaven.

Where he walked, a statue of Immortal stood up silently, watching, and the disabled soldiers also struggled to get up, and gradually more and more people stood up, river bank, under the tree, Before the checkpoint, in the village, the silhouettes of All Heavens of Three Realms stood up and looked at his silhouette silently.

The Great Overarching Heaven Lord, carrying these gazes, as if carrying unimaginable burdens and burdens, heavier step by step.

He cannot be wrong, cannot be defeated, and cannot die.

If he is wrong, if he is defeated, if he is dead, all the creatures in this Great Overarching Heaven will turn into fly ash and go away.

"Someone will die in the next battle."

Jiang Nan's voice is hoarse and spread throughout Great Overarching Heaven: "But I still need you to continue the battle, not for nothing Yes, for all living things in Three Realms Thirty Three Heavens, continue to battle!"

"For those who have died in battle, continue to battle!"

"For yourself For children and grandchildren who have not yet been born, continue to battle!"

"For the future of yourself and clansman, continue to battle!"


Time goes by, The trend of Immortal Dao Era’s collapse and disintegration is even more obvious. The one after another beautiful Tribulation Light power in Void is getting stronger and bigger. The continent of Immortal Dao Era has completely collapsed. The countless galaxy in starry sky have long been turned into Primal. Chaos.

Space-Time is constantly collapsing, Immortal Dao Era's Annihilation Tribulation has a faint trend of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and the speed of time passing is even more amazing. Thousands of years flow by the finger, and thousands of years of breathing. Pass away.

Immortal Realm and Demon Realm's barriers in the Great Universe disappeared, and Demon Realm's Annihilation Tribulation unprecedented once again, and began to invade into Immortal Realm.

The majesty of its prestige is chilling.

The destruction of Space-Time is getting more and more terrifying and terrifying. This is a sign of the end.

Even, the decisive battle between Exalted-Emperor Lineage and Dao Monarch Palace lineage on the original site of Great Overarching Heaven has not yet ended, and several hundred million years have passed.

As time goes by, everyone can feel the depression of boundless. At this time, survivors can see the past Space-Time anywhere in the Immortal Dao Universe, and see the three giants. The waves, the huge waves transformed by the terrifying Annihilation Tribulation, are rushing from the past to the present!

The collapse of Space-Time has made the boundary between the past and the present become more and more blurred.

"Dao Monarch Palace is broken." Mother Yuan said sadly.

Dao Monarch Palace is shattered. This is the most formidable Magical Treasure in history. It is a collection of treasures forged by the wisdom of each era. It still does not stop the Primordial Dao, Primordial Rising and Primordial Heaven Three Great. The Annihilation Tribulation of Eras has been completely eliminated.

Dao Monarch Palace has completely become a history in disillusionment.

And those three huge waves, it is the current three Annihilation Tribulation!

The shadow of the highest wave covers the entire Immortal Dao Era, which is the Annihilation Tribulation of Primordial Dao Era!

At this moment, everyone feels that they are getting closer and closer to the end of Time and Space, and the extremely desperate and terrifying Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation is also getting closer and closer!

"Great Overarching Heaven all living things, prepare for battle."

On Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan took a long breath and looked towards the battlefield. I saw that the battle there had stopped. The two warring parties rushed to their own Sacred Land to find refuge.

Three big waves are coming, and they are crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Under the pounce attack of these three big waves, Immortal Dao Era will be broken in one shot, except Heavenly Venerate, I'm afraid no one can survive.

This terrifying sight made Dao Venerate also had to find a safe place to seek shelter, and had no intention of fighting anymore.

Their two families suffered heavy casualties and lost most of their strength. The Heavenly Monarch of Dao Monarch Palace has all died, leaving only more than a dozen Dao Venerate Dao Monarchs, and Dao Monarch Dao of Exalted-Emperor Lineage There are only more than 30 people left in Venerate.

"Destroy their two families whole family!"

Jiang Nan was expressionless, raised his hand to Two Great Sacred Lands, and said: "For myself, for all living things, ask for a glimmer of survival!”

Behind him, the only 29 Dao Monarchs of Great Overarching Heaven stand, and behind him is a silent Heavenly Monarch, the more silent Immortal Monarch, Immortal King and True Immortal.

"Kill..." Someone whispered.

"Kill!" someone answered.

Myriad's voices converged into a torrent, oscillating in the Great Overarching Heaven.


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