Exalted Emperor Chapter 1655

Primordial Dao, Primordial Rising, Primordial Heaven Three Great Eras’ Annihilation Tribulation looks like a big wave overflowing heaven, coming from the collapsed Space-Time, it looks like a statue of Buddha from a distance It's a still wave, but every moment, the wave gets bigger!

It is conceivable that these three waves are approaching the present at an extremely fast speed!

Under these three big waves, Immortal Dao Era's dead Universe, Dao Monarch Dao Venerate of Great Overarching Heaven led an army to Everlasting Sacred Land, despite the imposing body of a Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, Majestic and grandiose are like long dragons, but under these three big waves, they still appear very subtle and insignificant.

World destruction calamity is here, and now is the final moment of Immeasurable Killing Tribulation!

Everlasting Sacred Land, Everlasting Dao Cutter has been destroyed, Sacred Land is unstable and dangerous, and the remaining Dao Monarch Dao Venerate has only more than a dozen statues, all of them exhausted, and they have just come down from the battlefield.

Faced with the three waves, this Sacred Land seems to be broken.

A statue of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate stands in the Sacred Land, Samsara Heavenly Venerate is covered in blood, full of tragic and majestic, looking towards the influx of Great Overarching Heaven army, muttered: "We lost, we lost ......"

Primal Chaos Ancient Divinity Race, there are only five Ancient Divinity: Ancient Divinity Dayan, Spirit Maiden, Rahula, Zhong Tian, ​​and Rama left. Spirit Maiden looked at the three big waves, then looked at it again. Constantly approaching the Great Overarching Heaven army, suddenly took a withered Primal Chaos Flower from the temples. His voice was hoarse and he lowered his voice and said: "Rahu, later Mother will fight for you a glimmer of survival, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate will wait for you. Son, mother is going to intercede..."


Demon Ancestor Rahula stood up and bowed, and bowed his head: "Child and Mother live and die together, and will not worship Primordial Beginning is the father! Ancient Divinity Race and I coexist and die!"

"Coexist and die..." Someone was muttered.

Everlasting Sacred Land, Dao Venerate, which came out of Dao Monarch Palace, only had seven left. Female ugly, Overflowing Harmony and others were silent. They faced off with Exalted-Emperor Lineage. Dao Monarch Palace suffered most of the casualties. Now there is no strength to fight against the Great Overarching Heaven that has conserved strength and store up energy over the years.

"Palace Lord..."

Dao Venerate Nv Chou has a hoarse voice, looking towards Everlasting Heavenly Venerate and Dao Void Heavenly Venerate, hissing: "Fell, right? If you surrender , It is said that Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate will leave a glimmer of survival......"

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate reveals a look of hesitation, looking towards Everlasting Heavenly Venerate, Everlasting Heavenly Venerate has a jitter in the corner of his eyes, hehe said with a smile: "Surrender? Surrendered, will Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate let you go? You are too naive, this Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate has been planning for a long time, and will not accept anyone's surrender. Only to destroy us all In order to reduce the tribulation power of Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation! And this battle, Great Overarching Heaven may not be able to win, because if we die, the next one is Exalted-Emperor Lineage......"

His eyes The color of hope appeared in his eyes, and he whispered said with a smile: "Exalted-Emperor Lineage will definitely not sit and watch Great Overarching Heaven destroy us, and will definitely come to support. The siege of Two Great Sacred Lands, we still have a chance of winning!"

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate couldn't help saying: "Daoist Brother, now our influence is the weakest. Even if Exalted-Emperor Lineage comes, even if we can wipe out the Great Overarching Heaven, we can't stand up to Exalted-Emperor Lineage..."

"Can't drop! "

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate has a strong voice, coldly said: "Only a deadly battle! a real man is alive, there is only death! "

Dao Void Heavenly Venerate sighed in surprise, and said: "Daoist Brother, do you want to make a move?" "

Everlasting Heavenly Venerate was silent, looking towards the army of Great Overarching Heaven, I saw Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan floating above the army, and the corners of their eyes could not help but shake.

And at this moment, The Sacred Land created by World Tree and Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus is also moving fast, coming to Everlasting Sacred Land. Obviously, Emperor and Exalted also believe that if Great Overarching Heaven destroys Everlasting Sacred Land, the next one is to deal with them, so it must be stronger. Before destroying Everlasting Sacred Land, join forces with Everlasting Sacred Land to fight against Great Overarching Heaven.

Three Great Sacred Lands, just like the battle of three kingdoms, if any country is destroyed, another country will feel the cold of lips and teeth.

And now Great Overarching Heaven is the strongest one. The other two countries can only join forces, otherwise they will be destroyed one by one. And Great Overarching Heaven also needs to send Everlasting Sacred before Exalted-Emperor Lineage arrives. Land is gone!

"Kill! ”

The army of Great Overarching Heaven came to kill, and the terrifying great formation scrolled, and the formations were combined. Obviously Old Ancestor Dark-Bright was dispatching the army.

And Ancient Divinity Rama's eyes were extremely bright, looking towards the rear of the army that flooded into Everlasting Sacred Land, where Old Ancestor Dark-Bright stood in the middle of the army, protected by a Dao Monarch.

Ancient Divinity Rama let out an angry roar, and stood up and went straight to the army of Great Overarching Heaven. He sternly said: "If you want to support longer, cut Dark-Bright first. Dark-Bright will die, and the group of dragons will have no leader! Who will kill Old Ancestor Dark-Bright with me? "

He body moved, Ancient Divinity Dayan immediately followed him, Zhong Tian Dao Venerate also left at the same time, three Ancient Divinity formed a simple great formation of three talents, and entered the army!

At this time, the great formations of Great Overarching Heaven were integrated and unified, and under the leadership of a Dao Venerate Dao Monarch, they entered the Everlasting Sacred Land and surrounded the remaining Dao Monarch Dao Venerate. !

Spirit Maiden, Rahula, Samsara Dao Venerate, Dao Venerate Nv Chou, Overflowing Harmony Dao Venerate and the others roared endlessly, killing the Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, which is operated by the central master formatíon of the great formation Go!

The great formation is operating, the Heaven and Earth Space-Time is distorted, and the terrifying matchless force is suppressed, making these Dao Monarch Dao Venerates of Dao Monarch Palace sink into the mud, not acting as they did before. Ruyi!

"Samsara Heavenly Venerate, who will fight me here? "

Samsara Dao Venerate roared, his body moved, imposing, I saw that the great formation built by Heavenly Monarch suddenly became extremely small, revolving around him like stars!

This The ancient Dao Venerate is extremely powerful, and it is almost Heavenly Venerate. The great formation distorts the Space. He also distorted the Space and shattered the great formation after the body moved. The Heavenly Monarch and Immortal Monarch in the formation hum. I was suppressed and killed without humming!

"Samsara, I heard Everlasting Heavenly Venerate praised you as Number One Person under Heavenly Venerate, and some people think that I am the Number One Person under Heavenly Venerate, and now I finally can Met with you! "

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor murderous-looking suddenly appeared not far from Samsara Dao Venerate. As soon as the Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram came out, it immediately suppressed the imposing manner of Samsara Dao Venerate.

The two Dao Venerates are facing each other, their body moved, the method is exhausted, and they kill each other!

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor's Primordial Raising Supreme Ultimate Diagram has been refining successfully Innate Supreme Treasure, and Samsara Heavenly Venerate is in The history in Dao Monarch Palace is also very long, and I also got the Innate Supreme Treasure made by a worthy predecessor. When the two met, they would meet the talents!

As soon as they met, the two almost came close. Being beheaded by the opponent, they all encountered danger, and their hearts were full of horrors. I had to set up a spirit to carefully deal with the opponent’s killing move!

Dao Venerate Nv Chou also fell into the great formation, but she was The existence of second only to Samsara Heavenly Venerate, being able to go through such a long time and undying, is naturally no small thing, and there is also an Innate Supreme Treasure in hand.

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright Although scheduling great formation to encircle and suppress Everlasting Sacred Land Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, using many Innate Magical Treasure Innate Spirit Treasure from Great Overarching Heaven, can definitely kill a Dao Monarch Dao Venerate, but it can’t trap her existence.

Dao Venerate Nv Chou hard shake one after The attack of another Innate Magical Treasure Spirit Treasure, like a hot knife through butter, went straight to a Great Overarching Heaven Dao Monarch, but at this moment, only heard a loud boom, a Heavenly Gate pulled out from the underground hong, long, long Rise from the ground and stand in front of her.

"Heavenly Gate Gate Master, the daughter of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate?"

Dao Venerate Nv Chou stopped and sacrificed to Innate Supreme Treasure, said with a smile: "Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is just a junior born by Acquired, and it has grown to where it is today, but the daughter of Heavenly Venerate is also unusual. Although you can kill Slaughter Dao, you are not my opponent!"

"It's not just me, but also Uninhabited Forbidden Zone."

Heavenly Gate burst open, Jiang Xueqing walked out of the door and saw the remaining Dao Venerate of Heavenly Gate such as Heavenly Harmonious, Clear Void, Clouded Sun, etc. One after another appeared and saw Dao Venerate Nv Chou's eyes jumping wildly, Jiang Xueqing quietly said: "Daoist Brother, don't blame, it is now the final life and death battle of Immeasurable Killing Tribulation. Please forgive me for not being able to fight you fairly. "

Dao Venerate Nv Chou's eyes jittered, his gaze swept across Heavenly Harmonious Clear Void and the others one after another, chuckle and said: "It's easy to say, it's easy to say. Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, in the Immeasurable Killing Tribulation. , Is bring about one's own destruction. But if you want to get rid of the old body, you need to prepare a few people to be buried with the old body!"

Clear Void Dao Venerate said calmly: "We are all ready I’m ready to go on the road with Fellow Daoist Nv Chou. Everyone Fellow Daoist, do it!"

Heavenly Gate shocked Moving, the power of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone suppressed all Great Dao, a statue of Dao Venerate rushed towards Dao Venerate Nv Chou!

At this moment, Rama, Dayan and Zhong Tian cracked the great formation one after another and flew close to Old Ancestor Dark-Bright. Old Ancestor Dark-Bright is the master of formatíon scheduling, and Rama is Ancient Divinity Race is the most formidable formatíon Great Grandmaster.

If two people have the same strength, the same arms, and a fair duel, it must be the most glorious and splendid formatíon duel ever.

But now, Rama has no soldiers and no generals, only their three people. Fortunately, his understanding of formatíon has reached a level that no one can match. Bright is getting closer!

"Fellow Daoist Dayan, Trusted Advisor will let me kill you."

Suddenly, I saw a Dao Venerate suddenly appear, but Daoist Hong appeared and attacked Dayan. "Please stay!"

Ancient Divinity Dayan gritted his teeth, greeted Daoist Hong, and sternly said: "Zhong Tian, ​​protect me Rama, must cut Dark-Bright!"

Zhong Tian's body shook, and countless Primal Chaos Divine Light appeared all over his body, turning into a big bell, covering himself and Rama, and rushing forward desperately.

But at this moment, I saw a finger passing through Space-Time and lightly tapping on the big bell. At the point of the finger, the big bell suddenly cracked, and then it shattered. Zhong Tian heart startled, took a step, and raised his head and said: "Dao Ancestor Jun?"

Although he paused under his step, he reached out, but another divine light big bell flew out, covering the Ancient Divinity Rama. , Let Ancient Divinity Rama continue to run and approach Dark-Bright.

Daoist Jun stood in front, holding a bamboo stick in his hand, but it was transformed by Heavenly Ghost Grandma, and there was an Overarching Umbrella floating above his head, unstoppable against Ancient Divinity Rama, nodded and said "Zhong Tian Fellow Daoist is able to Proving Dao Dao Venerate, that’s great. It’s worthy of being trained by Dao Void Heavenly Venerate. I’m older than you for years, I shouldn’t have shot at you, but today, it’s only dividing Life-Death, Fellow Daoist forgive me."

Zhong Tian gritted his teeth, rushed forward, laughed heartily: "If he could die in the hands of Dao Ancestor, Zhong Tian would die without regret!"

Ancient Divinity Rama tried his best to break the formation and charged, and finally Old Ancestor Dark-Bright was in sight, right in front, as long as this person was killed, Great Overarching Heaven's formation became chaotic, and he could hold on for a longer time, waiting for the support of Exalted-Emperor Lineage. !

"Where is Habuchi, my son?"

Under the military account, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright looked towards the approaching Ancient Divinity Rama with cold eyes, suddenly opened his mouth and said: "My wife Other Where is the Shore?"

Heavenly flower is blooming, the Other Shore Dao Ancestor slowly descends, then the Void shakes, Dao Monarch Habuchi appears, one left and one right, waiting for the Ancient Divinity Rama.

Ancient Divinity Rama got cold in his heart, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright shook his head and said: If it is normal times, I would really like to compete with Daoist Brother Rama to see who is more accomplished, and now it is Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, please forgive Dark-Bright for being rude, suppressing wisdom with strength! Madam, Habuchi, kill him as soon as possible! If Exalted-Emperor Lineage is close, many variables will arise! "

Other Shore Dao Ancestor and Dao Monarch Habuchi immediately killed Ancient Divinity Rama. Within a few strokes, Ancient Divinity Rama fell into the wind, and his heart was cold.

At this time, Spirit Maiden and Rahula looked up towards Demon Ancestor Ji Du and the Great Dragon behind Ji Du.

On the back of the Great Dragon, there are young people like Yue Bei, Ding Guang and Ling Zhu. Dao Monarch.

Old Ancestor Dark-Bright mobilized the army and did not give them any chance at all. Instead, they tried their best to use their superior battle strength to kill them one after another, one after another!

"elder brother. "Demon Ancestor Ji Du salutes, said.

"Now it's an enemy, why do you need to give me more courtesy?" "

Rahula laughed heartily and said: "Ji Du, you and I can only fight to the death!" Let you and I separate life and death today! "

Spirit Maiden gritted his teeth and looked towards the sky above. I saw Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan sitting stumblingly, opposite Everlasting and Dao Void. They didn't even look here.

" Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate! "

Spirit Maiden stood up, flew towards Jiang Nan, took off the withered Primal Chaos Flower in his hand, loudly said: "Please leave me one..."


The Great Dragon roared and hit her with a bang. Spirit Maiden vomited blood and flew upside down. I saw the dead flower floating up and flew towards Jiang Nan.


Great Dragon raised its claws and grabbed this withered flower, but at this moment, only a palm fell gently, picking up this withered flower.

Jiang Nan made this withered Put Primal Chaos Flower on your lips and sniff gently. The flower has withered and you can't smell any scent.

Spirit Maiden raised her head, suddenly her body collapsed, Dao Fruit began to disintegrate, and sternly said: "Heavenly Venerate, with me For my son’s life! Please also Heavenly Venerate! "

Jiang Nan nodded.

Spirit Maiden has a smile on his face, looking towards Rahula: "Ra'er, stay alive..."

Suddenly , Her Dao Fruit peng sound exploded, and Divine Soul turned into fly ash.

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