Exalted Emperor Chapter 1657

Cult Master Fu Ta fell, coldly snorted came from Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, Great Dragon was shaken to qi and blood, and the divine light in the body surged like a tide, one after another divine light is messy!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted saw that his discíple was cut, and naturally felt resentful in his heart. Coldly snorted shook this barbarian dragon to the point of almost being out of his body, and almost the Divine Soul was shaken out of his body!

In the sky above the battle between the two armies, Jiang Nan's gaze suddenly became extremely sharp. He looked at Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus with both eyes, and saw two divine light shot out from his eyes with a brushing sound. Shoot into Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus!

Mother Yuan's heart shook, and immediately stood up suddenly. The Origin World Golden Ship appeared and crashed into the army. The sails on the golden ship shook, and the Great Dragon was involuntarily caught in the sails. Falling on the golden ship!

At this time, there were three extremely formidable auras in the Void. Obviously Emperor Lin, Everlasting and Dao Void saw Jiang Nan attack Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted, and they were all waiting!

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted has violated the agreement on three rules between Heavenly Venerate and has already taken the initiative to take action against non-Heavenly Venerate people.

Jiang Nan stared at divine light, only to hear two violent vibrations from Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted furiously shouted, and the surging Primordial Chaos Energy rose from Azure Lotus. From there, countless changes, where Primordial Chaos Energy surged, seemed to have a universe born, resisting the power of his eyes!

Those universes are the various Innate Dao Domains metamorphosed in the Innate of Primordial Chaos. Each Innate Dao Domain is exquisite, including not only Innate of Inaction, Innate of Innate, and Innate of Supreme. Oneness, Innate of Supreme Ultimate, unexpectedly also include Innate of Primal Chaos of Ancient Divinity Race, and Innate Dao Domain created by Dao Venerate in Dao Monarch Palace!

These Innate Dao Domains are more subtle and complicated than the existence of these Dao Domains. It can be seen that the strength of Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted has advanced to an unimaginable state!

No wonder he was coldly snorted and almost smashed the Great Dragon this Wild Innate Spirit Treasure!

"Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, please stop!"

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted is about to urge Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus to kill Jiang Nan, Emperor Lin shows up and explores beckoned , World Tree appeared in his hands, said solemnly: "This time Daoist Brother Azure Lotus did something wrong, but Daoist Brother Azure Lotus also saw the death of discíple and felt resentful in his heart. This violated the agreement on three rules. Please also Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate stepped back and I will never get involved in the fight between discíple."

Jiang Nan retracted his eyes and said softly: "Just this once."

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted laughed heartily: "just this once? Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, do you really think that you are already invincible? Today you have destroyed Everlasting and Dao Void's Dao Lineage, and you are about to destroy my Dao Lineage and Emperor Lin's Dao Lineage, your Dao Lineage can't escape the end of being destroyed!"

Jiang Nan looked coldly, and said calmly: "I still said that, the dispute of discíple, I will not take action, Heavenly Venerate will take action to destroy my Dao Lineage, I will kill Heavenly Venerate."

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted was angered, and his hands trembled, but he stopped making moves.

The four Heavenly Venerates, Azure Lotus, Dao Void, Emperor Lin and Everlasting, can kill Jiang Nan if they all shoot together, but at least the cost of two lives!

The current strength of Jiang Nan is too formidable. If the Battle of Heavenly Venerate breaks out, it will be difficult for any Heavenly Venerate to get out of the matter and will definitely participate in the battle. This is also why Jiang Nan did not kill other Heavenly Venerates. The reason is!

Jiang Nan is the strongest, Four Great Heavenly Venerates besieging Jiang Nan is inevitable.

But even if Jiang Nan is killed in battle, no one can be sure whether the two Heavenly Venerates who died will be themselves!

Therefore, he did not dare to do it, but waited for Jiang Nan's Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation to break out completely, when Jiang Nan powerless to defend himself, is the best time to get rid of him.

But now, oneself Dao Lineage has been destined to be a ruin, but it really makes him unbearable!

"Daoist Brother..." Emperor Lin said in a low voice.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted took a long breath and dissipated the violent fluctuations in the whole body. Said solemnly: "Don't worry, I have a sense of measure and will not be disturbed by him. It's just a discíple of you and me, I'm afraid It’s hard to escape this tribulation..."

Cult Master Fu Ta died, Great Dragon played again, and other discíples were more difficult to sustain. In the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, Jade Capital Sacred Cult Master fought Jiang Xueqing. Jiang Xue met Kunlun and the others on the edge of the forbidden zone.

Kunlun, Lustrous Pearl and the others are all personal discíples of Emperor and Exalted, and they are all Heavenly Monarch Boundary. They are added to Jade Capital Sacred Cult, plus other Heavenly Monarchs of Jade Capital Sacred Cult. At this moment There are hundreds of them, as well as Yu Linzi, Yu Xian'er and the others.

Jade Capital and Jiang Xueqing are in a bloody battle in the center of the forbidden zone, and they are besieging Jiang Xue.

Jiang Xue turned into a Nine-Tailed White Fox. With a move of the tail tip, he moved the silken ball, and saw the silken ball fly out, and the Lustrous Pearl was smashed to pieces with a bang, and then he sprinted quickly. When I came to Yu Xian'er, I shot Yu Xian'er to pieces!

Today, in addition to Supreme Oneness, Empyrean Origin, Jade Capital, Grand Truth and Spontaneity, Emperor and Exalted only have more than a dozen discíples left, but they are on the edge of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. Many discíples were cut off one after another.

Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted complexion ashen, but it didn’t take long to return to normal.

In this fierce battle, Dao Monarch of Exalted-Emperor Lineage was also beheaded one after another. Only Supreme Oneness, Empyrean Origin, Jade Capital, Meng Xun, Purple Blossoming Lotus and the others are still fighting. .

Suddenly, Old Monarch Spontaneity flew out of the great formation, got rid of the fight, fled outward, but at this moment, Grand Truth Dao Monarch also got rid of the opponent, flew out of the battlefield, and followed the Old Monarch Spontaneity .

The two Dao Monarchs paused and took a look at the battlefield. They saw the Killing Tribulation exploding and the defeat of the Exalted-Emperor Lineage was determined, and in the great formation, there were chasing soldiers. After killing, I suddenly heard the voice of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate: "No need to chase, let them go."

The two were covered in blood, and they were seriously injured. They bowed to Jiang Nan: "I have no intention of fighting, and now I just want to stay away from this land of Killing Tribulation, many thanks Heavenly Venerate."

Jiang Nan waved his hands, Grand Truth and Spontaneity princes turned to Primordial Chaos. Azure Lotus and World Tree bowed their respects, thanked the master kindness, and said: "It’s not that discíple is unwilling to serve, but the defeat is set. I want to leave Immortal Dao Universe and step into Nothingness. Master’s old road, if you can find a good place, you can still save your life."

Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus and World Tree were silent, Emperor and Exalted did not show up.

After the two thanked the master kindness, they immediately got up and flew outside the Immortal Dao Universe, stepping into the boundless boundless Nothingness.

Grand Truth and Spontaneity The old gentleman has walked in this vast Nothingness several millions of years, only to see that there is nothing in Nothingness, can not go up to the sky, can not go down to the ground, not even Spiritual Energy, neither Any Great Dao, let alone sun, moon, stars.

After another 10 million years, the Old Monarch Spontaneity and Grand Truth Dao Monarch have gone for an unknown distance, and the Immortal Dao Universe is also unknown. They still haven't found any place to stay.

Finally, on this day, a tribulation wave suddenly surged in and swept the two Dao Monarchs.

The two Dao Monarchs were bathed in Tribulation Light Tribulation Rain and heard Tribulation Sound bursts in their ears. They saw Annihilation Demon Eye like a vortex, swallowing them both.

The two Dao Monarchs looked at each other, laughing heartily, with endless sadness in their voices.

"Finally still did not escape..."

hong long!

Old Monarch Spontaneity and Grand Truth Dao Monarch were trapped within tribulation and obliterated Into ash. After the tribulation waves strangled the two, they gradually subsided, disappeared, Nothingness or Nothingness.

Immortal Dao Universe, the battle is coming to an end, Jiang Xue slaughtered the high level of Jade Capital Sacred Cult on the edge of the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, and in the forbidden zone, Jiang Xueqing finally slaughtered Jade Capital , Blood stained forbidden zone.

Jade Capital Dao Venerate Divine Soul flew away, integrated into the forbidden zone, and entrusted the Divine Soul to the forbidden zone. Jiang Xueqing was about to search out and kill his Divine Soul, Jiang Xue flew in , Shook his head and said: "Qing'er, you can't do this kind of thing."

Jiang Xueqing slightly startled: "Mother?"

Jiang Xue raised the silken ball and blasted it in In the forbidden zone, I saw one after another divine light burst from the silken ball, and it didn't take long to search for the Divine Soul of Jade Capital Dao Venerate.

"East Pole Monster Fox, you killed me, my Master will definitely not let you go!" Divine Soul yelled of Jade Capital Dao Venerate.

The silken ball shook and killed the Divine Soul of Jade Capital Dao Venerate!

Jiang Xue received the silken ball and said with a smile to Jiang Xueqing: "Your father has to face the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation. If you kill Jade Capital, Azure Lotus and Emperor Lin will definitely come to kill you. Mother kills Jade Capital for you, and you still have a chance to save your life. I killed most of Exalted-Emperor’s discíple. There is no more Jade Capital, and a lot less than him."

"Mother , You..." Jiang Xueqing in ones heart trembled.

Jiang Xue turned into a Monster Fox and rushed away. He rushed into other battlefields, beating the assassin to Heavenly Monarch. The end of this battle is doomed. There are young people like Yun Lian, Yue Bei, Ding Guang, etc. A generation of Dao Monarch helped, Meng Xun was captured, Cult Master Asceticism led Sacred Demon, Black Flower, Absolute Profound and the others to behead Heavenly Desolate, Evilless, Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother was captured by Daoist Jun.

In the battle between Supreme Oneness Dao Venerate and Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, both of them were badly wounded and had little strength left. They were rushed forward by the Great Dragon, smashing Supreme Oneness to pieces.

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor complained of the Great Dragon's intervention, this big dragon root didn't listen, shaking its head and wagging its tail and went away.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate is still fighting hard with Daoist Hong, and the battle between the two is still indistinguishable.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate suddenly looked at it, and my heart couldn’t help feeling desolate. I saw that the battle of all around had subsided. The Great Overarching Heaven Lineage’s many True Immortal, Immortal King, and Imortal Monarch cleaned the battlefield, Exalted-Emperor The rest of Lineage died, were captured, and escaped, leaving him alone.

A statue of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate stands on the surroundings of the battlefield, trapping him.

Daoist Hong stopped, with an unbearable expression on his face, and said: "Martial Senior, let's go down."

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate looked towards World Tree, I saw under World Tree, Emperor Lin appeared, gently nodded to him, Empyrean Origin looked towards Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus again, only Primordial Chaos Azure Lotus dense, Azure Lotus Immortal Exalted did not show up.

"Fellow Daoist Empyrean Origin, come down." Surroundings, Daoist Jun, Empress Other Shore, Ji Du and the others all persuaded them.

Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother couldn't help being hungry and said: "The master, come down! Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate is an old friend with you, and the friendship with the youngster has grown so much. It is not a shame to drop him!"

Dao Lord Meng Xun's face was sad, and he didn't make a sound.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate looked up towards Great Overarching Heaven, Jiang Nan and Mother Yuan sat there, looking to him.

"Fellow Daoist Empyrean Origin, you and I have known each other for many years, when I know I will not settle accounts after the fall."

The voice of Jiang Nan came, saying: "the Ancestors are inadequate to the Law Heavenly Daos are nothing to fear. Only a small part of your ability is taught by Emperor and Exalted, and most of them are comprehend by yourself. You developed Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture, which is both Ancestral Divinity and Ancestral Immortal. The first true immortal, Immortal Dao Era was born of you. You and my old friend, have walked through the most difficult years of Immortal Dao Era hand in hand, I can’t bear your fall..."

Empyrean Origin was the first person to cultivation to Extreme Sovereign Dao Boundary. Eight Immortal Kings and Jiang Nan created Divine Dao, but he was the first Great Accomplishment of the Divine Dao system, Jade Capital, Profound Metropolis, Supreme Oneness and the Others felt splitting heaven and earth apart and became immortals, but he was the first person to truly take the path of cultivation to become Immortal, and he opened up a path for mortal to become Immortal!

Jiang Nan called him Ancestral Divinity, Ancestral Immortal, it is not an exaggeration.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate laughed heartily: "Heavenly Venerate, Empyrean Origin will not drop!"

Jiang Nan slightly frowned.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate laughs shockingly Dark-Bright, extremely bold, said with a smile: "In this Immortal Dao Immeasurable Killing Tribulation, some people died of war, some died of Annihilation, some surrendered, Some people run away, some die in love, some commit suicide, but no one is martyred yet!"

"Heavenly Venerate, you said I am Ancestral Divinity, and Ancestral Immortal, the first true immortal, then Immortal Dao Era Annihilation, I have to be martyrdom for this age that is about to be buried!"

"No one is martyred for this Immortal Dao Era, I'll marry him for him!"

"Annihilation Tribulation bury Immortal Dao Era, I bury myself!"

He lit up a raging fire, his divine light kept burning, and Great Dao incinerated!

Jiang Nan frowned, reached from the top of Great Overarching Heaven and pressed down, to extinguish the Dao Fire that was ignited all over him.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate has a strong body and sternly said: "Heavenly Venerate, others can stop me, but you can't! You get my Demon Prison Profound Fetus Scripture, whether you admit it or not, you In my heart is my discíple!"

"My discíple should watch his Master die for the Immortal Dao's Heaven and Earth, and for all the living things of Immortal Dao! Immortal for me! Dao Era, the strongest and most powerful stroke!"

"Stop! If you recognize me as Master, then stop and watch me die for my age. This is My way, my place of death!"

Jiang Nan closed his eyes, the palm did not fall, and slowly retracted, tears falling smoothly on his cheeks.

Empyrean Origin Heavenly Venerate smiled in the fire, and whispered: "You still admit it..."

Dao Fire drowned him.

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