Exalted Emperor Chapter 1658

Fellow Daoists, Immeasurable Killing Tribulation is over, and Exalted-Emperor is about to end with only seven or eight chapters left. Thank you for your company and support all the way.

At the end of the day, Zhaizhu didn’t know if he needed to open this chapter. The purpose of opening this chapter was mainly to talk about Exalted-Emperor.

Zhaizhu likes to read posts in the post bar. What he likes to read is the plot discussion posts. It can be regarded as an alternative hobby with other authors.

Other authors objected to posting, mainly because of pirated postings. Zhaizhu likes to read postings. It is because the discussion on the plot in the postings is very lively.

Zhaizhu is an emotional author. Seeing readers discuss the plot will have a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment cannot be affected by the meager manuscript fees and the flood of pirated posts.

But the recent Exalted-Emperor is very messy, or it has been messy.

The discussion is good, but someone scolds Zhaizhu’s fans as fanboys. Anyone who defends the Zhaizhu for Exalted-Emperor for Jiang Nan is called a fanboy! !

It is common for a house pig to be scolded by people and mentally retarded. I can't control it when I encounter plot discussions that are not what I want, but I can't control it, but...

You guys have done enough! ! !

Normal plot discussion, but any book friend who defends Exalted-Emperor for Jiang Nan for the house pig is said to be a fanboy brain-disabled!

Enough for you, really enough!

It is enough to scold the Zhaizhu. What is the reason for the fans of scolding the Zhaizhu?

Some people are still licking their faces, saying that they are the iron rod of the house pig. Does the house pig have any iron rods that only insult other fans?

The fans of Zhaizhu are all brain-dead, don't you? Some scum is abusive. From Exalted-Emperor’s new book at first, just look at it. Talking about eccentric, right? Other fans in pointing fingers say which head is this brain-dead. Haven't you abandoned the book after reading it for more than two years? You said that other people have been suffering from brain damage for two years. Whose brain damage is it?

I still have the face to say that I am a fan of the house pig, saying that it is for my good to scold my fans. Will my hardcore insult my fans as fanboys?

Don’t like to watch, get out!

Get out of Exalted-Emperor, get out of the starting point Exalted-Emperor page!

Get out, let me see, Exalted-Emperor, how many people can you lose?

You guys, I don’t want to. Unsubscribe and let me see. How many less my subscriptions can be!

Zhaizhu doesn’t know how to run fans! Will not organize fans to vote! Will not organize fan subscription promotion!

However, the house pig will not sit and watch your fans insulting me!

Exalted-Emperor, please use your energy. If you encounter this kind of person, you should delete it! The silence of the silence! Don't take into account being said to be a talking, authority dog!

Exalted-Emperor was originally a place for everyone who likes Exalted-Emperor to read and discuss the plot, not because they love to read Exalted-Emperor and love to read otaku novels and they will be sprayed out of their minds!

Please get out the guy who occupies the pit, and give the pig fans a better environment! !

Zhaizhu’s words are a bit serious, but they are all from the bottom of their hearts! !

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