Exalted Emperor Chapter 1659

Empyrean Origin has fallen.

This Ancestral Divinity, Ancestral Immortal, still insisted on passing away with the passing of Immortal Dao Era, Immortal Dao Era will be completely buried, and he will become a wave in the buried era.

At the end of Time and Space, I wonder if anyone will turn to the past and take a look at the evocative characters in the past era.

Dao Lord Meng Xun and Purple Blossoming Lotus Dao Mother descended and cut off their present life voluntarily, leaving only Divine Soul in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone and waiting for their next life.

Exalted-Emperor Lineage is not annihilated, and Dao Monarch Long An escaped with a group of Immortal and Demon. I don't know where to hide in Immortal Realm, but this has nothing to do with the overall situation.

Now Annihilation Tribulation aura is getting more and more serious. Demon Realm has been completely swallowed by Annihilation Tribulation. Immortal Realm Universe is about to be buried. There are not many places where the defeated army led by Dao Monarch Long An can go, even if Long An It is Dao Monarch, who will also be invaded by Heaven and Human Five Wanings, and will gradually lose its ability and be consumed by Dao Fruit. Sooner or later, death will happen.

As for escaping from Immortal Realm and escaping to Nothingness, there is no way out. There is nothing in Nothingness, but Annihilation Tribulation will still be pursued. The fated tribulation erupts, and it is also soul flies away and scatters.

Too many people died.

In this battle, the tribulation power of Immortal Dao’s Annihilation Tribulation has been artificially reduced. Immortal Dao Era Dao Monarch Dao Venerate 255, plus Dao Monarch Palace, is definitely An extremely huge tribulation, and now there are only these scattered Dao Monarch Dao Venerates of Great Overarching Heaven in the world.

Heavenly Monarch of Great Overarching Heaven, there are more than 300 left, Feng Yi Heavenly Monarch also died in battle, that little widow died under the power of Spirit Treasure, Dao Venerate in Heavenly Gate, Only Clear Void and Departed Mother are still alive, plus Jiang Xueqing are only three. Clouded Sun, Heavenly Harmonious, Usnea and the others died in a battle with Nu Chou and other Dao Monarch Dao Venerates, and their souls are hidden in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone.

Rahu is also buried in the forbidden zone.

In addition to the three Dao Venerates of Heavenly Gate, there are Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, Cult Master Asceticism, Daoist Hong, Daoist Jun, Empress Other Shore, Ji Du, Habuchi, Xi Yingqing, Yun Lian, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother, Absolute Profound, Sacred Demon, Black Flower, Ding Guang, Spirit Bead, Yue Bei, Great Dragon, Concubine Tian, ​​nothing more.

"May there be a land without calamity, and bury the loyal spirits of the righteous people."

In the Great Overarching Heaven, the surviving Dao Monarch and Heavenly Monarch pilgrimages are located in Jiang Nan and Mother. Next to Yuan, the Departed Mother set up a brocade picture. The picture shows the establishment of Heavenly Gate. The sixteen Dao Venerates on the side of the Heavenly River respect Jiang Xueqing as the Gate Master. The shy Peaceful Manifestation, The delicate Usnea, the calm Heavenly Harmonious, the juvenile Jiang Xueqing, and the Madam Clouded Sun with some flustered expressions finishing the costumes but being woven in the painting......

The years go by, Annihilation invades, The picture scroll also turned yellow, leaving only three of them in the picture.

Daoist Clear Void stood up, inspected, and said: "Heavenly Venerate, Mother Yuan, I am willing to abandon the body of present life, Divine Soul is placed in the forbidden zone, and the prestige of calling the fated tribulation is even lower. "

Departed Mother in ones heart trembled, said: "Daoist Brother Clear Void, only three of us are left in Heavenly Gate!"

Daoist Clear Void said with a smile "The Dao Monarch in the world is all dead, and only my Dao Monarch of Great Overarching Heaven is left. In the past, we sent other people on the road. Now as long as we are still alive, it will create a huge tribulation power. It is better to simply abandon the cultivation of this life. The base ability fell silent, and buried himself in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. As a result, the tribulation power became a bit smaller. Heavenly Venerate, Mother Yuan, the two people who needed to work hard to protect the Three Realms, had no more With a lot of energy, my death in the forbidden zone is not a real death. On the contrary, it can reduce the pressure for Heavenly Venerate and Mother Yuan. It's nothing more than to die again that's all, why not do it?"

Departed Mother was stunned, looking thoughtful, and suddenly said with a smile: "old slicker, you chose an easy job! Heavenly Venerate, Mother Yuan, please make it to the two, let the heavy work go to others, I also think Sleeping in the forbidden zone, relaxed and relaxed."

She is not conceding to men, and she describes death as easy, which makes people have to admire her spirit.

"In the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation, it is the Fellow Daoist who spurred Innate Lupeng to suffer. The two Fellow Daoists, Clear Void and Departed Mother, chose to sleep in the forbidden zone. It was a difficult job." Everyone Fellow Daoist said with a smile one after another.

Spirit Bead hurriedly stepped forward and bowed and said: "Heavenly Venerate, I also want to be lazy, please also Heavenly Venerate to complete one or two."

Yue Bei and the others also They stepped forward, voluntarily cut off themselves, not this life. Many Heavenly Monarchs such as Luo Huayin, Deficient Emptiness, Dao King and the others also stepped forward, requesting Divine Soul to entrust the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone.

Jiang Nan looked towards Mother Yuan, Mother Yuan nodded, and said: "Also, it can reduce the fated tribulation a bit, otherwise the pressure is too great, you and I can’t take care of it. But, it’s a pity for them this life I don’t know how many people will survive this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation..."

Divine Soul hiding in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone may seem easy, but in fact it is extremely dangerous, because there is only Divine Soul, without the protection of Fleshly Body and cultivation base, Dao Fruit and Magical Treasure, Divine Soul is extremely fragile. If Annihilation Tribulation invades the forbidden zone, there is a slight fluctuation, their Divine Soul will undoubtedly die!

The reason why everyone said so, so vying to put their Divine Soul in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, is to reduce the tribulation power and fight for more survival for all living things of Three Realms opportunity.

Jiang Nan looked towards everyone, said solemnly: "Don't worry, everyone, I will put a cup of soil forbidden zone refining successfully in Innate Lupeng. As long as Lupeng is still there, you will not fall completely. I want to. For those entrusted to the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone, take a step forward."

Everyone immediately took a step forward, and Xi Yingqing, Empress Other Shore, Old Ancestor Dark-Bright and Dao Monarch Habuchi came forward, Ice Lotus Sacred Mother clenched one's teeth, he also stood up, angrily said: "You all scum come out, if this old woman doesn't stand up, it would seem unsuccessful!"

Cult Master Asceticism hesitated for a while, did not. Before, Sacred Demon, Black Flower and the others also thought about it for a moment, but did not step forward.

After all, to eliminate the ability, Divine Soul trusts the forbidden zone. It is too dangerous. If you are not careful, you will not even have the chance to resist. Soul flies away and scatters.

And if you have Fleshly Body, you have at least your own strength to control and resist.

Under the protection of Innate Lupeng, the living Dao Venerate Dao Monarch is naturally safer than those who only have Divine Soul left.

Existence like them, cautiously, will not easily give up their greatest advantage.

However, they also know that whether to save their lives or entrust them in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone is the same danger, because as soon as the Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation arrives, Jiang Nan's Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation will come as scheduled. At that time, Emperor, Exalted, Everlasting and Dao Void will also take action by themselves, taking revenge and wipe out a grudge, slaying Jiang Nan, and bloodbathing Great Overarching Heaven!

Ding Guang looked towards Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor, hesitantly said: "Master?"

Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor looked indifferent, shook his head and said: "Ding Guang, you too, I I have been reincarnation nine times, this is my last life, and I can no longer reincarnation."

Ding Guang walked into the crowd, Ling Zhuzi turned around and said: "Master, you have to survive!"


Myriad Manifestations Dao Ancestor has a rare smile on his face. Laughed heartily said: "I have gone through the nine eras Annihilation Tribulation and have not died yet, and I cannot kill me this time. Even if the Exalted-Emperor wants my life, I I want to bite off their flesh too! Don’t worry, go!"

Jiang Nan looked towards Ti Xuanwei and said, "Madam, you go too."

Ti Xuanwei sighed , Said: "Master, don't forget this one."

Jiang Xueqing looked towards Jiang Xue, whispered: "Mother, why don't you entrust Divine Soul to the forbidden zone?"

Jiang Xue slightly smiled, not answering this question, said: "Qing'er, you can also pin it."

Jiang Xueqing shook the head, said: "I am the master of the forbidden zone and need me Live to maintain the forbidden zone."

Daoist Jun stepped forward and said: "Divine Father, child also wants to stay away from disputes..."

Jiang Nan shook his head and vetoed: "Innate Lupeng needs Someone will stand up and guard the Three Realms and Uninhabited Forbidden Zone. You cannot die."

Daoist Jun's face is sad, Daoist Hong and the others Also sighed.

"Today, for Three Realms all living things, for the civilization of the next life, we will give the last strength!"

A statue of Heavenly Monarch and Dao Monarch got up one after another , Laughed heartily, self-defeated, cut off his Fleshly Body, dissipated his Dao Fruit, and dispersed all the cultivation bases. Each corpse fell in the Uninhabited Forbidden Zone and turned into a large tomb.

"Living Fellow Daoists, the rest will be left to you!"

"Let’s die first, be lazy for a while!"

The gods Heavenly Monarch, Dao Monarch, and Dao Venerate fell, and their bodies sank in the forbidden zone, and went to death with a smile.

Yun Lian waved to Jiang Xueqing, said with a smile: "Elder Sister, please forgive Little Sister for being lazy, you remember to protect me!"

She self- Cut Dao Fruit, vanished fragrance and crumbled jade, corpse falls into the forbidden zone and turns into a lotus flower.

"Master, won't you go with discíple?" Three Deficiencies Ancient Buddha cried out.

Cult Master Asceticism shook his head: "Master does not give up this life. It is better to control your own life. Life is in the Boating on Sea of ​​Bitterness. The Master still needs to go through this last period of bitterness. See you. Only seeing this Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation can be regarded as Perfection!"

Three Deficiencies Ancient Buddha stopped persuading, and the soldiers broke down in the forbidden zone.

In the Great Overarching Heaven, there are not many powerhouses left, Hong, Jun, Ji Du, Asceticism, Myriad Manifestations, Sacred Demon, Black Flower, as well as Concubine Tian, ​​Jiang Xueqing and Jiang Xue, Xi Yingqing also chose to be buried in the forbidden zone with her son Xi Chong Madam Mu Wanqing, and Yue Youniang also went with him.

The Great Overarching Heaven was empty, and suddenly became silent, one by one praying mat hanging high, faintly as if happy laughter and cheerful voices were still there.

Jiang Nan waved his hand, praying mat landed, looked up towards Three Realms, and saw Three Realms all living things still in Great Overarching Heaven.

Immortal Dao Universe, here is the only place where there are living people.

Great Overarching Heaven is the last Sacred Land of Immortal Dao Universe, and the last Pure Land.

Outside the Great Overarching Heaven, three tribulation waves are like huge waves that have been crushed above the head. They may be pressed down at any time, destroying the last Sacred Land and the last Pure Land and destroying all civilizations. Mark of!

"Sister-in-law, do you want to steal a while?" Jiang Nan looked up at the three tribulation waves, suddenly said with a smile.

Mother Yuan shook his head and said with a smile: "If I am lazy, who will block your Ultimate Annihilation Tribulation? Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerate, are you really sure to get through this fated tribulation? "

Jiang Nan retracted his gaze, did not answer, and said: "Now, most of Dao Monarch Dao Venerate of Great Overarching Heaven and even Heavenly Monarch have been disarmed, but the karma of Immortal Dao Era and Everlasting Heavenly have been dismissed. Venerate has become an existence infinitely close to the Extremity of Great Dao. Now he is in his strongest state. It is time to kill him. See if the strength of the Extremity of Great Dao can survive this Annihilation Tribulation, and it can also reduce the tribulation power. Let him repay Heaven and Earth Karma...sister-in-law, wait a minute, I will kill him and return."

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