Exalted Emperor Chapter 1667

Exalted-Emperor concludes testimonials and new book project


After knocking on the little fox sentence, the house pig grows comfortable After taking a sigh of relief, I want to tell everyone that Exalted-Emperor is over.

Yes, Exalted-Emperor is over.

On February 20, 2013, Exalted-Emperor uploaded. Today, at noon on March 13, 2015, Exalted-Emperor is over. It took two years and 21 days and 5.45 million words. Thank you everyone for staying with the house pig. Exalted-Emperor, has been going until now.

This Emperor, the house pig has paid too much feelings. Sometimes it is written that it will cry and laugh with the characters in the book. There are too many characters. Home pigs can't forget, and can't bear to forget.

Whether it’s the Tie Zhu who never wanted to be someone at the beginning, or the little Scholar who struggled to survive in the sea of ​​​​​​corpses and Demonic Monster, or the beautiful white fox, or the war The god who died within catastrophe, or the Immortal and Demon Dao Monarch who was willing to abandon everything for all living things...

I still remember Xi Yingqing leaving his wife and daughter to see Supreme Sovereign, after he died Seeing his wife and daughter, I still remember Yong He alone blocking Demon-Divinity in order to ship the people behind him, still remembering Heavenly Vessel, who knew he was going to die and went his own way, still remembered the old and gray-haired Dao King in the garden, and remembered Ti Xuanwei for the five hundredths. Love affinity......

Remember that Old Rabbit cried and knelt and sat in front of his old friend’s corpse, and remember that Utmost Vast Heavenly Venerate shed tears in Annihilation and killed Dao Monarch Palace after his wife died during meditation. I remember the portrait of Heavenly Venerate on the 16th Heavenly Gate next to the Heavenly River, and the withering of the one by one in the painting...

I remember the Peaceful Manifestation standing on the top of the city alone, and I remember the Great Dragon turning back and saying I was there , Next life, goodbye, remember Jiang Xueqing raised his sword and snarled himself, remember the white fox......

all living things, you and I are all living things, although not all living things in the book, but It is all living things in reality.

There are too many unforgettable things in the book, too many unforgettable love.

However, Exalted-Emperor is still over.

The end of Exalted-Emperor also represents the end of the two episodes of Exalted-Emperor and One Step World. From now on, Zhaizhu will not write the third part.

Two years and twenty-one days, there is no break, continuous work for such a long time has never had a vacation, even if it is to treat her daughter’s illness, she insists on updating, even if it’s two Chinese New Year holidays, the house pig I also insist on updating, too tired, too tired, I have never been so physically and mentally exhausted...

After the Exalted-Emperor is over, the house pig will rest for 28 days. On the 10th of April, upload a new book .

The new book is no longer the theme of Xianxia, ​​but Oriental fantasy. From a new perspective, it tells the strange and vast story of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors era.

Although Exalted-Emperor is over, the Exalted-Emperor mobile game has just begun. Brothers, enter the Exalted-Emperor mobile game to experience the Legendary stories in the book! ! !

Never say defeat, never say old!

A tribute to the Spiritual Divinity in Exalted-Emperor, and you and me!

green mountains are always flowing with green water, we will next book, goodbye!

******************************************* *****************************

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