Exalted Emperor Chapter 1668

————I fell in love with Master's Wife and I loved it unforgettable!

"Wuxi, although the Divine Ability you just used is mixed with the essence of Demon Dao, it shows the formidable power of overbearing, but the changes in Magic Power are not equal to me Supreme Profound Sacred Sect. Divine Ability has more changes. The Concept of Divine Ability has been tampered with by you. Let me show you. You can carefully understand the changes in Magic Power in this style Divine Ability."

A soft and pleasant voice When it sounded, Xuan Wuxie stood on the square in front of the Supreme Profound Sacred Sect highest Sacred Palace, watching the young women in the square demonstrating the Divine Ability of the Supreme Profound Sacred Sect in a lithe and graceful almost dancing posture.

Luohua intentionally and ruthlessly.

This is the name of this style Divine Ability.

This style Divine Ability Concept, the falling flowers deliberately fall in colorful, but the flowing water is mercilessly taking away the falling flowers. The young woman in the square vividly expresses the bleak, colorful and beautiful concept of this style Divine Ability in autumn. And thoroughly, in the square, she saw her Magic Power turned into a falling wood, the sound of water gurgling, and the Magic Power turned into a river, truly displayed in front of him, rolling the falling flowers and fallen leaves.

Magic Power combines the Dao Rule to construct the falling flowers and leaves and the river to be extremely real. Therefore, it hides the endless power and murderous intention in the ordinary and beautiful, and the young woman's strength is deep and unmeasurable.

Xuan Wuxie is all white clothed, and his sight does not leave the young woman in the square.

He is the Eldest Senior Brother of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect. He is called the most outstanding and most beloved discíple of Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, which is closest to God, and the young woman in the square is his Master's Wife.

He likes his Master's Wife.

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, as the Sect Master of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, is recognized as one of the three most formidable existences in the world, young and promising, and born handsome, long ago Cultivation to Heavenly Palace Eight Boundaries, with the same name as Headmaster Daoist Mystic Serenity of Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect and Demon King Moluo Shen of Moon-Star Demon Sect.

Xuan Wuxie's Master's Wife is a beauty who is famous for Profound Bright Origin World. It is a recognized number one beauty. The combination of the two is a good story in Profound Bright Origin World.

They also have a daughter, Mu Wanqing. She inherited the beauty of her mother and the wisdom of Supreme Sovereign, and she has a tendency to be the student surpasses the master.

However, Xuan Wuxie just likes Master's Wife.

Mu Wanqing is beautiful, but Xuan Wuxie watched her grow up and regarded her as his Younger Sister in his heart. No matter how beautiful Mu Wanqing was, he couldn’t be tempted. He taught himself Absolute Art for taking care of his own growth. Master's Wife was moved.

Master's Wife treats him like a child, sometimes like the gentle Big Sister sister, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign cultivation, often teach him Absolute Art or Divine Ability, let him study by himself. But Master's Wife is very gentle, very careful and patient to explain to him the subtle changes in Absolute Art or Divine Ability.

Although his cultivation base boundary is not as sophisticated as Master's Wife, he has surpassed Master's Wife in Divine Ability, but he is still happy to make mistakes from time to time and use some obvious mistakes to consult Master's Wife. In exchange for a chance to get close to her.

He fell in love with his Master's Wife.

But that is his Master's Wife, and a married woman, he can only hide this love in his heart, and sometimes he even feels that his love has distorted Dao Heart and even sprouted Get out of the Master Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign's impulse to occupy Master's Wife.

This is Heart Demon!

Xuan Wuxie warned himself more than once that he is a talented character who knows all the darkness and Demonic Will contained in Dao Heart, and he will soon be able to refining all Heart Demon. But after refining, this kind of Heart Demon is still reborn from time to time, once again entrenched in his Dao Heart.

"Wuxi, you are on a desertion again!"

Master's Wife came back with an angry voice, Xuan Wuxie came back to his senses, a little shy laughed, Master's Wife pretended to be angry The look is very beautiful, which makes him a little fascinated.

"How can you defeat Xi Yingqing like this?"

Master's Wife came to him, the young woman’s body scented her nose, Xuan Wuxie's heart is a beast, just listen to Master's Wife's gentle The voice taught: "Your Master once said that you and Old Daoist Mystic Serenity's discíple Xi Yingqing are the most promising become Divinity persons in your present life. Xi Yingqing's perception is immortal, and your aptitude is immortal. You If you are still so tired, you will definitely be left behind by Xi Yingqing. He has worked harder than you."

Xuan Wuxie stretched out lazily, said with a smile: "Master's Wife, Xi Yingqing is better than me." I’m lazy. I’ve played against him more than once, and I know him better than Master’s Wife. He is a lazy person and doesn’t bother to temper oneself Divine Ability. His body is lazy, but his brain is not lazy. He uses his brain to do it. Xiu Spirit Refining can be used instead of body."

A young girl of twenty-eight years of age floated over like a fragrant wind and appeared in front of the two, said curiously: "Senior Brother Wuxi, what is Xi Yingqing like? People? Have you played against him? How did you win?"

This is the daughter of Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, Mu Wanqing, Junior Sister of Xuan Wuxie, who stuck behind him all day when he was a child, and now he’s out Sacred Maiden, known as Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, has become more and more charming. She is as beautiful as the Master's Wife when she was young.

"I played against him."

Xuan Wuxie said with a smile: "East Yingqing, West Evilless, some people say that we are the most promising men to become Divinity, I naturally I have to compete with him and see if his ability can really be equal to me."

"And then?"

Mu Wanqing has bright eyes and a little excited: "Senior Did Brother Wuxi pissed him in one's pants in terror?"

"The girl's family, how do you say it?"

Master's Wife gave her a pitying look, but I am also very concerned about the match between Xuan Wuxie and Xi Yingqing, and said: "Wuxi, which one will win or lose?"

Xuan Wuxie said with a smile: "There is a win or loss for each other. His perception is too high. The Divine Ability I used when I beat him will definitely be broken by him in the next fight. If his body is not too lazy, I am afraid it will be difficult to beat him, but fortunately he is too lazy. I agreed with him to fight again after ten days. It is still unknown whether this time can beat him."

Mu Wanqing said excitedly: "Senior Brother, I will go too! I hide and plot against him quietly, and promise you to win! "

Xuan Wuxie shook the head, said with a smile: "I want to beat him, naturally the open and aboveboard beat him, how can you help? In this world, only I can understand Xi Yingqing , And only he can understand me. It's worth having such an opponent and close friend in life!"

Mu Wanqing stuck his tongue out, and the eyeball turned and flew away like a little swallow.

Master's Wife said with a smile: "Wuxi, your Junior Sister has a crooked eye again. When you fight with Xi Yingqing, she will definitely run over and make trouble. Your Master is invited to a place called Viewing Immortal. Platform place, I don’t know when it will come back... By the way, Evilless, your Boss is no longer small, your Master said that in the future the position of Supreme Headmaster will be passed to you, as my Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, the future Supreme Headmaster, why? Can there be no Headmaster Madam? Do you have a girl you like?"

Xuan Wuxie has a fiery heart and blurted out: "I like Master's Wife..."

He suddenly woke up and quickly changed his words. "I mean, I like women like Master's Wife..."

Master's Wife was very happy, said with a smile: "That's Wanqing. Wanqing has already liked you, you haven't Seeing her look at you, I, a mother-in-law, knew that she secretly liked you at a glance, otherwise she would not have heard that you were going to a duel with Xi Yingqing, so she happily said that she would help you in the battle..."

Xuan Wuxie turned into a wooden person again, silently saying in his heart: "I only treat Junior Sister as Younger Sister. I have never fallen in love with her. What I love is not a woman like Master's Wife, but Master's Wife... "

There is a trace of pain in his eyes: "Master treats me like a son, and his grace is like a mountain..."

Ten days later, Xuan Wuxie and Fallen God Mountain Range appeared in Fallen God Mountain On a grand mountain in the Range, white clothes lightly.

Fallen God Mountain Range is rumored that Heavenly Divinity has fallen into the land of Demon-Divinity. Demonic Qi is deep. Although the fallen Heavenly Divinity is dead, his Demonic Will and flesh and blood have turned into a head. Demon, rampant.

The time when Heavenly Divinity fell is too far away from today, so it is impossible to know why the aloof and remote Heavenly Divinity fell and why he turned into a demon.

"Senior Brother Wuxi, I made you wait a long time."

A lazily voice came, Xuan Wuxie followed the sound, as if he saw another self, different from herself Xi Yingqing of peerless grace and elegance.

Xi Yingqing comes from the wind, clothes hunting like a banner, full of chic and romantic, but people seem a little lazy, it seems that everything is not taking seriously.

His eyes are as bright as a divine mirror that emits divine light. He seems lazy, but Xuan Wuxie knows that this youngster is the most terrifying young generation today, because his brain is always In operation, explore the secrets between Dao Rule and Great Dao, and explore the source of Divine Ability power.

His laziness is just appearance, his eyes are so bright that any Divine Ability has no secret in his eyes, and his perception is so high that he can even deduce the cultivation technique from Divine Ability!

Xuan Wuxie knows any cultivation technique as soon as he learns it. Any Divine Ability in his hands is even more formidable than the Old Senior formidable power immersed in this Divine Ability for hundreds of years, while Xi Yingqing is like his opposite. , Amazing and stunning Like the two of them, even the Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, who is closest to the gods, couldn't help but sigh, saying that they are the most promising become Divinity persons.

"You also brought a small tag-a-long."

Xi Yingqing's eyes flashed, his laziness has a different kind of charm, which is obviously to see Mu Wanqing Hidden in the dark, said with a smile: "My Master also recently accepted a Little Junior Sister. The ice and snow are cute, and the aptitude is no less than you and me. It's just a bit naughty. My Master said to accept it as Honorary Discíple first, and wait two years for tempering oneself. Xuan Wuxie will officially accept her as a disciple."

Xuan Wuxie emotionally said: "A character who can be praised as Senior Brother Xi must have an amazing aptitude. After the defeat of Senior Brother Xi this time, we will During the match, I asked Senior Brother to bring this Little Junior Sister."

"It must be."

Xi Yingqing looked at Void and then at Fallen God Mountain. The Demonic Qi of Range rolling suddenly said with a smile: "Senior Brother Wuxi, today we don’t fight, it’s better to compare who can be the first to reach the deepest part of Fallen God Mountain Range. You have two people, but I am one People, speaking of which, you still took advantage."

Xuan Wuxie naturally knew that Mu Wanqing was hiding in the vicinity and waiting to plot against, but Xi Yingqing had other thoughts, and he immediately nodded said with a smile: "Okay! Senior Brother Xi, please."

"Senior Brother Wuxi, please."

Two youngster outstanding talents flew up, deep in the Fallen God Mountain Range Speeding away, Mu Wanqing emerged, stomping his feet and said: "Senior Brother Wuxi, wait for me!"

Demonic Qi is deep and dangerous, it may suddenly appear at any time. Demon sneak attack, even Heavy Enly Palace powerhouse may also fall here.

Mu Wanqing felt the danger after rushing into the Demonic Qi. Looking around, Xi Yingqing and Xuan Wuxie had already disappeared without a trace, and she couldn't help but flustered.

Demons keep pouring out of Demonic Qi. Mu Wanqing killed a few demons. Magic Power gradually couldn't keep up. Fear was born in her heart: "Why didn't Senior Brother Wuxi come to save me?"


At this moment, she saw a pair of bright and bright eyes in front of her. Mu Wanqing screamed, and Xi Yingqing's eyes suddenly sounded. This was relaxed, and she hurriedly killed them, only to see the bright eyes. The youngster leaned on the icy Divine Palace pillar and looked at her with a smile.

Mu Wanqing's face was slightly red, and he stepped forward and said: "What are you doing here? Where's my Senior Brother?"

"Senior Brother Wuxi is eager to win, I guess I ran to the front "

Xi Yingqing mildly said with a smile: "I originally planned to attract a few Demons to haunt you and bring him to rescue, but didn't expect him to notice, I had to stay here Protect you. I'm a cocoon."

"You attracted those Demons?" Mu Wanqing angrily said.

Xi Yingqing haha ​​smiled, involuntarily saying that the probing hand wrapped her waist and rushed to the Fallen God Mountain Range rush to the bottom, said with a smile: "Don’t worry, I’ve never been serious, but I’m serious. Immortal Metropolis is afraid! Even with your little oil bottle, I can beat Senior Brother Wuxi!"

"You are the oil bottle!"

Mu Wanqing seethingly said: "I am very difficult to deal with! Every time Senior Brother Wuxi fights against me, it is not my opponent!"

"Heh, heh."

"You Don't believe it?" Mu Wanqing said.

"Heh, heh."

"Xi Yingqing, I played with you!"


Demonic Qi Shen At that point, Xuan Wuxie heard the noise of Mu Wanqing and Xi Yingqing, she couldn't help but smiled, and whispered: "Master's Wife, I have my heart, Xi Yingqing is suitable for Little Junior Sister..."

Not long after, he appeared in the deepest part of the Fallen God Mountain Range, sitting leisurely on the throne of the fallen Heavenly Divinity. After a long time, Xi Yingqing and Mu Wanqing arrived slowly, and the lazy Xi Yingqing appeared to be better than before. Much happier.

"I lost, Senior Brother Wuxi, I will give you this oil bottle back!"

Xi Yingqing pulled away and disappeared into the billowing Demonic Qi, Mu Wanqing hurriedly Killed, hu hu said: "Who do you say is to drag the oil bottle? I have no conscience, I will help you to block your heart, lest Demon sneak attack you..."

"Wuxi, you Junior Sister It seems to have gone well with the discíple Xi Yingqing of Old Daoist Mystic Serenity."

In the great palace of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, Master's Wife was worried and said to Xuan Wuxie: "This little girl is going to Mystic Heaven Sacred every day. Sect ran. After the two people became a pair, Old Daoist Mystic Serenity even wrote to me, showing the marriage of the two families. He is a close friend of your Master. If he speaks, I’m afraid your Master will definitely agree with this. The wedding..."

Xuan Wuxie blinked, secretly happy. Master's Wife continued: "Why not, look at which girl you like, I will propose marriage to you? What do you think of Little Princess in Heavenly Monster Palace... Well, no, Little Princess in Heavenly Monster Palace is too young. I haven't grown up yet... What do you think of Sacred Maiden in Golden Phoenix Pavilion? If it doesn't work, let's go to Myriad Dragons Nest to find Dragon Sovereign and let him choose the most beautiful Dragoness in Dragon Race..."

"In fact, as long as there is a Master's With Wife by his side, Evilless has nothing else to ask for." Xuan Wuxie thought, I think it’s good to hear Master's Wife talking to himself often.

Xi Yingqing and Mu Wanqing are getting closer, Master's Wife is also more concerned about Xuan Wuxie's lifelong major event, busy to find out which girls are beautiful.

On this day, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign finally returned from the Viewing Immortal Platform. Master's Wife was very happy. Xuan Wuxie and the discíple, Elder of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, Supreme Elder, and even Mystic Heaven were greeted. Sacred Sect Headmaster Daoist Mystic Serenity and Moluo Shen of Moon-Star Divine Sect were also alarmed and prepared to visit.

However, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign seemed to have something to worry about. As soon as he came back, he announced the seclusion, and the two friends also rushed out.

"Your Master went to the Viewing Immortal Platform. After you came back, it seemed to be a different person."

Master's Wife was not happy anymore, and said to Xuan Wuxie: "He is back After that, something went wrong and became very cold, as if someone else is here, but his heart is very high and far away."

Xuan Wuxie puzzled, Master's Wife continued: "He seems to have become a god …No, it’s terrifying more than gods, old and long, just like Heaven and Earth."

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign has exited the customs, and the Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign after the exit seems to be back again. In the past, only the eyebrows turned white, but talking and laughing, no different from before, went to meet Daoist Mystic Serenity and Moluo Shen.

Master's Wife is very happy, but Xuan Wuxie feels strange, that is, the eyes of Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign have become extremely indifferent and lofty, empty, as if far away from Mundane World, far away from everything in the world feeling.

On this day, he heard Mu Wanqing's heart-piercing cry and rushed into the Sect Master great palace. His heart suddenly became cold and his head was empty.

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign is holding a treasured sword of Dao Rule condense with blood dripping on the sword, and pa ta pa ta hits the clean ground.

Master's Wife fell in a pool of blood, Mu Wanqing pounced on Master's Wife, looking at Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign in horror, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign raised the sword, there was no sadness on his face, only joy, from Inner joy: "My mental state, there is no weak spot anymore."

The voice is extremely gentle, just like a lover’s pledge to each other.

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign cut his wife Ming Zhi, Dao Heart finally reached Perfection.

He raised his hand, raised the sword in his hand, and cut it down at Mu Wanqing!

"Master, no!" Xuan Wuxie knelt in front of Supreme Sovereign, blocking the sword for Mu Wanqing.

The brilliance sword was cut on Xuan Wuxie's shoulder, but did not continue to be cut.

"Wuxi, my most respected highly discíple, are you happy for the Master too?"

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign closed the sword, hehe said with a smile: "I went to Viewing Immortal Platform, experienced five hundred vicissitudes of life on the stage, seeking the truth with one heart, and finally realized the real Great Dao, this is the Profound Metropolis Unemotional Heavenly Book. Only by forgetting emotions and abandoning all emotions can we aspire to Supreme’s Great Dao, transcend God, and become eternal . Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill Wanqing, but I want to see if my sword-cutting daughter can still shake my Dao Heart."

He said with a slight smile: "This sword is down. I found that my Dao Heart is no longer shaken."

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign walked out of the temple and said leisurely: "Wuxi, bury your Master's Wife. You will also walk on me in the future. The road, my road is..."

"There is nothing else besides the Dao! No emotion can hold me, my Dao Heart, only pure reason, I am heaven , Is Tao!"

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