Exalted Emperor Chapter 1669

Xuan Wuxie's mind is blank, no thoughts flow, Mu Wanqing has cried and fainted.

"Master's Wife..."

The woman he loves the most, fell in a pool of blood, cut off all vitality.

"Wuxi, promise me, take good care of Junior Sister, and if she likes Xi Yingqing, let her marry Xi Yingqing..."

Master's Wife is so angry that she raises her hand gently Touch Xuan Wuxie's face: "Don't blame you Master, he was hit in the Viewing Immortal Platform... It's a pity that Master's Wife failed to see you find the girl you like..."

Master's Wife passed away for a long time, let go Human world.

Xuan Wuxie kneels and sits in front of the corpse of Master's Wife, Master's Wife is dead, and his heart seems to be dead.

He cleaned the blood stains on his body for Master's Wife, tried to close the wound, but couldn't help it. He put on the most beautiful clothes for Master's Wife, combed her hair and added makeup, and kept her in At the most beautiful and moving moment, he kissed those cold lips. This was the first time they were so close.

Xuan Wuxie sealed the corpse of Master's Wife in the ice coffin, kneeling in front of the ice coffin, and did not move for a long time. His Master's Wife lived in the ice coffin. In his imagination, it will always be so beautiful So gentle.

He gently told the Master's Wife in the ice coffin about the love he has accumulated during his life. He cried and laughed, and said a lot of fainting things. Master's Wife is still as gentle and considerate as before. Listen carefully.

Xuan Wuxie was thin, put on a black clothed, buried his white clothed in the ice coffin with Master's Wife, and returned to the Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign.

"Master's Wife, I will avenge you, Supreme Sovereign!"

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign wants to become Divinity, wants to gather all the resources in the world, wants to order The world.

"Wuxi, Profound Bright Origin World has too many sects. These sects are incompetent from top to bottom. They consume resources but cannot become Divinity spirit."

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign said: "You lead my Sacred Sect discíple to eradicate these sects, starting from the Demon Gate, the Master will be your backing and destroy the Supreme Headmaster of those sects!"

Xuan Wuxie takes the lead, Leading the crowd to conquer the world's Demon Gate, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign invited Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect, Majestic Sacred Sect and other Righteous Dao Sect powerhouses to personally fight to kill a Demon Gate Leader and crush Demon Gate so much.

In the end, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign's close friend Moluo Shen became angry and fought with Supreme Sovereign. Moluo Shen was suppressed by Supreme Sovereign.

Supreme Profound Sacred Sect is invincible. Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign announced that Everlasting Divine Sect and Flower Garland Sacred Sect in Righteous Dao Sect colluded with Demon Dao, and the army conquered Everlasting Divine Sect and Last Divine Sect. Flower Garland Sacred Sect eliminated the two Righteous Dao Sects, and the Supreme Headmaster of the two great cults was beheaded.

This incident finally caused the displeasure of the Supreme Headmaster Daoist Mystic Serenity of Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect, and personally questioned Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign: "Supreme Sovereign, you have done it, Moluo Shen is yours and mine. My dear friend, why do you even have to suppress him? Moluo Shen is Demon Dao, but what is the crime of Everlasting Divine Sect and Flower Garland Sacred Sect? You are not shoveling the eliminating demon door, but to annex the world’s dao sect and turn the world into Your private property!"

"Mystic Serenity Daoist Brother, are you kidding Demon Gate, is Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect going against Righteous Dao?"

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign laughed , Finally issued a battle challenge, saying: "Mystic Serenity Daoist Brother, you, me, and Moluo Shen are recognized as the Three Great Powerhouses in the world. Some people say that Moluo Shen is the youngest and possesses a godlike Fleshly Body. You are the oldest. I have the magic power like a god, and I am the closest to Divinity person. I want to know who is the first under the heavens expert among the three of you and me, and who is expected to take that last step. Now Moluo Shen has been defeated. Please Mystic Serenity Daoist Brother for your advice!"

The battle challenge was announced to the world, and the world was in an uproar.

Daoist Mystic Serenity took the battle challenge, and the two met on the Eastern Sea.

"Master's Wife, my chance is here."

Xuan Wuxie kneels and sits in front of the ice coffin, looking at the Master's Wife in the coffin, whispering said with a smile: " The strength of Old Daoist Mystic Serenity is extremely formidable, even more formidable than Moluo Shen. Even if Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign wins, it will inevitably suffer heavy losses. I am already Heavenly Palace Boundary. Although it is not as good as Supreme Sovereign, it is okay to burst out all the strength. Injured him. In the case of his wound, I may have a chance to kill him..."

This thrilling battle finally started on this day, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign and Daoist Mystic Serenity fought against Eastern Above the Sea.

Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect, Xi Yingqing boarded the Headmaster Supreme Position. A young girl knelt in front of Xi Yingqing, frequently kowtowing: "Senior Brother, please take action, save him! He is you and me after all Teacher!"

Xi Yingqing looked towards the distance, extremely indifferent: "Junior Sister, the Teacher has graciousness of raising for me, not because my brother doesn’t want to save it, but I can’t save it. Save him, my Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect is the extinguish sect disaster. Whether you or me or the Teacher, or my Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect myriad younger generation discíple, all will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke."

And in the distance, Xuan Wuxie wore black clothed and looked towards the Eastern Sea. The battle there was about to end. Although Daoist Mystic Serenity had the first Magic Power, it was old after all, qi and blood withered, and was about to be exhausted by Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign.

But Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign was also extremely damaged, and Magic Power's extremely powerful Old Daoist Mystic Serenity was not so easy to deal with.

Xuan Wuxie looked to Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect from a distance, with a questioning look in his eyes.

Xi Yingqing looked back, her face indifferent.

"Go to the place where you and I are about to fight!" Xuan Wuxie raised his hand and put on a bronze ghost face mask, disappeared.

Old Daoist Mystic Serenity finally ran out of qi and blood and died in the hands of Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign. Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign returned from victory. Halfway through, Ghost Mask Man came out, Heaven and Earth changed color, and Blood Sea Overflowing, murderous aura is like sea!

hong long!

The mountains jittered into a volume of formatíon diagram, and the heavily damaged Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign was included in the formatíon diagram. Ghost Mask Man tried his best to urge the formatíon diagram , Infinite Demon Fire gushes out, trying to refining Supreme Sovereign!

At this time, a palm protruded from the formatíon diagram, tore the formatíon diagram, the mountains shattered, and Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign escaped.

The ghost face man draws his sword, the sword light shines on the Profound Bright Origin World, the sword stabs out, the next moment the sword breaks, and the blood light bursts from Ghost Mask Man.


Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign stepped forward, said with a slight smile: "You use Demon Dao's cultivation technique against me, but I feel your cultivation The technique is my Supreme Profound Sacred Sect’s cultivation technique. I ask you to destroy those Demon Gate Great Faction, you can combine the Demon Gate Great Faction’s cultivation technique, and even deceives the Heaven to cross the sea to hide you A real cultivation technique. What do you want to hide, Evilless?"

Ghost Mask Man burst back, chuckle and said: "There is nothing else besides the Dao! Supreme Sovereign, you have become my Dao on the road Obstacles, I will naturally attack you!"

"There is no other thing besides the road?"

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign stopped pursuing and said leisurely:" Worthy of being my discíple, finally set foot on my path. You think you can kill me to destroy the demon barrier in your heart? Evilless, I give you time to grow, waiting for you to challenge me, but now, you are far from enough Qualification."

Ghost Mask Man disappeared, Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign returned to Supreme Profound Sacred Sect, overawes the world, but because of the battle with Daoist Mystic Serenity, he was also severely injured and announced the separation.

But at this time, a bad news came. Xuan Wuxie explored the tomb of Evil Divinity and was buried in the hands of Evil Divinity corpse.

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign ordered Supreme Elder of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect to go out and broke into the Evil Divinity burial place, only to find a bloody corpse, but from the aura and bloodline, it is Xuan Wuxie undoubtedly.

"Wuxi, you are too brave to enter, unexpectedly to find Evil Divinity corpse."

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign wept and ordered people to lift Xuan Wuxie's corpse, muttered: "You I'm dead, who will help me take the final step of become Divinity in the future? Without the oppression of the powerhouse, without the pressure of amazing and stunning, become Divinity is difficult..."

Xuan Wuxie is dead.

"Only Xi Yingqing is left."

Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign sighed: "I hope he won't let me down."



In the Fallen God Mountain Range, the young Supreme Headmaster Xi Yingqing of Supreme Profound Sacred Sect quietly looks at the opposite side, while a Ghost Mask Man sits on the throne of the fallen Heavenly Divinity, with a hoarse voice: "Senior Brother Xi, this is my story."

He is crying like weeping, and the ghost face mask on his face is crying like weeping, whispering: "I fell in love with my Master's Wife. I have never expressed love to her. Supreme Sovereign killed me Master's Wife. This is the reason why I have to deal with him and the reason why I suspended myself..."

He lifts the head and takes it off. Ghost face mask, with an expression like a smile yet not a smile, and quietly said: "It is rumored that the Heavenly Divinity of Fallen God Mountain Range is because of the death of a loved one, and therefore become Demon. Senior Brother Xi, I have become Demon, so this Fallen God Mountain Range is my best place to stay."

"I failed. I am not an opponent of Supreme Sovereign, even if it is Supreme Sovereign who has been hit hard. ."

Xuan Wuxie put the bronze mask on the throne and stood up and said: "Path of cultivation, slow step by step, Supreme Sovereign’s aptitude perception is Peak’s character, even if it’s not as good as you and me, Not far away. Our cultivation time is shorter than him. It is indeed extremely difficult to catch up with him. Moreover, his Dao Heart Perfection is flawless and does not have any weak spot. It is even more difficult for us to catch up with him."

Xi Yingqing nodded, sighed: "It is true."

He just heard the story of Xuan Wuxie, that kind of twisted love affair made him full of sympathy for Xuan Wuxie, the discíple of Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign.

"But I have a way to catch up with Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, surpass Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign, and kill him!"

Xuan Wuxie eyes shined, looked towards Xi Yingqing , Said: "I thought of a way to defeat Supreme Sovereign. Do Senior Brother Xi want to hear it?"

Xi Yingqing nodded.

Xuan Wuxie chuckled, like a crazy Demon: "Someone once said that you and I are the most promising men to become Divinity. Unmatched have God’s aptitude and you have God’s perception! Senior Brother Xi, if you and my strengths are combined, I will comprehend, you will cultivation, and then you and my Magic Power will be combined into one, this will be able to surpass Supreme Sovereign!"

Xi Yingqing nodded, softly said: "I also thought of this, but to achieve this step, one of you and me needs to sacrifice. You are my best friend..."

Xuan Wuxie laughed heartily, Distorted face: "Best friend! Best friend...Senior Brother Xi, you and I are like two sides of God, God's perception, God's aptitude, simple any side, it is extremely difficult to kill the Supreme Sovereign that is closest to God , Only by combining these two sides into one can we kill Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign!"

both of his hands trembled and said: "Even the best friend cannot shake my heart. Only by killing you and refining your avatar successfully, Xuan Wuxie and Xi Yingqing can be combined into one. Only by cultivating two Xuan Wuxie or two Xi Yingqing together can there be hope to surpass Old Ancestor Supreme Sovereign."

He tears down, but the eagerness in his eyes is getting stronger and stronger, hehe said with a smile: "Senior Brother Xi, you and me until now have not been able to tell the real winners or losers, they are here today. In this Fallen God Mountain Range, there is a battle of life and death!"

His imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger, and he shouted loudly, "No matter who you or I live. , There is hope to defeat Supreme Sovereign, the bloodblade Supreme Sovereign! Today I hope Senior Brother Xi will not Keep your hands! Because..."

"I won't keep my hands either! "

"Today, only one person can walk out of Fallen God Mountain Range alive! "

Xi Yingqing aura is agitated, hunting in clothes, lifts the head, roughly said: "If I lose, you will refining successfully avatar and become the Supreme Headmaster of Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect, I hope you can Be kind to my discíple of Sacred Sect. "

Xuan Wuxie was solemn, thinking for a moment, and said: "If you win, I have nothing. I only hope that Senior Brother Xi can hide me in the dark, just like this fallen Heavenly Divinity...Senior Brother Xi, please! "

"Please! "

Two youngsters who are the most outstanding in present life, two men who are known as the most promising become Divinity, finally meet each other, they are so amazing and stunning, the divine light emitted by Divine Ability , Illuminates the dark and fallen Divine Palace, illuminates the ghost face mask on the throne, and illuminates the poignant love stories portrayed on the palace walls.

That is the fallen Heavenly The love story between Divinity and his beloved woman.

Their talents are shown in this battle. Although they are very young, every blow is more fierce than the older Supreme Headmaster. , And Perfection!

Two youngsters fight to their heart's content, show their most formidable Divine Ability, collide and separate again and again, and add wounds to each other again and again, causing a fatal blow to each other!

Finally, the battle ended.

Xuan Wuxie fell down.

"I lost, or I lost..."

He coughed up blood and looked at Xi Yingqing as he walked, and said miserably with a smile: "Don't disappoint my Junior Sister, I promised my Master's Wife......"

Xi Yingqing slightly startled, silently nodded.

"Senior Brother Xi, start quickly, don't wait for me to die before refining me successfully avatar, I'm afraid my Magic Power will die with me..."

... …

After a long time, "Xuan Wuxie" got up, walked towards the throne of the fallen Heavenly Divinity, picked up the ghost face mask on the throne, and gently put it on his face.

And Xi Yingqing has turned around and walked out.

He returned to Mystic Heaven Sacred Sect and saw the girl sitting on the roof of Brilliance Peak great palace. He walked over to the girl. His Junior Sister has always wanted to introduce to Xuan Wuxie’s Junior Sister.

"Junio r Sister, I saw a bird covered in blood just now, got into a bush of thorns, pierced its chest drenched with blood, and was still singing. "

Xi Yingqing stood behind the girl and sang softly: "Xuan Wuxie, Xuan Wuxie, there are many tears of hatred and hatred..."

The girl gently turned her head back. , Holding a bright mirror in his hand, with tears in his eyes, but still chuckles: "Headmaster Senior Brother, I can't remember what the Master is like..."

Xi Yingqing looked at her In the bright mirror in his hand, I felt so embarrassed, and tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

On this day, he killed his best friend. On this day, his Little Junior Sister cut himself off about Master Daoist Mystic. Serenity’s memory.

"Xuan Wuxie, Xuan Wuxie! "

A thorn bird is sorrowful: "There are so many tears of love, hatred, and bitterness!" "

"I wear a ghost face all my life infatuated, and become Demon for my infatuation! "

"The present and ancient things are sad and astonishing; the hatred of life and experience can never be caused. Passionate this body is willing to die, I hope that next life becomes a double song! "

The end of "Xuan Wuxie Biography".

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