Fantasy Simulator Chapter 316


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A disaster is now over.

When no one thought of it, one person stepped forward to quell the disaster.

After this day, people were surprised to find that the satellite that originally existed outside the parent star had long since disappeared, leaving only huge fragments, pushed by a force, and slowly moved towards away from the parent star And left this place.

Looking at this, the last power of the surrogate played a role. Even in such a terrible disaster, it still did not damage the home planet of mankind.

This incident also opened the door to people’s imagination.

Before this day, no one could have imagined that humans would be able to exert this level of power.

The only regret is that the silhouette of the substitute has completely disappeared.

Some people say that he exhausted his last strength at the last moment, so after the crisis was lifted, he was also crushed by that huge power.

This statement has been recognized by many people.

After all, the previous powerful force is obvious to all.

Even if it is a machine, once a force that exceeds its own load erupts, it will also be overloaded and various problems will occur.

The pure lifeform is even more so.

That level of power burst out in an instant, I am afraid that even if it is not affected, no one will believe it.

It is quite normal that the existence of the substitute has collapsed and disappeared.

There are also different people’s opinions on this.

There are ardent followers of the substitute believe that the substitute impossible will die.

He is still alive, and may be lurking on the home star, guardian home star in another way.

When the next time the home planet suffers a major disaster, he will still stand up, like the Protector like before, guarding their common home planet at this moment.

There are also many people who agree with this statement, most of which are fanatical believers.

However, after that day, the silhouette of the surrogate has disappeared.

No matter what method is used to find or find, there is no way to find the silhouette of the substitute.

He seems to be missing, and there is no way to find even a corpse.

Of course, in the most likely case, the body of the surrogate has already been shattered with the explosion of the satellite.

From the perspective of the terrifying energy that appears in the satellite burst, even if it is a substitute, whose body is located in it, it may turn into a pile of starry sky dust.

The impact of this incident is slowly fermenting.

But after all, human civilization must continue to advance.

After this time, the official included the surrogate on the list of martyrs, and allowed civil organizations from all parties to form a sect for him, forming a new religion.

this can be considered the general trend.

In the eyes of a considerable number of people, a substitute who shows such power in a human body is no longer an ordinary person, but a true god descended into the world.

He came into this world from the sky for the purpose of saving mankind and the world.

As previously described in Myths and Legends.

Therefore, after a short while, Chen Heng’s churches began to appear in various places, one after another.

However, Chen Heng can’t feel all this for the time being.

He is already not in this World at this moment.

A deep sense of tranquility emerged from my heart.

in an instant, as if the eternal feeling of coldness and death keeps passing through my mind, covering Chen Heng’s body and mind, for a while, Chen Heng seems to be asleep, making a long, long Dreams.

But soon, the real world came, and he woke up again, so far eyes opened.

In front of him, there is a familiar scene, he is in the room of his mansion.

The surrounding furnishings are so familiar, and the scene is so clear that Chen Heng can’t help but froze.

In front of me, lines of writing are unfolding.

“Simulation is over…”

“The simulation points you got are: 17,300 points…”

The line of handwriting is displayed in front of you. It is very clear at first, but then it blurs quickly and is no longer as prominent as it was before.

Looking at this line of writing, Chen Heng nodded, not at all, was too unexpected.

The simulation points he has gained this time is the most he has obtained since several simulations in the past.

But now, just trifling this kind of harvest, it doesn’t make him feel so excited.

But then, the next scene that took place surprised him.

“The return to the source…”

A line of writing appeared in front of him.

After that, a wave of change began to occur, since Chen Heng within the body appeared.

At this moment, Chen Heng couldn’t help but think of a scene.

That was everything he had done in that world before, from when he just recovered in that world, until finally he contended with the stars and defeated them.

All kinds of scenes continued to surface in his mind, and it was very clear at this moment, as if the scenes he had experienced have been traced back again. The extraordinarily impressive impression made him unforgettable.

Then, at the end, Chen Heng’s own body began to freeze.

It was a corpse floating in the stars.

In the last level of the previous world, in order to break the star, he exhausted his divine force.

The expansion of the divine force reached the extreme, so that his weak body could no longer carry it.

In the last battle, he succeeded in doing everything he wanted to do, but he had reached his limit, and he could only turn into a corpse lying in the deadly starry sky.

In this regard, Chen Heng did not find it strange.

The so-called death is something worthy of horror and fear for others.

But for him, it’s only this.

Counting past lives and simulation scenes, he has never known how many times he died.

Even if you do it again, it doesn’t really matter.

I’m used to it.

But at this time, as the power of the simulator showed, Chen Heng discovered some unusual situations.

As the power of the simulator unfolds, in Chen Heng’s mind, the corpse in the starry sky is glowing.

The faint brilliance appeared, covering the whole body.

After that, under Chen Heng’s gaze, the corpse began to melt, and finally turned into a pure source, directly rushing out and pouring into Chen Heng’s body at this moment.

hong long!

There was a muffled noise as if stretched out.

In this brief moment, Chen Heng’s body completely froze, and at this time he felt a drastic change in his body.

His body was originally not too strong, it was just the second circle that’s all equivalent to this World.

But at this moment, with the influx of simulated body origin, his body began to grow rapidly.

In the original thin body, surging power is emerging, and the original thin Life Power begins to expand and suddenly becomes abundant.

Moreover, this growth is not uncontrollable, but in the most secure way.

When this change is over, Chen Heng’s breath has expanded a lot.

“This feeling…”

Standing in place, Chen Heng waved casually.

The huge power was unfolded at this point, just as he waved his arm, and vaguely brought fierce winds, sweeping across the square.

Just this kind of power is already going to far surpasses Chen Heng’s previous power.

Looking like this, with the return of the Simulator, his own strength has increased a lot.

As far as Chen Heng feels, the degree of enhancement is not too exaggerated, but it is also extremely obvious.

“It is not only power that grows, but also the source……”

Standing in place, Chen Heng felt it carefully, and then came to this result.

Compared to normal people, his spirit strength is much stronger, and his grasp and understanding of his body is much greater.

So at this moment, he can clearly feel the changes in himself.

With the return of the simulation body, his body has been improved in all aspects.

But this kind of improvement is more of the improvement of his origin. In a unique way, it has improved his life essence.

As for the slight increase in strength, it is more incidental, but it is the increase naturally brought about by the increase in Life Level.

This feeling makes people feel pleasantly surprised.

The improvement of life essence is much more difficult than the improvement of pure strength.

As far as Chen Heng feels, although he has not changed much in power at this moment, in other respects, I am afraid it is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

The improvement of life essence represents a huge change in aptitude and even potential.

If nothing else, Chen Heng’s body’s aptitude at this moment should have changed with the improvement of its essence.

This thought flashed through his mind, and then a smile appeared on his face.

Look at this, this should be the change brought about by the emulator’s metamorphosis.

In the past, when the simulation ended, only simulation points were settled.

But now, in addition to the settlement of simulation points, there is an improvement in the origin.

A good change.

Slightly laughed, Chen Heng lowered his head and continued to look in front of him.

Before him, his vision continued to change.

Other messages are emerging.

“The world coordinates have been captured, do you want to establish a connection?”

In front of him, lines of writing appeared.

Afterwards, a message emerged from the simulator, and it was instinctively instilled into Chen Heng’s mind, making him understand something.

“so that’s how it is …….”

Feeling the message in his mind, Chen Heng was a bit nodded.

According to the information given by the simulator, obtaining world coordinates is a way to enter other worlds stably.

In the past, Chen Heng was able to repeatedly enter the same world within the realm because of the existence of stable world coordinates.

With a stable world coordinate, a stable world channel can be established through the simulator, so as to continue to enter that life within the realm.

But when the simulator left before leaving and came to this World, all the coordinates stored in the past disappeared.

Chen Heng therefore can no longer enter the previous worlds within the realm, and can only enter other worlds again by random means.

However, even if you enter other worlds, you can once again obtain the coordinates of other worlds by consuming simulation points, thus establishing a stable channel as in the past.

Of course, the prerequisite for obtaining world coordinates is that Chen Heng has been to that world before and has a certain connection in that world.

Only in this way can the simulator indirectly obtain the coordinates of that world through those connections.

Apparently, Chen Heng’s actions in the previous world have reached the standard for obtaining the coordinates of that world.

Thinking of this, Chen Heng couldn’t help being nodded.

Standing in place, he didn’t hesitate for too long, but after a little thought, he nodded and chose to agree.

Establishing a stable world coordinate, this kind of thing is not at all bad for him.

At least, if you think about it in the future, you can still enter that world.

“Whether to consume 10,000 simulation points to deduce world coordinates?”

In front of me, as Chen Heng’s thought flashed by, a message appeared, and then it emerged.


Looking at this number, Chen Heng corner of mouth twitching, but finally chose to confirm.

Ten thousand simulation points, this data is really huge.

The more than 10,000 simulation points that Chen Heng obtained before, basically haven’t covered the heat, and immediately put most of them into it.

But this is not bad.

Anyway, for the time being, Chen Heng doesn’t have much to use analog points.

Just use it.

Anyway, this thing is simulated. It is like money. It has necessary value only when it is used.

When not in use, it has no effect.

Along with the flash of thoughts in my mind, a faint feeling emerged.

The scenes experienced before resurfaced again. With the power of the simulator, everything that Chen Heng had done in the mutation world was once again revealed, and it came to Chen Heng’s mind.

Afterwards, the scenes of those memories became clearer and finally converged into a complex imprint, which appeared before Chen Heng’s eyes.

“The world coordinate deduction is complete…”

A faint handwriting emerged, which is now displayed in front of Chen Heng.

With the emergence of this line of handwriting, Chen Heng’s simulation points have also been reduced by half.

Looking at the reduced number on the analog point in front of him, Chen Heng sighed, and then stepped forward, preparing to leave this place.

But before he took two steps, he couldn’t help but stop.

“This feeling…”

Standing on the spot, his body suddenly stopped, his face showed a look of astonishment: “Faith?”

At this moment, he can feel the changes within the body.

Along with the deduction of world coordinates, an inexplicable force has begun to build.

Then in Chen Heng within the body, one after another line of faith emerged.

That is one after another extremely firm line of belief. In terms of quantity, there are at least hundreds of thousands.

And what comes along with these lines of faith is the huge strength of Faith.

The huge strength of Faith is emerging, and it has poured into Chen Heng’s body, giving Chen Heng within the body a rare sense of abundance.

Different from the alien world, Chen Heng’s body is in the God World, not at all a few believers.

There are not many believers, which means that there are not many strength of Faith. Naturally, it is impossible to experience the feeling of ample strength of Faith.

Although the current state is different from that in the mutation world, at least it is much better than before.

“What’s the matter?”

Feeling this abnormality, Chen Heng frowned, subconsciously confused.

There is no doubt that in God World, he impossible to have so many believers.

This is very obvious.

In God World, he has a total of thousands of people, how could there be more than 100,000 believers.

So the source of these beliefs is very suspicious.

So Chen Heng took it seriously, and then quickly got the result.

mutation world.

These beliefs that he existed within the body did not originate from anything else, but from the mutation world within the realm he had previously lived in.

It seems that with the establishment of the world coordinates, he has reconnected with that world, resulting in the ability to receive the strength of faith of that world.

However, it may be because it does not originate from a world and is somewhat isolated, or it may be because the divine power of Chen Heng within the body is not strong.

At this moment, the lines of faith that Chen Heng can receive are the kind of faith with firm faith.

Only believers with strong enough beliefs, even fanatics, have the ability to pass their beliefs beyond the isolation of the world, and convey them to Chen Heng, which he can perceive.

Otherwise, if it is really the same as before and can be received by personal beliefs, then there may be more than that.

Be aware that in the previous mutation world, the population was not trifling’s millions, but tens of billions.

The population is calculated in billions. Even if the belief in it is only 1%, it is also 100 million.

If all of them can be received, Chen Heng will be developed right now.

But it turns out that not at all is such a good thing.

Of course, being able to receive the faith of these hundreds of thousands of people is actually pretty good.

At least, this is already not in the minority.

In God World, the population of some small countries may not have this amount.

Moreover, the faith of these hundreds of thousands of people can also provide Chen Heng with some divine force, so that he can deal with something freely.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, and then stepped forward like this and walked out of this place.

Walking out from here, Chen Heng soon came to the outside world.

The faint sunlight spreads from outside, shining on the earth, and it will shine brightly everywhere.

Chen Heng stood alone, looking at the sky in front of him, looking at the quiet and beautiful scenery, and gradually calmed down.

The previous fight in the mutation world within the realm, the memory of struggling in that world, seems to be beginning to dissipate, replaced by peace.

Due to the change of mood, Chen Heng was rare to calm down at this moment and stood there for a long time.

After standing there for a long time, he turned around, left the place, and walked out.

“This is the situation in recent times.”

In the spacious room, Hedosiri looked at Chen Heng in front of him respectfully and handed him the booklet in his hand.

This is stipulated by Chen Heng.

Many things in this World are mostly superficial, many things will not be recorded, and many things are easy to miss.

So before that, Chen Heng deliberately laid down the rules, no matter what you do, you must leave a documentary record for easy inquiries.

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