Fantasy Simulator Chapter 317


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Chen Heng took over the paperwork handed over by Hedosiri and began to look it up carefully.

I have to say that after the simulator change, there have been changes in many places.

In addition to the previous ones, there is a major change.

That is time.

In the past, when Chen Heng performed simulations, no matter how long it has passed, how long he spent in the simulation world, it was always just a moment on the body.

But now, things seem to be different.

At least, this time Chen Heng spent several months in the simulation world, but it was not an instant in God World, but also more than two months passed.

More than two months, counting time, it’s not too long.

But after all, such a long period of time has passed, which is completely incomparable with the past.

However, this was also expected by Chen Heng.

According to Chen Heng’s conjecture, the fundamental reason why he was able to ignore time in the past should be the world he was in, which was just an illusory world.

It is an illusory world in itself, so you don’t need to care about the flow of time, so you can do that.

But now, it doesn’t work anymore.

In the real world, time moves slowly and never changes for anyone.

However, in different worlds within the realm, the time ratio may be different.

It’s like this.

In more than two months, there have been many changes everywhere.

Because Chen Heng had prepared in advance, even in these two months, the chaos did not become more chaotic.

Everything is developing in accordance with the pre-prepared situation and is preparing methodically.

For more than two months, the refugees from around were slowly absorbed and began to cultivate in various places.

At this moment, the Hatim domain belongs only to Chen Heng, and the people ruled by Chen Heng are close to two thousand.

Although this amount is still pitiful, it is at least much better than before.

Moreover, with the passage of time, as all around refugees are constantly recruited and attracted, the situation will eventually get better.

For this, everyone present is very confident.

Apart from this, the record shows that, including Carlo’s King Kareem, some of the nobles who had agreed in advance to support the Hatim leader, the material support they promised has also arrived and has now been stored. It can be reviewed at any time.

With the support of this group of people, at least in the short term, they don’t have to worry about food.

As for the others, in terms of production, Hedosiri has arranged people to cultivate outside and plant some crops that can survive this season.

As for Lamu, he is still cleaning the beastman outside, preparing to sweep away the beastman everywhere to make this area safer.

Apart from this, the rest is nothing.

After all, it has only been more than two months before now, and it is quite good to be able to have such results.

As for more, it’s too late.

“Amy and Mali, where are they?”

Sitting in his seat, Chen Heng thought for a moment, and then asked: “John, how about them?”

Previously, he gave some magic items he had obtained in the past to two wizards, Amy and Mali, and asked them to sell them to Aimu, the city of wizards, to obtain some resources.

In order to avoid some problems and experience, Chen Heng deliberately sent John out and asked him to go back with Mali.

In this case, on the one hand, he can be supervised, and on the other hand, he can be experienced and tempered, which can increase his knowledge and ability.

If you count the time, there should be almost a result now.

“John sent someone back some time ago.”

Looking at Chen Heng in front of him, Hedosiri looked respectful, and said, “The mission there has been completed at the moment, and they are now on their way back.”

“I believe you will be able to see them soon.”

“This is really good news.”

Looking at Hedosiri, Chen Heng laughed, and then he said: “I hope their arrival will give me a surprise.”

“I think so, my lord.”

Hedosiri bowed forward, saluting and speaking like this.

“I hope so.”

Chen Heng nodded, laughed.

In the days that followed, everything seemed to calm down.

At least in the eyes of ordinary people.

After that day, Chen Heng’s life became calm.

In normal times, he is either meditating, or he is studying with Hedosiri and working hard to exercise his body.

In the process, he also noticed a significant change in himself.

With the return of the source of the simulation body, the potential of his body has been greatly enhanced, and therefore all aspects have undergone a large degree of transformation.

For example, in the training of Life Knight, he is obviously much better now than in the past.

According to Hedosiri’s point of view, with Chen Heng’s performance at the moment, it is estimated that in a short time, he can truly become a life Knight.

Even, even if he hasn’t really mastered Life Power, just his physical power at the moment is enough to resist and even defeat the real Knight.

This kind of performance is quite amazing in the eyes of ordinary people.

For Chen Heng, this performance has surpassed before.

It’s not just the aptitude on Knight of Life. Even in the process of meditation, Chen Heng can also find changes in his body. He can feel that his speed of meditation seems to be faster, and the increase in spirit strength is more rapid.

At this moment, he can already feel a higher level of magic net.

If you count it carefully, he can now reach the 3rd floor of the magic net.

According to the standards of this World, he is now a three-ring mage.

Of course, in Chen Heng’s view, the so-called Three Ring Masters of this World is really very good.

Unlike the sorcerer of the sorcerer world, the sorcerers of this world are very weak except for a few, except for spirit strength and spell casting ability.

Excluding the huge destructive power that their spellcasting can cause, their bodies are very weak overwhelming majority. Many people’s bodies are similar to ordinary persons, and even weaker.

And this kind of result is unimaginable in the view of the sorcerer of the sorcerer world.

Because of this, the mage of this World does not have the same level of performance in Chen Heng’s view, except for the performance when casting the spell.

But even so, this is the third ring.

As long as you don’t get close by others, there is no doubt about the toughness of a three-ring spell if you can use the spell.

A powerful offensive three-ring spell, even if it is Knight of the same level, I am afraid there is no way to take it for a while.

When a wizard can cast spell, his strength is very strong.

But that’s it.

Standing in place, feeling the changes in his body, Chen Heng shook his head secretly.

After the spirit strength is strong enough to touch the three-layer magic net, he can also use the magic net to cast the third-level spell.

In a way, this can be considered good news.

At least it means an increase in strength.

I have to say that although the future of the mage profession is limited to a certain extent, the magic net is a very useful tool in quite large occasions.

It’s no wonder that the wizards of this World rely on this, and even have to actively maintain the existence of the magic net.

In addition to meditation and exercise, Chen Heng is also trying to do other experiments.

On a piece of flat ground, a short, hideous beastman stood opposite, looking at Chen Heng opposite, his face looked particularly hideous, and a pair of scarlet eyes stared at him, as if there was something in it. Insane desire to kill.

Across from him, Chen Heng’s face was calm, just standing there, looking at the beastman ahead.

Next moment, the beastman rushed forward, his claws raised high, and headed towards Chen Heng’s head.


With a bang of light sound, the sound of heavy objects falling directly rang out.

I saw in the front, beastman’s corpse had fallen to the ground, and a head flew out, with a hideous and distorted expression on his face, which seemed a little unbelievable.

The crimson blood splattered all around, bringing waves of blood-reeking qi everywhere.

Standing on the spot, looking at this scene, Chen Heng shook the head, then began to close his eyes, carefully feeling his own situation within the body.

In the eyes of others, he seems to be just reminiscing about the strength and weak spot of the hit just now.

But in reality, what Chen Heng did was not the case.

In him within the body, the power of divinity is surging.

A scarlet’s divine manifestation, as the killing progressed at this moment, it seemed to feel something, which conveyed a sense of excitement.

A force emerges from it, with the unique divine force of scarlet, emerges within the body of Chen Heng, and along with other divine forces, it slowly nourishes his body.

As with other divine forces, this divine force is very powerful, but the power it represents is somewhat different.

To be precise, this should be different from the divine force in the traditional sense, but belongs to another force.

But in this World, according to the message conveyed by the divine nature, for the people of this World, any level of power that reaches a certain level can actually be called divine force.

No matter what its source is, as long as its essence reaches the level of the deity, it can be called divine force.

Therefore, the force in front of you can also be called divine force.

Just as a force obtained from the killing, this force is somewhat different from the ordinary divine force.

Compared with the normal divine force, this force is more violent, and the offensive is also stronger. Once combined with the lifeform, the human body will be very powerful in the shortest time.

But relatively speaking, this force is not as good as the ordinary divine force in treatment or other fields.

In general, there are some partial subjects.

But this does not change the strength of this force, it is by no means inferior to the ordinary divine force.

More importantly, this power does not require other people to have faith, it only needs to continue to kill to obtain it.

This is the power that Chen Heng plundered from those mutated beasts in the previous mutation world.

Of course, it is said to be plundered from the mutated beast, but in fact, this power should originate from the nothingness of that world.

But now, this equity can already belong to Chen Heng.

“The power to kill…”

Standing on the spot and thinking for a long time, Chen Heng took a brand new name for the power he gained.

After obtaining the authority of nothingness, the original shadow divinity at this moment has been greatly changed, and the original power has been superimposed by the new authority, completely changing into another appearance.

By now, this authority is no longer what it used to be.

For this reason, Chen Heng chose a name for this new power according to his own understanding.


Get power from killing and plunder the origin of other creatures within the body to create its own divine force. This authority uses killing to name it, which is quite appropriate.

For God World, this equity stake is a very strange force.

In the past, this World seemed not at all the so-called God of Slaughter.

Of course, there may also be similar deities, but at the current level of Chen Heng, they cannot be known.

After all, he knew in his heart that with the special authority of killing, if one is not good, it is likely to become a public enemy.

Even if this kind of existence is suppressed by the gods, all the names of the gods are blocked, which is not necessarily an impossible thing.

Out of prudent considerations, Chen Heng decided that he would not expose his authority until it is a last resort.

Anyway, the authority developed so far is actually enough for him to use.

His within the body originally had two divinities, which could barely represent three kinds of authority.

Among them, the divinity of Light Domain can represent weak protection and healing power.

As for shadow, it can represent the authority of non-masking.

Now, with the power of devouring nothingness, the divine nature of the shadow has transformed, and another killing authority has been added.

Counting slaughter, Chen Heng is now able to use the power of four powers with the help of his divinity.

In these four areas, he can use his divinity to display corresponding power. If he can obtain enough divine force blessings, he can even display high-level divine techniques to achieve even more terrifying effects.

Of course, among these four powers, the other three powers have already been mastered by corresponding deities in this World, and there are still quite a few deities they master.

It’s like the power to heal. In this World, the deities of the basic decent seem to master it, but each has its own emphasis and difference.

It’s like being hidden, and many deities on the dark side will also master some.

Only the field of killing, in this world has not appeared yet.

For now, it can be regarded as Chen Heng’s exclusive authority.

Thinking about it a little, there is a burst of blood-reeking qi.

Afterwards, Chen Heng lifts the head and looks in front of him.

In front of him, the beastman’s corpse was still lying there at the moment, and the crimson blood stained the ground red, looking particularly bloody.

Looking at this scene, Chen Heng shook the head and then left the place directly.

On the sidelines, the others stepped forward and began to collect the corpses.

Having the authority to kill, Chen Heng has, to a certain extent, already possessed the means to grow himself rapidly.

Only need to keep raising the butcher knife in his hand and slaughter, he can quickly obtain the strength of Slaughter, thereby rapidly increasing his strength.

And at this moment, he happened to have good prey in front of him, the beastman who kept invading.

But for Chen Heng alone, the efficiency is too slow.

Moreover, the identity of Chen Heng is also there.

He is not someone else, he is a lord, and there is usually that many time to go to the battlefield in person.

Furthermore, if you just rely on killing to strengthen yourself, its speed may not be so fast.

At least, it might as well start a few more simulations and spread the faith in the simulation world, which will come more quickly.

At the moment in the mutation world, Chen Heng still has a large number of believers. Although only a small number of believers can establish contact with Chen Heng and convey their own strength of faith to Chen Heng, this is enough.

The belief of hundreds of thousands of people may not be enough to make Chen Heng’s power too exaggerated, but it is also enough to make Chen Heng become stronger quickly, and his speed is definitely much faster than he would kill himself.

After all, even though he is strong, those beastman are not pigs, impossible there waiting for him to kill.

And killing one by one, but it may not be too troublesome.

If this is the case, it’s better to continue to start a simulation to increase your strength and come quickly.

At least until now, the power of the simulant can also be brought back and returned to the noumenon in the form of the original.

For Chen Heng, this is a very good way.

So he walked into his room and began to think.

Before you, the familiar simulation interface began to show.

“Please select the world you are about to enter…….”

A faint handwriting appeared, but looking at the options that appeared before him, Chen Heng was stunned.

“What’s the situation?”

He subconsciously rubbed his eyes and almost thought he had seen it wrong.

“Option 1: God World. Option 2: mutation world. Option 3: Unknown.”

I saw him in front of him, and at the moment there were three options.

The other two options are okay.

But the first option before him is clearly God World.

But God World, isn’t this his own world?

“Can it still be simulated in the world where the ontology is located?”

Looking at this option, Chen Heng was a little confused, at this time subconsciously a little confused.

In the past, the simulator did not have this feature.

If you choose this World you are in, what will be the result?

At this moment, this thought flashed through his mind, suddenly a little curious.

So, he thought for a moment, and then he tried to click.

“Whether to enter God World?”


“Please select the simulation point you invest in……”

Before you, familiar options emerged again.

Looking at this scene, a familiar feeling suddenly emerged.

For Chen Heng, the scene before him is inconvenient to the set of Equivalent To who chose the identity in the beginning.

It’s just that this time I didn’t choose my identity, but chose to invest points directly.

But the kernel should be similar.

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