Fantasy Simulator Chapter 318


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“Do you need to invest points first…”

Looking at the scene that emerged before him, Chen Heng thought for a moment, and then made a decision.

At this moment, he has plenty of points.

However, the specific results of this function are not yet known. If you invest a lot of simulation points without authorization, it will be a pity if you get caught up in the water.

Out of cautious consideration, Chen Heng thought for a while, then lifts the head and decided to try this feature first.

Therefore, he directly chose the smallest consumption.

As the selection is made, in an instant, the panel in front of you changes rapidly.

In terms of the number of analog points, the number above decreased rapidly, and soon decreased by one hundred.

Look at this, no matter how you say it, in God World, the consumption of this hundred simulation points is indispensable.

But this is nothing, it’s not too big for Chen Heng at this moment.

As all this ends, an inexplicable feeling begins to appear.

At this moment, Chen Heng can feel that his True Spirit seems to be splitting, from the original one to two.

An extremely tiny seed was stripped from his original powerful True Spirit, and now under the power of the simulator, it began to transform into a complete individual.

“so that’s how it is …….”

Feeling this situation within the body, Chen Heng suddenly understood the meaning of this operation.

“By dividing the True Spirit, can an individual like an Avatar be formed?”

Standing in place, he was looking thoughtful, and at this moment he understood this function.

To put it simply, if it is simulated in God World, a brand new Avatar will be formed, instead of letting Chen Heng’s whole body and mind be involved.

The Avatar formed in this way is also Chen Heng to some extent.

The origins of the two are the same.

This approach is somewhat similar to what Chen Heng once did in Sorcerer World.

During a certain simulation, Chen Heng left the simulation world, but left his simulation body and separated it separately to form a brand new individual.

Now, it’s similar.

It’s easy to understand.

After that, a new feeling began to emerge.

“Please choose the strength you put in…”

In front of me, lines of writing appeared again, and it was so manifest at this moment.

According to the instructions of the simulator, Avatar can carry part of its power.

However, as in other simulations, the method formed by this method will also return to the body after its fall and become its own source.

To some extent, this dispelled Chen Heng’s worries, so that he could not have too much worries.

So he thought for a moment, and then started his own operation.

After a while, the faint dim light flickered again.

The power of the simulator bloomed again, covering all directions.

Under the power of the simulator, Chen Heng’s Avatar began to slowly disappear, and then left the area.

In the emptiness, an invisible vortex began to appear, which directly absorbed this True Spirit and transported it to an extremely remote area.

After all this was done, Chen Heng was relieved.

Standing on the spot, feeling the feeling on his body, he shook the head.

An inexplicable sense of emptiness emerged from within the body, giving him a very unique feeling.

At this moment, Chen Heng can feel his own weakness.

True Spirit is the root of everything. Although the True Spirit divided by Chen Heng is not too large, it is only a very small part, but it also has a certain impact on him, making him become Somewhat weak.

If nothing happens, it will take a long time for this weakness to be cultivated slowly.

Before that, Chen Heng might not be able to do similar operations.

However, it doesn’t matter.

“Before you recover, please cultivate well…”

Standing on the spot, feeling the state of his body, Chen Heng shook the head, this thought flashed through his mind.

He thought for a moment, then left this place and walked straight out.

And on the other side.

Time slowly passed.

When True Spirit is affected by the power of the simulator and is drawn into nothingness, a dim darkness begins to emerge.

Darkness and dimness, it looks extraordinarily deep and dead, like a world of death, giving people a sense of suffocation.

Chen Heng stood in this space for a long time, and then gradually calmed down and regained the feeling.

However, Chen Heng feels weird at the moment despite having a sense of self again.

He can feel that he seems to be only in a very small space at the moment, all around are closed, and a warm feeling emerges, which makes him feel very uncomfortable.

An unprecedented sense of weakness emerges from the body.

At this moment, he is not the main body, but just a True Spirit divided from the main body.

Not only the True Spirit is very weak, but also the power on the body has not been carried. This moment can be regarded as the weakest time for Chen Heng in the past.

Furthermore, the body he possesses at the moment seems to be in something wrong.

Outside, there are bursts of low and weird sounds, which sounds very strange at the moment.

In this enclosed space, Chen Heng can also feel that the temperature of himself all around seems to be getting higher and higher.

An inexplicable impulse emerged from within the body, making him subconsciously want to break free of this space and escape from here.

So, he obeyed the instinct in his heart, started to exert a little force, and broke free from here.

A crisp sound began to sound, and then in front of my eyes, the familiar light appeared again.

When Wang cleared the scene before him, Chen Heng was stunned.

There is a very wide nest in front of me. There are many black eggs everywhere, and I don’t know what kind of creature it is.

These eggs are placed here, and the number seems to be many. Just in front of me, there are probably hundreds.

Not far from Chen Heng, some of the eggshells were still on the ground, which looked very special.

“No way ……..”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Chen Heng was stunned. At this time, he suddenly realized something.

So he began to feel his body.

Although it is only a part of True Spirit reincarnation, Chen Heng’s own spirit strength is still very strong, and he can feel the general situation of his body.

After feeling this way, Chen Heng immediately realized that it was wrong.

His body at the moment seems to be no longer human.

At this moment, his body is very small, and the structure of his body is different from normal people.

Although I don’t know what the specific situation is, this is by no means a normal human body.


In an instant, this thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. At this time, it was frowned.

Before he could fully react, a sound began to appear on the side.

It was some strange noise, with a slight footstep.

The sound attracted Chen Heng’s attention, making him subconsciously turn around and look.

Afterwards, under his gaze, two silhouettes began to appear.

They are two silhouettes that are not too tall, and they don’t look like humans.

Like humans, they also walk upright, but they are covered in hair, and their stature seems to be shorter, only a meter over, but they appear to be powerful.

Their heads look a little hideous, and their eyes are brown. They look a bit like cows, but they are more hideous.

But obviously, these two beings are definitely not humans anyway.

Looking at the two silhouettes, Chen Heng stopped directly, and then a name quickly popped up in his mind.


This World has a race of kobolds.

In this World, kobolds should be regarded as a relatively common alien race. They are distributed in many places and are very widespread.

The life force of this creature is very tenacious. Although the individual strength is not strong, but the number is large, so it exists in many places.

As the bottom layer of life in this World, kobolds are known for their tenacious life force and strong reproductive ability. The number in this World is extremely large.

The reason why Chen Heng knew the kobolds was because he had read some related records.

In addition, Carlo Kingdom borders wasteland, and there are also some kobolds everywhere, so Chen Heng has also seen some in the past.

At that time, his only impression of this creature was that he was weak and possessed a certain degree of wisdom.

But didn’t expect that one day, he would actually see this creature again in this way.


Looking at the two kobolds in front of him and feeling what was happening to him, Chen Heng finally understood.

It seems that the result of his rebirth this time was nothing else, it was the reincarnated kobold.

And he is a newly born kobold.

Aware of this result, Chen Heng’s body directly froze at this time, a little confused.

He didn’t expect this result to happen.

“Is this the result of not investing in simulation points?”

He recalled the previous process.

The identity in front of him was obtained without investing any simulation points.

Looking at this, it is precisely because of this that he directly reincarnated as a kobold, not even a human.

And a kobold, without a doubt, is the bottom of this world.

This is a bit outrageous.

When Chen Heng was in a complex mood, two kobolds in front seemed to feel his breath and began to stride forward, making a noise at him.


They shouted out an inexplicable syllable, and couldn’t help speaking to Chen Heng in front of them, with some inexplicable joy in their voices.

Through his own strong spirit strength, Chen Heng can feel the joy from the two kobolds in front of him, and he seems to be happy for his birth.

It might be his parents who reincarnated this time.

Thinking of this, Chen Heng couldn’t help shaking his head.

In the following days, Chen Heng began to spend a very memorable time in this kobold tribe.

Like most social creatures, kobold cubs are taken care of by their parents after they are born.

According to normal, they will continue to take care of them until they reach adulthood.

Of course, this is just normal.

If it’s the kind whose parents have already died, it’s another matter.

However, Chen Heng’s parents still existed, so they enjoyed this treatment.

However, for Chen Heng, this kind of care of kobolds is not a good thing.

The usual situation is fine, but the kobold recipe is a bit too disgusting for Chen Heng, who was once a human.

Normal food is scarce, and the strength of a kobold is not strong in the wild, or even weak.

They usually catch very few prey, mostly small animals.

According to Chen Heng’s observation, the overwhelming majority in their recipes are all kinds of insects.

Most of those insects are dug from the ground, and there are all kinds of them. They are often mixed with some vegetables. After being made, they become kobold food.

Even these foods are not always available.

Only some distinguished persons, or young kobolds, are eligible to enjoy this food.

However, Chen Heng was surprised that although most of these kobolds directly eat raw meat or even live insects, a few use flames to make cooked food.

But it’s very rare.

And they don’t make fires by themselves, only when they encounter wildfires.

Similarly, according to Chen Heng’s observation, although the kobolds are savage, they do not seem to be without the slightest wisdom.

In fact, they have elementary thinking ability, they are an intelligent race, and they have formed an elementary order among groups.

Except for kobolds in the wild, normal kobolds often live in the form of a tribe. Within a tribe, the leader is the most noble.

However, in general, these kobolds are still very backward, and most of the kobolds are not too intelligent.

After surviving in the kobold tribe for a while, Chen Heng has a very deep understanding of the kobolds everywhere.

In just one month, his body at the moment has become a lot stronger, no longer as weak as before.

This is also because of the growth cycle of kobolds.

It takes more than ten years for a normal human being from birth to adulthood.

But kobolds are much faster.

It only takes three or four years for a kobold to have the ability to reproduce from birth to adulthood.

This speed is relatively fast.

For this reason, the development speed of Kobold children is much faster than that of normal humans.

However, it’s just that.

It only lasted more than a month. For Chen Heng, it was just a matter of allowing him to manipulate his body and walk barely.

As for more, he can’t do it yet.

However, Chen Heng is not in a hurry either.

Anyway, his Avatar not at all has a special mission.

If it takes some time, it will take some time, not at all.

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