Fantasy Simulator Chapter 389

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“If you come later later, I am afraid I can only see my body now …”

standing in front of Chen Heng, gulomari secretly, then looking at the chen heng in front of the eyes, saying the light.

“will delay until this time, it is also what I didn’t think of.”

standing in the ground, Chen Heng Shook The head, then said so open.

Hone other words, he did not think that things will evolve into this point in front of you.

It was originally thinking that it is more likely to solve the thing’s all, but finally, it is a step-by-step evolution.

This is more than CHEN Heng expectations, so you can’t help but have a lot of hands and feet.

is good, even if it is the case, it is finally solved.

and the THIME harvest is also good.

A Divine Item, this Thing is precious, it is precious, is one of the most precious things above this World.

Difth Item of Dusk, is not famous in this World, and is not those top Divine Items.

But even if this is, it will not change its nature of its Divine Item.

If you really take it out, it is definitely extremely precious.

Once its Formidable Power is built, you can easily destroy a country.

Different Duration is because of this Divine Item, so it is still good to live well under the hit of many churches, even if it is weak, but it has never been annioveed.

However, after the dusk Divine Item, the days after the dusk teacher, I am afraid it will not be too good.

In this Time, they not only throw Diffine Item, but also lost a large pen, even bishop is dead.

a Bishop, which is a three-ring level, even if it is within dusk, it should not be more common.

is now so straightforward.

this time they lose, it can be considered greatly.

The results are better than glory.

The only heartache is that the loss of Chen Heng is equally low.

“Holy Son Incarnation power, nearly exhausted ………”

Feel the Curse World, Holy Son INCARNATION At this moment, Chen Heng is not a bit helpless at this time.

In Fang, through the power of Holy Son Incarnation, his big exhibition Divine Might, directly put dusk Divine Item, looks the Divine Might is mighty, can not I.

But this is just a surface.

In fact, his consumption is also very huge.

From the curse to transfer power, this itself requires huge cost, not so easy.

and positive against a Divine Item, which consumes more powerful.

In Fang, in order to suppress this dusk Divine Item, Chen Heng has almost exhausted Holy Son Incarnation so long, leaving only one empty shell.

If at the time, Divine Items in dusk can continue to stick, then Chen Heng will also have no way to do, only turn away, run this one.

is also fortunate, all of which did not happen, everything is still smooth.

standing in place, Chen Heng silently puts the dusk Divine Item.

In his hand, Golden’s dusk Divine Item is still shaking, and it is time to resist the power of chen heng, trying to break free.

In this regard, Chen Heng’s approach is also very simple.

Through the contact with Holy Son Incarnation, he directly throws dusk Divine Item, throws it in Small World within WORLD.

Suddenly, in the curse World’s Small World, the huge goddy breath has emerged, and During the dusk Divine Item is showing again.

is just a moment of kung fu, this Divine Item has led a world and changed a place.

After this Small World, dusk Divine Item is quiet, and it is not like it. It is time to shake, and you want to break free from the chain of chen heng, leave this place.

“Sure enough.”

Feel this scene, chen heng flashes a lot of colors.

is located within God World, because During the dusk, dusk Divine ITEM is called, attempt to return to the dusk.

But after this World, the call of the dusk is unable to form, directly from it.

After all, even how the people who have dusk teachings are unique, and Impossible is a dusk Diffine Item in Holy Son Small World.

Dusk Divine Item nature is quiet, no longer struggling.

“This time, this piece of dusk Divine Item is temporarily still playing the most in Other World …”

Feel the state of dusk Divine Item, Chen Heng flashed this year.

In God World, because of the existence of dusk, Chen Heng once used dusk Divine Item, I am afraid there will be unexpected production.

WHEN The Time Comes In the influence of the dusk, don’t be dusk Divine Item Backlash is not bad.

But in Other World, the god of dusk cannot affect dusk Divine Item, but it can take this to show the power of this Divine ITEM.

Of course, if there is a day, Chen Heng can find a way to purify the dusk Divine Item, and the effect of the impact left in the dusk, then there is no problem.

How to use it?

Now, it is best to be a good time.

His heart flashes a kind of thoughts, then turn over, looking to Gulomari in front of it.

Before him, Gulomari looked at Diffine Items that had disappeared, and didn’t think there was any strange place. I thought it was CHEN HENG.

“We are almost the same.”

standing in the same place, Chen Heng looked at Gulomari and said: “Calculate the time, now it should be a mess.”

“We are just playing, and you can comb it in the past.”

He said softly, it seems to be thinking about it.

Decided in the CHEN HENG to leave from a corner of the outside world.

“Dusk Divine Item’s contact is completely disappeared …”

One place within a dim, a young man wearing Black Robe stands on the first, and it looks at the face. It is a little pale, looking at the rest of the person, saying: “Most of the HEKTOR is Suppression … “

“continues to wait.”

, someone said: “During the dusk Divine Item is a Divine Item, which is left, Impossible is used to be brought by the people who have dusk believers.”

“His strength has even strong, and it will eventually have weakened days, Impossible will be suppressed in dusk Divine Item forever.”

“Wait at that time, we will come back at dusk Divine Item Summon.”

“to the current At this Time, can only be the same.”

standing on the top, listening to the words below, Black Robed Old Man silently nodded, did not publish any objection.

“From now on the results, the previous plans, obviously have failed.”

“launched a file.”

standing in the ground, he look Pale, said again: “Start our chess pieces, all the many targets in the Carlo kingdom, then directly evacuate Carlo!”

“really going to this STEP?”

Listening to Black Robed Old Man, the people below the face showed some look of haSitation, which is a bit hesitation: “If so, we have been in the CARLO Kingdom, I am afraid all All … .. “

During the time of the CARLO kingdom, the time of the Musky is far more than the long-term

As early as the Kareem, Kareem, who is still not born, they have existed within the Kingdom of Carlo, and have even have been developed to a very strong level.

and long time, they also secretly control many things within the Kingdom of Carlo.

Under the situation where ordinary people don’t know, there are quite a few things in their hands.

There are quite a few nobles who are using them, and there are many people, and the sure is directly their believers.

These things have been slowly digesting, as long as they hide, you can make the dusk for a long time.

However, if it is a one-time show, I am afraid that the Time Comes Dusk has passed all the layouts in the Kingdom of Carlo, all have to be wiped off.

This price has not been too heavy.

“You think we don’t do this, can these arrangements can be left?”

On the high platform, Black Robed Old Man is cold and looked at each other. He said: “The case of the Trumper of the Hektor, you also saw it.”

“This is not the can explain.”

“If you don’t guess, this HEKTOR is the child, I am afraid it is a child of a god, or you simply is some gods of INCARNATION …”

“Otherwise, you can fight with Divine Item.”

“, now, the other party dominates Carlo is already destined.”

“Do you still count on the other side’s eyelids, I look forward to our arrangement?” “

The arrangement is good, and it is also given to WHO.

If only people like kareem, then look at the arrangement of dusk, you can rest assured.

But if their opponent is Chen Heng, is it suspected of god INCARNATION, or the legend of the gods?

So that at this time continues to hide, it is a joke.

face such a person, any expectation is unrealistic.

If they really have some kind of unrealistic ideas, When the Time Comes will only suffer greater losing That’s all.

“Moreover, our arrangement is not existed in Carlo …” “

On the high platform, Black Robed Old Man deeply took a deep breath, then said: “The loss within the Kingdom of Carlo, although it is heartache, but for us, it is not irreparable.” /p>

“Now the most important thing is to collect the power of Blood Sacrium as soon as possible, awakening my owner’s incarnation, let it fall as soon as possible.”

“The era of the gods is coming soon, at this time, our movements must be fast, no longer have to hesitate.”

He deeply took his breath and said: “As for the Trumper of Hektor …”

“After I have recovered my master, I naturally not count.”

“At that time, it is just a waving ant with the ants That’s all.”

he said so open.

On all arrounds, listening to him, the remaining dusk believers don’t speak, just silently Nodded.

, in the case of ordinary people, a storm will soon come.

, most people still don’t feel.

at this Time, Chen Heng has already gone out of the dusk, returned to Khaki City.

outside the outside world, this is a flow of people, a burst of inexplicable whispered.

Everyone is looking forward to, only I saw Divine Vestige.

In the Palace, I looked at the Golden disappeared at Divine Item at dusk. The body of Caro was relaxed.

standing on the side, Laku is also secretly, while the heart is somewhat.

He didn’t think of it. Under the case, Chen Heng was able to win.

Look at this, even dusk Divine Items also press, suppress.

This horrible force is what is done …

he … is it mortal?

standing in the same place, his heart could not be flashing in the year, then I didn’t know what to say.

The only thing is not changed, it is the hedosiri next to it.

From the beginning to the end, he has been standing there, silently guarding the rest of the other, his face has not changed, always faint, sticking to his position.

Looking at the night that is recovered at this moment, recalling the Arctic Angel show, the great Divine Might, which is shocked, and his heart is also excited.

“Main Jun, you did … ..”

He is clear in his heart. At this time, Chen Heng undoubtedly gains the final victory.

After this, there is an eye in the hands, and Gulomari’s auxiliary, the entire Carlo kingdom will take the fastest speed at Chen Heng.

does not, even if it is not necessary.

Even if there is no Gulomari and Kamo, it doesn’t matter with the strength of CHEN Heng.

Those so-called aristocratic lords, the fundamental impossible is the opponent of Chen Heng.

is just a group of guys who destroy the destruction of That’s all.

after that, then ……

Single just thinks here, heDOSIRI is not excited by some excitement.

“has been solved?”

Before the body, a faint voice sounded, from the front part.

Listen to the sound, Hedosiri and the Lakuo two people quickly lifts the head, looking forward to the front.

I saw it in front of the CHEN HENG.

At this moment, he has already changed his clothes, it seems that it has been restored, just standing in front of them.

is standing on him, not someone else, is gulomari.

“Main Jun.”

looks at Chen Heng before his eyes, not much hesitation, his handosiri and the Laku are directly squatted, and the chen heng is carefully rude.

A soft force emerges, and the Hedosiri is holding up with the Laku, so letting them get up.

“looks like it, I have been handed over to your task.”

Looking at the hedosiri in front of him, Chen Heng Nodded, then said.


Hedosiri respect NODDED: “The Palace has been controlled by us, and the five hundred guards we brought have been stationed in all sectors to ensure the control of the Royal Palace.”

“Manipulating people in Kareem your Majesty has also found.”

In While Speaking, he will launch the card behind, and push it to Chen Heng.

In this, Camo dare to worry, and did not respond yet, so he greeted Chen Heng’s eyes.

In front of him, Chen Heng stood there, was calm, and a pair of Pale-Gold’s eyes looked at him so, but the sight is calm, but it is not cold.

Feel the sight of Chen Heng, the body of Caro is slight, this time I don’t know what to say.

“Ai …. The Diar Jue …”. “

His face reveals a smile than crying, it seems inexplicably funny feelings.

“Kareem Your Majesty, long time no see.”

standing in the same place, Chen Heng looked at the Caro in front of him, saying that it was faint: “But now, is it kareem your majesty, or other WHO?”

This should be considered after the original, and Chen Heng meets the second meeting of Kareem.

is unfortunately, after the original, Chen Heng is still Chen Heng, but the kareem in front of him has changed a person.

It is not a Kareem in front of you, but just a evil That’s ALL that steals the kareem body.

“I …”

Carto is open, you want to explain, and don’t know why you should say.

“For your business, Gulomari has been informing me.”

In front of the body, Chen Heng is indifferent, continues to come, sound at this moment: “Your past, I have not interest.”

“As for now, I only have a problem.”

“surrender, still dead?”

Fantastic words fall, just in the ear of Kareem.

obvious is just a very calm discourse, but almost makes Kareem feel suffocating.

Feel a great horror pressure.

This is a feeling close to death.

Caimo clearly, at this moment, if he dares to say an uncord, I am afraid it will really die here.

For the other party, the words are not a joke.

, he deeply sucked his tone and quickly made a choice.

“great you …”

He knees on the ground, bowing toward Chen heng, heading on the ground: “I am willing to surrender to you, give me everything … ..”

standing on the side, looking at the appearance of the Khamo, Gulomari’s face is somewhat complicated.

In a strict sense, people in front of him are not his Father.

But after all, the appearance of Kareem has appeared to be exactly the same as Kareem.

now makes this move.

This couldn’t help but have a bit of a sense, I don’t know what to say.

But finally, she can only be deep SIGHED, and all of these things will pass all the minds to this.

“go to rest.”

Looking at the Caro, Chen Heng Nodded, then said so open.

For Caro, as long as the other party is willing to surrender, he is willing to give each other a chance.

Although the other party cooperates with the dusk, it is not the believer of the dusk, and there is no direct conflict with Chen Heng. There is an opportunity to use.

and the other party also looks at Kareem at this moment, this is also useful for Chen Heng.

This identity is very useful, as long as the card can be used to use, not only let Chen Heng is from the crime of the monarch, but also can do a lot.

There is therefore as long as the other party is willing to surrender, Chen Heng willing to put the other party a way.

After the Carmow, it is something else.

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