Fantasy Simulator Chapter 390

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Solve the Camo’s thing, Chen Heng then turned to his body, looking for two hedosiri.

“In addition to the palace, how is the situation in other places?”

He looked at the front of his eyes and asked so open.

“is still stable.”

hedosiri nodded: “There is no problem in the palace, including the Treasury and Grace Warehouse, because we don’t have any damage,”

“You can use it when you are willing to use.”

“In this process, Olimo Knight played a lot.”

He highly mentioned Olimo.

The identity of the opponent once the court Knight, has actually played a lot in this Time.

If there is no such a Women’s Court Knight, I am afraid that they can take over these places and will become a lot of trouble.

is not good, there may be some accidents.

If this is true, then it is somewhat bad.

Therefore, things can be so smooth, and the other party’s credit is unable to go.

standing in the ground, listening to Hedosiri, chen heng nodded, followed by Lakuo next to it.

“There is no big riot in the Khaki city.”

Welcomes CHEN HENG’s line of sight, La Kuo directly stepped forward, and reported to Chen Heng: “Although there is some problems in the initial time, but in the suppression of guards, it will calm down.”

“That is good.”

chen heng nodded, there is a smile on your face: “You do it very well.”

“After going back, I will give you a reward.”

he said with a faint opening.

The voice falls, and the two in front of me suddenly expose the color, even if heDOSIRI is general.

because of the rewards in the chen heng mouth, they are all clear.

that is something that can help them improve strength.

and their own power has reached Second Circle, even in SECOND CIRCLE, it is not weak.

If you add this time’s baptism, you can directly reach the three ring level.

and the Third Ring, this level is even less than a weak in various churches.

Even in those strong Major SECT will also act as Bishop in one region, not weak existence.

In this Carlo Kingdom, a three ring is located at the top and is at all.

If they really can achieve this level, then for them, it is undoubtedly a great surprise.

looks at the expression of two people in front of his eyes, Chen Heng is also laughd, did not feel anything.

Help Hedosiri to improve strength, this can be considered he has already planned, just to be implemented with this Time.

Hedosiri and Lamu, from the first time, it follows him, and unsil now is doing his best to him, never have any problems.

Their ability is undoubtedly very good, whether it is the ability or character, is an election.

The only lack is the power of their own.

Along with Chen Heng, their original power has not been able to keep up with Chen Heng, slowly fall behind.

If you do this again, I am afraid they have to play too much.

After all, with Chen Heng’s continuous advancement, the enemy he needs to face will become more powerful.

At that time, if the Hedosiri in front of him is still the same, it does not play a role.

therefore helped them improve strength, and there is a good thing for Chen Heng itself.

Why wait for a while, not now ….

is of course because chen heng hand Divine Force is lacking.

The consumption of Divine Items in the previous suppression is not false, almost suddenly takes the chen heng’s Family Property.

In this case, the Divine Force that can also be used in his hand has no revenue left, you need to wait a while, return to the blood.

This time, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t care if my herself Hedosiri is not concerned.

chen heng flashed in the heart, then turned around and walked to the side, looking at the outside tranquil Khaki City.

“Next, it is good … ..”

The heart flashes this thought, then it has closed his eyes.

The time in one night has passed.

After this night, the chaos of Khaki City quickly recovered.

Carmore issued a command with kareem, mobilizing the guards from all over the world, maintaining the order of order.

Under all kinds of action, the order of the entire Khaki city has recovered in the shortest time.

is at least on the surface.

and in subsequent, there are many surprising messages.

The king’s daughter, Carlo’s king gulomari was appointed by King Kareem, which can be free to go throughout the place.

and that one of the HEKTOR of Hatim is, it is delegated by the king, and it turns into a court Prime Minister.

There is no doubt that this is a big earthquake.

Some keen people have realized something, so they are not going to all places during this time, and want to get some reliable messages.

There are even many people, and they have come to Chen Heng’s estate and want to visit.

However, there is not much hopeful, and it can even be said very little.

After this, there are many shocking messages.

It is said to be in the court, and the believers of the dusk group were arrested and was sentenced by the people.

It turned out that in the past, the king was actually manipulated, so they did all kinds of wrong things and killed a lot of nobles.

The king of the king after reminding it, even when the face of everyone, there is a tearful water.

At this time, all AROUND people think of the appearance of kareem, compared with the previous kareem, this is true.

After this, Kareem seems to have returned to the past, and there is no difference between the past, and completely changed.

This manifestation is undoubtedly gratifying.

It is said that the reason why the king can recover, because hektor is helpful to Gulomari Princess.

is precisely because of this, the child of Hektor will become the Prime Minister of the court, and Gulomari Princess can also re-acquire the king’s favor.

In this, the rest did not have much doubt.

When I was in THE PAST, Gulomari was the most petty of King Kareem.

The previous indifference is a surprised.

It is obvious that after that, the power headed by Hektor and Gulomari Princess, I am afraid it will occupy mainstream within the Kingdom of Carlo, at least for a long time, can dominate Carlo Kingdom The situation in the inner situation.

Think of this, many people have some ideas.

After this, the dusk is completely street mice within the Kingdom of Carlo.

Of course, their original reputation is not very good. Now it is only a reputation that is even worse, and the bad things have been a bunch.

The king’s person is thoroughly investigated in the Khaki city, and there is a lot of dusk groups in the Carlo Kingdom, and there are many traces that have left the traces, and people feel that they feel cold.

Within a short time, I don’t know how much the nobles who have been implicated in dusk are arrested.

and these nobles have a considerable part to escape the previous cleaning.

Look at this, they can escape from the Camo’s clarity, not because of other things, because they are dusk, and even their beliefs.

Therefore, the dusk will not persecute them.

The truth is exposed, and all people are angry.

has been colluding with the dusk group, and even the people who have dusk believers were caught, and they were tried in the face of everyone.

and AT THIS TIME, Khaki City, there are also many messages.

Different Teachers began to act within the Kingdom of Carlo.

Many nobles outside the aristocrats are killed, and the life of the life is lost.

Between a time, there is a stronger of the entire Carlo kingdom.


“Is it so deep?”

Within a quiet courtyard, Chen Heng reads the letters in his hand, watching the above content, and feels no accident.

For the forces of the dusk within the Kingdom of Carlo, he has already expected.

But watching the letter in his hand, he thinks that he is still a little underestimated for the penetration of the dusk.

The Kingdom of Carlo is penetrated, which is much more serious than he imagined.

“This is normal …”

in front of him, Gulomari is sitting there, and Extend The Hand poured a glass of fruit, then Sighd, said: “After all, even my Father is under their manipulation, let alone Is someone else. “

The king of a country, is responsible for people with the highest power of the country.

Even if this is the person, finally manipulated by the people of the dusk, let alone others.

If there is no such power, it is only a strange thing in Gulomari.

“No, even if this is, it is too exaggerated …”

Sitting in his position, gulomari then Shook the head, doesn’t seem to be, the situation will be so bad: “If you have Father still, you will not know that in the Carlo Kingdom, there is still There will be so many people lurking. “

is indeed.

I am afraid that when Kareem is still alive, I will not think of this scene.

will not think that his country has already been infiltrated to a certain horror, even when he is finally controlled.

But the fact is that this happens.

“No one can think of the current result.”

In front of Gulomari, Chen Heng Shook The Head, then said this: “If you have Father in the Hall, if you know today’s results, I am afraid that there will be so many things.”

is not necessarily. “

gulomari smirked, then the opening: “Maybe, if my Father knows the truth, but will be started in advance, have you control it early?”

“, the result is even worse.”

Gulomari is very clear for its own strength.

The Kingdom of Carlo is a kingdom, but it is very powerful.

as the royal family of Carlo Kingdom, the maximum force that can be mobilized in the hands of the Carlo family, that is, two Second Circle.

This strength is enough to cope with everything within the Kingdom of Carlo.

This strength is not enough to face the existence of THIS LEVEL of Dusk.

This is a hard power gap, which cannot make up.

So, in the face of dusk, Kareem, but what kind of action will, will inevitably take the lead.

when the time comes may not only change their end, and will be resolved early.

, after the strength is different from a certain point, it will be easily broken.

The CARLO royal family and the dusk is the same.

No matter what to say, as long as the dusk Divine Item is still in the hands of the dusk, they are equivalent to being invincible.

After all, not who is chen heng, you can continue to go to the Diz to defeat the people in the Divine Item in the power of Divine Item.

Thinking here, Gulomari couldn’t help but sigh, and then looked at Chen heng in front of him, and the ackocence of the people in front of them.

The power of the dusk group is unable to resist the Carlo royal family.

and to some extent, this in front of him defeated the dusk, and even suppressed Divine Item’s HEKTOR, why not this?

even, in the dusk education group, the child of Hektor is more difficult to deal with.

After all, although the dusk is strong, it is not possible.

Once its location is exposed, everyone will shout, there are many other churches to come to chasing.

and the child of Hektor in front of him is dry.

This is a gap.

“Next, what are you going to do?”

is sitting in place, looking at the CHEN Heng in front of the eyes, gulomari is speaking, and then asking: “You have already controlled Carow, as long as you want, the whole Carlo Kingdom will be in you Under the control … “

“is not very.”

In front of Gulomari, listening to Gulomari, Chen Heng is just Shook The Head, and his face is still calm: “The things have developed to this point, I don’t have to do anything.”

“Sometimes, if it is too anxious, it is not very good.”

His face is calm, at this moment, I said.

In now, Chen Heng has actually ruled the Carlo Kingdom in fact.

After all, at this Time, Caro has fallen into his hand.

Despite Gulomari and the Others, what they all clear, Camo is going.

But in the outsider, now Kareem is still the Kareem that has passed, or the original king, there is not much change.

Despite the previous things, this king’s prestige is sharply reduced, but as long as it is still a king, you can dominate the entire Carlo Kingdom.

and this king is actually controlled by Chen Heng.

chen heng wants him to do, what he gives.

In fact, Chen Heng is the king of this country.

CHEN HENG At this moment, it is already the prime minister of this country on the surface. It can replace the king in the name, and all the transactions in this country are very large.

These are a nominal convenience.

In fact, Chen Heng’s power is also a powerfulness of common people’s imagination.

said that it is not polite, as long as he thinks, the entire Carlo Kingdom will be settled in an instant, and there will be no accidents.

After all, in front of the real power, everything is not on what.

So in Gulomari, at this moment, Chen Heng has already had the strength of truly living in the Kingdom of Carlo.

But it has not been done, there is no action.

“Carlo Kingdom, now in my hand, as in the name, some and late, in fact, there is not much difference.”

Sitting in the place, Chen Heng said quietly, this time, this time: “It’s better to make a lot of wind wave, it is better to come slowly.”

“at least, the impact will also be small.”

He whispered and said his own ideas.

“Let Carmore stay more than a period of time.”

“Wait until it is right, let him go from that position, that is,”

Within a short time, there are too many things happening in the Kingdom of Carlo.

At this time, this country is most needed, in fact, nothing, but stable.

Only this country has recovered calm and order to play the greatest power.

and in the next, Chen Heng has some intended to be prepared in this country, which is much more likely to be sinful.

The common people are also That’s all, but this world’s aristocratic groups and church will, or how much is needed.

behind these forces, standing is the most powerful group of this world.

Therefore, you want to reduce your own pressure, a proper target is necessary.

Car is very suitable at this moment.

Some bad things, let the other party do, can be affordable, but also make it a bad reputation.

In this case, those pressure and bad sound will be all went to the other side.

and wait until this pressure has come to some degree, Chen Heng will take the brightener, and you can get the US No Difficulty to get the United States.

For this intention, Chen Heng did not cover something, and inform him to gulomari.

“This … ..”

Listening to Chen Heng, Gulomari’s eyes suddenly changed: “Really, with your wisdom, even if it is a god, just an ordinary noble, I am afraid I can go to the right of PEAK …” /P>

If a general person has the power of chen heng at the moment, I am afraid that I can’t stand it, I am going to directly push down everything, master everything.

But Chen Heng is not, not, but not, it can also do these things with the most rational perspective, and use the value of each person.

This is very rare.

is unlike a youngster, from the way, it is like some means to be extremely senior.

“is just the habit of Subconsciously.”

is sitting in place, listening to Gulomari, chen heng silently shook the head.

Don’t start from the most favorable perspective any way.

In this previous simulation, CHEN Heng has been used to this.

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