Fantasy Simulator Chapter 391

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“Kareem Your Majesty will stay in that position for several years, etc.

is sitting in place, looking at Gulomari in front of the eyes, Chen Heng is calm, and finally said.

“After that, the Carlo royal family will also become an ordinary Duke family.”

“will no longer be Carlo Royal Family …”

He looked at Gulomari in front of him, saying this.

“Ordinary Duke Family …”

is sitting in its own position, listening to Chen heng, gulomari nodded, in his heart is dark from relaxed.

For her, this result is very good.

Things have developed to the place in the past, and then let the Carlo family keep the past glory, continue to serve as the Royal Family of the Carlo Kingdom, which is a very dangerous thing.

Their strength is not much powerful, and after the Kareem is incident, it is even more than the power of the family, it is buried.

The remaining power is not as follows.

is this situation, if there is no accident, there is no advantage.

If the person sitting in front of her is not chen heng, but other WHO, I am afraid that the entire Carlo Royal Family is going to be overwhelmed.

After all, no matter how it said, they are also the past Royal Family, with lofty prestige within the Kingdom of Carlo.

and these prestige are hidden threats.

is that Chen heng in front of me is strong enough, uncomfortable, or if it is changed, I am afraid that I will clear the entire Carlo royal family sooner or later to put an end to their impact.

This is not a rare thing.

At the original, similar things, the Carlo family has also done, nothing is so beautiful.

So at this moment, Gulomari has been very satisfied with the end of the Carlo family.

At least in any case, the Carlo family still exists, and it is also possible to retain the Duke’s title, and there is a possibility of re-revival in the future.

For today’s Carlo family, there is enough, it is already enough.

“is you, what is going on?”

Before the body, Chen Heng Lifts The Head, looking to the gulomari in front of you: “In my plan, you will be the Duke of Carlo after you.”

“I …”

Listening to Chen Heng, Gulomari suddenly stunned.

For this matter, she didn’t think it was.

The rules of this world are generally allowed to inherit the title, but most of them will appear in the case of their families have no other direct successs.

CARLO family, at this moment, Gulomari’s brothers, there are many still alive at this moment.

According to Gulomari’s idea, it is a title of Carlo family, and it will not fall on her.

But feel the CHEN HENG’s sight, Gulomari is still a rapid reaction.

This is in a inertial thinking.

According to the normal situation, she certainly did not inherit the Qualification of the Carlo family.

But it is clear that it is not normal.

It is not polite to say that the survival of the entire Carlo family is between Chen Heng.

therefore, he wants to let the Carlo family, it will naturally inherit.

Those brothers from Gulomari, is AT this Time?

is not important.

If they are well-known, if they don’t know, I am afraid that I haven’t waited for them to make something, I have to violate it.

Thinking here, Gulomari reacted, and his face revealed the Look of Bitter Smile.


looks at Gulomari’s performance, Chen Heng Laughd, then the opening: “No matter what, you have helped me after all.”

“this time, if you don’t have you, it will not be so smooth.”

“The CARLO family’s title is the return you win.”

“As for later, if you have a chance, you will get more …”

“or even re-establishing a Carlo kingdom, nor an impossible thing …”

He looked at Gulomari in front of him, and said if he said.

The voice falls, suddenly in front of you, Gulomari’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Things Time’s thing, this will be a paragraph.

In the next time, the situation within the Kingdom of Carlo has gradually resumed calm.

After the remaining dusk, after doing a lot of things, it quickly evacuated this country, and it seems to be scared by chen heng to find the door.

Their behavior is a certain extent, and it is a power of the country.

But for Chen Heng, it is not necessarily not a good thing.

Because of the movement of the dusk, there is a large number of aristocrats die, and there are many senior strong Great Family, which is directly sent by Pull Up by the roots, and is sent to Blood Sacrium by the group of dusk. .

and this some people are originally the enemy expected to be the First Stage under Chen Heng.

Now he is still not working hard, the dusk is already taken to shot, helping him to combine the entire Carlo Kingdom.

This is the province of his own part of our strength.

is a good thing.

After this, the forces belonging to Chen Heng are gradually growing.

In general, the situation within the Kingdom of Carlo is still calm, and it is gradually stable under the efforts of Chen Heng.

at this moment, on the other side.

Desert, a battle is beginning.

is in front of it, it is a plain.

On the plain, this is a blood donation.

Two different lives are killing them, and each kills red eyes.

If you look carefully, you can find the two sides of the killing, not the Ordinary Person class, but some of the alien.

The number of quantities is a group of dog head people in simple Leather Armor.

Different from the unusual dog head people, this group of dog heads seem to have so that some kinds of training are not only a very large, and there is a weapon in his hands.

is simply in the weapon, although it is not the elite in the human being, it is necessary to stronger than the ordinary soldiers under the human leader.

After all, IN this world, excluding those profiles, don’t be how strong it is, just how powerful.

These dog head people in front of me, even if they are placed in human world, it is not weak.

and their opponents are some more high and fast half-man.

Half horse is like their name, like a combination of people and horses, both of which have the strength and speed of horses, have wisdom like people.

In Desert, they are extremely powerful races, cross desert, rarely touching the enemy.

Now, in this group of dog head people, they are directly eaten, they are suppressed, and they cannot occupy them.

Of course, in strict sense, the dog header who died on the battlefield is still more than half a horse.

just this is nothing objection.

Relative to half a horse, the number of dog headers is really too much.

Dead a dog header, immediately have ten dog heads immediately to make up, just like being dead.

The number of half-horse horses is limited, and it is impossible to withstand such consumption.

Even more how, in the dog head, it is also not lacking some powerful individuals.


The low sound is from the corner of the a CERTAIN.

On the battlefield, a special armor is covered with a special armor. It looks high, almost two meters high huge dog heads have elected a roaring, a pair of scarlet eyes look forward, with a rich killing intent.

Compared with the normal dog header, the figure of this header is too much higher, and it has also covered one layer of scales and forms natural protection, and there is a more brought between The inexplicable majesty, when people get in touch with them, they can’t help but feel it.

He roared, holding a giant sword in his hand, just getting directly, cutting down, cutting the half of an adult half-horse horse directly, the entire scene looks extraordinary blood, especially terror.

“Herbi! Hurt!”

in the Quartet, the roaring sound is constantly coming.

looks at the front of the front, constantly roaring the figure of the front, all the around of the dog head, shouted, shouting the name of the dog’s head.

They are constantly rushing to the front, and the group of half of the horse is completely overwhelming.

is very fast, the battle is over.

ALL ALOUND began to clean the battlefield.

Some people who are still alive, they are directly detained, put them on the side, ready to bring back.

As for the dog’s head, it is unified to be placed and the simple processing is started.

rear, some specially cultivated dog header physicians played in front of her medicine and alcohol to disinfect the wounds of the dog head, bring them back.

relative to humans, the dog head people’s Life Force must be more strengthened, even if the body is seriously injured, as long as it is simple to disinfection, it will be able to recover their own self-healing capacity.

This can be considered a kind of INNATE endowment of the dog header.

Of course, the semi-human horse is also the same.

and some injuries are very serious, and they can not be cured by simple means, and there will be other means to help.


Some dog heads walk around and look at a dog head in front of his eyes.

In his body, this head man has been blurred and blurred, and it is a wound everywhere.

Above the simple Leather Armor, there are many gaps, which are exiled by some arrows.

If the Life Force of the dog head is really tenacious, it is only these injuries in front of you, it is enough to let him die on the spot.

But even if it is current, it is only the last one, if it is nothing, will die soon.

Simple processing, there is no effect on this situation.

The dog head in all around is not desperate.

They carry these seriously injured dog heads to a piece of block.

The slate looks very common, there is nothing special place, but the above is exactly a unique symbol, which looks like Divine Runes.

With a series of actions, the slate in front of me is high.

The horrified scene begins to appear.

Before the eyes, those who were seriously injured, the wounds on his body began to heal, and it seems to be affected by the power, and the power on the body is recovering.

If there is a pastor present, I am afraid I can know what is in front of you.


Before his eyes, the changes in the dog heads appeared, not because of other things, it is because Divine Technique caused.

is just a priest in front of you, some are just a slate That’s all.

These slates are one of Carruo’s research results for a long time.

By studying Divine Technique Rune, he successfully studied a way to secure the Divine Technique Rune on a special material, allowing it to exhibit specific Divine Techniques in accordance with the established circuit.

The benefit is that you don’t need a priest, you can show Divine Technique.

The disadvantage is required to be produced.

Ordinary materials cannot be used for a long time to carry Divine Technique Rune, which is often damaged for a while.

and the source of power of Divine Technique is also a problem, requiring Carlu slave to supply it with its own Divine Force.

of the trouble.

It is obvious that these inscriptions of the slate of Divine Technique Rune from the situation in front of them.

Perhaps, he can’t let the injured person directly Recover Completely, become Lively Dragon and animated Tiger.

But there is a Divine Technique, which is engraved on the slate. It was originally seriously injured to wait for the dead dog header to survive and become a slight injury.

After a simple handling and disinfection, it can restore it with the Life Force of the dog head.

is a very practical choice.

This is the treatment of the injured.

Because of these aspects, in general, relative to the past, the dog header today’s battle rate has been greatly declining, and there is no horror in the past.

Of course, even if this is the case, but the number of dead dog heads is still a lot.

This is the battlefield.

Kill on the battlefield, where there will be no dead.

For these dog’s body, there will be special people to process, put it in a special box, ready to transport back, and make unified processing.

this can be considering is now practical.

Despite the time is not long, but now, the dog header has habitually habitually transporting the body back and handles.

Of course, this is also because now, the food of the dog’s head is relatively sufficient, and there is no reason why it is lacking in the past.

Otherwise, when in the PAST food is scarce, there is no shortage of dog head people to make the bodies of other families as their own food.

This situation is now, in the vicinity has disappeared.

Dog Hand Tribal Today’s conditions, even if it is still a hard, it is much more than in the past.

“One hundred and seven of the war, the injured people are 322, and the disabled is 32 …”

On the side, someone is logging a series of data.

But these is not a dog’s head, but some lives like human beings.

looks at the surface, they seem to be different from the Ordinary Person class, but the appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the breath is also quiet, beautiful.

It can also be seen from some details that they are not human, but another extraordinary creature, and a tree.

This is Tirin, and another tree.

At this time, the gerbera of Jean Tirin joined Carruo has passed a long period of time.

In such a long time, she is amaicked to the life of the dog head.

As for the tree next to her, it has been another tree found by the dog header since this time.

At the beginning of Desert, the half-horse horse once attacked the tribe of the tree. After the capture, he arrested a lot of trees back.

but attack, there are also many souvenirs, such as Tirin usually escape, and survived.

It is a tree that stands next to Tirin, which is another escapeful tree, named alan.

is generally in Tirin, in the group of the Stroke, Alan is still not in adulthood, and now it is still a little girl’s image.

It seems like a human little girl is general, very cute and exquisite.

“Twongk Dog Hands attacked half a horse, the last casualties are almost the same as the half-man …”

looks at the recorded data, Alan Shook The Head, I don’t know what to say.

“is not bad.”

Tirin said, it is very open to this: “Half horse is powerful after all, very rarely can compare with semi-horses on Innate.”

“These dog head people can do this, it is very good.”

“and their Battle Stregth is still increasing.”

“is also.”

Listening Tirin, Alan is also Nodded, indicating it.

is indeed.

god world is very broad, and the number of races contains is very much.

But even in such a wide range of races, the extraordinary race from the gods and Innate can be excluded, and it is true that the race can be compared with the half-horse horse outside in Innate.

Half horse This creature really calculates Blessed by Heaven, with both wisdom, and horses the innate quality and strength.

is combined with each other, and it is true that the race can be compared with its in Innate.

“The casualties are nothing is nothing …”

Looking at the data recorded on his hand, Tirin said again: “According to the Jarujun leader, the half-horse horse has even more powerful, but in general, their number is absolutely no way to compare with the dog head. “

“Even if you use ten dog heads to change a half-horse horse, the last laughs to the end, it must be us.”

“The true key is their mobile.”

In front of the absolute race, the half-horse horse is absolutely unable to compare with the dog’s life.

is that it is from which aspect.

At the situation in the root of Karum, the strength of the half-horse horse is powerful, but their fertility is not much different from human beings, and even more weaker.

They need to get pregnant with two years, and then use for at least ten years to raise their qualified adults.

But the dog’s head is completely unsuitable.

A qualified dog header, if there is enough food support, you can have a few eggs a year.

and the dog header after hatching from the egg, only a few years can be initially growing, and even have the power to mate again.

The huge difference in this kind of breeding ability is extremely horrible.

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