Fantasy Simulator Chapter 392

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Sometimes, comparison between two races cannot only look at the contrast between individuals.

In fact, the comparison between the two races should be in whole.

The strength of individuals and the quality of the individual is important, but there are specialities above the groups, but also important.

For example, it is said that

This is the case between the dog header and the half-horse.

Single comparative individual power, Overwhelming Majority’s dog header, unable to work with half of the race Mention on Equal Terms.

However, if it is caused by the breeding ability, the half-horse and the man will not match the dog’s head.

This is a huge difference between the two.

and this huge difference has also brought the difference between the two races Completely Different.

Half horse is in Desert, although a hegemon, belonging to an absolute domination within its own area.

and the dog’s head people seem to be in the bottom, it is basically a smart race, it can be able to take a skin.

But Even so, the half-man can only be able to dominate in Desert, and the dog header is located at the bottom, but it is always widely distributed over the entire god world, no matter where it can see the figure. .

This is their difference.

The quantity of individual theory and individual, and the range covered, even if human beings are human, it is absolutely unable to compare with the dog head.

and the Dog Hadman THIS, the power it contains is very huge.

is only in the Past, the strength of the dog header has always hidded and is not discovered.

But once someone can condense the dog’s head, play the power, then the role can be played, it will be huge.

For example, this scene of the scene.

Half Horse Yes is Desert Hegens, is an absolute rule of race.

Facing the power of the dog head, is not the same as a defeat, can’t it be better?

If in the Past, for the power of the dog’s head, Tirin and Alan are still skeptical, so now, they have not doubt.

They can already be sure, if the half-horse horses are really dead, then hit the final, laughing to the end, it is definitely a dog head, but not half a horse.

Of course, Be That As It May, but in fact, the confrontation between the dog header and the half-horse horse is still very difficult.

The dog head personally occupies great advantages in quantity, but half-horse also has their own advantages.

Their mobile is the most important advantage.

Half horse is not only powerful, but because there is a half-border that is similar to the reason of the horse, their endurance and mobile, but also far on the dog head.

This is a dog header far unable to compare.

After all, there are two legs, how is the speed of Impossible with the four legs.

and because of the powerful maneuverability of the half-horse, therefore, in many times, it is impossible to make the number of advantages of the dog’s head, but in the local scope, it is possible to form a less than a small amount of disadvantages.

This is the most huge problem.

even for this problem, there is no way to solve it.

and therefore, the only thing they can do, only to constantly find ways, forced half of the horse to fight.

but no doubt, this is a very difficult thing.

Half horse is not a fool.

Although born in Desert, this group of semi-human humans may be limited, but it doesn’t mean how stupid it will.

Some obvious things can still be clear.

Therefore, the war between the dog head and the half-horse horses, it looks particularly difficult.

Today, although between the two, when Overwhelming Majority, the dog header is in the stretch.

“should be over …”

looks at the battlefield in front, Tirinn Nodded, followed by this team in front of him, one piece.

They moved forward and had returned to the big camp of the dog head tribe for a few days.

Of course, at this time, call this place is not very suitable for the tribe.

Because in front of you, it has already been large.

The past small town turned another look, at this moment, a thick CITY WALL has been piled up, and it turns another look.

Those city Wall is very heavy, which is built with a unique material, which is still full of red bricks, which is very neat.

The whole looks, it is very good.

In not far, there are many humans working there.

These humans are different from other parts of All arrone.

Tirin has seen people in other places.

However, the human beings they have seen have a great difference in these humans in front of them.

What do you say?

of this world’s human beings, it is still more poor, many places may not be able to live in their own place for a lifetime.

Such a person, its mental state is very bad.

But people who appear here are not like this.

They look very neat one by one, and the clothes on the body have seen the differences that Tirin have seen, and the materials used are also very special, should be very precious.

Their mental state is also very active, one is very similar, full of vitality.

Such people should be an aristocrat in humans.

But how can you come to this place, act as a worker?

, the language used by these people seems to be very different from human generic language, and it is not a system.

is full of mystery.

does not know, what is it coming?

They have some doubts, I don’t know what to say at this time.

Walking there, there are still many dog ​​heads being busy, there is a tool, try to stir, and make something.

These things will become very robust after solidification, which is the main material used by this all around building.

Tirin listened to Carrun, this is what it seems to be called cement?

What materials are used, they are not clear, they are confidential.

is a very easy to use.

and similar things, there is still a lot of time.

In the city, they came to the city of Central Area.

At this moment, there is already a sharp shape of a large city.

All around is very tidy, although it is relatively short, but it is also a beautiful and strong.

In various places, there are also dog headers being constructed, trying to excavate the ditch, and seem to be perfecting the drainage of the city.

The whole scene is very lively, and it is very busy.

There is almost no one is idle, a busy and lively scene, full of high-spirited vitality.

came to a high-rise moment, Tirin went in, and found someone you want to find.

Carruo is sitting inside.

is relative to the outside, his room looks spacious and neat.

At this moment, he sat in front of a desk and he was listening to a human report in front of his eyes.

See Tirin’s two people came in, Carrun stopped his own action, sorry for human beings in front of him, and then looking to Tirin in the side: “Is it back?”

“How is the results of the exploration?”

“is still smooth.”

Tirlicen nodded, then put the files recorded in front of the table in front of it.


Carruo mild smile, then said: “Since it has come back, then take a break.”

“Wait until tomorrow, I will come to you again.”


Two people nodded, then stay in respect, just refund.

Soon, in the spacious room, only Carruo is in the same man.

outside, glorious is still shining.

there, Carruo is now appearing.

Compared with the past, with time, his body has grown further, so it has reached a new level.

His body has not continued to increase, keeping the body in two meters, the body has become well and uniform, and there is no big man with Herbi, becoming burly, but gradually approaching human form, but also a piece Black robe.

It is not like a dog header, but it is a polite man gentleman.

is sitting in Karu slave, is an old man.

The old man wearing a spacious long shirt, and his face is somewhat serious.

“What do you mean, this world has no way to have some chemical reactions?”

sitting in his position, Carruo thought for a moment, then lifts the head, looking to the old man: “So, some weapons existing in our world, don’t you replicate in this world?” /P>


Listening to Carruo, the old face is serious Nodded.

“Two world seems to look the same, but there are still a lot of different places in some subtle places.”

“Some chemical reactions in my world, there is no way to restore in this world, or although it can be reacted, the effect is very weak.”

He looked at the car robu in front of him, explained the opening.

Caloron is clearly understood.

The old man in front of me is not someone else, is cursing the people of the world.

The dog header tribe wants to develop, and it is very difficult and slow in order to rely on its own strength.

CHEN Heng although there is enough accumulation, it is only a person who has been completely changed from the whole dog’s head. It doesn’t know how much time to spend.

and something must have to accumulate.

For example, improved food crops, some of the ready-made technologies, and it takes time to precipitate, can slowly develop.

is slowly developed slowly, it is better to learn directly, get it.

So, from the past, Carrun has played the idea of ​​others.

At first, he is preparing to make an idea from god world’s Human Kingdom. For this reason, it has been a huge price, and some craftsmen have been found from the Qikar Kingdom.

and later, because the body is simulated, open the different world-wide channels, Carrun’s attention, start to put it in other Other World.

Different from the god world of civilization, the two world experienced by Chen Heng’s body, whether it is MUTATION World or curse World, is a civilized highly developed world.

It may be because there is no gods such as a superconscious existence interference and suppression, Mutation World and curse Wtem, although there is no God’s Terrifying Existence, but its civilization has further developed further and has achieved higher degrees.

From these two worlds for use, it is undoubtedly able to increase the development of the dog’s head.

So, early ago, Carruo began to get talents from these two worlds, from which some excellent crop seeds are obtained, and there are some technologies.

These people are in front of him, they are specifically from the cursed world. The Realm.

In order to transfer these people safely, he still spent a lot of Divine Force, and finally

But from the current situation, he is obviously worthwhile.

The development speed of the Doghead tribe has been very fast in just a year.

After the food, the high-yield crop, the crop of the dog header tribe planted, and the crop of the dog’s tribe planted.

is also the same.

The dog head tribe, it is also an animal husbandry.

These objects of these farmed animals are mostly animals that have been acquired from the wild.

but is generally used by the seeds they use.

Not long-lived livestock, the performance of all aspects is not as long-term domesticated variety.

, such as Chen Heng, the white-headed RenowNed.

This kind of chicken is under factory pipeline, only less than two months, it can be columnized, almost a protein synthetic machine.

This efficiency is that normal livestock is also Unable to Compare.

is similar to such a variety, there is a lot of curse World and Mutation world with the Realm.

By introducing these things, the dog’s food growth is very fast.

enough food, is also the foundation of the dog’s head people to expand and expand.

In this now, the Doghead tribe can be considered a small kingdom.

The dog header in Carruo, it is no longer thousands, but it is close to 100,000.

even this quantity is not the limit.

Almost every day, this quantity is growing.

According to the estimation of Carruo, this growth rate is stopped within a considerable period of time, will continue to keep it.

The entire desert is so wide, where the dog header, its number is undoubtedly extremely horrible.

and, even if you don’t say that the wild dog header of the survival is, it is just a very horrible.

For this, in this time, Carrun has clearly seen it.

maybe in the Past is still not too obvious.

But now, under the sufficient food and perfect protection mechanism, the fertility rate and birth rate of the dog header have greatly improved.

Almost every pair of dog head people, every year can be born at least ten dog head people.

Some hero’s head people Mother, it is possible to get hundreds of eggs in one year.

The quantity of such a horrible, Carruo is a bit unimaginable. If it is more than a few years, the number of the entire dog header population will expand to something.

From the future, this is a worthy thing.

After all, there is a good thing, but too many people, sometimes a burden.

But good, at least in the moment, this is a very great advantage.

“In this time, what is your stay here?”

is sitting in its own position, looking at the human old people in front of him, Carruo laughd, then asked so open.

“is not bad.”

Welps the sight of Carruo, the old man in front of the eyes is serious, Nodded: “Tobei Great Saint is blessing, my body is getting stronger, recently has a young moment.”

“This is very rare for me a Senior.”

“That is good.”

Listen to the old man, Carruo laughd, then said: “Please rest assured.”

“I will give you the best treatment, since I will give you the best treatment.”

“P>” Wait for a while, I will personally make Baptism, adjust your status to the most suitable. ”

Curse World’s civilization, it is indeed a lot more than the dog head.

But the world is just a normal world, which is basically ORDINARY PERSON, and there is no super Mortal Body system.

and Ordinary Person can’t escape Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death.

Therefore, for those who are recruited from the curse World, the remuneration given by Carruo is not ordinary, but their own Divine Force.

He will pay a remuneration with these people according to the habit of human beings.

These compensation includes both daily currencies, including some of this world, as well as the Divine Force of Carluo itself and some things.

For these people, these things are undoubtedly very valuable.

Especially for these old people.

If you can get a Divine Force’s Baptism, it is almost equivalent to having a second life, allowing them to return to youth, restore vitality, and you can get longer LifeSpan.

is an extremely rare.

is because of this, all of these talents will be willing to serve Carruna.

Of course, Holy Son’s belief is also a large part of the reason.

These people are basically filtered before coming to this world.

can really come to this world, basically all those who are very strong and very devout for Holy Son.

There is only such a person to have qualifications to this world.

“then it will be better.”

Sitting in front of Carlu slave, listening to Carrun, the old face suddenly showed the color of the expectations, it seems to have a lot of expectations for Carruo said.

Of course, it is actually true.

For the feeling of Divine Force Baptism, these people have never gave up after the first time.

It is a feeling of Life Level is improving, and extra comfort is fascinating.

When you have a real thing, you will keep it firmly, you will want more.

Of course, this is also a normal situation.

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