Fantasy Simulator Chapter 393

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For Divine Force chasing, this is a unique instinct.

In this World, don’t say that it is ordinary mortal, even if it is the God of Aloof and Remote, it is also a battle for Divine Force.

The reason for the gods, even broke out, the fundamental reason, is to obtain believers.

What is the purpose of obtaining believers?

is not to obtain faith, thereby extracting Divine Force.

Even the God of Aloof and Remote chases this, it is more exciting that it is ordinary mortal.

For Divine Force chasing, this is the instinct of life.

Therefore, for the response of the old people in front of the elderly, Carruo didn’t think there was any doubt, just laughd.

After a moment, he sent the old man in front of him, and then returned to his office, and she got a battle report alone.

He looked at the situation and then could not be by frowned.

At this moment, Tirin came here and has passed for more than a year.

In this year, with the power of the dog head, the traces of the half-horse horse have become more and more clear, and it will appear from time to time.

Therefore, the battle between the dog’s tribe and the semi-human horse has become more and more dramatic.

When the

is from time to time, the two will break a battle, killing on the battlefield, and each other has a large amount of casualties.

Of course, it is temporarily that the main energy of the semi-human horse has not been transferred, and it did not pay attention to the Dog Hand of the South.

According to the situation in the investigation of Carruo, it seems that in the northern region, half-horse horses are also dispatched with other races of All Around, and ordinary people happen.

For semi-trenches, this seems to be a very normal thing.

After all, from the style of their previous, they are not a good neighbors, and will fight with all around neighbors. This is a very normal thing.

On the situation you have learned from Carruo, in the northern part of the half-horse tribe, there is two huge power of Ox Head Man and the wild boar.

The strength of these two races is also very weak, each occupied a large area, and the half-horse horse is killing, and there are many people who have kill each other.

is because there are two races existed, it is only a large amount of strength, making them innocent, and smashed with the dog head tribe.

Of course, from the other hand, if they really go to the dog head, they may not be able to discuss.

In order to deal with this group of half-horse, Carruo can be a lot of preparations.

In a number of critical places, he sent people to build a simple city Wall, as well as defensive facilities.

With the auxiliary of these things, these buildings are not countless for Carrun.

After all, his hand’s dog head is unlike human.

If the human lord, it is not so easy to make the leadership of his hand, Accidentally causes confusion.

but Carrun is different.

In terms of human beings, at least at this stage, these dog headers under Caroluo have to obey, and as long as there is a full meal, I will be reluctant, and there will be no problem.

Equivalent to free labor.

and these labor, there are many quantities.

If it is not enough, Carruo can also send people at any time, go to Desert and catch a large number.

Anyway, within the entire desert, there are not many other, but the number of dog headers is definitely a Plentiful and Easily Available.

Under this situation, as long as the food is not lack, the labor force is absolutely sufficient.

The large amount of defensive facilities are built, those half-horse, I am afraid there is no way.

After all, the ability of their field may be extremely powerful, but how can it, can it be able to attack the city?

The lower body is still horses.

The limitations of the INNATE structure make the half-horse horses in the wild, it is very easy, but it is not conducive to playing in the siege battle.

therefore, if they dare to take the initiative, most of them will consume strength.

Of course, the dog header wants to defeat these half-men, it is also not easy.

Under the same conditions, the mobility of this group of half-horse horses is too strong.

The troops of the dog head have no way to catch up with them.

This is a very serious problem.

In order to solve this problem, in this time, Carrun has thought of many ways.

Treated the documents in his hand, then Carruo got up in place and walked outside.

He went straight to front, and came to a hidden place.

The place in front of me is nothing else, is the laboratory in Carruo in the city.

relative to in the past, this place is a lot of gorgeous and gorgeous at this moment, which even has a lot of assistants, helping in this place.

Some of the high precision instruments have been sent over, placed in this place.

At this moment, the horrific scene is starting.

I saw it in front, on a flat place, a large piece of dog’s body is showing there, I am lying there in this moment, the quantity looks very huge.

Just just look at it, it is estimated that there is a number of thousands.

Most of these dog’s heads, most of them are fighting, only a small part is sick, or the birthday is talented.

At this moment, they are lying quietly here, so they have fallen into eternal sleep.

This is also a command that Karuo before.

starts very early, Carruo issued a command.

All the dog head people have a uniform recycling after death, and is placed in a particular area.

is convenient to handle, let Carrus can do it directly, recycle the Life Source.

is also general.

standing in the same place, looking at these dog heads in front of him, Carruo deeply sucking tone, then stepped away, slowly moved to the front.

Along with his body, the body of these dog head people is also beginning to change.

The original flesh and blood begins to quickly dry, At first, it is only a little curled, but it is the end that it is directly completely dry, turned into a broken substance.

Even the original white bone is also softened, and the essence is directly extracted, only One after another is affected.

The entire scene looks particularly horrible.

After a while, the scene before the eyes ended.

The figure of Carruno slowly stopped.

“about 15 essence …”

standing in the same place, Carruo probably felt the situation, and then got a result.

After these days, he will quantify the Life Source after Heaven Devouring Sutra Refining, and then a standard is set.

About one hundred ordinary dog ​​headers, after the life source refining in its body, a unit of Life Source can be formed.

Su Source, which is very precious. If you use a unique means, you will slowly incorporate it into a common dog’s WITHIN THE BODY, you can make it a Dragon Vein, which is directly changed. A ordinary dog ​​header becomes like a Dragon Vein dog header in Hercome.

even becomes a Dragon Vein Warlock, nor Impossible.

The origin of these dog heads in front of me, the origin of the refining, is probably fifteen.

is still good.

Probably feels all these giant eggs, and the Carrun’s face is smiling, and then the heart flashes this year.

In his feelings, in front of these giant eggs, there have been some time that is about to hatch.

, for example, that a red Dragon Egg, after a year of careful cultivation, now finally hatching, truly coming to this world.

and one red dragon, which will also bring a new force to the dog head.

Dragon, this kind of life is very powerful, and everything on his body is the material of cherish.

His scales can be used to make magic item, flesh and blood can be used to make pharmacy, all places in the upper and lower places have unique use, very precious.

and Red Dragon Body is the subspecies of Giant Dragon, and there is also a similar effect.

is not used, the power representative it is.

Under normal circumstances, an adult red dragon is enough to match the existence of Second Circle.

, this red Dragon Egg, where the birth of Nirane is incubated, and its strength will inevitably exceed the individual’s individual, and the power after adulthood, I am afraid that at least enough to match the three rings. exist.

This is very powerful for the current dog header tribe.

After all, in the current stage, the number of dog headers in Carruo, although there are a lot, but it can be called Powerhouse, there is really a few.

The only person is also Herbi and The Others.

Herbi and the Others activated the Dragon Vein of WITHIN THE BODY, and then Cultivation gave Knight’s Breathing Technique with Knight’s Breathing Technique, I took the world’s life Knight Road, so the first Circle Level was reached.

In this case, Carruo has brought the dog’s head of the Dog’s head, and I am awakened the Dragon Vein’s dog header to a piece, and teach Knight’s Breathing Technique with Meditation Method to these dog head people.

Now, because of Bloodline’s advantages, in the entire dog header tribe, some apprentice dog head people have eventually appeared, even Herbi and The Others, even the first circle knight.

But even if this is it?

After half of the people, standing is not someone else, but a church.

A church, the power hidden is undoubtedly huge.

This, from this period of dusk, you can see it.

Even if the dusk Divine Item, the strength of the dusk group is also extremely powerful, some of the existence of First Circle is placed in the eyes of the dusk, and SIMPLY is not possible.

The same is true at the moment.

Since there is a unknown church in the half-horse, there are many of these Powerful Existence above the First Circle.

and half a horse, currently in the existence of the first Circle, only Karu can.

There is no doubt that this situation is extremely dangerous.

But if you can hatch the eye-catching, these Dragon Egg, then you can replenish the Battle Stregth of the dog header tribe, so that the strength of the whole dog’s head tribe reaches a new level.

Of course, this is just a direction.

In the current situation, even if these Dragon EGG can hatch, they want to grow up, when they reach their adults, the time they need is extremely long.

The growth cycle of extraordinary life is this.

A purebred Giant Dragon, you want to have a thousand years of time you want from born to adulthood.

and Red Dragon These Leesser Dragon, theoretically growing a lot, but it will not be less than hundreds of years.

I want to wait until they really grow, and it also needs a relatively long time.

Of course, Carruo also has its own way.

The most simple method is undoubtedly, looking for a Time lapse of World, which will then drop these Lesser Dragon into that world.

Wait until they spend hundreds of years after the World, let them return to this world.

This is a simplest way.

“but thinks from this angle …”

Stand in the same place, Carrun suddenly caught in thinking: “It seems that you can also consider directing some of the APTitude excellent dog headers, transfer to Foreign World to practice …”

“This kind of thing can also maximize the opportunity to grow up to grow …”

Different world experience is the most suitable for tempering people.

and because of the different World’s time, take this, you can give the dog head people to the valuable time, so that some of the genius in some dog heads grow up as soon as possible.

This kind of thing seems to have a head.

Stand in the place, the Carrun’s heart flashes this year.

Subsequently, after a moment, he turned and left this place and went to other places.

As for the year of the company, it was temporarily sealed by him.

The idea is good, but it will take a period of time to implement it.

At least, if you want to do that Carruo imagination, you first need it, you will first find a world that is large enough with God World Time Flow Speed.

and in this regard, you can only rely on your body to find it.

After all, Karuu can also use some of the functions of the simulator, but some of the functions of the simulator, or only the body can be used.

therefore, he can only wait.

Of course, if you don’t work, the curse World is also good.

The flow rate of this world and God world is also a gratitude, Chen heng stays in that world for decades, in God World, but only a few months.

Almost Equivalent to God World One month, it is ten years.

It is relatively suitable from Time Flow Speed.

But relatively speaking, curse World’s environment is not suitable for the dog header and Lesser Dragon.

After all, the world is only a modern society that only people exist.

The dog’s headman enters it, it is a complete heterogeneous, which is easy to cause confusion.

Accidentally will cause some trouble.

The World is the reservation of Chen Heng, and it is also the main source of Divine Force.

does not reach as a last resort, Carruo does not want to affect the curse WORLD.

Therefore, this world is not suitable.

I want to find another suitable place, I can only wait until the next simulation of the body.

Of course, today, for Carruo, the most important thing is, or the upcoming Dragon EGG is about to hatch.

standing in the same place, he probably feeling the state of red Dragon EGG, then probably estimated the time.

“Is there two days?”

He flashed this year, then looks at the Scarlet Dragon Egg in front of him, saying: “You will rest quietly.”

“After two days, I will come here to see you again.”

His Extend The Hand, touched the Dragon Egg of Scarlet before, and then said.

Under his line of sight, Scarlet Dragon Egg in front of him is flashing, it seems to respond to him.

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