Fantasy Simulator Chapter 463


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In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Chen Heng’s mind, but in the end he just looked at Tang Rou in front of him, and didn’t say anything more.

At his side, Tang Rou took the meat skewers that had just been grilled, and chewed there, looking like it had been hungry for a long time.

But this is no wonder.

She has been in this place for quite a while.

From an unfamiliar place to the Secret Realm in front of her, it is not easy for her to survive till now, let alone anything else.

After all, she is just an ordinary person, not a warrior or beast guardian, so naturally she has no strength.

In fact, if her call was not caught by Chen Heng and came to this position accurately, I am afraid she would be dead today.

At this moment, Chen Heng also remembered some news related to this matter.

It seems that in the original path of fate, there are news reports that the bones of missing persons have been found.

Now think about it, the missing person whose bones were found in the original trajectory is Tang Rou, right?

But this is something experienced only in the original trajectory.

Now, because of the encounter with Chen Heng, her destiny has naturally changed as a result, and it will no longer be so tragic.

“After eating, go on the road.”

Chen Heng glanced at her, looked at the wound on her leg, and then silently stretched out his hand.

A magical change began to occur.

A stream of pure power is blooming, emerging from the woman.

Then on her body, a faint tingling sensation emerged.

On the previously injured part, the flesh and blood that had bloomed was healing, and the wound on it was disappearing at a speed visible by naked eye.

Sitting in place, looking at the magical scene in front of her, Tang Rou was unconsciously stunned: “This is…”

“I am a beastmaster, and I can barely know some treatments.”

Chen Heng spoke softly, looking at Tang Rou in front of him at the moment, and said lightly: “If you feel better, just continue on the road.”

“Follow me.”

He spoke softly, then got up and walked away silently.

Tang Rou sat on the spot beside her, stretching her legs tentatively.

The muscles started to react, but the severely injured thighs felt nothing at this moment, nothing unusual, and it seemed that they had never been injured.

Extraordinarily magical.

Can the Beastmaster be able to achieve this level?

In an instant, this thought flashed through Tang Rou’s mind, and she couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled.

In her perception, the so-called beast guards and warriors are indeed very powerful.

But the real power of these professionals should be the vigorous life force and destructive power.

In treatment, there should be nothing special.

She was puzzled in her heart, but she didn’t hesitate to move, strode forward and caught up with Chen Heng in front of her.

For her at this moment, Chen Heng in front of her is her only hope for survival.

Although the area in front of you is a Secret Realm, it is also full of wild beasts, almost as if you are in the wild.

If there is no shelter, she will be buried in the mouth of the wild beast just by relying on herself as an ordinary person.

Her previous experience has clearly proved this point.

It is precisely because of this that she did not hesitate at the moment, and strode forward directly, catching up with Chen Heng in front of her.

Ahead, Chen Heng did not go too far, nor did he respond particularly to Tang Rou’s movements.

Now that I have seen it here, I can save it easily, so I can save it easily.

Chen Heng still has this kind of kindness.

Of course, for Chen Heng himself, this is also part of the usual disguise.

After all, it is better to pretend to be a good person than to reveal that you are a bad person.

Therefore, Chen Heng generally does not refuse this kind of handy act.

Walking through the area in front of him, he came to the other side.

“It’s very real…”

Walking on the road, Chen Heng looked at the scenery all around.

Here all around, one after another old tree grows in it, it looks very huge.

In the jungle all around, densely packed tiny lives are active.

In this Secret Realm, there is a very complete biological system in which a large number of ordinary lives live.

Even, there is the moon.

Chen Heng lifts the head, looked towards midair.

Under his gaze, the appearance of the silver moon in midair was so clear and so conspicuous.

At the first glance of this silver moon, Chen Heng can be sure that this silver moon should be false.

It’s just that the moonlight is real and contains real energy.

“The completely simulated Secret Realm almost completely restores the real world……”

Walking on the road, Chen Heng looked calm, looking thoughtful in his heart: “The civilization that built this Secret Realm back then has superb technology…”

Just like the development of Secret Realm, Secret Realm will be built into a complete Small World.

Chen Heng can actually do things like this.

But if he wants to be as detailed as the Secret Realm in front of him, to be so real, and almost exactly the same as the outside world, then he can’t do it.

This also proves that he still has a lot of room for improvement.

You can study hard.

Many thoughts flashed in his mind, and then he took Tang Rou, all the way forward.

As he went all the way, unconsciously, they came to another place.

That is a huge city.

The scope of this Secret Realm is not small, and even to a certain extent, it is very large.

But even for such a huge Secret Realm, there are extremely conspicuous coordinates.

Just like the city in front of me.

In this Secret Realm, the city in front of you is the absolute core.

No matter what area or position you are in, as long as you look up, you can vaguely see the shadow of this city.

So conspicuous.

There is no doubt that such a city is also the core of this Secret Realm. There will be no surprises.

“Is it directly dignified right here?”

Chen Heng couldn’t help but be a little surprised before he actually walked to that city.

It seems that there is not much illusion in this Secret Realm.

The people who built this Secret Realm didn’t mean to hide things, but dignified it.

“The place where heroes are tried, only those who can carry the hero’s will can succeed.”

Before walking to the city, a message flooded into Chen Heng’s mind.

Chen Heng didn’t have any unexpected expression about this, but on the sidelines, Tang Rou’s face was shocked.

“The place where heroes are tried…”

Standing next to Chen Heng, her face was shocked, and something seemed to be thinking of it at the moment: “This is the Inheritance Land of ancient heroes?”

After the voice fell, Chen Heng’s eyes fell, and it fell on her, with some surprises in it.

“What do you know?”

Looking at Tang Rou, Chen Heng was a little surprised, and then said softly.

“Only…. I just probably know some…”

Tang Rou hesitated for a while, and then he considered the language, and then said: “I have seen some ancient classics, and some things have been written on them.”

“Legend, the heroes of ancient civilization will leave behind the treasures that have melted their hearts and wills, and place them in suitable places, waiting for someone to inherit their will in the future.”

“Such an inheritance is called a heroic inheritance……”

“Go on.”

Next to him, listening to Tang Rou’s words, Chen Heng’s face was calm and did not change much. He just spoke softly and said so.

“The so-called hero inheritance, it seems… is related to the so-called mecha.”

Standing in place, listening to Chen Heng’s words, Tang Rou was nodded at first, then hesitated for a moment, and continued to speak: “It is said that the original mecha was excavated from the inheritance of ancient heroes.” [19459002 ]

She said so.

This is all she knows.

As for more, she didn’t know.

“The things in this ruin are indeed related to mecha.”

Next to Tang Rou, listening to Tang Rou’s words, Chen Heng nodded, then said softly: “The news you are viewing is true.”

Tang Rou’s words also gave Chen Heng some gains.

If there is nothing wrong with the message she said, then the so-called hero inheritance should be the trial that must be carried out to obtain the ancient mecha.

Do people from ancient civilizations regard those who control ancient mechas as heroes?

It seems to be very appropriate.

As for the test of will, this point surprised Chen Heng a bit.

Could it be said that the ancient mecha wanted to exert its strength, but also had requirements for the will of the rider?


Standing in place, Chen Heng suddenly flashed a single thought in his heart, and then remembered a person he had encountered before.

Liu Sheng.

This is Chen Heng’s opponent in the Chica League, and he has the unique ability to continuously strengthen himself.

And its power seems to be related to faith.

This was the case at the time. The simpler his will and the purer his beliefs, the stronger the power he exerted.

“so that’s how it is?”

Standing in place, Chen Heng was a little surprised, and at this moment there was a vague feeling of clear comprehension.

Inadvertently, he seems to have solved a previous doubt.

If this thing of the ancient mecha really has something to do with will, then Liu Sheng may have something related to the ancient mecha.

It is very likely that it is the core of an ancient mecha.

This can explain his strange behavior before.

Things seem to be getting more and more interesting.

Chen Heng lifts the head, looking not far away.

Not far away, a corpse fell to the ground, and the number was not small.

The appearance of these corpses is not the same, some look like bones, some are turned into mummy, and some even maintain the appearance of their lives.

Their face looks sinister, they looked very painful, and there was a broken expression on their faces, which was exceptionally clear.

These seem to be people who died in this place in the past.

“It seems that none of them died because of trauma.”

Standing in place, looking at the corpses in front of him, various thoughts flashed in Chen Heng’s mind: “If you fail this trial, will it still cause some kind of harm?”

This probability is also possible.

However, it doesn’t matter.

Chen Heng turned around silently, then looked in front of him like this, and walked out.


Aside, watching Chen Heng’s movements, Tang Rou’s expression was a little surprised, but it was already too late.

In front of him, as Chen Heng took a step forward, his silhouette also disappeared and disappeared directly in the same place.

The Great City in front of me, like a giant beast, swallowed Chen Heng directly and disappeared invisible.

Only Tang Rou was left on the spot.

Around, the breeze was blowing silently, blowing on her body, bringing her a hint of coolness.

Suddenly, she shuddered, and then hesitated for a while, but took a step forward, and just walked over.

Taking a step forward, her silhouette also disappeared, followed along.

A strange feeling emerged.

In the last second, she was still outside the city, but at the next moment, she was teleported away and came to another place completely unfamiliar.

The place in front of me is a spacious space, very bright everywhere, with a faint dim light shining, very conspicuous.

But the only thing that made Tang Rou feel fortunate was that Chen Heng’s silhouette was still there in front of her, and it was also in this place right now.

The moment she saw Chen Heng, she suddenly relaxed in her heart, and then took a step forward and walked up.

“Please enter your name.”

In my ears, a mechanical sound began to sound.

Then, a light curtain appeared just like that, and appeared in front of Tang Rou.

Suddenly, she was stunned, and it took a long time before she reacted.

For her, the light curtain in front of her is like the operation interface on a tablet computer, but it is very clear.

There are only a few options on it.

“Please enter your name?”

In front of him, a faint reminder box is still emerging, and it is just showing up at this moment.

Standing in place, Tang Rou came back to his senses, only then did she react: “Tang Rou.”

“Dear Miss Tang Rou, would you like to start your trial?”

After the name was entered, the mechanical sound that rang in the ear suddenly transformed into a soft girl, and her address to Tang Rou changed from you to you.

“If it’s a trial by fire, please choose yes. If you don’t choose to participate, you can choose to give up and just sit on the sidelines.”

“The trial may have certain risks. Please choose carefully. If you have diseases and other conditions that the empire official considers inappropriate to participate in the stimulation project, please give up as appropriate and do not take risks.”

“Your health is our most important and precious thing.”

“It’s quite smart…”

Listening to this inexplicable reminder, Tang Rou couldn’t help corner of mouth twitching. At this time, she inevitably hesitated for a moment.

After hesitating, she finally couldn’t hold back and chose to agree.

By now, she probably has already figured out what is going on in this place.

There is no doubt that this should be a trial place set up by ancient civilization.

If you pass the trial, you can get the secret treasure left by the ancient hero, the legendary hero mech.

That young man on the side should have come for this.

This temptation is undoubtedly great.

When she had the opportunity, Tang Rou felt that if she didn’t even try it, she would regret it in the future.

So, she finally chose to agree.

At this moment, what she doesn’t know is that if nothing happens, she will soon regret her choice.

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