Fantasy World Transmigration v6c7

For snow, Yang Family’s door is open.

In the snow day, when the people of the heavens and the earth came alone, a single man in the heavens and the earth, left a shallow footprint on the snow, and Guo Tsui took the table with the wall’s twins, and in the snow, the iron was covered with cold bones, and Guo was not aware of it, and it was just a whistle reminder: “This man had some kung fu, and then walked through Niu Family Village, which seemed to be a little bit of a bit.”

Nor has Yang’s heart had to be vigilant, and in the days before, they killed the people of the East Factory, and while the curtain had led to the view of the East factory, it was difficult to ensure that their actions would not be disclosed.

Yang Xiaojung was careful and whispered: “The person has not concealed the signs, and it may be the people of Wu Lin who passed by accident.”

“Do you want to touch his bottom?” Guo Tsui has doubts.

“There must be a reason why this snow will run, and there will be no more business to do.” The Yang Tianxi, while loving friends, is reluctant to do much.

That gentleman seems to have been standing in the courtyard at a time when the two men of Guo Yang Yang were separated from a wooden door and wiped their shoulders, when Li Ping in the house was worried about his husband, or about the acid of her pregnancy, and couldn’t stand to make a short groaning sound.

Listen, the gentleman suddenly stopped, and the long sword on his back was just around and appeared in his hand.


sword did not come out, but picked up with a sword, and picked up a team from the snow pile, hitting the Yang Iron Heart, and the snow delegation inner Strength and spreading the sound of the tsunami. The new snow book was dispersed, and it was extremely difficult to squeeze into a gang even if it was done with hands, but under one of those people, it was very urgent to go, not less than the hidden weapon, which was chosen precisely by locusts.

Yang Xiang was worried about what hidden weapon he had hidden in the snow, pointing the snow team out with a steel gun.

The iron gun only touched the snow team that flew and saw it dispersed itself, knowing that the snow group was not too loud to look at it, but was too weak to be so gentle, not only at the top, but also at the top of the ordinary domestic skill. You know, since Jiang Hu’s firearm populated, Hiden weapon’s hands have become less visible, with swords beating snow like stones, more visible than flying darts, and closer to leaf flowers, all of whom can be wounded by realm.

So high hands, through this little Niu Family Village in the snow days, and even more suddenly, trying to detect the force of the Yang Iron Heart have given Yang’s heart a chance.

That man sneered, his face was desperate and coldly said: “Look only at the snow marks in this yard, you know, there was a set of Spear Art here, and look at all directions, but there was a footprint left above, even more steadfast, not to go first.”

“This is not Jiang Hu Spear Art, but a military gunshot.”

“This little Niu Family Village, near the edge of the sun, lives in two high-body North people, used in military guns. Even more the arts goes out of the ordinary, looking at that footprint, with caution, knowing it’s a high rank in the army. The two men with guns and weapons out of the ordinary, came here to install a safe farm.”

“The owner of the East Factory won’t be so surprised. You think you’re the best of the eight flags! Come here and bury the old road.”

“Said the people who lived here were killed by you?”

The gentleman extremely angry up, and the hair is floating, and the eyes are shining, and the gods are amazing.

Yang Tianxi was so funny: “Where are the monks, I don’t know.” Guo Tsui Heavenly Dao: “Big brother, this man deliberately tried to wait for me, and never let him go.”

“Eagle claws, have you finally started?” The man shouted.

He only waited for Yang Jiang Hu’s heart and walked with a gun and went back. The long spear was a soldier, the most fearful of which was a short shot, and the high hands of the army were hard to kill, but the man who had been walking around Jiang Hu’s body, had just killed nearly a hundred Golden Flag Ding, who, although the snow had gone for a few hours, had made murderous ra auauauauau in his chest, not just gone.

And when a man comes near, he goes to the heart of Yang, and he strikes at his cave.

Quickly, that’s a sudden, brake.

Yang Xiaojun, a very high hand of Spear Art, who has been deceived to turn back, pull away from the distance, have a long inch of strength, have been deceived, and long spear has not been able to do anything to save, stab, fight, provoke, stop, and hold 25632; and the kung fu can only be sheltered, closed, or better than a short stick, to cover up a big circle because long spear moves, while wearing a good hand.

In any case, the recruitment is slower than the fist.

The difference in this line is the difference between life and death.

The hill machine anticipates that the two armies will return, take advantage of the strengths of the four hands of the two, and shorten the time to recruit in order to compensate for the fragmentation of the soldiers, especially those who are short and, in the case of the two, cooperate with the silent deed, the iron guns will be two short times long and fall in the wrong direction, killing a higher hand than the two.

But the hill machine is strong, and even if the ranks of the army cooperate more silently, he has the means to interfere with each other with an overwhelming eye and not to cooperate.

But it is not surprising that when he bullies Yang Tianxi’s heart, Guo Tsui, instead of being backed up, withdrew, stood by and waited for the two themselves to split their own victory.

Yang Xiaoqing, on the tail of the gun, drew the whole iron gun like the same spring, his left hand, right hand put it on the tail, grabbed only one seventh of long spear’s length, divided by the left of Yang’s heart, long spear divided into six to one or two parts, forming a powerful U.

35882; Sensei – Physics Spear Art.

As a result, the sharp position of the gun was six times as right hand moved the tail of the gun, but because of the effect of U, the power of the tail was dispersed because of the transmission of U, the power of the rifle was insufficient, the strength of Inner Strength, the Yang Iron Heart, still on the hill machine, the power of the iron gun pole was more curtailed, such as the huge spring of the same iron castle, and the resilience of the power.


But the gun is like a dragon, a flexible gun, like a python.

In the middle of the body’s tenacious, hanging around it…

It seems to be the first time to have a steel gun, and to keep him on the edge of long spear with an exemplary pattern of iron. The dunes feel like a grass rope, and they’re going to be trapped by Yang’s heart in the iron gun.

If he hits the line straight, he can only put his feet around the same bamboo, like a wheat, hanging around, hanging, and the hill’s feet will not be harder than the grass rope, and his bones will be hanged in one inch.

The hill machine can only circumvent Yang’s heart and heart and avoid the strongest positive gun.

But Yang’s heart ripped his arm and changed it, and his body was like a giant spring, shaking, wrapped up all over his body, and the iron gun slipped into his hand, pulled out after half of the buffer, one hit faster and one hit harder than the other.

In the blink, the iron gun struck several times in the middle of the air, and in the heart of Yang, the hard-headed hybrid gun, like black’s long whip, forced the hill machine to come out of the sword.

Full Sword Art, stabbed with iron guns, Sword Art, like a swallow, traveling in the shadow of roaring.

Yang Shi Shi’s heart fights like a rainbow, and the speed with the iron gun in his hand is just a shake, the sharp and swift drawback of the gun, the power to accumulate with a bullet shape, the iron gun, like a stick, a crumbling, the long sword’s remaining tie blocked by the hill, which was shattered by the power of the gun, and long sword in his hand was unstable and almost out of hand.

At this point, the bullet is moving back, the dune machine is blocked by this, it can’t escape, it can only hold the sword in front of the chest.

It’s a huge pump, a dune chest, an invincible and powerful attack, and he can only take a step back and unload this powerful force.

Not good! ”The hill machine has a blank in his head at this time.

He left a husband at a distance from Yang Tianxi’s heart, so it was within three feet of Yang’s heart gun, and Spear Art formidable power’s strongest distance.

Sure, at this distance, Yang’s heart is just a shake.

The rifle is like snake, quick stabbing, like Phoenix nodded, Snake, straight stabbing. The gun is fast, the gun’s got a silver straight line, and it’s even more shaking, even though the gun scraps out a straight line, it’s a silver light that shakes a whole set of silver light in front of the hill machine.

The dune machine had to guard against the front door, but the gun was a little bit, and stabbed to his chest.

“That’s all!”

A long U, Impasse, a dune machine is waiting to die.

It was a long time since the gun had been felt, and the hill machine had slowed the eyes open, but saw the head of the iron gun in front of his neck, just that inch.

Yang Xiaoxing, take the gun back, cup one fist in the other hand, and say, “Is he the real man?”

The chopper is in a hard mood: “Kill to shave and listen to your honor. I’m both your defeated, bitch.

Yang Tianxi said with a smile: “The Chancellor should also know that it was just a misunderstanding.” Shame out of the inner hall: “The Chancellor heard elder sister’s unwillingness and provoked the chief of Imperial Court in order to think Husband was a high-ranking soldier in the army, kidnapped her family and ambushed him here.”

“It’s also good to have a hand rescue.”

“The result is a misunderstanding!”

Shame cup one fist in the other hand: “The Inner Yang, with me and Guo Big Brother, temporarily reside in Niu Family Village.”

The hill was surprised to say, “But after Shandong Green Ling, General Yang is reborn, the great hero of Yang Yang’s heart.” And to Guo Tsui Heavenly Dao: “This should be the backbone of the good Han Yamada, the two heroes of Kwong Yang Yang Jin, who fought the east factory, but who broke up with a great reputation.”

Yang Tianxi said with a smile: “There is no more true religion than to fight north of Mount Tai in Midlands. The solemn man is more likely to cross the thief and save me, Song.”

“This poor Daoist is so reckless, thanks to Brother Yang.” Say, “Just for a week, Yang’s heart is helping him up:” It’s also a mistake, and I was chased by the East Plant and acted recklessly. “

“Is there a rush, but something is going on?” The Goo Tsui Skull has a double hand: “If there is any help, Guo will not stand by his side.”

The dune machine said with a big smile: “But he killed a few dogs and didn’t have to do it with two heroes. Previously, I heard eight flags of gold, thousands of women in real blood blew out and escorted a bunch of 35882; the monuments entered the palace, passing through this Niu Family Village railway. The eight flags were ravaged, and the coma walked the dog, the east factory murdered, the cure became the emblem of the coma, and caused the death of my people, who had gone around him for decades. The coma has the heart of the reintroduced plasma, and it is certainly not for him to succeed.”

“So I accidentally intercepted this set of syllabuses.”

Yang Xiaojun is passionate to say, “Since it’s the same way to Wu Lin, why don’t you come in and have a hot drink?”

The hill machine pleaded guilty: “I pulled the Golden Army train, killed a car, robbed the Emperor’s platforms, and voiced. The people of the East factory will not let me go, and now they are chasing very tightly, and if they stayed in fear of two heroes.”

Yang’s heart is just said with a slight smile: “We don’t have a short time to do this, and the man who’s here is afraid to be here. The Yang said that it’s just a wish to be with the Chancellor, a crumb of soda, and a stomach kills.

There is no silence under four, and the hill machine hears Yang’s heart, and immediately stands up.

Only one in the snow, faintly said, “It is a shame that the world’s hegemonic heart, the people of our East factory, who have never found us, and you were able to keep him alive in half a day, and let me wait for the opportunity to do nothing, which is terrible when you’re dealing with him.”

“It is now recalled that the three songs have never been able to kill Cao, a man who is listed with me and who, although he was cited, is not a life of fiction. If you did, you could kill him.”

“Yang Xiaoxi, you’re being chased by my East factory, and there’s no escape, no escape to the foot of the sky, it’s a bold bag.”

“I’m not your opponent, if you do, but we don’t have the power to do it all by force… and today you and this hill driver, one don’t want to go!”

A giant flesh in the snow, a slight footsteps, a snowless move out of Yang Family Gate now.

He became a ball, he was fat, and his eyes were squeezed into a straight line, and the poisonous cold light, V’s fat face had no sign of five judges, so that no one could see how he came to Yang Family Gate, and there was no footprint on the left, but he was not like a pig, even though he was fat.

“No shame… too much supervision!” The dunes are heavier.

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