Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 583

There are many fishing platforms around Chaos Island, all of which were built with great effort by the Alliance. Each of them is extremely strong and costly.

After all, ordinary fishing platforms cannot withstand the attack of the chaotic ominous beast.

Every time you catch the chaotic ominous beast, there is always a battle.

Won the fight, the angler wins.

If you lose, the ominous beast will run away.

The fishing platform is equivalent to the battlefield, and it is not sturdy.

Many people come to the fishing platform to fish every day, especially for some better fishing positions, they need dominance. There have been many battles in order to compete for fishing positions.

It's just that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance strengthened its management and punished a lot of people who fought heavily, and it became harmonious.

When Ou Shaotian and the others rushed to the fishing platform, they basically couldn't find a good position. Those who were free were not very good fishing positions.

"My lord, there is only a place over there, let's go there!"

Immemorial Changqing pointed to a few fishing positions near the shoal on the right, and said aloud.

"No.7 fishing platform, the fishing position is not very good, the water is too shallow, basically it is difficult to catch good goods, but there is no way, I can only catch it!"

Ou Shaotian took a look, and still led everyone to the No.7 fishing platform.

Except there, there is no empty fishing platform around. The fishing platform next to it is better, and it is basically full.

Each fishing platform has ten fishing positions, and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach fishing position is not small, about 100 square meters, with a certain distance between them, and they are not too close to each other. No. 7 fishing platform There are only two fishing positions.

There is no one in the remaining eight fishing positions.

Ou Shaotian took Immemorial Evergreen and the others, after entering the No. 7 fishing platform, he casually occupied a fishing position.

"Brother Shaotian, come and fish, we will assist you!"

Yun Duo'er said aloud.

"Well, please observe more and learn my fishing techniques!"

Ou Shaotian is also nodded.

Take out the fishing rod, get ready, and immediately start fishing.

The bait is also very simple, just fresh meat, hung on a huge hook and thrown into the water, it will soon attract the nearby chaotic ominous beast to swallow it.

At this moment, Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing also arrived.

The two also came directly to the No. 7 fishing platform, and did not go to other fishing platforms. One left and one right, they started fishing right next to Ou Shaotian's fishing position.

I saw Huangtianbao said: "Human Race Ou Shaotian, right? My name is Huangtianbao, Huangzu. Since you are so confident, let's compare!"

"Is this going to pinch me left and right?"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

"You can think so!"

Huang Yiqing and Huang Tianbao said at the same time.

His purpose is very simple, is to pinch Ou Shaotian left and right, so that Ou Shaotian can't catch ominous beast, and let Ou Shaotian and the others return empty-handed!

"I still use primary level fishing tackle. This is to compete fairly with me, right? I advise you to change back to high level fishing tackle. Just your ability is far from it!"


Ou Shaotian glanced at the radar eye, and immediately knew what the two thoughts.


The two were coldly snorted, but instead of paying attention to Ou Shaotian, they started fishing.

"Brother Shaotian, ignore them, we fished our own!"

Yun Duo'er couldn't help but say aloud.


Ou Shaotian nodded, but started to communicate with the lucky baby red carp.

"Little Koi, come out to work, give me a blessing aura!"

"Okay, master!"

Attach to Ou The little koi on Shaotian suddenly moved.

The faint halo enveloped him, no one could see it, but it enhanced his luck, and soon a spirit fish approached his hook.

Pale-gold's eyes looked through the bottom of the water. It was the eye of the radar. It could be clearly seen that a strange fish approached his hook and bit on the flesh and blood.

Have the bait!

good luck, it's so fast!

"In stock!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, then grabbed the fishing rod and stood up.

The Myriad Souls Fishing Technique is activated after the advanced level. Now it should be called divine ability, void fishing technique!

Obviously it is only a primary level fishing tackle, but in his hands, it is like a high level fishing tackle. This one-meter-long strange fish struggles constantly, but it can't break free.

The strange fish was pulled out of the water.

Ou Shaotian controls the fishing rod, retracts and releases the power, the fishing line is like a long whip, constantly beating on the strange fish.

Soon the strange fish was tied up.


The surface of the water was agitated, and the strange fish was pulled up by Ou Shaotian.

Then Ou Shaotian used the divine ability, the great seal technique.

This is the sealing technique he deduced by scanning various sealing techniques through radar. Based on the novels he has read in his previous life, he gave a name that is comparatively second.

The first time I used it was the divine blood knife filled with baleful aura in the Seal Star Fire Peak.

Now he has discovered that it is more useful to seal these strange fish.

"Brother Shaotian, is this the chaotic ominous beast, it looks so cruel!"

Yun Duo'er couldn't help but say aloud when he looked at the strange fish he had caught. .

This strange fish is more than one meter long, round and thick, with sharp teeth in its mouth, gills on both sides of its head, blue and yellow skin, and many spots.

"This is the First Rank chaotic ominous beast, don't worry, it has been sealed by me!"

While Ou Shaotian spoke, he also unhooked the fish hook and put it on again A piece of fresh flesh and blood, started fishing again.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others saw the ominous beast for the first time, and they were studying together.

On the other side, Huang Yiqing and Huang Tianbao were depressed. The two of them didn't catch it, but Ou Shaotian actually caught it.

This is a slap in the face!

But the situation of more face-slapping is still to come, Ou Shaotian started the link, one after another fishing on the chaotic ominous beast, this time made them completely dumbfounded.

Those caught chaotic ominous beasts are all First Rank chaotic ominous beasts, but they are also very valuable!

"Damn it, how could this happen, big brother, what should I do?"

Huang Tianbao asked Huang Yiqing sound transmission.

"Change high level fishing tackle!"

Huang Yi thought about it, sound transmission said.


Then the two quietly changed into high level fishing tackle.

Unfortunately, the result is still the same. Although the high level fishing tackle is more concealed and the fishing effect is better, how can it be compared to the open-hook Ou Shaotian.

In less than an hour, the two of them retired.

"Big brother, or let's withdraw!"


The two discussed sound transmission and directly chose to withdraw.

cannot afford to offend!

Then the two put away their fishing rods and prepared to leave.

At this time, Immemorial Changqing couldn't help but say: "Oh, is this ready to bugger? Didn't you just say you want to grab it with us, so we can't catch it?"


"hmph, we happen to have something wrong, this time you are lucky, next time we will compare it!"

Huang Tianbao couldn't help retorting.

After that, he ran away with Huang Yi without looking back, for fear that Immemorial Changqing would continue to yell!

"My lord, look, they ran away!"

Immemorial said happily everlastingly.

"Don't worry about them, you first sell the chaotic ominous beasts you catch, and then buy a few more fishing rods, and everyone will fish together!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud .


Immemorial is also happy.

Then I took the two to sell fish and buy fishing rods!

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