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The water below the No. 7 fishing platform is shallow. Although Ou Shaotian is lucky, it only attracts some low-level chaotic ominous beasts, which seem to be mutant varieties of aquatic creatures. .

The level is not high.

However, I can't bear the large number!

His fishing one after another also attracted the attention of the anglers on the No. 8 fishing platform next to him.

"What's the situation of the No.7 fishing platform? How can you keep fishing? Does anyone want to go there together?"

Only a blue-haired alien said Tao.

"Go for a woolen thread. Didn't you see that the two deserted tribes left just now? They didn't gain anything at all. I guess they will be the same after you go!"



Think about it, so I won’t say more.

"The other party is either very lucky or has some special means to make these chaotic ominous beasts continuously hooked!"

Another blond alien said.

"Who is going to ask?"

Someone suggested.

But no one responded.

After all, everyone is not stupid. If you really have this ability, how can you tell outsiders that you will go for nothing.

So I can only look at it enviously.

No matter where you are, anglers are like this. Those who don't catch will always envy those who catch it.


On the other side, Immemorial Evergreen and the others brought the chaotic ominous beasts caught by Ou Shaotian to the bazaar and found the official recycling center of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Nations .

The purchase price here is the most reasonable.

There are a total of 17 First Rank chaotic ominous beasts. Depending on the size, the price of each is 300 to 500 crystals, and several thousand crystals were sold at once.

This kind of money making speed can be said to be leveraged.

After getting rich, Immemorial Changqing took two team members and quickly returned to the place where he had previously sold fishing tackle, and bought several sets of fishing tackle again, all of which were primary level fishing tackle.

Anyway, if you don’t go out, if you are fishing on the island, the primary level fishing tackle is almost enough.

After buying the fishing tackle, Immemorial Changqing and the others hurriedly returned to the No.7 fishing platform. One set of fishing tackle was given to Yun Duo'er, and the other sets of fishing tackle were given to others who wanted to fish.

The others who are not fishing are watching from the side.


On the other side, Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing who left dingy changed their positions and came to the 93rd fishing platform, which can be said to be hiding far. Of it.

The two still don't understand how Ou Shaotian did it.

"Big brother, how did you say that Ou Shaotian did it? Did he add something special to his bait to attract the ominous beast in the ocean!"

Huang Tianbao said aloud.

"I don't know, anyway, we can't compare, maybe the other party's technology is better!"

Xuan Yiqing is also depressed.

"The technology is indeed very difficult to deal with, but unfortunately we had a conflict with him, otherwise, I really want to ask!"

"The other party is Human Race, are you sorry? ?"

"What's the matter with Human Race, as long as there are people with ability, I will approve it!"

"You are a cow, don’t follow you much, just concentrate on fishing!"

Huang Yiqing didn't want to say more about the silly Huangtianbao, but he knew that sometimes Huangtianbao's approach was the most correct.

It's just a pity that they have already had a conflict with Ou Shaotian, and it is impossible to ask for advice without a shame.


On the first day when I first entered Chaos Island, Ou Shaotian and the others were busy fishing to make money. They stayed at the No. 7 fishing platform for a whole day. A lot of First Rank chaotic ominous beast.

In the evening.

The sky is getting dark.

Ou Shaotian and the others ushered in the first night on Chaos Island. After the sun disappeared, the sky darkened quickly, and the people on the fishing platform left one after another.

Fishing in dark is risky, and most of them will leave when dark.

"Go away, it is risky in dark, fishing needs to be cautious!"

Soon, many people called friends and returned to the city one after another!

On the No. 7 fishing platform, Yun Duo'er also said: "Brother Shaotian, do we want to go back?"

"Continue fishing, let’s talk about the situation!"


Ou Shaotian said aloud.

Anyway, there is a radar warning, even if there is something, he can know in advance, there is no need to worry.


Yun Duo'er nodded, I won't say more.

Next, everyone also increased their vigilance, always paying attention to the changes on the sea.

At this moment, a team of guards walked out of the city and began to patrol the fishing platforms and beaches. At intervals, there would be a team of guards.

These guards are wearing Tsing Yi, the Tsing Yi guards formed by the alliance.

The pattern lights on the city wall also lit up, barely illuminating the position of the fishing platform, but the sea outside the fishing platform was dark and only the sound of waves.

Somewhat scary!

There are fewer and fewer people fishing on the fishing platform.

Soon there was a battle on the beach.

Not far from the No.7 fishing platform, more than a dozen black sea crabs the size of a washbasin climbed up the beach from the sea, and soon fought with Tsing Yiwei on the beach.

These black sea crabs are the first rank chaotic ominous beasts.

Very grumpy.

And Ou Shaotian and the others discovered that the battle strength of those black sea crabs was very powerful, extremely fast, and amazingly powerful, and even injured the well-equipped Tsing Yi Guards.

Yes, a battle is over.

Although Tsing Yiwei won, many of them were injured.

"It seems that after dark, the ominous beast in the sea will come ashore. Please be careful and be prepared to retreat at any time!"

After the battle over there, Ou Shaotian too Said aloud.

They are just fishing, unlike Tsing Yiwei who has a patrol mission, they can retreat at any time.


Yun Duo'er and the others nodded.

At this moment, the change happened again, but it was on the No. 8 fishing platform next door.

At this time, only three people were still fishing on the No. 8 fishing platform. A cloud of water mist suddenly floated from the sea and shrouded the three people. There was a colorful sea snake hidden in the water mist.

It is the famous mist snake, the killer at night.

The water mist is very light. If you don't pay attention, you can't find it at all. Soon you will get close to the three foreign youths who are fishing.

Ou Shaotian naturally discovered the appearance of water mist.

But he is not a Holy Mother bitch, so he didn't give a voice reminder, and quietly asked Yun Duo'er and the others to observe the No. 8 fishing platform.



A faint colored light flashed, and the colorful sea snake shot out from the mist, and bit on an alien youth.


In an instant, a scream sounded.

This colorful misty snake is only a thick thumb, but it is close to two meters in length. It is not only extremely fast, but also extremely poisonous. It is called a night killer.

One of the most terrifying chaotic beasts at night.

Although the strength is not very strong, but under the sneak attack, once he is recruited, he is basically dead.


The blade light flashed by, and the mist snake was slashed into the air. Under the super defensive power of the ominous beast, the mist snake was almost unscathed, but Fell back into the sea.

"Damn it, it's the Mist Hidden Snake, hurry back to the city, maybe there is still a rescue, hold on!"

After the alien youth's companion knocked the Mist hidden away Rushing to pick up the young man, he rushed into the city frantically.

Disappeared in the sight of Ou Shaotian and the others.

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