Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 586

The use of great cauldron to stew food is the first creation of Ou Shaotian.

The source of the idea is naturally the novels I have read in the previous life. In those wild novels, the stew is made of great cauldron.

great cauldron is like pill concocting, the stewed meat is chaotic ominous beast, the more it tastes, the more fragrant it tastes, and finally some people can't help it.

"You don't know if this broth can be divided among us?"

I saw a group of people come to the No.9 fishing platform, and the leader said aloud.

This group of alien races belong to the Fire Spirit Race, they are even stronger than the fire race. They are good at Fire Element divine ability and excellent battle strength. They all look good in imposing manner.

"If you want, you can change a first Rank chaotic ominous beast!"

Ou Shaotian thought for a while and said aloud.

Converted, a First Rank chaotic ominous beast can stew at least ten pots of broth, and it’s definitely profitable to change one pot at the same time.


The headed Huo Renfei agreed in one swoop.

Then he turned his head and looked towards several teammates, saying: "If you want to eat, you can change it with the chaotic ominous beast!"

After finishing talking, he first took out a seal. Good First Rank chaotic ominous beast, put it on the ground, "Do you think this can be replaced by a pot?"

"First Rank black scale fish, yes!"

Ou Shaotian Nodded, then took out a pot, filled a pot of broth directly from the great cauldron, handed it to the other party, and then put away the black fish on the ground.

"I want a pot too!"


Huo Renfei's team members also took out the sealed ominous beast in exchange for a pot of broth.

Then ate it.

"Wow, it's delicious, it's so delicious, I've never had such a delicious broth!"

Several people are eating and shouting.

The most important thing is that this broth is not only delicious, but also very tonic. Every one is full of mouthfuls, and the cultivation base has been improved a bit!

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s incredible.

For their realm, cultivation is water milling time. Every slight improvement is worthy of joy!

"Wow, I can actually increase the cultivation base. The first Rank's chaotic ominous beast meat can actually increase the cultivation base. It's great!"

I saw only one Fire Spirit Race on the side. Eating, said excitedly.

This time.

All around the people who were already heart-stricken, suddenly couldn't help it, but not everyone has the sealed chaotic ominous beast in their hands.

"No, I can't help it anymore, hurry up and fish, catch the chaotic ominous beast and then exchange for food!"

Someone said aloud.

In the following time, people kept coming to exchange the broth. The broth in the great cauldron soon ran out. As a last resort, Ou Shaotian started cooking again.

"Changqing, the soup cooking is up to you, this is the seasoning!"

No way, Ou Shaotian can only delegate the stewing and cooking of the broth to Immemorial. Qing, he just got out to go fishing.


Immemorial said with evergreen excitement.

He likes this kind of business that makes big money easily.

Among their entire group, only six people like fishing, and the rest don’t like fishing. They just help to stew the broth and exchange the broth for the chaotic ominous beast.

You did good in this business, faster than fishing by yourself.

But soon, their pots were not enough, there was no way, they had to send someone to buy them in the city.

"Come on, this pot is yours!"

Soon, the stew is ready again, and the distribution begins again.


More and more people can't help but tempted to come over in exchange for the broth. It's not that no one cooks it by themselves, but unfortunately, the lack of seasoning makes Dao Idol taste worse far!

Ou Shaotian's seasoning is not a simple seasoning, it's all top-notch seasoning secretly made by Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine.

It is these seasonings plus the flesh and blood of the chaotic ominous beast that will have such a strong effect, even if it is 10th level 9th, you can feel the enhancement of the cultivation base after eating.

No way, I can't figure it out by myself, I can only change it.

In this way, the No. 9 Fishing Platform has become the most lively place, and even the Tsing Yi guards who are patrolling can't help but come over in exchange for the broth.

So delicious!

But fortunately, the lively entrance of the No. 9 fishing platform is the entrance, and no one is bothering to fish at the edge of the fishing platform. Ou Shaotian and the others can also fish with peace of mind.

Because there is Tsing Yiwei from the alliance, there is no need to worry about making trouble.

So Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er and the others are also focused on fishing, leaving the broth to Immemorial Changqing and the others.

Anyway, they just keep cooking, just keep changing.


The edge of the fishing platform.

Ou Shaotian controlled the fishing rod attentively. Next to the underwater hook, an ominous beast of Rank 2 was probing. This was a serrated fish with a size of more than one meter.

The huge head is covered with sharp teeth, a bit like a mutant big-headed fish, looking very cruel.

You don’t need to think about it, this is another kind of carnivorous chaotic ominous beast.


After some trials, the serrated fish bit on the meat of the hook, and then swallowed it, and was immediately hooked by the hook .


Sawtooth fish was pulled out of the water and began to struggle constantly, but unfortunately, the more you struggle, the deeper the hook.

"Give me, get up!"


At the moment when he pulled this Rank 2 serrated fish out of the water, Ou Shaotian After the Great Seal Technique was hit, the Sawtooth fish suddenly struggled violently.

However, the Great Perfection level seal technique is too strong.

I saw the gossip mark formed by the great seal technique flicker a few times, and it was directly integrated into the serrated fish, successfully sealing it!

"Take it, let me take it!"

With a flick of the fishing rod, he took the serrated fish back and put it in the fishing boat of the Fishing Boat Avatar!

As for the door of the world, because the chaos barrier is isolated, it can't be opened!

Maybe the Fishing Boat Avatar can be upgraded again to solve this problem, but he does not plan to upgrade for the time being, after all, the flying boat of Spirit Treasure Level is too jealous.

Once upgraded, it is estimated that Rank 11 and even the old fart of the 12th Rank will be attracted.

In this era of great sailing, don't underestimate the attraction of a top-class flying boat, it is the temptation that absolutely no one can refuse!

Furthermore, he does not have Innate Mine to upgrade now.

The entrance to the fishing platform.

Among the aliens who were exchanging broth, one of them noticed Ou Shaotian's super sealing technique.

Suddenly some thoughts came up.

Here, a powerful sealing technique is very important. If you want to ensure the freshness of the caught chaotic ominous beast, it must be sealed first and cannot be killed directly.

The fishing technique and the sealing technique are basically compulsory. You may not be proficient, but you can't not.

"What a powerful sealing technique, Rank 2 Chaos Beast, it was successfully sealed once!"

The alien young man was holding the broth and didn't want to eat it, so he hurriedly left. Up!

After leaving the No.9 fishing platform, he immediately found his teammates and said excitedly: "Everyone, I just discovered a very powerful seal expert!"

"How awesome is it!"

"A Rank 2 chaotic ominous beast sawtooth was sealed once, do you guys say it is amazing?"

"Fuck, who is it, Hurry up and get to know!"


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